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Red Sox OF Daniel Nava joins Mut & Merloni

Mar 14, 2014|

Red Sox outfielder Daniel Nava joined Mut & Merloni to talk about getting ready for the 2014 season. The Sox are asking him to prepare to play many roles.

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Baseball break on this -- spring training Friday Daniel mob has been against the program before his. Red Sox get set 13. Almost fourth week of spring training gained a lot of joins this year on the AT&T hotline Daniel -- -- here in Boston -- you. Yes. We're doing a good three weeks into camp. How much different. This time last year -- at this time this year and bloody teammates talking about moving on sort of focus on at the season -- I think got. I think that was nurtured it and obviously a lot change brought about 121013. And then. I think a lot of changes here the 2013 out of fourteen -- -- -- -- on what happened last year you look forward to this you're not saying that. But the bad thing at all but I think that via guillotine got involved what -- -- and lipped about -- -- are about. Gil -- idol last year John throws a year one in kind of that urgency that he brought with them and just you know it -- day and getting better. Do you feel that same intensity this year coming off a World Series victory is is that still there. Yeah when we have our. Our first day as well it was. -- Other than or -- what are you doing what -- about what we did last year. And building on that but in the same regard I'd let that you know without a doubt there. On the -- who aren't in the policy courses aren't set yet I'll. Others not that it was such that we out there -- ever -- -- -- -- Top all laid out you every other person involved. About getting better and -- a cliche saying that really what it. Allowed to go out there are all at -- you allow that or is -- pretty -- heat as well. Yeah I know for sure that you you probably got nowhere in the line up whatever jump -- where every puts you so be it but have there been any discussions. Ball possibly leading off and how do you think you would fit in that role. That would that anything other than. More or less what you got what you got -- you know we're just looking at different options it. That but I like -- it was a lot of Bill Barrett. I was aware that we have a couple -- but no one has been locked this is who we are the guys. Rod -- you'd be it's not help this what you know given bad that a matchup so. From my understanding there's a -- but -- -- but I think that it was they had options that we have a pretty good options whether the baker it could be. Who knows Grady Jackson are -- out there. A pretty good. See I just looking your spring training game of the first three weeks and your left your right your bat lead off your bat towards the bottom of the order may not. How do you mentally prepare yourself feel knowing that year they asking you do. Couple that for positions at a couple different spots in the batting order is that difficult for you. I know I'm not looking spring training has. The -- Hit a certain number unit that is -- -- a lot of has sort of all about Duke are -- box and so. Outlook embracing being a couple good way to start forcing yourself -- are -- Whether I'm first left or right or this and at batting order of batting we upsetting that -- it. It doesn't matter if I'm not exactly into that a place or are worried about any of that that's -- spoke our thought it might be back here in which. I'm sure you have a lot of guys what they -- they've let you know Lou you know that the three straight -- You -- -- he is he'll look. A good swing or things like that -- -- -- not too concerned about where player or let them playing long -- that he would have been a place where. Mark thirty virtual rather them -- it close losses like he would -- let -- you know the route you're out. Yeah you always either. What I look at that Red -- earlier -- -- ethnic a lot of guys it myself a strike at that. Now the only work on Arizona -- API and who rule mark Versteeg and pick from was great out there with you -- -- yeah. So Uga you have you have that longer look at criticized what most guys on your team so. What what was it like with him out did you see guys struggling did you see -- -- -- just looks like the great athlete. I think they got shortly. -- -- I've got nobody is quiet but he works extremely hard extremely diligent and that get that there were never quite -- you back. It would distract -- in a while the other injured. -- -- right would -- is very good at it. But it well and I think that's one thing that -- -- that. Did you feel it you know you can body. A little better shape it may be. Most other guys. -- about that -- -- playing about it -- what I without their their I think it I certainly. One bit in just. It worked in that they wage has worked out that -- you're working out there but it lost it after that body. Clearly from the press box. Well there. Are very good. That's I was gonna say to them I've worked out that guy for years -- the intensity of the work -- was he just full participant and all that's all those agility drills 'cause it seems like. That's the everywhere you'd probably take it easy a little bit or was he just full. From what I thought it -- go -- -- -- mean it keep it didn't work out we were exactly at saint scheduled to because he had. More stuff they do to get prepared that worked out that it was a while actually have the they've got to keep -- around you'd. You work out -- around it doesn't do it but what else about you look at it or the other horses or you know. What you're working out I mean. It wasn't that. Sit back at my tire you out. They have -- like is there a wall of fame and is looking the other guy is Lou on that wall of fame for all the work outs he put ended hole. Believe I you know that's -- picture I think -- a last year yeah they're -- they're that it. But what an honor the great ability at all you do it weird. Any other head with. I don't know -- -- I don't know they're really beyond the law. We'll be helpful is only only agreed at the skip this with. What what about it but go out it. Like he had they go its rhythm -- I -- -- dinosaur behind their rights to the dinosaur caught a picture of him you know. Now let you do it up and I think he set a personal record it -- that's been. Not at all -- -- in the let me ask you thought the guy on the field then with what you've seen from Grady is well it's a lot of talks about him and now that he's the one got to kind of -- seems to be that this team has said he's the one -- that can Alter a lot of plans would be seen from him on the field. But you can also went. There is -- What would I like. Myself a lot of guys kind of open our eyes was yet it's plated two years it -- right back but. It the whole and all the dirt there a bit skewed electric catcher. Right it took that -- like like he never. But I get in the at what is it that like. I -- in particular at bat in the way that it's a little but I -- it is still there he still has that and you can't fake that that's something you have a you don't have it. In the -- If he's I'll they have that they an at bat where you looked -- -- the -- is such a great -- That all of the it was a crime involved body was all about which without. Just -- them on the field and make sure that. Long term goal lead in the close to the great side board that you know. That was all they would in the nose with time and older got to be that never not never got. We're talking to Daniel -- said you're not leadoff spot you could be a split position and are really focusing on it up playing time you're you're in a position where you don't. There's not a a lineup where you just okay the opening nine opening day with this team is going to be lineup game to game three game four you were in and out. A left field last year we had conversations get Daniel with your manager John Farrell about what playing time -- what the rotational like this year. From my understanding that in recent -- what we had last year. Well I would expect. The situation we haven't you know done in their -- the last season. My role is to be great base right. And I wouldn't expect it any. Other than that for a simple fact that you know that -- career numbers against lefties are very good he let. And that. I don't think I would expect myself to be in there anymore -- -- last year you know injuries can be a part of that -- they were last year but hopefully we stay healthy and hopefully you know. Yeah and let that he had done it as much yet I think it worked out pretty well. -- -- -- you kind of about our starting out. Those guys play that's also on your feet are almost got this here I think any. It or they don't go out laps or so I thought what a little. You go to spring training every team change a little bit new faces guys -- got new guys come in but. It's a little strange this year in that you're you're starting shows up Lester is still kind of out there and it's been almost four weeks now and street guys who moving on from him but does it seem a little strange this -- name pop up people wondering what is gonna hapless Stephen Drew. Well at the beginning let it. February rolled -- Let you know what it out but it happened. Yet -- a ground ball short there yet they're both well they are all heard it yet. And now I think it will it brought in Edgar. Like -- -- our shortstop Edgar they're base as well. Helping anyone questioning got -- that it or were pretty much Democrat side or right. Lock in on it I'll be right but it. And you are now signing. Shortstop for it like that it. Where -- that we have because you know that we've got our guys are well outside -- but. How are -- -- that it worked up that ticket -- shortstop but it bit it they're really get after -- you got really. -- -- -- As that that's what everybody wants. Or are you get better -- what that felt but -- that really mean it is not have a question or. Those guys what we have right now we're at it yeah well we want to gut it out. I think if I -- correct your arbitration eligible -- next year had the Red Sox at all Daniel you're in your and your agents as -- have. Any conversations about an extension that a keeping here. For I don't know about time. There and -- right now we're going. Play this year out there out at at -- that there is there isn't that as it brought me. I'm obviously. About five million dollars. Sure sounds fair we're really gonna shoot but it bit up at Hewitt. You're always go high they can always come back the war but it's its -- are good right it's good that. Now there there -- that -- are about that a lot of other bigger contracts more or Lester. Be that are there more thought about it. For me it's not about it and thought about but it really hit it at that I -- everybody play. Or the World Series. -- -- in -- yourself or did this year a skirt. A lot that really well -- period and it's been -- at all of that play. Base in the text messages that we get we talked every time Daniel people want idiot that extension they they love your attitude they love your approach. I'm wondering were you at jetBlue park the other day when the PA announcer. Announced every ball on strike there on stadium. Well you know. All this silly things up a little mark what is somebody in your runs out in front office they they. They said that the debate this internally on yawkey way for a year or that they schooling with the idea of the PA announcer after every pitch. Ball ball two and one strike. She went to they did this a jetBlue the other day. Does that sound like a good idea John Lackey your pitcher said it's a terrible idea keep reminding a pitcher he can't throw strikes by hearing ball ball. All your hitter would you like that at Fenway Park Daniel. Well it just so involved. Let now court now not at all I mean look would you want that well well. As I didn't owe to our ballot nine -- lot idol he'd invited. -- you know it it deeper deeper it. Insinuating that you're getting deeper in the hole and it's it's still owed to. Exit and now I don't need that -- Now I. A lot of guys would he would. I'd bet though is we came out throughout our career baseball that we're still it would be of course but. Not party in at least for what I -- -- and I can see is what -- saying you don't want a clear minded. -- L scoreboard. And so. I don't not exactly serve and part of that I would -- of is that. Elijah did so I go a little different than you remember players is as good. -- appreciate that time good luck the rest of spring training we'll see -- -- when a couple weeks. The Yankees got banks army and the -- it. Any time one of our favorites in a lot of joining us sell on the AT&T hotline. Talking about his spring training and weighing in there at the end it's who can add John Lackey. And Daniel modest car Red Sox players who say. And thanks but no thanks on the FPA announcer.

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