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Are Nose Tackles still important?

Mar 15, 2014|

With the Patriots asking Vince Wilfork to take a pay cut, Mustard and Johnson discuss the importance of a Nose Tackle in the pass-happy NFL.

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Our number two mustard and Johnson will be here 1 o'clock which Stearns. Will be dropping in at that time. So -- -- look at Larry. Drop patriots sign Revis they sign -- by way of Seattle Vince Wilfork they still have under contract even though he's asking for. He's outright released Julianne settlement did talk to the niners as you heard in my exciting trend would think it might. I ran for stuff. -- -- and give -- to I was up out of ten and now de -- now -- -- -- an -- I'm gonna I wanna polish and hone my skills and -- or agree to rob -- I want you to take over for the next hour on -- can work on the trends so. Or eleven -- now one of the things I like. About free agents a lot of about free agency in this they've really captured me this year with the rigor with the teams are under the cap and got to get more money next year. Is when it comes to the NFL draft. It really is a case of -- to it's a case of you know beat the patriots are picking 29 so you have to wait your turn and may be what a player you wanted to get -- taken. So there's an element of -- fair -- at a number one or two or three pick. -- free agency. I think that's are people so fascinated because it's like you know the doors are open and everybody just runs and an if you have the money. Then you get the player that you want is so this last chance. This chance and signing them but I mean there's less chance in terms -- you ever write to get whoever you wanna get. I find that fascinating I don't know where -- whether or not you agree with me but I found this past week so riveting. With the NFL they -- you just kept going back to the different shows an NFL network and all these pundits on there and and it hasn't revealed -- -- hasn't stopped yet there are still some interest and play is out there. For teams to craps are in obviously I'd like to see the -- sure open a couple of more areas and I like to hear from you. To see what areas do you think this team is in need of not just with free agency but the NFL draft obviously if they keep vents. And as less -- -- need to go after the notre Dame's got this massive nose tackle I guess. And I don't know our nose tackle still in play great is much as they were a couple of years ago. -- mean by in play what because of the way the offense is it changing in our running before they. Are running for a long time may have not been running for a long time and that's why it was such an aberration. When you saw what -- bronze blog break out. Against the colts in the playoff game against buffalo on that last regular season game -- the patriots were up postured and we're now running team while they. Managed to run for about ten yards I guess in the the Denver Broncos game is still passing league you're right. And I guess that's the other assessment should just feel. As if the patriots. Are not gonna release. Wilfork. That they're gonna make him play in his final year of his contract and then. They will say sayonara because the patriots don't do any thing that doesn't help for the patriots yes. But he said yesterday and -- going over things and somebody was on vacation somewhere and they said they actually ran into events was on vacation. RH yeah in I asked him something about it and he just again and again I think a column. Story about something your facts wrong -- -- parking. So maybe. There's a chance that they can come to some sort of compromise. In -- do you agree with Rodney Harrison who obsess on his show safety blitz that precedes this -- show. That the patriots were losers at least as of now as opposed to the Broncos. Who emerged as winners this now because I think for us throughout the Broncos are taking chances were to leave I mean we love him when he was here is a corner and body was doing physical corner part. Again and two playoff games in a row the guys on the sidelines so there's no. Guarantee that he's got to be -- 100% where I was with a worse. For Paul -- one of the worst defensive teams in the league last year Dallas. In yet they release them so what does that tell he was making a lot of money's not to make the same kind of money in Denver I like I thought his -- -- orders slowed down a bit yeah -- and sometimes you go to a different team right and all of a sudden you get motivated that's right Jared Allen to me is so fascinating if you get that guy. And you don't unit need to beat him down every down on and I don't consider that -- my goodness. If I know we costs a lot of money I think seven point five this year against the cap but the point is. If you can -- -- and yet the best player in one of the best players in the leak. How are -- lows right I don't see that or fatal heart shares what kills me that -- and I love Borges you know that and I read his article the other debit. One -- people complain the patriots had to cheap. They don't go out and take chances and -- really get anybody. Mike is this -- to call it taken to chanting going out and getting -- it in deep bass players Emily. As I always say what's not to like you know I mean c'mon. This guy. At his best and he is no reason to think he cannot be at his best use Gordy disappeared. In Tampa hello everybody everybody. It's kind of like Oakland Raiders out of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last year. And hopefully Lovie Smith will restore a little sanity in order to that team from a different directions bars. Philosophy in discipline and everything else but Revis wanted to be year. He's motivated. To get beyond an AFC championship lest we forget the jets did go to a pair of AFC championships two years in a row. We've Revis as one of those. One of those great shut down corners. Ended the the thing about it is Larry how often we said. How long can Tom Brady continue to operate at this level you -- take advantage and take advantage of it. -- hitting all the high points you really it's I don't know how you can Wear and we only Revis free area and actually end with that. Right now -- Brady in acting -- doing the same thing. You know one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the -- we don't know how many more years we're going to have him so load up. Africa and I think they're loading up -- pocketbook -- loading up the phone lines I've heard that somewhere you know what up we bring it again Thompson I'm sure another really. I don't know what people can complain about with that with what they're doing so flat I want. Element that they've made and again some other bad moves the Amendola a signing I don't think was good all I wasn't in favor of that at the time. All -- Bob I was not I don't know are you kidding me. -- OK you were not -- -- I don't like it I know I -- -- because they -- dole would have been -- favorite -- injured -- but I don't remember -- oh yeah there were a lot of regional I think when you're finest. Removes was -- Belichick when he brought -- -- pains -- if you can go to Linda -- a -- and -- always trusted -- says our hands or is going to be a great patriot. I'm all lomb board not jump on that bandwagon Itanium -- -- had a piece on that man and you -- -- like Jonathan -- a. Chip just above five or six different stiffs. If they have brought in so I Belichick makes me nervous when his personnel moves to a certain point. I don't know how you can criticizes. This mall you know it's funny you should mention that because I was just glancing up. At the television as you were talking and I saw Phil Jackson's race. And I can look at bella check in Phil Jackson and in similar ways. Belichick is a great coach. We have a superstar. Player. At the Sandra. Belichick did not win until we have the great superstar. In Tom Brady -- concert they won three championships. Phil Jackson everywhere he goes he's had at least one great superstar -- Jordan. And to a lesser extent Pippen in Chicago and two in LA we Shaq and Colby. Now he's being asked to be a personnel guy. And I really wonder if Phil Jackson can do that -- New York with the -- and they're giving him a lot of money -- well again I. Huge -- of any of this stuff to our respective world -- -- and -- but -- Pod of you -- reloaded I MO is that you do each show yeah I was what you're secret and definitely -- -- crush. -- -- have the only way you can do -- scoring is is that my do you have the span for one thing but here's my here's my point you know I like tiger dropping yeah you know my point is neither now -- never approved because he's never been -- general manager. Bill may never have the title but he certainly GM. In player personnel director without portfolio. Bill reminds me a little bit of a guy music for obvious he's a great coach one of the all time greats who called the greatest always up -- bill -- calls them. The greatest coach. In the history of the National Football League and you can make a case that Jackson. A lot of Celtic fans may think otherwise is the greatest coach ever. But he really has done nothing as far as player personnel -- a look at but check I think you know you talk but this all the time the jury is very much Al. I'm bill bella jacket Mike recent reinforced that -- peace in the SP imports this week you know this may be his finest. GM move. Of his career with a patriots are talking about check in picking up Darrelle Revis this might be the crowning achievement is he's certainly done nothing. Two. Indicate that he's a great player personnel person. Some advocates say you know doling out that kind of money and anybody could sign him but I mean I know the browns wanted him the raiders wanted him -- out. That's. All we -- possibly beat. Up. Listen I'm thrilled about it I want we wanna hear from you about it we not just. We want each year in it and you know by now you've been listening to us for almost nineteen years now almost the view that. We're -- patriots football for eons -- the patriots. So this is different but I I'm I'm a patriot fan first in may play your fans second. By the way -- immediately texting it doesn't still have thirteen championships yes as a a bench player for red Holzmann. In the knicks in the early 1970s. Yes he came off the baggage much -- mission grand. I want Johnny most. Who are referred that Phil Jackson as a hatchet man he was out there for one reason and one reason only I actually sought employment the next. I don't know if you have the same body Kevin McHale had gotten huge big shoulders and very wiry -- Just that a little more talent however so anyway this is where we stand. Want to hear from you I loved talking to you before decisions are made. Anybody can come on after -- -- criticize. While they shouldn't have done this a dog that give us your opinion on if you're a patriot management. My opinion obviously is if you have to kind of you have to cut -- I think toward compromise. If there's any way to fit in the assembly. I love to see -- be able compromise but I want your opinion out because if from forced to make a choice. I need that cap money. Or you're willing to say goodbye to Vince Wilfork. Everything he's brought to this -- print passes the -- -- cold blooded as as calculating as Machiavellian. As Bill Belichick actor you really don't care about people I'm just care about the corporation I'd rather be feared that allowed a thank you so much mr. Machiavellian let's -- -- the phone 617779. 7937. And and chat in Southampton your first up this hour hi Jack Johnson. -- -- -- you guys do you. Volume on the at a guy like the worst had cold in the world right now and I don't. Would you take part. Are not and hasn't yet I'm gonna go down to CVS grad sold America. Listen listen to us for four hours in your head call will be gone by you will have a -- -- caddy. All right. So it's -- first on the -- time. I would love to -- talk radio. With Jared Allen and also if we can do -- have been here and as as far as at a men's. It felt like it's going to be a done deal is I mean this is just on Twitter and FaceBook so I don't know. Have they got talking again. It's so funny because on that clip that it's playing at the life of Bill Belichick a couple of years ago. Welcome quick -- in a particular games so at a remembers a guy back receiving punts and he ran back for the touchdowns so. Bella check marks over a rock parties as they have never heard a Wally Pip. Into raucous as he can have and how to -- -- return punts anyway but yeah it really is a special player that I hope they can bring back. -- -- -- -- And that he wrote -- wonderful work scenarios playing out in very weird. I mean to bring new life far into an interview -- just say I don't understand that. Hey I mean that was like the -- moved and it is almost like -- Did you find it fascinating that they both answered the same time. Well the first dancer she -- person and when she said it's. Such as she gave. And she says it's a business right. Put it into business and located the patriots have a smaller window with Tom -- not gonna play until he's 45. We don't know that and it's you know I agree with you guys look him up and if it means say let them. Let this girl he's completely truthful about it anyways and -- -- Here's the other thing I was thinking of -- an NFL coach right now okay. I have to do what's best for the team. Because if the teams that's losing I'm gone. Like all tech isn't that -- -- now but I'm saying when you look around the league and see comedy. NFL coaches actually have that long thanks for -- -- again. I have that long in terms of being on the job. It's one of those jobs where -- you perform they get rid. That Belichick isn't very enviable position he is the most secure coach in professional sports probably I can give me another. Coached in all profound doing this right off the top my dad. But since the guy has been in place since the 2000 season so he's on his what fifteenth season coming up. I saw the number of coaches that have been hired and fired since college I was tired. From the NYJ is the -- see it at 1415 years ago it's it is it's an astounding number but. Goes back to -- Larry Bird. Bobby or example they won early. And when you win early you win three Super Bowls in any event to others but I you use set the ground work in the -- don't forget the crafts. They they set up for the parks they love football. But they loved the business of making money probably war. And if you got a guy who every year or even or drives us crazy because we want the big cheese. Every year he's got them back in the -- sure every year you're right the playoffs and him making extra money why would you get rid of somebody who's helping you make extra -- Would assume and based. Their earlier track record we talked about Bledsoe they overplayed. Bledsoe remember they overpaid him before bella -- ride in Hampshire of the bella checked. Probably. Being such a good coach against Bledsoe when his days with the jets. Probably understood the Bledsoe was not gonna taken to the promised land and -- the crass get a little sentimental because the pain in them that we don't know that though because if I just applying company outside the -- and to speculate that's all we can do if that hit didn't take place in the jets' game. -- being taken out what would've happened on Brady would eventually taken over because if you worship Belichick the way you do. He's your terrestrial wide along about the round -- of south. Bomb. You if if if Bill Belichick is the greatest coach in the history of the National Football League you're one of the handful wouldn't even recognize it Tom -- is ready to take over our future if I didn't like it you'd like to see we grow up on a warship black cells so I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- stuff that's written and they rip you yet I know my opinion and it a staffer and you might force on. Google me went to all the comments re. This -- out there that I don't and evaluated about 45 years ago of the odd -- all wolf in my son was just devastating -- creating yet he was in a room a dark room for about a week he couldn't take it -- and now we understand he agrees that most of the people. That was five years ago when he delivers a dinner -- hit your next in sports radio and I can't act. I starts -- -- wrong. Soccer ball well not. But you know on a departure on -- crowd got the part of the pack a breather there probably are really -- replacement believe -- architecture and what they're really a huge issue out here -- -- our company and you to actually rated as the second -- -- they. Out of -- act. Right that's why look at him as a safety. Would you take this. Read that the American married if they let a simple book that you're all people act I have a villain in the kindergarten. Relatively well they don't make it -- -- a picture -- -- -- that they'll be able but I -- air. And I think that you know I think what they're really really need stability group come out there about -- -- and even -- the -- and at least so rank but a lot caught. Let me stop you there for a second it makes a good point spam but would it be that terrible if Revis comes in for one year patriots do win a Super Bowl. And he rides off into the sunset to another team would that be so awful for patriot -- There are absolutely not I'm not saying that if he does it took over here we -- fury acting out in it which I I actually at all. They don't and that is back the clock -- And that that Paramount the other patriot -- a lot but the -- where are that it here but short the bat on the ball. Well thirteen men acquired by even -- that they have great how are gonna happen like that. -- -- knife in him go active eat that I don't follow it gets very but but I don't know. Even look at Denver and look at the patron program the end in even though they load up. They're loading up to make really Wanamaker random. Number got into Super Bowl and lost at the last minute. You are up or you want there's still no guarantee. I said it before and I'll say it again. Football is the most different column of all sports in terms of trying to win a championship because if you lose one game. You're out yet on the other hand Larry you can. Go from worst to first in a -- in the National Football League because you have. Two places at your disposal to get better quickly have the draft and you have. Re agency. And because of the unrestricted free agency Arab. Teams can. Improve themselves radically think of what -- Denver did with Peyton Manning. Two years ago they went from a team that was a borderline playoff with Tim Tebow at the Helm. To a team -- been document the door the last couple years certainly nowhere near winning a Super Bowl against Seattle. But suddenly they're only team and now they have even more money -- -- -- -- Reich and the patriots can do the same thing look at the Indy coach with -- Andrew Luck exactly get him a step because bad example that -- position right that you really can't control. You know I think quality of apply you think we got a great quarterback Eurostat I think what you're doing but I think when you say it's really hard to win I think you're looking at patriots standpoint. Here's a -- arm and if you get one bad Welker drops a pass -- right you're looking at from the patriots point of view they have been achingly and frustrating -- So close you'd think. With all of these great teams going to playoffs year after year after year having one of the the best players in the league every year that they would have won another Super Bowl at least. Patriots are sort of an aberration real. It is easier to get better. Quickly in the National Football League the patriots are rare team that won early have been good for the last ten years. But for. Actually random and almost that capricious reasons have not been able to win another Super Bowl I think the patriots are very much the exception. If you can see it's so hard to win another super why the patriots not been able to do it I don't know -- you put my finger on it. But they well certainly we want to stay on top -- longtime through things happened in two of the games. If they lost. Miraculous plays one miraculous throw. In one miraculous catch. That now that doesn't determine the entire game I'm sure if you watch the whole game. You'd find out areas when -- spout off that last game but the giants and he had the he threw the safety safety I mean they're all kind of things that happen and it's not just one plate which we tend to focus on. I do think when I look at that last game in Foxborough -- Denver. And how they just annihilated and tore apart the patriots beaches. There are two things that obviously they need to improve the defense which is doing now. But they also need to furnish us with some better skill players on offense. So you don't think they've done enough you don't think Revis is BP and it's yet for all the patriots well I'm I'm laughing -- right now so let's say Revis is excited right got a comment. That we receive them at work -- Wear them. What was it at the work congregants. I. Not exactly facing in the elite wide receiver apps are well placed on thing that's right Steve Smith meant -- -- him. But and Jody wood boring. Then he's going to Baltimore which is always a conference rival you always see Jerry Lewis slightly up in terms of attitude yeah and a very bright individual I heard him on -- a recent interview. And he seemed very steep. And he's the SOB. But thoughtful reflective guy to the war. Joseph Flacco certainly -- balding going out to us here at Cisco really missed. A quality receiver who put its hands on the four point he's got -- -- if I had got food -- I don't think the. Talib had some of that. But EE get Rodney Harrison was great at it out of his team -- -- patriot defense from Bruschi Harrison and Joseph mcginnis on down. -- great attitude -- -- a lot of leaders a lot of guys who cared. Not so much about their individual performances much as -- a team identity you know another one -- Right have a -- everybody on the tax line everybody in the phones so far. When in doubt blame the woman everybody blaming the odd that will -- that read between the lines where there's a lot of data -- a lot of sexist remark to put down maybe it's really wanted to. If he was really in control of his being late he'd make the right decision and -- back to the -- Being loyal but it's that we. They should always -- why did you get there -- fact it's the thing is this a personal comics. 677. -- 7937. Is the telephone number I'm gonna quickly now get to a break an argument further trouble.

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