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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Where is the crashed plane?

Mar 14, 2014|

The guys discussed the top stories of the day. Today they gave the latest on Malaysian plane crash.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible -- precision fitness equipment shopper the pros do. Precision fitness equipment. My doing it right well I care Abdul what do you tell me to do so -- I do trending now. I view headlines I'm going out of breaks only hears my voice. Have you done anything any like reads for. Commonwealth mortgage -- an election lumber mill. And you haven't. Quite morphed in the -- yet we seldom do you know update. No. We don't community you know optic. -- -- The tradition has not checked in as as he finished they were there in the body yet to come. We will hear from -- hopes on this I'll lose do this what you -- -- their nature each launch there on it anyway. The -- fascinating and initially I didn't think the Malaysian airlines or was that fascinating -- And because we -- went on the ocean whenever malfunction even terrorism -- say they just crashed in the ocean. They don't know where -- big airplane with lots of people just disappeared. It feels very X-Files finish doesn't that tool here's the latest this was just. This is. Reuters story from this morning. Military radar data suggesting Malaysian airlines jetliner missing for nearly a week. Was deliberately flown hundreds of miles off course heightening suspicions of foul play among investigators. Sources told Reuters that day. Analysis -- the Malaysian data suggest the plane with 239 people on board. Diverted from its intended northeast route from. Kuala Lumpur or to Beijing. And flew west instead. Using airline like court is normally employed routes to the Middle East and Europe. -- -- sources familiar with the investigation. To sources said an unidentified and craft that investigators believe. Was flight MH three symphony was following a route between navigational -- points when it was last plotted on military radar off the country's northwest coast. This indicates that it was either -- by the pilots or someone with knowledge of those -- points. Now either the pilots or some. Terrorist who knew how to fly a plane right. Took over there was no beacon rooms signal or radio controlled a contact at all four hours and hours and hours and may have flown like. Five hours off course which means. It they have no African idea were it is -- in the news a hundred times and guys and binoculars and helicopters and if they did not within hundreds. If not thousands of miles it's with the plane may seems impossible 2004 it didn't seem right doesn't seem when you're on a plane you're afraid of the number of things is this ever on your list some crazy pilot. We just take the plane and you with that. For a thousand miles annually in European and middle seat next talker that's true I know you're gonna Alan I would I'd open the exit jump jump at it again but cry -- may -- -- -- -- -- an -- -- with Greta Van -- -- the question -- Is their landing strip anywhere in the you know the Indian Ocean. With a courageous school on the plane. That's right and his 239 people still Satan on the on this runway in the middle would jungle. And he says that's possible. Sure. -- bypass. Idols are always people can be a life. And the pipes could be attacked Jerry Jerry their family members of these people saying that when they call their cell numbers there's still this they'll get a ring. Now if you have a drop your phone and a toilet -- -- bright -- drunken text in whatever -- you really doing number one hit it short sell. So did -- later people still get rings there's a Chinese. Social app called GG or something like that people still who belong to this is still showing as online like -- aren't baseball people can see that your on your FaceBook. These people still showing that they're active on the on his social now. Were you mentioned the conspiracy theories that we should storytellers I favored a tweet that never favored to beat before somebody I don't know like me out of favor of everything that for the if someone tweeted but no one would do so they're calling -- -- some of these people must be called -- every five minutes. Open they're gonna answer of -- Padilla gets a -- at the answer to shoppers. Maybe they confiscated their phones all right -- I -- I do it. At 239. People. A thousand miles off course and nobody knows like every time -- what are these aviation experts is on the news coming up some theory about hanging in triangulation. And you know they they can track it on this radar I think they're just lying like -- -- that they haven't a clue and this is here's some conspiracy going. On I'm -- I don't tell nobody -- Tara I'm with you I hate conspiracy there's hate Jones and Jesse really hate Alex Jones won a moment. But I -- I'm I'm I'm curious as to what their theory is on this I mean is this if it went down. In the ocean we'd know by now right now we have been up here but. You catch yourself Formby tracker. -- you find people from -- again like you said it's 2014 right and then it's up prices don't go a thousand miles off a lot of notice that. -- they'll look at -- Ocean is what they're saying don't like. Terror and a look at it like -- and a large tiles on the ninth Deborah what are like I -- that prop plane ain't never been a -- over the ocean or even on a cruise ship. Oceans are really -- big yeah that's true and deep yes and talent and knows. I've written in oceans are really big really deep. And there looking pops and miles away in the wrong notion and the like a -- guys and looked so primitive we just like locker. You see. Any anti life rafts are all quite a western -- anyway oil slicks wave and a metal detector at the bottom of that shot ourselves they know no one and you -- Millen like for your prediction president. I English I got a lot it just went down. Mounts and alive I don't know maybe you think sitting up planes though will ease some rules on secret -- -- a the FAA has a week can't stay in the title like that that rules -- three hours rules -- they had to let him off the go the bathroom and like the gated area. But no I don't pick to run with electoral dead. That you. Again I know when cell phones are still a steel ring on me you know it's it's more like. The Tom Hanks in castaway memorable Ellen okay 2000 mile -- -- times pie it's and it's an area that's life in the wrong little size place yeah roughly the size of Texas yeah I -- Did you watch that -- -- Helen Hunt. You know what's the math and by the way had a four year old leaves only missed inflict -- out here. It happened so he was gone for four years right and she has to be a time to meet new guide to dentists. Davis X in the senate to get married after the second date and it beta for seven months that it never hit right away wait a few months -- -- -- New -- couple years old she should seek weeks -- lie you -- you and accused its biggest hole or in the history of motion actually you know -- -- -- back Alley. Want her back she makes them to -- it. These are exec -- our deal you can have your car back and to get a car. But he's not a doubt in my bag are you in my life I didn't. There's a character movie history more and -- shows and look look we we have a room here we tracked where you work yeah it's 'cause I was busy screwing around are open -- dead IC that -- -- that's my husband reaction -- things on there on the map and it about quantity finish right up right where you work is -- A guy has a it as a as a shameless patriots suck up I I wanna. Tread lightly on objective is someone re marrying shortly after loosen their spouse yeah you don't wanna do that every married to someone you know really really quickly known Allenby grudges. What are we economy there -- your highness. You highest -- -- of anything. Probably the cause you should. Problem -- -- -- -- Republican I expect it I don't why does the did you civil watch the show lost all of obvious. Actually into the -- Smith at the it I got furious at a halfway through I said I'm gonna I'm gonna see this thing through it's going to be like. Sleeping with me no one's gonna enjoy it it won't be fun at the end like for dog but I'm gonna get through this. This Malaysian air thing is exactly -- lost. The plane just went off course and ended up on an island it turned out to be magnetic and make -- move the island without a little bit while the story of my lifetime to lifetime if it's indeed on some island. And some crazy pilot decided to just hijacked everybody -- -- a polar bear don't pull it out of the smoke month there and I happen that's an al-Qaeda. Take credit when they -- -- don't know what's the point of blowing up a plane if you don't they had a blow blow my mind right. And now the stolen passports but they quickly said on -- just because some are Iranians stole a passport. He's not a bad guy he was Seeking Asylum rightly know. China -- to go when you look at for asylum China. Exactly is and he's trying to get out of China not in China yes indeed the things they -- these guys ever. It's -- -- that -- situation. Out there must still be fine is that the net binoculars in the helicopter going to be the forever to look in from the flotation devices. That is job with a -- go to an Atlanta man and has the story I think that. I had to do the Malaysian story as he was crap crap with scouting net to. Get a stop. What might. -- -- -- Mr. mystics are. Used to do that story -- where you are and I had to do your job and read the Malaysian island story. And it if -- Jerry. I don't. I just elected a fine on this but that -- that it is normally your job. What's got to finish. The -- ago. On the one -- -- which -- -- which which the group that's. It's long been embroiled in play -- and you know I learned from Boston Globe that your always close at parent political. Acts vote -- when it was story ultimately it on the I'm well in the past it doesn't matter but if there's -- scandal your past. You have to remind everybody about -- every time to -- argument to match in the Boston Globe which once ran photos. From a porn movie and present them. As American soldier's view of now Iraqi equipment and they its Treo -- economics and they show the photos -- American soldiers abusing Iraqi women. It was from a move. But the global wanted it to be true -- And you the one who recognized those photos from the movie and as I write on you what chuck Turner's previous story should have league jaundiced -- I was forced to dump a scene as it should -- -- little thing I neglected -- went. -- Mets pitchers he -- -- -- slightly to hit list this Cuba thing. -- fit in front of the show Chad and ways. Wednesday. No friend of Manningham. With an amendment fan they'll look -- you buy replacement the there was a co host of the afternoon -- Michael Hawley. Who has since departed has gone back to the Pacific northwest -- program protect their job the anxious to be host -- -- of -- is it is already station used an affiliate out there. Then writes today that they are looking for a replacement. Where's -- with WB eyes to the 6 PM slot. It is much flux that was it was a year ago when Glen -- -- It is imperative that our company your confidence right partner for hold over host Michael as always survives. Does he always. -- run to the candidates. He's Richard Hatch -- cardinal -- him model which on the Drew Peterson that he has walked through it. Think it's generally speaking tend to have a plan in these situations and I think that's what the candidates that joke was that that's -- That's Tommy current. Heard on the radio law. TV a lot that occurred right at realize there are TV with a certain. Go Steelers at the moment that's right I mean all game post game shows are Comcast -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- teach your kids at. Dale Arnold always partner on it well I know him well received. Midday show into February 2011 shake up. Is that filling in but the back to future approach is what premiered at Ingram looking for it is a perfect gigantic bucket of suck. I'm out details how would you open. You know you thought the part about the first name on the list. There's no obvious choice -- men and would be a real ethic. You beat back -- here in -- but in the afternoons with Michael hall but he's headed to the mortgage tethered to -- and makes it sound like we get a leg irons on itself like a tie to the radiator Jerry tells -- if I -- -- -- I should -- patient -- a -- -- moment. I mean clearly it she's in the top dog he's obviously easily should be a micron. I got a very well connected guy call me yes that is -- those two man knows that is an insider industry sources say. He says Solomon has got a tough decision maker says. On one means and not a -- him every day. His skis -- decide whether he wants to afternoons or mornings ago -- Yeah he's struggling with. I am struck the start I called you talked about Michael immediately said are you struggling with this is it's FS yet and I -- opt -- tiger right now to never told me obviously to be back right subprime problem -- and I finally again I -- -- they asked me right now without due to music show only just -- -- -- and I believe you guys. Yeah I mean I. I'd go I'd jump. And I'm glad boards auditions are out there it's great Eric take a real morning person no. Not not -- -- like six and -- -- -- -- that's -- in the media the two to sixty is the easiest -- you get you get to sleep till -- get out time for dinner and drink and party and good gains you've got it costs spurs basically you let the morning shows that the engine is up from where they he listened more action Steele plays the other things happened there to some extent it's that it is. Ice cream that league is I don't blame him and and for. You know go behind I summing it all and all on mr. Imus I talked to one of the upper management people yesterday. We conversational it's the only one does that one when you and deal both do that that's not that is away I don't want I don't want that two of 3 guys on this morning -- talked to a man all kidding aside at a -- him leave the show that. If I want it to that opportunities not currently four if nominated you will not run idol winner selected you'll not serve -- telling the truth. I just don't see it being fit that's. What happens to -- six other guys turned down the second half. Well like your prediction that. No I don't know ago and now. You're knocking him prediction -- else day he. -- do you think you fail or. Are. Jenny let me gently tell -- bill might wanna lose she's won a couple of soft that's -- latest problem you know substitute human yeah briefly. That -- -- -- movies come of those on the outside here on. I did hate myself a phrase it this way but does Jenny they'll have a problem with sausage -- -- -- all okay. -- -- That's -- frightened by it. Look at all really big cost him a lot of Texaco everyone wants in the split on the middle -- minute -- bail on house. It doesn't matter at the market opportunities afforded to use and -- that we think -- and gun. He got it from ours would be probably probably bunker right as plant that Otis. -- at Baltimore six -- 77797937. Adam -- feel like I'm sure after a very good values so good these knicks these few days is gonna have to hold us all of us that morning. -- basically was sent without -- He's a favorite governors are gonna find -- Julia was gonna wind up. -- is gonna tell us at 815 what is going to happen with this. When you do this lake to its more engaging fans are more engagement you date been. They actually seem more a little bit of a human.

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