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Mike Reiss, ESPN Boston, joins Mut and Lou to talk Revis and what's next for the Patriots

Mar 13, 2014|

Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston joins the program to explain the salary cap implications of the Revis deal, its impact on future deals, and the other free agents on the Patriots radar.

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Now Mike Griese -- be -- boston.com joins us. On the ATP hotline like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As brief as possible assisting police possible try to explain to us the way in your mind the Revis deal is set up and why it's set up that way. I yeah I did and this is the key that's just simplify it yeah dumbed down my I I need that trust we all needed this is this is you know number crunching hit it can get. Had yet to won here. Twelve million dollar deal that said that just stop there now why are you hearing reports. That it now two years at 32 million well the way they did it was they added a second year. On to the deal and the reason they did it. What has spread out the salary cap charge over two years if you're the patriots so instead of having hit twelve million dollar salary cap charge for 2014. You know I'll have a seven million charge. For this year and then the patriots they're basically. Gonna assume debt money on next year's cap it's almost like a different because there's no way. -- that they will pick up the second year of the deal because. The numbers are astronomical. A 25. Million dollar cap hit for Darrelle Revis. No chance. The patriots know they won't pick it up Revis knows they won't pick it up so he's happy because he just wanted to protect itself. Against the franchise tag -- instead it went straight up one year deal they do it this way it benefits the team they can spread -- they captured it benefits read it. Insurance you get the free agency next year without the franchise tag me. By Mike is we talk about the side of the gate and the use this some sloppy was I was really just franchise and XT for 1440 got to the two years and and and you know everybody was -- called me because I want him for three you know I wanted to guy like this in town and and I think the window might be with Brady not just one year so. Where you with I'm excited times that's an active remarks that affect the Revis remember that during -- patriots next season I just want him longer. Hulu I'd I'd start with this. I think that that -- -- the patriots really wanted with the -- to -- and I really believe that might think they're happy with this this is a great contingency plans for them. I think going into this thing. They wanted to keep the lead and it just went to a level that they weren't comfortable wins so this is their fallback plan and it's a very good ones so. To stop on the one year deal and Obama come out of respect you can you've been in the club house. Which I haven't so I think he hit my thought on the one year two things number one there's a reason in the Revis wants it so we got to hear from him. Because I have to believe he could've gotten more money. Elsewhere so I want to we need to hear from him what his motivation for the one year because I think that's a big part of it. The second part of it is from the patriots perspective. -- do believe that they have a line of thinking that when you reward an outsider someone that has not come up through your system. With a contract like this. You're walking a fine line with the players that are -- in your locker room and I used Julian Edelman -- an example obviously not putting cattlemen. In -- in the same class of a read this but consider what he's going to right now. Has been with the team for five years. If fighting for what he believes is that fair contract. Now you bring in someone else that happened in -- and you make in the highest paid player disposition I think from the patriots standpoint. They can justify it on the one year deal if you extended out. You run the risk of that dynamic and you've been in a clubhouse loose I'd be curious if you think this has any merit. What was it like when you were in the sox' clubhouse -- -- stuff happen -- all baseball similar to football but I will tell you I do believe that's part of the team speaking. Well I I do think that appears -- his Revis then you know that if you of that caliber guy that's a pivotal bitch at Davis make in this comic in this we don't do -- David Ortiz does. But I think for one year what everyone he shows up in camp everyone knows that this -- there for one year it's a one year rental. Mean a staff that let's have fun with this guy for one year we don't always happen to be here next year it's it's like how much do you really. Diving that a player much really invest into the player knowing he's just they hired gun and it's only one year and then next year at this time we're talking bow window again. We're talking about go get another corner. We're talking about the same situation as you are right now. Guess I don't he would do it -- much different than what they did last year with Aqib -- when they brought him back on the one year deal and and I looked at that makes it. Okay -- they're not ready to make that long term commit with him last year they had worked with -- for half the season. Maybe wanted to get to a better comfort level before they need a big commitment. They have work with Regis we obviously know these -- very good football player but it but there is an unknown as to how he will fit. Into this dynamic in terms of their culture it would be the first time and I'm not saying it's gonna happen -- but there's been a lot of talented players that. It just doesn't work because it is different. He and -- different ways is different cultures different dynamic -- he grew up in the Rex Ryan culture couldn't be more different. And what the patriots culture is. I think the media -- is the one year deal gives you a chance to get that comfort level similar to what you had with the lead last year. And then I don't think that you can necessarily not revisited yes it they'll have that money on their cap. But what if you were to bring them back it's gonna be a big ticket anyway maybe they had -- -- and maybe they can make a long term agreement after the this year. Mike -- caller asked the questioner -- edited pages every year. Recollection had a deal like this where. You basically outside Nell -- an extension done their dead money already there minute that they're not gonna reach that. That number they're not gonna take 25 million dollars at the cap just not feasible. And is an offset by Aaron Hernandez is dead money coming off the cap next year. Have to think I don't have to think more about it but in terms to deals that they've done this I think more so than Hernandez the opposite. Is that teams are now projecting that the cap is gonna rise pretty considerably. The next couple years we just came off three or four year stretch. After that uncapped year. Where the cap was sphere -- Stagnant they called flat cap there if you will now. We're seeing that rise because we're seeing the effect of the new TV contracts so I think. That probably was a factor in the patriots being able have a little comfort level to take that charge and split up over two years but generally. It's not something they like to do. Bought seagate nice look cap relief this year which is important for this year more for they would a suitable almost in the Q what happens next here anyways but moving forward. Affected -- that is a sign right now is that saying that that that you know maybe the market isn't what he thought when he walked with the patriots offer. I I think it's fair Lou and the other point I would say is I I think it's a little bit of a tough spot for the patriots. Because if you're Julian -- you look at it and say why should I accept anything less. And what Danny Amendola got last year in the patriots made an aggressive play for Amendola. And -- was. Much better than him last season and it would it tells me is whatever the -- is that it's it's probably not at that level and so for them. And then I'm just projecting here. He's trying to see if that operate out there and I don't believe it is at this point now there's still a few moving parts of their keep an -- and the browns -- single rate in that area. Who might be looking for inside type receivers not that settlements necessarily just an inside guy. But that those opportunities don't materialize. I'm then I think it comes to a situation where can -- -- -- except hey this is the best I can do and I'll take it in New England to to keep playing with Tom Brady or. Is it more along the Wes Welker lines where he said. I know the patriots -- offering that. But you know what it's easier for me to accept the similar type deal. With a different team than the team that I just keeps five or six years Q and I feel like maybe I'm not being valued as much as I should be. We're talking in my Greece to BSP a boston.com it feels like at least initially on the wide receiver market like they pegged it right. I'm Eric deck of the one got -- -- to way to get a deal done circling back to Revis in the quarterback market. Do you believe that they knew all -- this was the opportunity you know and they missed on to leave in the franchise tag I made the comment that they missed. On the market base and how quickly the deal came together here with Revis in your opinion. That this thing was is behind the scenes getting worked on even before Ream it at 4 o'clock. I think that's probably may be given the patriots a little too much credit not because. Actors in this that we're completely. I would step Darrelle Revis is our fallback plan but there were 31 other teams out there were thirty other teams that -- called Tampa Bay and that yeah. Will give up a seventh round pick for Darrelle Revis and bullets -- contract. And if you're Tampa Bay you're gonna try to come to that team right I mean like think to have. Relied on this to happen I don't believe that that action that could that could have been the case. Because there were factors out of their control and the key was when -- he stepped up to trade to read it and read it then got cut. And was available on that I'm not that same contract that he had. That may be made the possibility that much greater into the -- probably when the wheels started -- in the motion. I receive free up some money obviously moving forward what's next -- -- in your opinion is it. Is it wide receivers that settlement is defense event as its safety when he got. I think it's cattlemen Lou -- and whether he's back or not you know I think if he's not then maybe they have to look at some of these other guys that they had these. They'd been connected to date had -- in the sell -- the Carolina Panthers then that they keep. Trying to determine whether to come here maybe go back to Carolina -- and have -- More of adept guy inside guy veteran from the Eagles Emanuel Sanders who has been signed yet he's visited. How -- the jaguars with the Buccaneers I think he would still be a possibility. -- I think the receiver spot is probably the next one the fault. And then just keep an eye on the cap situation in and probably gonna. Look at more that -- a mid level and then the draft of course is the other way to fill out there was the. Like last last month from east because the two drafts you know and looking at it like cap space for the draft that the patriots cap number was -- relic four point three look at the draft. That money counts against the cap that that they have to be that much lower underneath the cap. Little yet you only have to account for a look at -- that that's based. Until the rookies signed that deal I mean that that money doesn't come off the cap but basically you wanna have it available Crist. You wanna get those guys signed and work and I would be as soon as possible for you wanna make it even if they haven't signed the contract you -- -- assume that money is -- is is accounted for on the. And Mike last one for me your opinion does this contract with Revis witches in one year -- and team from the against the cap does it change your take it all about what the patriots do. Vince with Vince Wilfork more likely -- there for eleven more likely restructure the change anything in your mind. I think the question is probably more what has been fought for -- right now and and and how does -- feel about this situation. -- honestly I don't know I mean it he he cares about this deal does Vince Wilfork say you know what. This is that I I want another ring in Darrelle Revis protests that much closer I'm onboard with what with what you're proposing here whatever that is. I'm not sure that's the case it really comes down to really what he's feeling and at this time we don't know. He's by agrees habeas PM boston.com he's got the full details. The Revis contract everything else patriots all see like couple days -- now. We've picked things up Mike appreciate the time we'll talk to you soon. I thank -- have a great day.

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