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WresleCast - First WrestleMania Preview

Mar 15, 2014|

We start looking at the storylines that are developing heading into WresleMania 30.

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Welcome to another edition of DW EEI a wrestled cast I am your host Scott -- off my. Co -- young that bandit kitchen sporting the at -- vote T shirt. Here's this morning that -- is that rob Bradford WEEI dot com and of course that's very confined EW EE I Russell cast as well. Also on the W yeah I'd -- that. On and we're in the process of I don't know opening together. Now we're not gonna say some website extraordinaire thing. Now us at all not yet. To -- just WB -- dot com the WBA I live -- you can find these podcasts and well we are what is -- three weeks' -- three weeks away from wrestle mania wrestle -- thirty in New Orleans and some big stuff has happened as of late the fans have apparently gotten their way will say I mean. We'll never know for sure what exactly the plan was. For wrestle mania I guess he always get reports. But in the end it's exit the fans get what they want most likely. With Daniel Bryan. Being in the main event now that's not official well we don't know he's not a conventional right not official. You'll have a match with triple H. You would guess towards the beginning of the car maybe -- the middle. If you win that match against Tripoli killed then move on to the championship match with teased in Randy Orton. And then from there you can picture what exactly could happen he wins that match and the night at the 70000. Plus yes -- At the Louisiana Superdome that would be that would certainly be a moment. And wrestle mania -- the one thing. That bothers me about it though. Is that why it didn't seem to happen organically you understand what I'm Sam that. No it's no. You know no it would be. Dude dude you get though do you do and you don't understand what I mean that I think Anderson which had like now it's just seems like it's going to be forced. That just. -- expect we know we're expecting it when they could have been potentially more of -- surprise. It's out of surprises the right word but I guess organic as what I'm saying this just seems now forced him put together. And at the other night at wrestle -- have the semi out yesterday it yes it will be special -- awesome and great to see. What I I just wish you would happen in a way that. It wasn't because the fans hijacked the show or because fans who'd be -- it was just because Dan O'Brien was that damn good they put him in that position he built them up built them up and that's not happen I just I mean look like. And your brain is that Tim could -- We put an emphasis. I know when I say we I mean the people actually go to these events and Cheney yes I know it's it's something about it to the scene right now I guess that's it that. It it tells it it feels -- yeah I'd give it feels cheap. I put in a very but how do you weigh that. It's just cheap but we're getting what we want. Right we're getting what. I'm glad we're gonna -- we want I just wish that. Was essentially. And I got to say you know what the plant will be for -- ever won as I just feel like if I aghast yes that now -- that wasn't a plan. So to me it's it's -- and that. It's. Here here's the tough part of the course there are forced into doing this he's already losing steam. The best chance of losing steam. It's great VS -- is really fun and it's cool it's instinct but I can already see it losing steam because it's become. So popular that automatically. People start to turn on and look for the next best thing. Just says tuchman dale Arnold and we're talking about what happened on -- and he said to me. Would you really be that surprised is Vincent man said. I really like screw you but I'm gonna get two guys and have Tripoli to beat Daniel -- And -- -- and not be in the main event. It's pretty it's seems pretty predictable right now of an obvious he's going to be Tripoli and obviously he's gonna go -- main event and most likely would -- I think it's more likely that he'll be triple H. Because again. They -- I think so too they don't want -- -- main event of Batiste Randy Orton if that's what ends up closing the show I mean I guess the vote in naked plaintive and with Brock Lesnar undertaker. And and that could happen and then the last match of the night you're not in all the -- blues. You know lead off for a fact of Bryant loses that matches triple H in the main event last match of the show is that these numbers -- In essence guilders he'll have to help might leave it's. And that would be. -- be the -- and that Yasser that I mean the is the Vince McMahon and -- -- we can make decisions that shake your head but they don't. Make decisions just to -- them. Selves and most attack they're not Tom. Right -- they know what they're doing and you know you might be upset we're at John -- you know always being seemingly on top but he's not. He's firmly in the mid card right now. I you know I think the thing with CNET. The reason why you continually say though is always on top is always on top because yet he had to -- a three year stretch where he was invincible because they had nobody else. And they needed him there and -- what he sold a ton of merchandise which makes them obviously lots of money they invest a lot of time and money -- and he is he is the heir apparent to the Brock. When you look down that lineage of the top dog you know Hogan savaged. Hogan again warrior. Bret Hart Shawn Michaels stone cold rock scene. He's that next guy they wanted -- Brock was supposed to be in there. But he didn't want it at the time in left and and -- -- was the guy with all the charisma and the ability. It worked out well for. So I mean. I see I can't see any way that Brian -- not end up in that main event that being said he could. Do what dale said I mean he could lose that triple threat match because no -- loses to draw a lot else on it he might have something in the he might be just off by one match that he could very much lose that triple threat match because. If you go by the way Batiste was brought in in on the rumble and indeed seemingly trying to position him as the top baby face that. You have to guess that the plan is for him was are maybe still is for him to win the championship wrestle mania. So -- -- definitely wanted to. So are they going to completely tree so they can be putting Daniel right into that match just soul. It doesn't get all that it should over should on. Yeah and -- so. You'll still watch. What what is dated -- as a -- and what if he doesn't win the title. He -- triple H gets in the match. Do they screw themselves but not him the title -- letting him close out wrestle mania is the champions have that iconic moment. Remember that moment they had -- Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero yeah. Where at the end of -- league Chris Benoit main event it was Tripoli to John Michaels in the triple threat match and one. Eddie Guerrero came down and it's both those guys at the champions at the same time. It was a great moment at that time obviously it's since been -- but. It was a great moment I mean you could recapture that moment -- right at the end of the show. Leading to wrestle mania yes chants and the show with the title and going out and haven't run -- What if they don't. How much does it hurt Daniel Bryant. I think at that point. He does not not the title estimated as you said some of the steam is being lost I think people will start to get a bit bored by it because. Eventually you know it's almost as if rooting for your favorite team. And it is. It's never to get there they can never get by the conference just in danger of becoming the Buffalo Bills right Zach can never win the big one never get past that hump. And it -- start to get a little. The complaint is like now whatever and yes I know did obviously. Never run yeah I exactly that it did to me that also in a way. Slightly cheapens it not that much and yet he he was champion for five minutes. And then. Do I have to look at the WB dot com record books but to make out that second time that he -- it. Remember it was a battle battleground below zero -- not -- I forget which paper -- was because the world. Granite with the brass. Quick quick count yes it today no I don't act how to easily a one time I got to don't teach him. Think -- -- that is -- be addressed if you're disqualifying. The decision yet taken the -- up from me I would assume you would call it not win. So I mean. That you know only really slightly cheapens it obviously it would still like you say it would be if you were to win you assume to be its first rotten that. We don't expect him to -- lose the title the next night. Well yeah it better not happen -- Arm what you when I see you need to do is. Don't really keeps it -- it is. Is to have -- -- win. The champion leave him wrestle mania and have. A couple of month run going -- -- May be open until summer -- but you got to feed him monsters. Get a few. I would -- -- probably got a one on one with a two Easter. I'm a couple times -- just -- but I mean a title match at a paper view made of that where it's true and -- And they're the throw things on raw. A lot of times that they need to be saving for interviews Damron for Batiste didn't make any sense the other night or whenever it's. Two weeks ago. Well it didn't make any sense unless you look at it as triple H in the authority China's their guy right potentially be teased yeah. Throwing a -- Bryant. Do you I'm personally glad what they did they solve the writing on the wall -- and set our rights group works -- And a -- they had no choice and I'm glad they actually did this -- it's like stone cold the opposite way they had no choice but to. Too so lightly turn in baby's face and he really was still the same guy is exact same guy pretty much the same guy accepts. Analysts light. A slight variations -- not known to not flipping up the crowd anymore not -- on the islands today Oscar's career on the man. In honest I'm -- comes down and you could tell his body say screw you screw you -- So he's not he's not -- on fans about. So as of right now couple weeks away from wrestle mania. I think we both agree the did -- Brian beach Tripoli each right yeah. Do you think he wins the title on the main event goes on beats -- or entities. Yes I I. Like I said. You know it's the point where they're not dumb enough to have them lose to triple H yeah that would rule it out now yes it's ruin. Wrestle mania about it if they opened wrestle -- with that match which to me. In my I would make sense because gives you the biggest gap between. -- leopard you know contrary -- the contrary with at him open and closed yet. -- that's just imagine if he opens the show and loses. The rest wrestle mania is not like it's over it's just about all right yeah he probably got a bump for the deal with the on the undertaker match would still but everything else would SP. Often don't care unfortunately. On. In talking in to speaking about that opening match -- the argument against that we don't know until auto -- I'm saying on. It seems to make sense logically but also people pointed out that -- that match as the show in addition to Bryant wins. Keep the fans let -- be waiting for the main event. -- -- and also be checked out on everything out except for say the undertaker so probably that natural end up. Where on. Held a cell laws couple years ago right that Mittal -- the middle card early metal early -- I mean he can't UT 830. You know 7 o'clock show starts 830 -- -- -- -- and and -- that's kind of window and I still have the main event probably would startle. The team to get about an hour between. So I we would both agree. Brian Beecher Appalachia goes onto the main event and close show asked him. Yet so I just I think I think. Against even if they really don't want it did it is that plant was never in place and they wanted to -- to -- champion. That he's seen by moving Batiste he'll heating Jane O'Brien about triple H. With the stipulation that they just know that they captive potentially go it is just you'll see how long. It it goes I mean that's that is kind of the the question that comes from that. So what there OK so we agree on that and we've brought up under ticker Brock -- before. Which to build hasn't been amazing to me there's been some good stuff. But it has captivated me like you did last year with undertaker and see them welcome part of that was the past Paul bearer at that time and venom masterfully putting that into the sort of -- as. I had never obviously never spoken and never -- Paul -- And I would imagine being a wrestling guy he would want it to be involved in the store again I would just imagine that I'm just aren't out there I don't notice fact. Clearly awfully good -- I would I would I would think yap and you know a year ago that was a big does a big topic that was a big thing that. And and that was published just coming off a huge title run. The longest since Hogan's three year run or whatever was. Any of that feud with the rock was just coming off that's it was kind of maybe. But I -- are you getting this feeling. That Brock and maybe you could maybe he's the guy that beats the streak. I don't get it either. And it's really hurting the match for me. I think it's just a match that they know people. Want to seed is ticketed. It's a good crossover. Match that it could get some regular gig USC eyes on it in might get a little TM is the and. Maybe just it just got there is. I'll point out there is real heat between the two going back undertaker at some before. Rock's wife sable black -- One of USC one of proxy to seem matches where it up losing. Undertaker was right up front row and you've seen the video we're Brock is blocking by dressing like you're an adult. Let's go. Which is I thought kind of ridiculous you're just asking died a fight you who just was in I think by. Honestly I mean I wouldn't I mean I think it was undertaker thinking business and thinking. Maybe you'll be done here I'm saying let's go what he meant you know let's go wrestle mania let's go negative out of that you really now let's fight right. Year I I I don't know I don't know. I don't you just don't know off of things -- -- -- being the locker room judge for fifteen years and being the these guys that not everyone not to mess with you know. Screw with the undertaker. Problem is this match probably had to have happened two years ago to really capitalize on -- it happened right tested it yet so little extra bonds -- well they just they set this match up at a at a UFC events that's that's cool. On so a couple of years later -- get -- I mean. Why. Does. No chance. Brock Lesnar wins not a chance unless the only way Brock Lesnar would win that match if he. Without us knowing signed a new contract saying I'm gonna be here every day every week I'm going to be here for five years and I'm all in. That's the only deal leeway if you all -- he was to be all in and then -- -- like Ocalan now he can be our guy. Because. You probably could he could be. The face of Debbie -- we could be he could be one of the T could be the most popular guy in the company if he wanted to be. Right he wanted to be on raw and every week in smackdown every other week in every paper view it really do that or a three year run. Then I concede the the potential of winning that match. But I think this is just the place holder to get to next year and that'll be at -- -- And out of the last match what do you do Brock. After this out. That I can get their Internet donors wins the letter -- -- assume revisit the hole in wanted to be championed. Now that. -- plays packing -- and. -- loss from. Assuming he loses the -- -- this I mean this could be a dictator's last match I highly doubt it. Now I yeah I mean I think it's -- makes too much sense for his last wrestle mania match to beat John Sina. And -- Johnson beat him in -- And even battle thanks so. I think I think a -- Sina undertaker match -- -- to wrestle mania 31 it would be one of those. Sort of passing the torch moment we're undertaker wins. John city gets up they don't have a little stare down moment and -- and shake him. You know admitted tiebreak character slightly the entertainer character. Yeah look at it like this because and I I view undertaker is one of those old school guys going off of Terry funk and if you've ever -- be on the mat -- And the -- have learned this from that which was basically you go out losing their last match. That's how you do. And that's like fund lost that match to -- targeted at that show Emeril Texas and folks hold town took you you go out on your back. And I view undertaker having that same mentality like I got to lose the last one. Got to say I'm done. Just you know how flare obviously losses last match there. HDK lost his last match that's just kind of gone cold last last match who was so close last I -- -- -- in 190 that's right. I'll tell you never wrestled -- -- forgot about that. The only poppy pop back auto. Yeah I mean I'm I'm guessing you've seen you know that document the newest documentary this in the story of what happened the night before the on the ring. Arnold as well yes they can't but yet and that's the that dvd itself has been out for a couple years how he -- -- -- the night before scientists. And is a story that bottom. I've heard I've heard that the brief synopsis of that sort it out actually I haven't actually -- network. So back to the Brock undertaker match. I just don't see -- losing so. I will be of fun interesting matchup will be hard hitting brutal match which will be great but I there's no kind of sense of mystery to me and that kind of hampers the match. And I think it won't be. It's gonna be more hard hitting type of match you're not gonna have -- CM punk diving off the top term buckles through a table at the moment. Until I mean he'll admit maybe might see the other -- the undertaker. I mean he has actively it is about a mile to the top term I've ever -- summer slam 98 undertaker Austin Austin's on the table and it's not Iranian undertaken at the top rope with a like drop I just feel like I don't see Saturday you're doing that now I don't see everything you're doing what he did harassment -- -- -- -- -- -- that. -- headfirst dive. In two dues or dominos. Dressed up as a cameraman didn't catch him which by the way don't blame him for not catching him at the bright spot here pure wrestler. Opportunity cameraman. Stand off the side with a fake camera for awhile and then at the right time to pulled in by Shawn Michaels they can actually undertake careful I added you Aaliyah at wrestle mania. That was a bad. Bad spot Russ -- me -- -- -- five bad idea because undertaker was. Inches away. From potentially killing himself. Because he is had spiked into the ground I mean. I hate to even the ads -- -- and it's the only thing about it. On your mind to it which were estimated moments worse that what it was killed himself or rocks shootings are pressed for it lives on its head. Great to -- has yet so. I think -- is is worse because your putting you he was put in a bad spot now of course that made it his idea -- I've out of the ring in. I've done this before in the pull somebody you know one of public -- got a lot of lower -- wrestlers. Act as a cameraman try to catch the undertaker. Brock Lesnar had done that move before. Not for years okay all right that's true he had done it before and you would assume coming into the match. He had done it in a practice -- -- one not. -- to the undertaker practice diving into -- slasher domino I don't know which are. It's no terrorism. Around so. It -- a delegates I don't blame. Him catch -- -- the very very bad bad idea. I think the most interesting. Match. Second most -- matter to me is. -- why John seem. Because whereas -- got to go. Mike whammy is. I mean who where it's at I mean I'm thinking. That's part of the fun right exactly but I don't know. Is is. I feel like brain needs two wins. But can't win cleanly at the same time. He can't have a clean win over Sina well he hit it clean -- over dinner Bryant were rumble that's totally gets glossed over. Because everyone just wanted to see Bryant in the rumble has kind of that whatever. -- but that's 114 because it was a good match it was the best match of the night. And it's. And it gets -- he he won the -- -- he won the few. And it doesn't get mentioned palm. Which is you know you have to understand Michael Bryant on the shooting starter up right now and praise on his way up but not on that rock chip. The storyline is good. Interest thing they're they're planting the -- for for awhile. And raise the best worker on the money outside of payment. And now I'm thinking about in the match quality. And again. Unjust to on unjustly. People that on just lists people unjustly criticized John CNET news. It's in ring is match ability. I don't expect the match be as good as you know -- alive vs Daniel Bryan but I expected to be of thirty could match. You know partly because break and go in and CNN knows what to do it there he might not be the most athletically gifted he's pocketed died between the ropes. And things of that nature but. They'll have you know good moments could spot the probably work outside the ring loud moments like that would beach I would be shocked. Short -- why won't catch. John scene -- -- give him a sister Abigail to them to the barrier but it might do it outside just mimic things like that might happen in. Without a doubt they'll be some type of interference by harper -- and again as he semi don't know which way that would -- is the -- like a feud that -- and had to wrestle -- either. That'll carry on to the next couple paper views as always a couple of views that. It has to see an actor Russell made and it goes on for a couple months and that people question that is -- should wrestle -- be the end of -- Not necessarily mean. No I don't think it should I think it's just become almost a high point I think it should end the main event feud. It ocean and the -- For a while it never for a while it did it mean you ask -- was always was backlash I mean exactly in line acting now I think Dallas they're aimed at Dallas they're right they're plant 99 -- rock Austin made rematch. You've had. -- remember it makes sense because you definitely not a triple threats -- a -- for ways the next you know the next day review of the tuna guys work with two more so does that Pennsylvania 2000 those nights in a forum of rock. Show me show politically it's -- terrible. Terrible. -- -- and each caller all right so -- winning re CNET. I -- winning by a interference. China to agree but I do lottery because. Our enemies the way that furthers or how about this Johnson can wade in the story can still go see why I see who wins by -- qualification. Org right. I would be a good way of doing -- it could win the match. In any and you say music clean. I mean they have a twenty minute match where there outside the Reagan bashing each other him in this goal with with a ring bell in juniors and they candidate the end. In a scene as happened in a quick. If you will pollinate. And in ism -- -- dollars CNN again waiting you know the thing about Johnson -- spray Wyatt. In the in the real world -- -- should you know should win a you know it is to be with the match I'm not. I would -- it would be shocking in the future to continue his bright test it is heat back the next day it's a bright after the match at. I think casino wins by disqualification. Pray in the why it's leave him lying on. Buying out you know -- whatever it's on the -- or. Someway we're -- wins the match cooperate get really gets the better. Then you can continue few days he said. I like it yeah I think it's destined to continue either way. Now Hogan's host which of him I love Hogan I'll always vote and he's the guy that got -- into -- knows it. And I think it's perfect role for him he can't think he's finally looking old teased it at variance that you -- Yeah. It's grows by the way I really like he's carrying two -- I'm upset that Phil Costa did not -- the patriots the former fiance of Brooke Hogan. -- -- -- -- And so Hogan announced the Andre the Giant memorial invitational. It's to get everybody out like our battle to get everybody -- next hole at least find fine totally fine no problem with it and it specially epic quality guy winning it that. Mean think about -- as. I eat which I think if you Smart choice if you for it -- -- push him push and that. If they have a plan to get right back back involved -- okay that would make sense right. I mean you I wouldn't if he if -- back wins that thirty man battle royal I mean you'd be surprised you'd be surprised but you double that makes sense the big African dude. Yeah I think I think the most the audience is kind of party said. They Radek today yes right back -- he's her attackers Axel triple Berry says. Arrive back you know big year expect that you expect a -- he's in a -- I don't know for sure it's got -- question I think he has and -- of those I think so too but as of this moment I don't know how many I wanted to models and I don't know of many guys are gonna pull double -- so pleased that there's no Intercontinental title match. A date -- midnight reminders. Mussina had said he was going to be in that match and obviously odd minutes later. So we can't really make an accurate prediction is tough to really tough to really know my assumption JC GO quality edit level -- end. Who JT yeah we have is every show I bring -- the GT AG is still. -- student -- to Debbie -- superstar. What's good for him. All signs appointee all signs are pointing to a triple threat match -- remembers the shield. Roman Raines went the easy. I. Have a lot of -- that -- What do you do with them clearly they're they're breaking up their game -- I'd honestly rather see it then as that as Ambrose first Rollins Ambrose verses rains. What's wrong not in the match but just obviously this hurry. That's that's actually. A very unique idea because Rawls the whole time is trying to be the guy keeps them together so OK he'll be the rapper because he would assume it -- college down the middle. And it's almost as -- like -- this is to settle who's the better man and has -- -- the end of the day we'll all be together again this is to decide pride and. Do we agree that Roman -- turning face. Yeah okay so how about this. -- first amber is for the US title. -- special guest referee. Rollins and Ambrose. Her you know Rollins inspires an -- screws rains turns on in the middle of the match. Ambrose gets the win you've turned -- base you've kept the other team members of the -- together. So you can still call them as shields and I you know as a group slowly raised Roman -- this. He'll change -- -- you know slightly change the -- you bachelor -- it's gonna -- though not wearing a what is -- raised -- going to be easier to be a single it guy is he going to be a -- -- going to be a full you know trunk and out of the debris and mean. That -- that's your thing that they have now not right as it's. It's strangely really import. What you're wearing. I think that's part of what killed right back is what he was clear it was really cartooning couldn't and it's not like he's been doing it forever where where is our VDs been wearing the same. -- and who do you came out with that style that was -- end. You know was popularized part of it is late night and his personality outfitted to seal that guy's errors like kind of stone weren't Qaeda slick cool dragons -- in the -- name. And news. But again the tires very important you look at the champions. What do they all basically -- it's been very simple traditional wrestling attire. You don't do it can call champion ever Wear something bizarre. -- He has to address your credit but -- -- I get that fit his character was dad -- in his character perfectly but that's. I don't know I can't think of any other person ever. Obviously going that way back in the day they all -- the same thing and I'm talking 506070s. And eighties. I I just I just wonder what removes a statement that what I lay awake at night wondering what -- -- aware. When he's not in the shields that's honor that that pars that I. Think you need -- life but and maybe an intervention. But. So I don't know I mean I I find it interest that they are still setting it up and we -- and all of is that we won't know until next weaker the week before. No big deal. But they're going to be involved somehow someway. Like each and every day. It I don't know kids vote Snoop -- Do you want to bring in our guest now. We only got one more ordered all l.s wherever -- Vassilis -- wait tag team championship. Look at. Now they've obviously had a renewed push and I'm glad they took the belts off Cody -- and called us because that was getting stale. And I was kind of assuming that we are gonna seek Cody Rhodes there's gold -- -- -- I think I I think might be might be trending towards a down. And trending towards it. It's funny because only you do the only person in the world that's gonna be laughing at that anyone who's licences go why is he saying -- laughing at the we're trending. To an inside joke people. And it's not even that funny either it's more sad than any. They were going towards probably a multi tag team match and wrestle mania that cool videos -- as the outlaws. Gold dust in Cody. Elliott actually -- stake is getting is any Odom -- round. That's good and that's also a good idea because iconic gives you the idea of all there won't be involved in the great wide Johnson to natural. Of course what yet but it -- coming out twice what it is cutting it's it does -- it might take your attention away from that. That's -- you know that's. Nowadays not so much -- OK so who are the tactics. -- -- obviously the champions I had no problem with them putting their belts on them -- they were starting to get. I watched the match on the network. He they had a title match somewhere summer of 20101 of the paper views they had a tag title match as almost four years ago. It's the Hart dynasty to -- was their ballet they were heels against the Hart dynasty TJ TJ that's meant. -- Tyson kid and art and right area in the evil is scared anxiety -- -- that it is -- out of his wrestling him anymore and NN that he obviously. -- That's I mean I'll I was watch out like well. And it it at a tactile match. Four years ago. That's it took that wanted and we in the tag titles and you look at -- -- -- it -- they've and it improved immensely. Now were you against the -- -- I was having little run you know I have talked Frontline. Not totally against it I thought it was I think it's I think it actually went longer than it should've. It's I fight I thought I would have been just 0012 week thing and it would drop barriers -- legal papers. And I thought it was just it is the way to -- it'll blow pop but I had no problem -- Lynn ends up were end up working out in the story the outlaws you know being the older guys use those -- -- to be about the -- Have a little bit but now it -- In the -- the time they had a main event. -- out of rematch plan for main event alive main event they're doing now every Tuesday. I'm on the network in an -- happen and they claim him wrote doctor sic him maybe he really laws I don't know if she did sound. I heard that he actually was so I think wrestle -- I don't think Donald they don't advertise that -- for a special -- main event and -- to -- for reasons I think. Russell is -- easy to do which -- that you know of the occasional. You know national old school rob when will brawl on and on grid you know things like that. So I think and I'm totally out of it it's great they're great tactic it didn't help me they still entertain me there's still go to them like they are still. Average -- best in the ring but. -- -- Uses have in the titles they're very good. The crowds in there and they -- -- their entrance beats just start their needs so I ask you talked about last time but. It's not it doesn't Killen and it doesn't really take away that much I mean it doesn't let -- don't just picking slightly so. Okay maybe a four corner. -- -- Accidents turmoil I've -- not allow where. You start with two teams one with -- that along comes is now at nineteen term analysts like hammers exacts its -- that matched the and I don't. Seeping into TLC match -- because of who's involved and -- -- can handle that session being type fires and -- But I can't see the road dogs doing any -- the products they knew it I was doing in spots. Zones. I think so far the cards wrestle mania. That's hero it's right there about a way -- tag team multiple multi tag team title match you just can't the problem with the opening matches -- -- Is it goes too long it kills the show can't go too short allies she innocent -- eighteen seconds. BS finished. It's got a goal it's going to be quick exciting match so I think if if you -- who -- and a one -- one tag match maybe maybe it opens the garden doesn't go that long in the coming out I think I think. I think they say the -- Don't see any other tiger article again unless a less harper -- Then maybe. Maybe it. Which I think would actually be a good it. Do kind of what you do with a shield legitimize them a little bit of those guys' belts. But compute dominating -- and be -- management I think it works. We now welcome in our guests to today's WE I wrestled -- it is. Mike O'Reilly -- the Mike Reilly and Mike Riley you can hear on WEEI. And kind of all across. New England as well a radio mogul a public address announcer extraordinaire. Mike -- don't. I don't have a noble or in another direction like. Yeah this this was flight batters in the last time right -- into their mr. was pretty as a go tonight. Our area now we are we're chug along and we're just we're young demonstrator is there goes -- here. Not on Eric. -- -- -- -- So we or three weeks away from wrestle mania. Bad and I just had. Tritium. Lengthy lengthy discussion about sort of the the top the top matches that. Obviously we think are coming away with a triple threat match potentially. Intentionally. For the championship and operate wide at Johns Siena we also. Spoke about the tag -- situation of what they might do with that. I'm thinking maybe a multi eight tag team kind of match Cody Rhodes gold does the use those the outlaws some type of you know. Multi team match for the championship. The thirty man battle royal which is just -- is a way to get people on the card. And it's also a way to get somebody over like -- Alexander Russo who. Means we've got -- discussed probably be the man to come away with a victory and that is because you know who else who else should. And it obviously does undertaker Brock Lesnar. And in this is -- week -- it came to the conclusion that 0% chance of Brock Lesnar wins at the match. Just it just won't be as good as a punk undertaker of course not -- close to. HDK undertaker or even triple H undertaker of those matches where rugged. What's your take on the the Lesnar undertaker situation where you know Ben thinks it just doesn't have a lot a lot behind it that it's don't have. A lot of Jews. Going to doesn't have enough Jews and at a volume and only being the only human involvement match. Many successful offensive I haven't you have wanna see more Jews at wrestle mania I. The undertaker. Might actually be. I don't like he has now and I had an Irish student. -- -- everywhere. You get a predator but he's he's Irish. And Mike Callaway at one half Irish half view. No we don't like it well -- but that's that's actually not true because my roommate his last name also rightly. I spoke a different way we're not kept our kept Jewish. No he's half Jewish half something so. We're hurting your -- Abdullah -- easily beat. All right all this forget it gets gilts whatever forget about the little thought OK but I don't I don't care about religion all the -- cast. All all so it was where were forwards were roosters are happy Easter repair a separate. Happy almost us over the area so I -- to -- back back to Lesnar taker I know you have spots on them. Yeah you know it's funny because I'm glad you're so that there's no interest we're. I had a problem. This past weekend and what not this group of Robert for this week. The undertaker was not on -- was not on that. The one right. -- was on this past week the week before he wasn't. OK -- -- before it was not but this week he came on I know he was in devilish -- and payment came out in. In erupted common -- all the talking and taker did all noticed a Lesnar would be -- -- There's nothing to this -- state after. Have the capital the undertaker wrestle. -- should offer. Or are just get get in a match on law bereavement smackdown that matter -- let -- come out in the air and behind or vice Versa. If westerners out there apple lights go out something there is just nothing tour right now. No hype and I will say before. Going into law this week. With a chance of -- O'Brien now beating -- she would be have a -- -- that -- I really thought that the two -- Lesnar match would be demand that but. If -- into Bryant does get a rabbit that -- that would be your main event for obvious reasons it was a little bit breakthrough director ready for that. And now with. I grueling assignment I agree with that there's not very much built but they disagree with the notion that undertaker should wrestle before it. -- -- Because it and it's part of the mystique is you have to wait to wrestle -- to -- actually wrestled through his dot. But a tag team match. Put a tag team match then maybe country on -- -- the wives or something you're more. One after the shoot -- like one of the -- old guys Roman rains and and -- one of the white guys to just something. I -- you bring -- the shield because you know that. That's who put him out by the way. After wrestle mania last year and you thought maybe it is true when they brought him back they would have and interact with the shield first is the kind of close the book on that. But for Libya Lesnar involved and I will say. Only -- it was only one shell after -- right. A couple and he was caddie he popped up with them maybe two times had a match with the Ambrose on smack down overseas and that's what led them. Destroying him and putting it out until now they outages. Didn't go to that now that obviously get that may have been the plan initially thinks junction dates -- -- with a shield that -- it rains again on and they want to. Go -- different direction. What they got -- needs to happen before wrestle mania is Lesnar needs to get through the undertaker at some four. Yes and that's what I'm saying and -- and half and -- I had to agree to a tape no I. I agree that there needs to be some kind of physical competition I just don't agree with the notion -- -- -- the match down ocean. Brought to have a match and and -- involved that's a different story I just don't I don't wanna see undertaker involved any match until wrestling. It's too bad that he's not I mean I know you like the fact that he is around just want to -- now that probably out going to be aired out and he's definitely -- -- that Tom -- analogy the window was closing on the undertake irked. He is knocking me Robert -- so he's gonna Russell once a year that. But as it doesn't bring back that old. Feeling the undertaker where he would be around and you have him once a month and it could build up there. You're not getting that this time there's not -- -- -- you -- seeing how -- a marchers took shape he's still into Ali's. Peddling the inquiry performance I'd like to see that more -- but probably -- an -- contract. Where he has to say it was some events I'm only come -- or two year I'll make you all your money air Russell Branyan that's set in and out stunned I mean they've. East probably sent out quite upset and I'm not gonna do everything on our smack down loading up. And -- NI I I guess I understand it definitely it's true that there hasn't been as we keep saying not as much going into this match he looked back. Last year CM punk had to it would happen under Carter undertaker just came back on Iran February locked out. You know -- to address the Russell -- not you kind of knew okay he's back -- -- -- From there Atlanta three or four guys say oh I wanna fight undertaker they had I think a triple that Euro four way match pot want it. He got the right. To face the undertaker the year but it -- pretty I thought that was fantastic built in the year the year before which triple H. Undertaker wanted the rematch because he had that and -- the year before that was. You know. Undertaker you know Kennedy going out of it was investments went seven undertaker came back. He you know standing in the rain and about to speak interrupted by triple H he does -- little. The first how to do that no words look at -- -- assigned to look at each other in the -- no. It just keep going back before you know it got way more. A billion Michael's wanting the rematch fighting for for months he brought it up at -- -- the award saying. Undertaker and Elliott and I know I can beat you in -- -- those that whole thing Hillary tries to the rubble bus there's -- that's up in -- take it was still full time. And there was a great stipulations. To that match. Maybe any doubt at articulation to this. Maybe there needs to be something to it it. Now you wanna make brock's a monster deal and threatened. -- retirement match he's got to beat the undertaker. Why is it out about it just sort I'll just say how about make it. On retirement match for the -- that's like saying that's right not to Brock that doesn't make sense but for the undertaker you lose is so. And aside until I know that those guys you -- in the video on YouTube that I UFC one Eleanor was there we talked about it earlier. You would would you -- so LP -- bring that up on the story line but to these guys really like each other. Another -- there's real -- There's really -- because undertaker. I believe -- at some unflattering things about sable whose brock's wife. And it's rock was an -- I'm Brock has said things there's an interview also for a couple of years ago while Brock was still in the USC. And he talks about that doesn't really get into it very much but you can tell that there's real something real going on there. Something happened and and just looking at the camera there. What what is important but I takers -- you wanna go out right now yeah those those earlier percent. And -- all the way that yeah I -- -- have to add that in somehow but it. Because it's not mainstream enough that not everyone knows that there's real heat between the two of -- every -- something that happens when -- was in the USC and they're just now mentioning USC. On Larry you know JPL's mentioned it on there. Havens mention it on there. Is now recognized it. But thank god -- -- -- alt rock -- microphone obstacles are horrendous absolutely horrendous in -- corporate -- in this I would not be weary years. Leading up to this -- match. And I think payments -- -- a big part of this because he's doing all the talking for Lesnar is up all trash talking through to the other kicker. That's you're witnessing is gonna build up any shoes what we're talking about it first. Like it like it. I don't look at that right I hate it might I'll look at -- A segue. Them like -- I notice it -- easy on your ideas and your feet and I don't walk so much. I think it will prolong. Light stands. Add to the obesity in this country but you know. Until you talk about I'm lazy Alex outweighs. Aaron Mike I know that you got up yet but -- -- -- -- -- in my opinion -- CM punk. I have a feeling you'll be back and -- after wrestle mania. You have everything and -- that. I I like that idea because my -- if I would put together my dream scenario now. It involves Bryant winning the championship at wrestle mania. And even to make it even more powerful. As in the middle of the yes chance to end the show you think the shows Sunday. All of a sudden here comes CM -- And that you got to thinking most of that is you don't know you don't know what is coming out to celebrate with him like. Like you know that -- Eddie Guerrero back to rest it's like he's coming -- to say congratulations he took down took down the authority he did it. Or is coming out it does that and and room -- yes. And I have -- it -- do you say that my raw the next night that is a fantastic idea. I know her punk -- yes votes would not become when he comes back he will be like. Gil -- -- based company you don't have to be -- yes apps absolutely and I. -- that part of his gripe I love that. And and you know after Russell natives it's a let down it typically it'll let down. And it's so hard to rebound after -- build up there and that the next big paper Buick probably money in the bank and that's a couple bought two way after that. Loved them and well I'd like what -- thought I'd like that park it would make the most sense for the company to bring him back the night after Ron rocket is nowhere or to be watcher. Don't need them now -- made either really don't. That it's odd behavior on the bottom final bottom. Bring him back that night after mania on raw wherever but it will be watching its full recap fallout from the night adapter. And -- just from out of nowhere and like you said Scott have him turn guilt right there on -- and Brian. That's such a good ride over the next couple months carries into the summer where that is actually -- I'm wrestling because no football. Lot of people. Tune in -- law on Monday nights and you know not much gone on for sports wise so that they tracked these other viewers during the year that they you don't happen to be great. I -- but I I prefer the the angle where punk. You have -- Bryant celebrating in the ring with the championship wrestling comes out -- And turned on front Errol I I like that notion upon closing the show true -- of a -- not work initial closing it. Standing over Bryant. -- you've got your next make if you delete you for the next. You probably get of there he. You know you get a map most hobby he'll. Response after that massacre -- Italy's -- was a moment. It's -- and it's easily the stories easily told journalists jealousy. Bryant store my spot I should have been a one to beat triple H you know even though. We know it's one right across an odd angles of the story that should have been meet eye on the guy gets muted so it it is. Seemingly too perfect and it can be done -- -- media -- raw because you know raw. The rock wrestle mania -- that big moment -- news -- every attack could be you know that dirty deeds that there will be entering staying out the day after Russell. But you got to moments -- you know it was time. In his state to start the show and I'll look at the end turning on crime and minutes. That's a terrible all right -- second -- exist and yet. -- -- expert will be in the that we don't have a he has. He's actually better. Mean -- initially additional negotiating with him for awhile now and all the sudden the talk why -- completely. So that leads me to believe the deal was done. Yeah I think he's going to be involved in -- release about especially with the again with the evidently we networking he's the face of WCW. Absolutely it's probably wants to everything he can't abstain on board if at all if anything just album beyond. The network -- hosting -- every study to show our having now roundtable. That affect. Mike just. Michael I think we lost you. -- -- Mike's gone in the speaker behind me just blew -- it while. The undertaker here. If the lights go out. In my pants on her protest is and do the math and -- I just lost I was say it's I was I was saying it's not about staying. Yeah so and so we know autism a moment for the rocker estimated -- normally happens isn't yet to be staying -- -- until it's up in the in the past three minutes you said. Two things that I think of him. Best thing you've ever sent numerous house ever. That's and a lot too because both pretty mediocre and finally now we're coming up ideas. The B plus player. Your B plus Michael wants -- column back I think he has more hot takes on wrestling. -- -- him more and more crap I gotta disagree with. I got my rally back on. We were just in the midst of talking about staying. And they've -- phone bill Mike Riley. Struggling with the phone bill. Sting yeah I mean that that's a possibility -- -- it may or may not I mean is it even. It would be something to see him in -- did -- be raining at this point I'm not sure about wrestling -- -- know. He can still wrestle a couple of matches. But it's not very good. Our -- -- aren't -- to throw up. Are some last year via Vietnam -- Austin Scott Ritter to -- Just Stu -- -- -- out of shape use should not be far. Yeah I don't like to hold. Wearing a teacher while he -- that's that's back. And he sees it he's not he's just not -- you know thirty years old anymore that's that's the thing is in shape. What he's in his fifties. Problem. You brought up something interesting. It is the face of WCW. Him and flair are really the faces of WCW flares RD in the fold. They want to induct -- into the hall of fame. Players clearly obvious choice to induct -- man. It got Lex Lugar will go -- at some point. Maybe. Aaron order one that -- of those things were in like ten years he goes and is it really bad shape and he's he's. I believe he's confined to a wheelchair now. What is right now is confined to -- I think he's just had some issues where. Sometimes he's been in a wheelchair. He had some major -- fissures in the past. Five or so years. Kyra. Well I want this year has just so boat. I lose I -- you might be. What would you know. What's that last vote Russell made it recorded incidents. This has I can't think the last time happen that ressam an air -- last summer -- happening resonated and went Bret Hart fought -- -- Wanna watch the match. And any spot in the main event later against your personal winning the WW championship. That's to be the first time we're equipped -- actually happened a wrestler fighting two charts and the same night it was meant it in front. Don't really attend -- -- and also fought toys. Don't forget -- -- -- so add that in the mix as well direct. -- -- -- So that's the first time since what that in twenty years that currently open air bird in the Bryant and epic -- of this because there's such -- out outrage. And I'm not being in the royal rumble on. The keys to winning it was just bad I thought but this is what fans want and the company is giving them what. They want here and you know Bryant as a clear paper. I'd say when the title he protester collection itself. Yeah oh well I think Scott and I both agree that in Brian Williams comes out of Grossman's champion. And I think. The boot -- a chance are absolutely. Hilarious. Earlier this. -- -- -- -- -- better than the food's decent chance if you watch NXD. The most recent episode of care which one Mason Ryan remember him may -- or all entities to. These two they chanted it at him ever there was. Better that Batiste. Canada is also at the NXT arrival live one dated. They had no worse than the -- to chance that. That's becoming a thing of battery here better than that these they're your worse than the tease that at your Batiste your booties to. Are either -- guys OK so but we haven't talked about yet and pertains arrest me and this is a match that -- hasn't been set up but it clearly is going to be set up with Antonio's is RO first Jack swagger. Clearly. -- the big swing has turned to sorrow into lovable character and clearly going to face. Do we like him going face. And I think he's kind of in the mold of Brock where he really actually needs a mouthpiece. And said could be that -- -- because that's kind of -- of a point where. He's just so good on the Mike -- like. I don't think Antonio here -- so I don't think it's as our own needs about the last czar sees I don't think he needs one I mean heat in the time he's been able to speak. I mean the only thing to his detriment would say his accent because we're American people elect accents. Or that kind of thing but he he he can be deacons the yet this feud with annexed on an XT. If the any which I haven't you go back and watch with sandy Zain and I was late to that and I saw the tail landed in the matches I saw watched a couple of their matches they've had. Incredible. And that's not -- Zain is the former Els and Erica oh a guy right a lot of -- -- he'll be on the main roster after -- Romania for shore on but. To pieces RO as everything that you need. He is a big he's he's not huge but he's big he's obviously powerful one of the strongest guys in the company he can speak he can go in the ring in so he. He can be pushed as it has the top got I think needs now he needs a feud with a another top guy and I. If you aren't always play well it could argue that shape this may or may not be a top guy -- -- ago he'll. And have a Seamus is -- through because those two guys will absolutely pummel each. The other two witnesses are I would p.'s prized. You'd see something. What they did a couple of years ago. One and what's his name public art collector and an answer right now the Mexican army out. Horrible. -- -- I doubt they'll realize it refers. I am feeling that make -- -- -- RO grade doesn't go well -- practice field which is what happened with bill real. He was based it was a run record now expect he'll. I think they'll be the best case and arrow air forces -- that doesn't work out. It probably tell real his face turn is that they aligned him against against -- -- Now problems -- killed his sort of -- CME yes they had a little he had some. Decent support around wrestle mania last year going gets Jack swagger. -- that support and the next night I wrestle mania album lose to ziglar. With the money the bank in and you definitely killed his immediate kill. They they killed his face front for sure -- -- crowd so wanted to cheer for ziglar right up there -- -- ready for -- the grass grow that was the last person you could happen match up against. Eight -- needed Del Rio to drop the -- somebody else. The then it -- regular habit and then maybe -- dollar and maybe to the state Dario could still be a viable baby face now is a viable nothing. He is -- and I think he's -- -- as soon -- his contract over I and our terrorism yet you brought up Seamus and Seamus has been having this like. Series with Christian which has been good by the way and I don't blow as the czar Rollins but it's been good into the matches have actually been good every bit. But no one's really intercity either of them so that's not -- there. Yeah okay that's that's completely fair that. Because the interest level is their but the matches have been good so it's kind of almost awash. We do with either of those guys and Christians done he's done. -- wherever he's been around forever and he's really he had one. Good feud with Randy Orton has made inventor and otherwise he's just been kind of an upper -- card and he's not a guy you have to pick to win it all and be back. -- -- -- Question was Third World heavyweight appeared apple -- years ago in -- what is. And he didn't let and that's -- mean. Let's be honest. That's that really isn't Scott I've talked this before. That is really being the Intercontinental champion too far from past that yes the -- got up. Let's be honest he was world heavyweight champion Y. Because and it had to retire. That mean I and I and I hate to say that does not think Christian did deserve to be a world champion but I mean. Because of edges situation and it had to forfeit the title you through Christian in there as it was that was his former Brothers and -- as Brad. Erica -- have won the title from. Won the vacant title from adult -- got that feel good moment it was Smart it was good move but evidently weak -- -- -- that at this -- at the the good feel good story. And Christian also becomes a he'll. You know within a month later against Randy Orton that you see with the -- kind of laws initially and it it's gonna pretend he deserved you deserved that summer run. Some great matches and those things that you'll you'll remember about Christian you think about Christian. The site while that few of regular was really good it's in good matches and I'm glad he had a chance to be champion like that. Reckon if I -- you take mr. -- don't mind I'd the last time I was with began Imus. White checkered the show -- -- cast. Respect September right before money in the bank and remember and brought up next where the type the belt is a prop. And I just mirror and say in a few minutes ago with the world heavyweight title at the time that being beat Intercontinental trip ship. But what we were talking about that partner to -- as they need to. Merger to one belt and make it that they did that in December which is right. Now my problem is just get rid of one of the belts and keep one and I think it is I it's fair. Vertical one is probably gonna go -- that's the better yet so yeah. -- that's the sad part is it clear it looks much better from the WW. It's the WW each and it still NWA belt so happy. -- never do that. I completely agree you need to get reports it'll happen and it will -- -- -- -- just hammering on the point that it's they're together for people who are just giving Iran. Yeah it just -- stupid Adam Kerry to them I just I don't it doesn't do Jericho -- disputed. What he -- the undisputed champion it it's just a worker. And they did that if they knew down the line a democratic split off its use separate you know and its entities at the -- and that -- -- and entities. And an aunt and entities and no don't but actually I think yeah I think eventually maybe maybe wrestle mania itself. It the night after wrestle -- you'll see it Newt does not -- of deceit the WW wheat belt and you know go from America's they feel -- radio or is -- carry both of those now. Through security in three weeks that at the airport. Via communities. -- I'd like well we we thank you for joining us here today always a pleasure to let's talk wrestling with you wrestle mania coming up and a couple of weeks and I'm sure will. Plenty of interaction especially on Twitter where -- quickly find it mr. Mike rally on Twitter. Date your report and its third candle might and it's spelled RI LE YE. Number five for work. It there and my 54 -- a microchip or many -- may be somewhat. I'll be able Earl and I've read one minute Russell and a preview would you -- some resentment that. That means that we. I mean your book and our show for us I mean. We we we are we are -- we needs will put together something special. For wrestle mania we have three weeks to do so and I think youth I think you've solidified a spot on the -- wrestle mania panel will call. The ressam an -- -- as a packer gear or adding yeah I do yes I hear that all the time -- it occurred and -- I'm used to it. I expect much I'm Mike thanks a lot -- At -- time. So it's -- that humans. Are -- WB network -- what has been. Now you've had it since it launched I got it. Weekly afternoon than it launched I was able to finally finally get onto after -- and now only hours. Which are part of its. They are part of it is definitely the ability to go to the search bar. And it's because I always. I've always just kind of been you know I don't watch raw -- -- been sitting there are wrestling idea pops metallic. That really happen that match -- know that -- in the dispute that type literally -- tight. The two guys in in the event and boom there it is to watch it figured out. On that is definitely the best part about it well that's obviously with paper views again not every raw -- smackdown -- on the error every -- W event. But the ability to search out events like that is. It's it's great in what I what I did. Com. The week that it launched I was home with my dad. And I you know he used to watch with need 98990000. -- all -- man and I Austin he's. He gets what he remembers Nazis in audio -- save the -- coming back and he's been joking all. Not an Odyssey get my point at -- you know any heat heat heat. He entertains it if I come over and I'm watching it -- the -- watchers like that but in the best part is being. I gonna have my say -- -- yet. Give me a moment you remember. From watching wrestling back at that time he -- well public that paper viewer at Providence you know were rock odds are fighting and finalists ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If little skip on to write that part league in dental match skip ahead -- the -- talking about two minutes not even to live like Errol does that -- while. That's yet remember that like right on the aisle in front of us as having that ability that's kind of cool and that is an end. If you but have you seen Stephanie McMahon has a little on. -- though you know in between shows that the little videos in their wanted to step in and elect. Debbie DeVito is so green because I can watch history. With my two daughters in children how the day's news -- it -- their father you know when he was just -- her grandfather. When she he was just a commentator before he became evil mystery man character. Legislation battered distillation going there and he has shown their father when he was that you know the game it could just. Being an and it kind of makes -- the -- show you know you can show people. -- -- One day when you are higher unlucky not to have a child. -- but we can. We can say hey this is this is wrestling writers is awesome now watch it with me now and it's it's it's cool with the cool little thing. You mentioned in years. Diatribe there might -- future. Which is within the paper views. It has -- little. Did this give marketers know markers exactly start a match and it magic pretty much okay this I know this is a stinker. All I can click right here and it's gonna bring it right at the start of the next match that I actually I love that feature the one today. -- the original contents. Stinks so far I think. I legend's house I haven't even watched it hasn't been on yet evident and putting it fantastic well I have no interest in -- and don't ever put it on I could care less about that. I think the thing with the original programming is that personal beyond the ring. The dvd that don't mean those -- all the ones they've shown I've seen already yeah it's not a the -- now of course if you didn't ID you know he's not as technologically advanced her. In rent those. On Amazon or something and needed -- -- dvd insure them for the people are senior the first time but a lot of the original stop especially I haven't watched the count outs. I watch the count them once and it was all right I am generally the -- the kind of likes countdown shows it's all right but you need some kind of debate to -- To make it really like it needs something at the end maybe two guys to -- though actual list. Legends of wrestling round tables and all of those old little girl but those are good I mean I only once all right that's -- spoke I think what's happening -- -- acting they are. I noticed him in the process of putting together you stopped again this is stuff that has been. Probably can't a lot of it in the audience can't maybe not so much the coolest catch phrases and -- Daniel -- there they started filling those Adam. The rustling to eat. Earlier I don't just I got Debbie Debbie Lee's 24 sevenths channel they'll forget. They launched at a 05. And that's when my -- of the first ones honors from old shots on meet. They got a lot of stop acting like. Again they don't have everything on their only gets scratched the surface of the content. And that's. Is just the beginning it's it's very promise it's Smart and it you know some people say why did they just put everything on their immediately. No because. Had a lot of all of a sudden in one month after watching everything about armed on capitol to watch the -- I'd -- -- outs I don't I don't know. Go through it too quickly. That's I loved it's I think it's and it's. -- it's it's well done it looks well it moves well the quality is phenomenal. Yeah a few a few a few pick -- -- some live stuff a few I've seen a couple but -- enough to make me really be sour. I think it's I mean I think there. Headed in the right direction and the only the only thing I can definitely request right now that like deceit accidents on Twitter is not a random feature. Where you can say all right so your parameters that I -- four to 1990s added paper views. -- W week. And is -- random. Did you get a lot of times -- -- a lot something. And that's what I liked from the refining Alexis and as of jumping around. And that's when you -- do it I'm doing currently right now is I started. At a certain point and I'm gonna say okay at a -- much. A bunch of these in a row until it gets the point I'm starting early enough where it's not twelve a year it's for a year so what is starting before they eat your house -- When I get out there that it might -- -- A couple nights ago I got on and allies are thinking well what I gonna launch an -- like Al watched shows in Boston's -- survivor series oh wait not a great show. But you know I had seen it coming back -- Jericho had a awful casket match in the body of someone's opinion is that in the -- -- -- -- -- -- And then from there I I was like oh yes -- Jeff hardy got attacked in his in his hotel -- and ilsley. And then I'd I'd jump ahead to the next month party what's the title for the first time it's hard bounce around and that was fun -- -- like oh yeah yeah really out right now. If you want you just want to story and that's kind of what I was doing it in -- you know in think about. In party got attacked in Boston hotel room. They kind of played an office of being edged -- that thing came back and took -- -- the match. But there was an interview with -- party where he was like I don't know what happens like it was him. Because that's the story by the came up. And at the rubble extremism from the title it's with the chair at wrestle mania match in -- back last match backlash match it was actually allows you to go back. In an ego while this this -- so much sense right there. And it's built that storyline and some tax season good is he good writing so that they've fallen into it and sometimes they really good at planning things like that. So I think that's gonna wrap up this edition of the WE I rest Kessler wrestle mania toxin daddy did you eat network toxic keyed -- Mike Riley. For joining us here today wrestle mania and about three weeks we will definitely. -- -- that is a gay marriage and T. We'll be back. Which some sort of not. Wrestle -- preview I was settling do the institutions like it's like and I like the idea of my cat. Maybe a little will put the get a little extra -- media. Roundtable. Are diskette. Some get some thoughts -- some -- that we've had it we can ask Dale Arnold what he's think it was still it was still waiting for -- Manning and to show up on the show. I always afraid it's a couple of the door of the -- it is mine. Which would be awesome. Which could never happen considering we're doing these shows on -- had. Hey -- I would mark out -- America. But you know that's -- that's deadly coming down the -- so make sure you follow us on Twitter at WEEI. Russell Kasten date yet both are twitters as well. And will most most area now but that's that is where to find us and where to chat. Wrestling until next time thanks for tuning in even listening to the WEEI. Russell cast.

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