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The Play Lady: Lisa Scherber joins Dennis and Callahan ahead of the Annual Jimmy Fund Trip to Spring Training

Mar 14, 2014|

Lisa Scherber chatted with Dennis and Callahan before The Jimmy Fund's trip to Red Sox Spring Training.

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I Jerry Kelly and you know it -- -- -- does -- you know where is he's in court right now we have spies -- court yes and he swears. That he dropped that and then Ambien in her trick accidentally an iPod global Luke was Saxony was taken stuff out of his pocket -- -- and I heard you know perhaps a -- player of the play from day. And I can't -- -- I never even. In fairness her restraining notices nobody is -- we said price may twelfth this year after we back at the international golf that's right and resort -- Bolton mass for the payment tiger's seventh annual -- -- about foxwoods. During a BT in off you and I 8300 yards this year mama and -- process and the -- -- until his affair as Michael and an opposite opposite degraded that league every -- -- team will be great afterwards. I think for block -- Clark. -- murder he will be there and as for Greg Murphy as per grade as a group -- cause and the tigers as four the Jimmy Fund and specifically. Send the kids to spring training via the great trip a great time. This is the day this is the -- there on the way to the airport write speak and who's in charge at least a -- our -- from the Jimmy Fund the more recent. -- -- good so what is going on exactly this week and give us give us an outline what's gonna happen here and exporting. Well it's gonna go really quickly we had an amazing weekend planned -- are really special. Special teenagers and what we do that we take out. Two nights and we'll head to Florida. And tomorrow morning we could start running and and pretty much we we head to the ballpark -- Arctic as. We went and they have to go down the giant -- talent. The delete the river. Because these times these kids at camp to sort of just be with each other get to know each other think we kind of the hole is to meet the Red Sox players. But really the people of this -- these kids should could not feel alone and not feel like they're the only ones going through that. Kelly -- a lot of different things to give them an opportunity to a laugh and smile and electric and again. I think at the weather report my hand -- electing this Saturday. Sonny does not even -- speck of club a little draw are now at 8081. And then Sunday 84. That is perfect tell us the numbers comedies the 45 kids this year -- We had forty I've had a few cancellations and that's what happens with with this kind of group where these kids are unbelievably courageous where. They say yes we're going on the trip but it's we don't know and we don't feel well or not. Looking like we wanna look but we want -- to get away and he'll normal. And and really the week of year things start going wrong we're there let's -- -- right or. Complications with treatments and things like that -- can check back arrow -- I'm hoping we and -- line -- -- 41 or forty killed. And I can't it is there's -- how many how many you you people attack. They are hanging around just want a free trip. I think or believe like you know forty -- -- and but it when he a lot of us. And it's it's eight doctors eight nurses. And they are pretty much you know on call all the time the nurses. Are assigned a specific group with his that they will but it eat with dispensing medications and in making sure that could -- okay. Mean this is just not an ordinary take a look at this is -- trip. -- for kids that are just didn't give an hour ride deal and light and and we're gonna make sure they do everything they want to do this weekend. And the Red Sox players have always been and the great right not all about golf but most of during the great. -- they have an amazing that Red Sox organization. Is -- so welcoming as it instantly get parents' -- the park at air at 330 in the afternoon and the players start coming down. And they spend time with the kids and they think it's it's an amazing thing to that. You know tests are derided Jon Lester all these players come out and really just look at these kids that they are heroes and that's -- -- it should be. And I think that kids -- -- once -- -- lifetime opportunity and you know all of them that they never had this they never had her. But if they're gonna have to go through this cancer. And we wanna make sure they can look back on this time and treatment and really feel like there are people out there that supported and that was. A little bit of light that they can smile. You know we get I get some ideas for you Jonny Gomes seemed like a great -- we -- last year. We knew we had a fascinating conversation off there where he showed us. Not all the tattoos he has 200. He's got some new ones in this story behind all of them he's got Ted Williams in a fighter jet on his leg. I'm sure the tattoos to the kids and -- amid a Mike so Mike. One of our older teens that she has a lot of taxes not so we'll make sure again -- -- and hooked up a little Ben talks about the -- An -- ask Mike Napoli if you can Tug on his beard I think a let everyone in the militants took on a speaker. Right and I'm gonna ask coming for you could ask Manny Ramirez combined -- we know that'll turn out. You know what I really think that -- the kind of thing where -- -- -- their people out there. Just don't get that how easy it is to make a cute smile that going through -- answered those people. You know it's just sit there are lots. -- -- Now I feel like when we get to that Red -- they're all gonna come out there are that make -- -- mile and jetBlue has provided arc light. -- -- -- -- Believe the and all I had to do it ask them I mean that's amazing to -- that. Think I kept that says you know what we can do it. Not it was just -- it was it was an old friend of of viewers from the Red Sox whose one great one of the great guys of all time thing you can say since channel that's great and Hannity. -- I don't know how much this gonna cost and said let me Mexico also Sam Kennedy. And jetBlue made this happen intent with Lisa wouldn't love that -- so I would age ranges and these kids you mentioned some some teenagers had. They are in school. Thirteen to actually we have to 22 year old. So it's pretty much what you'd been treated. Here at the Jimmy Fund clinic and say you're treated the teenager and maybe he would relapse at that come back in the pack on the entire little bit older. That's that's -- -- -- part of the group and and we seen amazing thing to keep 21 year old they really take their their. And -- -- you know and they really make it feel like we're gonna get through this together and that's. The whole point in every year with a -- the tigers when I looked out at a -- and I say my god you're all supporting these can't you even know these kids endure in their in their corner and that just. Mean the world to make it really it. One of the great crimes. The centuries at least sure we're only has 820 on followers. On Twitter could fall or at least that the FC. And she will be tweeting some pictures and updates from the strip won't -- I well I look. -- that these ticket and a half from the moment they like that green and you know these trips really happened because of one teenager eleven years ago that that let me know that I was doing how long and in taking kids away and let them understand and he knew that he would never enjoy -- be kept. On his cancer was too aggressive and he knew that that. This is every trip by a lot if -- for top and he is the what you. Said Kati Kim Delaney and not feel alone and make them feel happy yeah that's what -- would -- it. -- -- You know says all the time mystery one of the great people the world even though -- got my wife drunk victories and cardiac function go to Europe you don't she got you drugs hustling around. That's fine. Forget Italy with the usual at -- without that. It. Juju opposites yeah I just a -- I'm gonna fall he went on for at least in my name's Gerry Ford and I want to recognize me so that. If you're ever in line behind me to get into the gates of heaven. Call me and had a cut let you cut front -- scandal is an alien activists -- hello get -- the -- want to believe though that going to be checking my issues and sent me through the metal detector but I want you went straight in because. He you do on gods were just thank you all or did you did you -- he says Adam PC FO right now entered into poverty FC -- -- great weekend while hopeful talk about how much had a great time and it if people. Wanna help you can have a good time -- welcome they do occur where you can go to -- the tigers riches may twelfth goal of the web sites. Which I don't happen -- everybody came at tigers dot org thanks -- Aimed at tigers dot org that is what that is a bent fourteen has been a great job Odyssey leases there every year right Jerry should go -- -- and this year it will be that golf was okay but the parties parties great affiliate helicopter comes down and I -- -- -- -- -- -- helicopter comes right above us and dropped golf balls onto the fairway and events with Landon who wind -- their -- at tigers dot org than Lenny and Greg Murphy perform in the make my two favorites may twelfth the international. It's evident to tame a tiger you heard -- right there. It is exactly for that weekend these kids are gonna have this week in which -- I've been imagined their favorite weekend of the year not to do better that now we go to warm weather playing golf. Help these kids because even -- Jerry Kelly be happy to sit down as hard as long as you want.

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