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Mut and Loud react to Revis Island coming to New England

Mar 13, 2014|

In the opening segment of today's show, Mut and Lou are ecstatic to hear that the Patriots signed star corner back Darrelle Revis

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This is mugs and very Loney. Okay. -- I know the focus on Revis and -- talk -- all four hours today. But I'm watching after the trending now update. Joe's -- bottle or producer and Kirk -- hands. What appears to be sure -- Joseph always and screaming at minute hand I'm like -- back like that emotion like stands at how popular. -- like they're like that's great I don't know Kirk has that. Yes or no pets that react to a lot of people that could be anything productive spot the weather. But there's like -- screen to match going on they're debating whether or not. -- Wilson's gonna give Darrelle Revis is point four that your instructor this operatives -- -- that said. Joey clues. That's all I was there and bigger power battle there between those two. Matching wits. Butler -- a 37 WEEI happy Revis -- happy Darrelle Revis they like we all said yesterday. Right here pretended to you heard it exclusively right. Look at the Revis deal -- patriots always go the extra mile patriots either trade form or make in the highest paid quarterback in football. Was gonna happen. -- listen here. He did sort of go. You can't have a hard. And discount it did he got so leave the discount led him. He took one year deal but twelve million box. Free agency involved they call the patriots. That was it. That was Darrelle Revis is free agency in your team got a 41 year and twelve million. -- -- is it. As Vail Leavitt dart said that this -- still it's twelve hours that we got the news I'm still stunned. That this thing got done the way it did it for the money it did edit the best cornerback in football is gonna -- patriots uniform in 2004. On -- -- -- you know so many people lot of others that come here I added it that they would sign him because of the way things have happened in the past with this team. The best. Quarterback the best player in his position. As a free agents with the patriots. You know IPOs Thomas the oracle their 2007. Is that we're gonna call for. Go to places. And now it's article -- Since the Monday of Super Bowl week went -- I thought we did some -- last February after it -- dissect the best at his position with -- Thomas. Did you hear from Boston welcome -- go he was sixteen -- -- they -- -- flood plain miserable is now what are they just one -- -- -- get out of your comfort zone a little bit. So you've got 161718. Million dollar cap go give it twelve to one guy ready give it -- eight and exactly what they did they sped it up best. Quarter in the game. But there is -- is without Revis island. We got the jets cornerback who doesn't have 47 kids. John. And it's. It's it's so anti patriot a lot every second of it I loved every single ounce of it. -- free agency and you get a month that deal -- what the hell have been damn right we talked about being on the inside of negotiation. The -- second event. Did the negotiation in this locker room. All I kept -- Revis won't take a pay cut he won't renegotiate. They beat us about -- -- readiness and wins it. You're teams it was instant trading for him you want to renegotiate with. Of Cleveland Oakland and I want to renegotiate -- -- a powerful five years for. Seated free agency is overdue -- -- one year one year when the patriots twelve million bucks. We're afraid tries to leave eleven point six -- would -- Revis the twelfth. Yet they had to have known the on this well give them credit a -- credit. They had to have no they had -- IDs are here -- about other shopping him for a long time the Betty Indianapolis. They shop in this guy. Like Florida report before the team to be interested. Before that deport him debate became a -- tested. A couple of week later by the Tampa has now -- him or release of a meeting they had this thing and had some information they know. We're talking about deciding to leave -- a -- to have to wait and see what the price for -- decisions. It essentially pretend eleven million dollars and they didn't and watch Revis signed for twelve. Two million more -- wait. That's exactly what they did. Twelve million bucks. For Darrelle Revis. I've -- to millionaires that this team would actually do that see that's I would practice. So critical of them for for what you said misreading the market. I got you can't say that today. You just can't I made it it's impossible to it does say that you can't say that Revis gave them you know way out because it it just makes much sense now. That they for whatever reason had the United States and like that the GM there's another director -- -- running the football operations in Tampa. He's a ballot check. The site without the Belichick school -- at school he's now running campus so Greg Schiavo coached there. They're all these connections that lead me to believe that the Belichick had this in his putt back pocket the entire time. And that's a credit to be on the inside of the deal that goes back to Belichick being the smartest guy in the world. Then he would wait out the market and always gonna get Revis at one year and twelve million bucks. That's a credit kid and at the discipline involved there because I guess -- the chance to could've fallen through the previous get cold feet. I get calls immediately for a one yesterday from the Cleveland Browns Oakland Raiders and saying. We're gonna -- to leave the alone and some are making ice played player a defense declared football. And had the discipline if your -- Jack you know is the reason why somebody fans are what do what city yesterday. Called us and saying get a big deal they'll find a way believe in Belichick it's because -- moves like that. It's because double what to leave sign away and MB down to the last out card spot in the deck. And -- now again it but get -- -- or five of -- Revis being out there. And again the most challenging thing to be to understand today's one year twelve million bucks well that's that's that's the shocker to me that was my first reaction. So one year twelve for why one year. End but it sort of put a damper on the on just the fact that the -- Revis is going to be and when the patriot. Because we talked about acutely -- should franchise -- dollar franchise got a wonderful when -- Got to want this defense take the next step Ottawa Tom -- get one year older it -- 2015. Which it here on this day. It will you've got to bring back the leaving -- -- -- you know everything's going in the right direction. In eat it and lose the player of that at any like Emmitt now law. So I don't want to leave for one year. You know I mean there if you could tell -- gonna lose everybody an idea I was gonna take the lead ultimately to tell me you're gonna. Lose having not get anybody to replace them out -- a Celtic one year I guess in which pushed along and see what happens next year will go from there but I -- I want to put three. The rate of four years. To when it comes to Revis. I couldn't be happier. I can be happy that he's a member of the regular patriots. But I'm not -- excited effect it's only one year I'll c'mon. With that we player would always what it's going to be juniors yes sad trombone all they are not not not noted scary ticketing we want could care less it's just did one year. It's what you don't walk -- what I'm saying is you don't -- for three years. I do but so the get a number three years. Okay well foreign beside of us an extension Albert rare says that there as part of his appeal to women there's no. There's no stipulation -- a franchise tag. So I take your -- is a one year deal protest tagged out a -- as he fourteen point four. So there's a chance to be except the franchise tag you didn't hold out you -- make. 26 million over two years guaranteed -- at least making. What six -- got over five years while all the good -- oh banana although obviously different just ecumenical peace signs that. Is it that could be startled about his career already in his young career so I hope that he signs it and actually him for two years are all saying that I don't I want. Lever they got out water for three years I wanna be on this teams that they've they've got this guy and now next it would not strategists we signed him. Or actually try to put someone next to him. We tried to improve other areas it's not how we -- -- our team will first and foremost we got to reset and Revis. And that we got to -- -- -- we gonna have a might not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It ACL surgery -- ball risk I'd I'd overpaid that's for four years. They'll arrest for what this guy for four years. -- Yeah but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I love the players so much medical care less about the risk. There is no -- -- I can't get totally excited because it next shall we dealing with this. Player of this caliber and we talk about Brady's went over and over again. If you don't exam for one year and a franchise tag on to then you -- at least two of the next three years. You're gonna have me in that three years of Brady's window and that there's no downside for me on that I mean it. That the players can go to -- and the need to know what the warriors and it was the best cornered him locate every terrible trade for sixteen million he will renegotiate. Now so far that it's sort of you know. -- Revis won't take less she's taken less patriots won't spend that kind of money spent that kind of money so I guess they should be worried about. Revis now being about contracts and being about money and actually holding out which started on twice. So I shouldn't be worried about that anymore well there was a nice -- -- his franchise tag at fourteen for. And he's gonna show up day one he's gonna play action -- word to vote in doing what he's always done -- that you know what screw you what you franchise tag -- I just parts of the AFC title game again with a Super Bowl I am the best corner of football franchise for year meant. You can franchise may well -- I'm not gonna sign it but what I wanna deal with that crap what does last through deals though the deal in Tampa Bay was the sixteen million dollar deal but not have a guaranteed yeah. So we took a non guaranteed a 96 million dollars none guaranteed yesterday. He took a one year twelve million dollar -- right -- the two deals he took recently long term in Tampa and now here it is with guaranteed but still. Different than what you heard about in New York the few times he held out. Is there a chance that EO given that what are -- It's based a year a year and is not a lot nick ended the the box there with the quality and I haven't got any what do saying it Tampa Bay's deficit -- -- Yes sixteen million is not enough when the second best corners making ten. You know to me and Mikey was making six million in New York when there were guys like Asomugha make it 26 guaranteed -- he's like hold on. A better than act cat of you don't believe he's there's a chance. That he recognizes after a year for twelve -- a Colombian football purgatory morning may change -- -- the white -- take one year twelve million. What's the benefit to everyone has one year to walk into the patriots wanted to lower the risk. And I think there are reasons -- took him Revis took that deal but I think it's because he wants that go to winning franchise and was at fort -- and invisible Tampa Bay last year pro football focus the result is a thrill of you all they said -- quarterback in football. Nobody talked about again about Richard Sherman gonna say that I it couldn't be happier to have Darrell Revis in town is knowing -- But the real Revis who for an entire week when he was a member of the patriots. All he cared about was money all the -- -- always make as much -- weekend now as a member of the patriots only cares about is winning. We sent a one year deal because all the other freeagent corners are already taken up with the good teams in need wanna sign with Oakland -- wanna sign with Cleveland. And he -- okay I'll go to knowing that they're not gonna pay top dollar Celtic a one year deal with you guys. I'll be like to leave a played a big stage circle back to the FC title game I'll be another all pro and after one year. Opening day of free agency I'll be the guy but if he cared just about the money why didn't he go to Cleveland broke. If you wanna win you need to know they did there's vetted and it's winning -- some money balled up before year's U wanna go to Cleveland. Or Oakland before years or do you think that if they'd released in two days ago we would rather go to Denver. -- years. Local going to another team that can actually win it still make the money and above for -- to cultivate your your reference a news is all about -- -- -- -- this -- -- -- not. Everybody is -- tell. You referenced your company you're always hitting all about the money Zachary negotiate a fair fair criticism that's felt a sense that it -- although we're not really think I didn't know what was the reason that they get a one year deal instead of going for the money. In Cleveland or Oakland -- the money was fair ball teams had the money Oakland and Cleveland. What -- interest in the best corner all the ports and he's gonna go to New England he's gonna win and he's getting he's gonna get both. He's gonna go to the best team that can afford -- not the worst team in the world just as -- can afford a it's gonna give both when you're all of all the money he signs here hopefully they do extend them and that will be the perfect scenario they shoot the three -- four. It appears that no one year deal for knowing that perfect scenario personally I don't think it is. I think a four year deal the perfect scenario a three year duke -- that damn good. That's the perfect scenario. I know it's less grip less risk him for one set at 304 but he's the best corner in the game. But he thinks Seattle -- became chairman for one year twelve at the best deal possible. What do while -- that guy up for a full five years but doesn't the one year give the patriots an opportunity to see if in fact the salary cap goes work goes boats are growing very you know and so -- -- -- fourteen point fourth -- you Ernie knows the sellers Google and so did the patriots in the back from I think Revis is -- if they -- there on the -- -- 11 year twelve we -- there on the inside. Is there a chance there on the inside and if it's fourteen for next year Revis would be OK with that. And get to -- year to year with a player of a great caliber. And not national bonus money jar if I know what your payment yeah. -- the -- -- say -- what I'd like he really say one year to look perfect scenario I told you the one reason why it acute just dive volley and just crazy. I'd love the fact that he's here I can't believe that knowing the patriots. Signed the best players position free agent market and actually won and actually have them here. I love the fact that they have what now seventy and a half million going into this eighteen million dollars -- out of we spend it and -- it gives twelve to one guy. That's not normal on a lot page of prince not around here it pats fans and it's not a I'd love the fact that they did that is now let me that their figured it out they tell me that. The people are the fans that are crying for them to kind of look at that -- a look at -- Go for it now that tells me they see it through. But I love the fact I'd love it. It's a beautiful thing. The only thing is I wish I had him -- four hitters that's all seem may be out it works out their guy being blinded by getting the player that not I'm not concerned about next year -- the patriots would be the franchise tag in a -- -- salaries going. Are going to be in a position to pay him again. Top of the market money next year on a one year deal for team that is still going to be competitive it's -- view their chances AP's gonna take a one year for twelve now. It at a night and I'm not worried about that yet Mike inserted this year and did you replace a cue to leave. You did that with a player and better and I don't believe that was possible pizza Newbury port as we get -- your phone calls early but -- 937. WEEI board -- How I get my TV -- A couple below previous one I think the one year deal I mean I think. Both sides will I mean he's and obviously I think it would happy would it he saw exactly what I would believe. And he goes out and gets the biggest contracts. Here so far. From one year deal from the patriots. From the benefit of people with the patriots but one year. -- I think -- like that. And let's say I I think it is debatable. He's the best. I mean certainly he's not he's right up there. A who who would you say -- have just gone and I just by my overall opinion of it. -- -- I could make it harder for anybody else to be Richard sure would be the other night -- can argue Richard Sherman the only other guy make an argument for me not pro football talk and number one billion. Number one overall -- last year went to Revis not Sherman. Yet I think you offer I'd rather have a mentally I think -- -- where I think he's smarter. And and here's the guy thought he played overweight last year. Well -- you know I read. If if he was played a bit overweight last year and you know how much that played into it I think you'll have -- been in the past. Yeah. The I don't know what his weight I know that he didn't play man to man. April football full did you go order right now when he get ago a lot of things that a lot of pictures a great airing it -- defense re already to -- in Tampa and we areas. The spirited defense to play with the New York Jets. And the beautiful part about some of -- of the jets they shall tight press coverage online in there isn't a soul on that side of the field behind them. Not a soul won on days one -- just highlighted -- there is one wide receiver out there. He is on him on the line press coverage in -- -- and that's all behind him everybody else is on the other side of the football the other side of the field. That is beautiful right here it would yeah it would look good at Tampa Bay and you know covered through zone defense no press coverage it used to leave. The numbers obviously aren't there because we know why is -- just don't even challenge him. Before -- as a member of the New York knowing the patriots. -- -- best corner football this is not gonna turn into one of those he's okay now he's a member of your team you think he's great. Before. -- chairman is outstanding. The gay I just don't I don't think he's Revis and advertisers. -- the duke guys here but -- He's the best -- as you know -- -- -- a little -- -- -- -- -- play more I saw what he did -- with the as the jets quarterback. To the patriots in two teams in the division and I I saw more than I've seen a Richard Sherman. It's it's a deal where to talk about all they would you guys 61777979837. Is the phone number 617779. 7937. AT&T decks on 37937. I was. Broke broke broke Walton. Response he says they got the deal done. You come back in New York Randy Moss had to say it is when really its prime but a good Darrelle Revis is we'll get back to your phone calls but and -- Sports Radio WE. -- -- -- -- -- What dirt. -- OK you know Barbara. What but the common concern about yet. Hey what's up it's like volatility is at 2 o'clock the Denver Broncos -- that all of their money every agency for the patriots answer at all we'll discuss that. Answer for them. These days Sports Radio. And the band and WV okay dot com.

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