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Enter Darrelle Revis, Exit Vince Wilfork

Mar 15, 2014|

Former Buc and Jet CB Darrelle Revis signs with the Patriots for 12 million dollars. With the team poised to ask Vince Wilfork to restructure, he asks for his release.

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They gave his Saturday must be mustard and Johnson. As. Little flaw in the works as the snow or -- them melt. I gave -- us aggressive by pro law for the first started many months ago. Spring training of course in full swing the baseball season just around the corner. Putts obviously wary if you listen to this radio station turn on the television. Go to the water -- all the talk is not about the upcoming baseball season what the Bruins are doing. By the seventh straight wins or the Celtics -- plummeting further. Into the draft lottery it's all football all the time in case you didn't bank. That football is America's past and I think this week was a perfect example free agency while I've number. Never heard so much discussion so much buzz swirling about. Free agency as it was here is -- -- if you didn't think the NFL where is the most. Popular sport of the big four you certainly have to now and with this new free agency I think with the advent of the NFL network and with the tweets and everybody can be involved and it. It's like Donald Trump winning a lottery it it really is it in the rich get temperature. Because if it was to say the truth it was it's riveting it's like it's riveting you can't stop watching it it's a chance of your team is. Got some money under the cap. Been -- go out and start stocking -- on needs fear is well as the NFL draft that will be coming up so you have three major events. But the national for probably this season itself now free agency. And also the draft it it's it's excellent yeah -- a lot of coverage and in this excitement. But you also realize at least here in New England the from a victory and the agony of contracts. You know -- dancing in the streets one minute because they sign Revis which was just out of this world for she thought it was just one year deal for twelve male and and you find out. While the second year has some more money attached like a guarantee it like twenty million for the sec in the year to break it down force please audience and edit I've tried a that unto itself though you can say well you know you wanna get the best you gotta pay the best but the ramifications. Thereof. Is that they were hoping to go to Vince Wilfork in say what you get seven point five do you this year. And it's eleven point six hit against the cap. We like to restructure now the definition of what restructure means I still can't get clarification on does that mean you're still gonna get is seven point five. But will pay -- you know for this year rim stretch -- of the two or. It some people think that it means that down now and pay you this year and if they cut you make. It is last week we delve into an issue with that with the -- custody case coming up which we will not be doing today I promise you. But it was uncomfortable in a sense that you were discussing somebody's personal problems. I'm mark comparing it to but it it's game time comes saying what we're obligated to a debate and a discussion about what -- do you really got in a sense discussing here is. Personal. Not really because it's a public. Job out. Yeah it's very different though well like I guess that is way if -- republic personality we've said this many times here in Boston. Sports personalities and sports broadcasters are celebrities and their public lives unfortunately. Crash into their private lives. And it's very difficult for roster sometimes the stern discern the difference between the two a it's a lot easier for us two. Opine. On what Vince Wilfork should do because this is as he has said as Bianca has said they've said quite clearly. -- expressly that this is a business this is all about business we're not discussing. Vince Wilfork personal life in any shape way or form he gonna come back to the patriots for the kind of money they want to pay him. And find a contract it is a more suitable to what he want. The I -- I don't mind discussing it I'm just I'm gonna yeah yeah I listened to all week you couldn't stop listening and you just hear people crawling with their opinion about what he should tortured Bjorn. I found it a bit humorous about. What I -- humorous because -- like all of us that account you know giving him advice as to how he should handle it and now we're giving advice to ourselves as what we want what what we want to write what I want is a free and is I want him to restructure his. Contract and come back then as a -- Right. What's best for me as affinia -- Elvis persons have been narcissistic and most of our relationship but I understand that I know I I don't know that that's what I want is it fair. Now it's not fair. But that's the NFL structure and again the question that remains in my mind. An and I was taken it Chandler Jones the whole time while this was going on like. Don't you get to a point as an NFL players second year third year or whatever that you start to understand this is how the system is gonna work. I mean I was listening about Steve's live and now I'm. Imus some of the other players who were over Jared Allen who hasn't signed yet man a prince tomorrow. And a lot of these guys walk away with a limp from the team they're angry and feel like David Scrooge shafted on appreciated. But yet that is the system that has been in place and everybody understands that in if you become a grew until monsoonal player. There's a good chance again as -- renegotiate or they can cut you if you're still a great player. Then they won't do that. But I think Brad Vince is injury and coming back and his size. Nobody knows what it looks like what he's doing or anything I think the patriots have felt look we can't take note you we can't keep you for eleven point six -- it. Right well I think you just expressed what I've been hearing throughout the week and it's a simple division its head and heart the head says the business side. Of the patriots and you're just express that. The business side says I -- savvy enough to understand the reality of the National Football League it's a war of attrition. It is totally controlled by management players do you have a lot more rights. With free agency. Coming aboard somewhere in the mid ninety's. There is more control but it's still. A management's. Game and management can eat you up and spit you out you understand all that and you also understand the future this team is based on. Are staying healthy over the next several years taking advantage of that closing window we always talk about. With time embrace and -- says -- -- did accredited -- but we just stay with us for a second so. You have the head says keep. Has says okay may be Wilfork it is just not at age 3233. Coming back from Achilles surgery maybe he's never going to be the player. He once was the heart says of course you just love this guy. He is the heart and soul of that Brady of the patriots. What's not to like about a guy. That has done great things on the field delivered championships. Been a great person off the field the crafts -- on the fans love them. So this is a very difficult decision to make it's a dilemma for fans because they love this guy so much but you know -- ultimately. Fans don't root for player in players as individuals they -- war. Corporations they -- for businesses they ultimately root for the the uniform that they like and people are going to be willing ultimately to say goodbye to Vince Wilfork I think that's what it. Comes out well it also comes down to. I think when Belichick's greatest assets is he's the world's only living -- donor. That he co host himself and -- emotionally. I am watching this special on him that's right get so angry with him by the -- -- special won him -- -- for Bill Belichick and everything. And this special he's when he opens up piece on likable he's got so much information in so much to offer especially talking I'm unfamiliar this -- NFL the life of a bill -- right in the -- it's not for -- -- -- that's been arguments from body to. Yeah yup that's what I just like nada but that's like some new so that's all -- -- while you're kidding number it. But he just listening to him and navy and going to the jets -- giant stadium for the last time. He's got so much to offer -- yet he does not offer that much to you -- in sight. Com we know with the business in in you certainly should know that by now but what's interesting Craig in saying that as you listen to Rodney Harrison he's on the show before us and Willie mcinnis and in players like that in. You don't -- very close so I mean big you know -- ended up in Cleveland Harrison retired could do it anymore but. Even a guy -- seat -- but when they say the patriot way it's you know when you really can't perform up to where we need you to be. We had not gonna carry. They did it for a couple of players but that but we're not going to carry. And I think it's painful and I think when you go to Vince and you just sailors and coming back from an injury and you know that. We -- about we had not we cannot we got to restart restructuring some of -- -- We cannot take a hit for eleven point in writing the football side of view as a free and you understand that because Jared Allen is still out there there -- -- that did try to get settlement back in the fold. There are other things that they need to do to restock their shelves so you're saying like. You can't -- forward. To -- crisis so tough for me this week as I understand -- is -- a ball and I love the guy. But at the same time there's no way in the world you can take eleven point six million dollar cap. I'll see I think this is a perfect test case for where are your royalties as a fan and I think in the end. They're always going to be with the owner with the management with the team. As much as you claim you love the player. They're really they're there if they're really just Canon five their commodities. They're just you know they're just used and abused -- that set and people they claim they love Vince Wilfork but they love the team don't. They are totally use and abuse to me he did sign a forty million dollar contract and he did get 32 million of that. If they did pay him six point something million last year even though we only played a couple of games are but I am just the and he played -- he was injured. Doing what they're paying him to do. Right so I find in this is the worst thing radio we talk about all the time is to have a great opinion you should either be black or white in the four. Or you're against it but I challenge people even to Colin this morning saying it's a tough it was called the Obama decision to make that you have to be great on it. Why because I can understand both sides. I can understand now if they can guarantee. Him. What they owe him in totality. You split it up whatever and if they can guarantee that he's gonna get that pages have to split it up over the next couple years. Then I think he's being unreasonable. Because I think as long as I he's already got the thirty frighten me fifty million in the bank is lying is I know I'm gonna get the rest of my money. OK I can understand your dilemma if if if from only got to get. 43 million or four million this year and then you can cut me and I don't get the rest of the body. Then that would be a different argument but. Here you hear you law are now -- The other side of of 303233300. And what 75 pounds the crap like that it's gonna -- coming up are coming coming off Achilles heels certainly has seen better days have probably never be better than that AFC championship game we talked about. From 34 years ago Lee Evans dropped game. It took him into the Super Bowl against the giants the guy was just a is that mammoth presents the monster in that game probably never ever. Perform at that level again yet he has been the patriots best defensive player for the last decade the problem is it's all past and you don't pay. Four past performance you pay for future performance that is the reality that is the cold hard reality. Of modern sports and patriot fans do understand that -- I think in the end. I would guess. That patriot fans are gonna they're not gonna go your cowardly craven -- -- grayer you refused to have an opinion I think -- I -- an opinion ultimately. I think the patriots are doing the right thing by playing hard ball I think they they have all the leverage. They brought a lockdown corner maybe the best defensive player in the league. In Darrelle Revis if he can stay healthy certainly Browner is gonna help he's brings certain swagger in attitude to the safety position. So they can probably. Of Ford allowing Vince Wilfork ago is there going to be Islamic -- they'd probably. His position. As we both know. They need to. Bolster up the that the defensive line. In their body areas that they have to patch up and they still have the draft and notre -- got some big stud nose tackle that might be available. We understand all that I hope -- had a great sign is that settlement was out Frisco and anytime you are in the city and and you leave the city went on a deal that's a good sign. Maybe don't tweak his deal a little bit bring him back I don't know exactly how much they have left to spend. -- -- -- -- feels kinda has them over a -- vote does me in a way though because. -- -- because as long as they can't get a definitive answer from him. Then they they don't know how much more money they have to work when a guy that is asked the patriots wore. Is outright army base right past them over a barrel on outlets say if they get right now they're debating whether or not to release him or not. So that's a that's a big chunk of money against the caps -- you don't know. How much more money you have to spend to bring in other players into you get this resolved right. But he is as as much as we'd like to believe. That he is the ultimate team player on the ultimate. Teams sport I mean this is a reaction to seeing Darrelle Revis being handed 32 million dollars for two years you know there's obviously some combinations and permutations and details in the -- But he didn't like that -- -- get well let me tell you something else total what did you just say about rivas he's the best defensive player some -- alternate. The ultimate lock down corner -- -- team player. No I said wolf works OK because Eric Revis is not -- not say that okay he's not a team let us and especially talk about eight Moab which is just still celebrating -- -- trends so. He he's not the ultimate principal player in fact you can argue he's the most selfish. -- -- Oil -- -- I don't know what I'm saying remember with the HBO specials with the jets and how he held out an all volunteer and bomb had to Goran finally armada. I'm not criticizing that I'm saying to you that we would be in those guys not stupid and he's got a second year cash says that at about -- -- no let -- when you talk about these guys who are principals themselves Christians stop. Bats what you call a business deals that are made every day in corporate America not against used somebody who we're just not used these sharks being that savvy right to be at the and we know Wilfork is very savvy whether they rely on its own or you know if you wanna just give a give and give all the credit to his wife he certainly understands. That he any said it over and over. It's a business. Number I think France has not a non thinker or anything but I think when you're when you're the athlete himself for your -- -- you know -- the -- league is of that team in the row row -- championships and everything you can be swayed -- little bit about that. But I think when you bring your wife -- and apparently she's a lawyer and very savvy and understands it and now all of the intangibles of port calls on to negotiate a deal. She's not like that. You know she doesn't care about our our our our -- patriots stuff she is a businesswoman. And I think to add her to his team. I think. Brings out -- -- -- -- if your wife his principal about something she really wants you to do when you're kind of saying well I don't know and me and if you get your life on your back. If she really is convincing you that this is the way you need to -- it is -- -- think it is the factor that he's not capable of thinking for himself. But it does bring another voice to the table. And one that will benefit him immensely. I would believe that if the patriots right now. We have the bombs so little vacation of what happened. In the secondary this week we're Revis and now Browner. They might think that they can get away with restructuring. Other contracts. Bringing Tommy Kelly back from an injury purity did his right so. I suspect that they think that may be. As we said that. Will forks days are his best days are behind him. And the future the patriots may not be. Squarely resting. 300. Ebony five I'll buy you notice the other guy they did not ask about restructuring is Logan Mankins. It's -- enough you get some of these guys are highly principled and again we want a year from view. The fan. Was that on a practical person because I'm gonna tell you right now in corporate America there are plenty of people out there in the air. Minute early to mid fifties who have given Leo lives today helping to build it companies up to where they now in. You know what they won't cut it they're -- you in the room giving a little Cai board marked with a security guide standing next to you in your review any minute. And bring in somebody in the twenties for a half what they were paying you perhaps that's the reality of how business is being done. That's been done that way forever. Well I think more so well of late argues that when I was growing up and I know my grandfather and a father or war principled people handshaking. You would ride people through to the end and you give my nice package as they left it was a little -- our. Now it's more cutthroat in this country that's the greatest but. It's the same time I keep saying him because he's that perfect gauge if from a Chandler Jones. In and you got his agent. You've got to be sitting down with him walking through the rookie contract. What the patriots come to him early and say listen. That we get a deal for you we're gonna tear that up and we are gonna give you a bad idea that trip arrests are favored Brit Pretoria area and I forget whether it was Nomar somebody else that Dick. -- a sense it makes a lot of sense would I give you a lot more money now and what they do with -- -- tie them up for a couple of more years at a cheaper dollar. Which has so it's a win win for both if you want your money now so which Campbell Jones you know he's a perfect case of kind of guy who's got a lot of potential and he's John. But -- these guys are gonna have to become more aware how the deal was being played out in a fairly. If they're talking about giving -- eighty million dollars for five years well EEE you've got to understand you're not gonna see much of that last year. And Russia are very very -- that what is so painful to the patriots -- they Hernandez deal. They just have to give them all that money. Yeah and all that guaranteed money goes right down mr. Revis. The one year in twelve million dollars in reality to win 32 most of that guaranteed. -- you have to think the patriots at least on the surface. Bringing a guy that can completely. Shut down the best wide receiver on the other team. Is going to help the patriots immensely problem is that you talked about briefly. Before right so rudely cuts you -- -- got a pretty good week as well we're gonna talk -- that -- it's a pretty good week talk about that 6177797. Cutting you off again can we tease out. Can -- seventies. Would you let Ortiz would you like to set up to keep the listeners. Over the course the next -- -- of a break and come right back and take the collars. Occupy bubbles having a little -- -- up outsized that we need Jesus they drive me crazy I was until I don't think I think it sure was good enough you -- and -- people around coming up after the break Larry Johnson assesses the winners. And losers in this free agent sweepstakes right here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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