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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, discusses the Darrelle Revis signing and the Celtics mediocrity

Mar 13, 2014|

Jackie MacMullan discusses the Revis signing and the frustration that is Jeff Green

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What's -- our Butler and ID 37 WEEI we continue to monitor the latest on -- to realm Revis contract get your thoughts. On Revis island in New -- -- what's next for the patriots and joining us on the ATP hotline a -- jacket on. Obvious PM boston.com Jackie how Rio and gentlemen we wanted to scale of one to ten years surprised that. Knowledge Belichick got Revis but got Revis on eight. Well -- I guess they won -- one year deal but it when -- twelve million dollar deal I'll sort of change but the fact that Belichick got his guide their organs -- Play at eight. I mean I was really surprised and it could hit it fell outside the patriot -- right it's a look at what they normally do. -- this kind of top dollar for a player outside their system and and you know. I'm sure people say rich -- determines the best quarterback in the game and that might be right. But when read this as healthy -- he's a year removed now from that knee injury. He's as good as anybody I've ever seen an account with a swagger the whole thing I mean listen it's brilliant what happened here. You meet you let Caylee go you'll end up with a better player. -- healthier player and a better contract. Mean if I just don't see it it is the Grand Slam homer. You're secular -- do you think Lester beau Vince right now at situation -- Like Tom Brady will you had that that beautiful letter Tom. About underwritten. -- Isa region we did his deal and then saw that nothing major kind of followed as far as Wilfork. Yet this this bomb of Revis who wouldn't make a little bit easier at least it's comic it's okay at least. I saw what happened with timely review many weapons at least now that bad it's up to my defense -- -- helped move that for a little bit. William and meet you discuss he would have been has got -- mean I don't think it should be surprised to Vince Wilfork. We also have known when it got to this point -- -- that there was some -- -- probably had begun came with Mankins. And like I think he's willing to do it. And I don't think he should look at that as an affront as you just pointed out the best player in the history of the franchise system that. And I'm not mistaken. Mean priest and -- more than one. So I would like to think that cooler heads you can prevail there. It's that we take somebody calls yesterday for people. Talking about that in -- that you guys are crazy we we may be and sports talk radio Jackie a little bit nuts yesterday. With with the patriots lack of moves and a lot of bands a lot of fans that I got to let telecheck Justin Belichick trust -- stormed overspend able. I we'd all agree that this is such a different thing that your patriot fans who believed don't spend a lot now. Are they sort of a catch -- -- is now built -- spent a lot but he spent on the best guy available. Well and I think to be at least to me it was a signal of everything that we -- insane. The windows getting small -- I mean it's just the fact. And to meet this cement that fact that they understand that as well now they still have to either -- kind gentleman. Or get. I think two receivers -- and somebody else they still need to do that and then now you know it is since restructures Logan restructures which we seem to think. It is a good chance of both of those things could occur. -- you have some money and you know it's not going to be Eric Decker well my goodness which are probably important Eric Decker differently now than winning that's for sure. And my my daughter would tell me that it gets to places in the country singer and him not I'm not up a much pop culture so I guess that's what that will -- If she sings country music and also if she when she was. There's a there's a photo shoot of them she was pregnant and there they're not very many close. During the photo shoot so basically they they don't they'll by the spotlight Jacqui hello. There are a good spot for them and the totality that he was and is concerned about -- -- -- that they don't even have a quarterback for what receiver worth -- -- -- of a team where there's the quarterback is that uncertain and that. You know that but -- -- was silly but there's many people out and I'm not expecting the patriots signed Steve Smith in the next hour. But it would be nice to take out somebody else in there and I mean I still think -- important. Yeah we always have -- of people I think nationally and look at some articles say now the the patriots. Are the favorites and I think that's a little strong right now because one guy. Still put Denver number one. The light of -- -- -- a number on the AFC Nancy okay. Well I don't know I don't know I. Think I guess self because they shored up their defense has been made a lot of big sign just in Munich. Talk about the window's closing they're pretty sure there wind it's gonna slam down on their fingers right so they went for at all. In one -- -- -- it -- ticket player. I think the markets where they they made some nice moves there let's wait and see with the tickets to see the way I would look at it is. If you get Wilfork back to see if he's healthy is last year I mean you know I don't know maybe you never can be he he even brought those questions. Polite himself in some interviews he did. But you're gonna get mail back so if you take last year patriots team in Denver's team from last year which you add back in -- -- And will work that's like. Two incredible free agent -- if you wanna look at it that way. Jack you talk to players more than we get a chance to and I'm curious do you believe that there is. For players the go to what team because they have a chance to win oh Taba Revis earlier like that Europe -- freeagent now -- have a lot of money spent and yelled he's still they still these needs defense. Wide receiver eccentric. Duke players look at -- of the best quarterback one of the best quarterback for the -- coach won best quarterbacks I have a chance to win a ominous sign there because I have my chance to win do you think that's still exists in sports. I do I do I think I think it's Wes Welker to some degree did that last year. The community you would -- to come back and legal entity would have had a chance to win there too but then when he looked around where he picked to go pick to go to Denver. You know there are always exceptions to the -- I think Eric Decker is one of them I think when annual left the patriots. He went to the money and I know that you can -- these young guys. Especially in the NFL or the average with the average eight. Dinners for an adamant that other one right you don't blame an omen now at all. I don't blame you know I don't we don't blame any of them when you're free -- it means you're free to make a choice that's best for you and your family. And a and it's hard for me to begrudge any of them when they do that any more than -- -- Ray Allen and I know his name is Mike you're still in this town -- many people he did what he thought. -- -- for him in his legacy and guess what. He's -- if they can bring down multiple -- not just one like KG and Paul so people make choices for different reasons. No jacket a game on -- -- over the Celtics record that game last night with the knicks would it was. Just another kind of like -- day in the life of of Jeff Green kind of been a fan of him right amicus is he looked so good -- for a while trying to take over the game and then disappearing act and it's this kind of what he has. Well the -- you know you're right that mitigate that with more disappointing to me was the game in Indiana the night before because remember what he did two things that pacers. On celtics' floor the last time they met ten days earlier. He was -- and you would get -- at his best shooting threes drive into the hole. Rebounding the ball he was just fantastic. And in the pregame when Michael and I were talking about it. I said you know that was great but let's -- he can do it here now in one of the toughest places to play in the league -- down the former Canseco fieldhouse. And if you don't think he missed his first seven shots of the game in decades. So if he does come and go we're going to be talking about forever until he finally does believe for real. And it's why I'm sure the Celtics don't feel like they can rebuild around him work. And much -- third or fourth option and he was very very you know I thought he did the job last year when he was next KG and and Paul and for a brief time Rhonda before he went down. We're gonna say about Jackie. Fighting Huntington's disease once again in which he's involved with this weekend watching guys to get bald. I'm gonna follow up on -- Indiana point you do in the game with Mike. I don't know maybe it was issued told but it seemed to me you were unimpressed Jackie. With the effort the Indiana Pacers do you -- at the end -- -- do you view them any differently now as a contender in -- peace after what you saw up close and personal on the other night. I do but enough that you it's not that it can media can be rectified there's something wrong with technique. There's something wrong with them and I talked to Larry Bird and Donnie Walsh for a long time before the game I talked to -- all the furlong time after the game frank feels like it's gonna sort itself out. But there's something wrong with Paul George let's start there and I don't know what it is he's young guys. There was a little bit of a hint around the team that maybe he's got some personal issues committee dealing with I don't know what those are. That he not locked in the way he was before he is a terrific young player. And you know what detected during the broadcast to ten at one point he dropped in from the sky you think -- he's just another player and you know he's better than that the company that there. -- -- is really. Come back down to urge to -- is a little too soft he's got to get a little more aggressive. Maybe Bynum is gonna push him to that degree Bynum was just fantastic in the game. He can give them ten to fifteen minutes and I like that. Going forward. They've got you know real formidable Frontline they -- because. Remember with Bynum was never a question of scale it's a question of health and attitude never get accused of super counted at the championship ring to prove it. Behind the scenes they're Jackie is David West the leader he looks like he is on the floor for the pacers. -- behind the scenes and on the floor he's their Kevin Garnett there's no question about he's the heart of their defense the heart and soul of that team he gets -- everybody say he gets Kamal going. He brings them an edge and they need added during now because they've lost they've lost you know what that early in the year when it came out they were coming out and punching people in the mouth with their defense. Another not another on their heels waiting for teams because they did you look at their losing streak and even a win over the Celtics. The fall behind early in every game great teams don't do that. So I think there's some concern I'm not saying it. Direct hit on let's say they can't turn it around and we've seen teams company -- accept the the heat -- slump and a little bit Oklahoma slumping a little bit getting his and he you know this is that the how delicate chemistry of the team -- CJ Watson Watson has been out their backup point guard the pacers for awhile now. And that the Metallica big deal recycle -- Vietnam and hurt them but it just affects everybody else's role on the team -- the -- that the team. And and I think Evan -- been worked out well and I thought that was a good pick up some not ready to throw in the towel on them yet but -- the -- that I got in there with the united. Jacqui you are part of say the hoop with on again this weekend tell people what you're going to be doing on Sunday -- tell how they can help. Sure yes we're going to be at Lexington high school on Sunday from eleven to about 230. The issue free throws for five minutes if it doesn't sound like much but let me promise you. Some people make the mistake of coming in street clothes and that is where it's straight through those three and knowing that our children -- -- to fall off. But we shoot free throws for five minutes isn't -- and we get as many as we can and we look for sponsors to help with the Huntington's disease have been I've been involved with. Gosh I think it's been about thirty years now for me and it just sort of most devastating disease have ever been around guys it's a neurological disorder. That there -- mind. They can't by the end they have trouble walking talking eating it's just. Devastated wiped out entire family. People that have Huntington's have a 50% chance to practice on to their kids. They've isolated the -- We just need a cure for this thing and it has not well known they don't have the research funds that some of the other more prominent Tutsis in our world has. And so it's near and dear to me I've watched a lot of him except for the student -- Will be there at Lexington on Sunday rounds I think my -- -- will be there two free throws -- -- find a cure for this. Well you can't be -- -- the next best thing which is -- donate to Jackie's cost you as a goal we're gonna help reach that goal it's it's a lengthy URL. Odd to donate lengthy web sites doesn't make it very simple. If you're on Twitter you can check might page out at -- WEEI or just the basic. At WEEI page there's a link right they'll take you right to -- page. As part of the -- with -- and -- a big green donate button you guys are on Twitter elicited Jackie. On it help her out help out a great cause at Mott WEEI. -- WEEI click the link and donate. All part of this a great who put on this weekend and a couple weeks -- if I CN headline event called talking smack with Jackie -- on March 27 Jackie. Yup we're into that Cambridge that -- for Huntington's disease so people come and ask me questions or make economy or do whatever they like I'm out there that -- consumption and and even if you don't like me you shouldn't one like the honey -- to -- and hard work that they -- Bad news Jackie nobody doesn't like you all that's not true but we'll do we'll talk about that and audit. -- be the next time on -- but WEEI at WEE on Twitter click the link and donate Jacqui thank you so much look forward to. I you have -- a great event this week -- talk to next week I can't have a great week -- -- Jackie Mullen is joining us when Jackie -- show you guys know that she's occupier friends. I Toyota Nashua and by commonwealth mortgage and -- get a chance to donate we appreciate that if you get re tweet it could be big help we can help -- raise as much money as possible.

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