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The Pats land Revis

Mar 13, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the Patriots signing of Darrelle Revis late last night, Belichick wins again.

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Be careful that the skating rink out there are right that's enough of that. I have a homework assignment for all of grab your calendar go to your desk get a red pencil and circle Wednesday. March 12 in red letters. It was a perfect. Absolutely. Perfect works day in Boston. The bees. Kicked the crap out of the Canadians. The next kick the crap out. Out of the Celtics which is exactly we're looking for. -- what Bill Belichick and the patriots kicked the crap out of all the pitchers and motors yesterday. I -- included. With a brilliant football and financial move to acquire some real estate named Revis island take abolished -- Perot would say -- Forget -- and measles or complaint goes contrary he has got a clue -- others at that every that's always fun I can't think that things went wrong again there now I didn't say a car sports day I totally march 12 a a cricket ground. Pick another -- and the economic. Whose next should have known this little weasel turned and -- spent about an hour's plotting. Planning. But looking for loopholes and Agassi. Talk. -- could be me I think of talking about that. -- -- Our Red Sox I don't know that they wind up a great question or the decision to ultimately mice like nineteen thanks to pay attention to yesterday in the Red Sox. Like. A perfect -- would you agree yes -- day Sherwood you know again I think it's. I still say though the arrogance of Belichick to wait 28 hours before doing out -- that. Plea in this honest to god I mean we were in such desperate. Rows of panic yesterday. He said -- trade for him the problem more than sixteen. Bill somehow someway get -- April want here for twelve million dollars very strange that that is that is right or is rate it is are absolutely what ultimately. And would you do you know I take my hat off to them I mean. I do think though that hit the panic rose was warranted because no one saw this come I still don't understand either dual passions and -- today it's understandable yeah. Because we've we've talked about with a reverse company year and hand to whose credits that yes. But for his earliest and no chance -- they wouldn't like they wouldn't give my first I don't Arthur -- they cut him he takes a pay cut. Which is so we were told they wouldn't do it takes a one year deal. Come and play for the guy he called ginger which means he'll play his ass -- that's what I according to and it means is our second -- And maybe you're reading some I am -- yet. There is no agreement not to franchisers say global -- -- -- tweeted that that's the case that they could -- so there is no agreements I saw the that the agent kept tweeting it's not done yet last night on re tweeted Jon Geiger. And said hold on hold your horses it's not done yet so even as some call them bad. It's like. And thirties and Geiger told. Got everybody -- he was went right there for me to go he doesn't like going evidently. But John Geiger says hold your horses it's not done yet epic and you know my conspiracy theory is he's not gonna let the franchise next year this is a one you do is strictly a one year deal. And he thinks you know kept going up again next year this market is easily going to be thirty. He'll take a chance and that's fine I would have been OK with that -- as far as I can tell. He they can't franchise gap next -- -- and it would be amazing if the sellers kind of stay the same. -- -- a franchise him and -- his way that's true. It'll go up but it they can franchise him. And normally when you're French as ago like of the -- to Talib. In the galleries -- Wes Welker company is a huge raise Wes Welker got a huge rays which has stopped Belichick biggest franchise him. And not -- at all. Right. Bush probably not mean it might. And average out average of sixteen down evident how and until you could tell us that unity clues that point oh great vehicle would include them but the she wanted Davis is going. Like much six X sixteen is gone -- Michael if he plays well. -- -- -- -- -- Check has no problem that seemed to follow the red wing diner right. There it's going to be an issue. And -- -- will have plenty of water. As will next year talk about this because. He's. He's gonna hold. Or at least Callahan crops -- make sure -- -- -- accident that got stuff. Threatening that's true. I. Threatening it was your first question is who does -- and in his cross is now. Its first year then than to leave. That's right. By the way speaking of we we digress very far did you -- Jeremy. -- Omnia -- -- access. To the background I took like thirty minutes. Such a shortage she's she's she's the army guys you keeper via the minute and you should keeper are always critics. A back. Stick to those food concession stand statements Dickerson used to do a mock and ridicule on new. Sausage thing legal seafood that's true yeah Burt throws it was -- But here's here's a job my job to you just -- -- -- -- or else -- and I'm not gonna knock it hard for me it is it's far from the gloat. For five days after missing. The chance the world allows I wasn't a minute. Mean there was talk about it. -- But it. I need some help me out here and you appropriateness of the gaga Chica and tolerant than a minute we get the stack Briscoe. And Steve Serbian roots meaning every column everything everything you want yeah. -- says that yes. Everything -- right here and we give every week here this morning on Revis on this deal. Can someone help me -- and and and shall meet the downside I see is someone I mean. I think and I was knocked him Belichick as much as anyone. But I think it's one of the most of the movies that remain. About why the even my Greece. Agreed yesterday. They've misread the market. You you weren't alone that it uncritically might they could franchise to -- maybe he would have been happy but when one year eleven bucks when you look at all. Court deals the sand shields but they Davis. Read crime to -- vehicle he looked almost as you said. But a -- one year places as soft if he had a bad which says he does the right. That you had been covered for that -- I said clearly they thought the the the market was -- explode like that clearly Belichick was not. Pressure here he was not paying attention he was. Off Chatham -- seventies right. Could have been more wrong he was. Steps ahead of everybody -- he and we we talked to it was against extra. Tip about the relationship between -- light and Belichick. Was a former. Scout out scouting director for the patriots now that GM and it's not clear now does it seem it's as if Belichick had the pipeline Chia has gone like still there. And somehow either he tucked the Revis is agent talked to liked or talk to Revis. And knew that this was gonna. Happened before he let the league Oakland. I just I -- it actually feels that that is why so I think guys like chapter. And guys o'clock and four into about this a couple of days before the patriots of the favorites -- you want Segovia knew -- he's okay but here's what I asked Dina and I agree on this. If it gets at least not -- if they don't acquired mini trade. He's a free agent right. Bidding war begins. They never win bidding wars they knew what what what happened to the bidding war you guys help me out and everything still -- -- -- -- -- -- in the bud before it ever. Up pops -- -- well as I read this loves money was not what we ever heard this was from broad boards said it will not take a -- -- He will not pick a penny less is Thai laws friend they're both from -- equipment that ball lockdown corners the ball real proud guys who want to get paid every nickel. -- -- Guy doesn't it's it's wrong -- is certainly wrong. I mean obviously twelve box well it's of that but we saw that guy on hard knocks but we didn't see him actually -- he was he was holding out. We saw holed out twice we saw him about a year after he got the -- amenities and do that to a guy. Who's you know a lot of money says you know I wanna assume it's a great question in of all the things we read someone made this point is he was great last year. And no one noticed right. Don't know I mean -- -- -- kind of anonymous role anyway when you're a corner and you greatly chairman or law or. They go away from you. When they go away from you and you in Tampa. Like for a Ford twelve team no one even though Jones always exists a lot. Passes defended and just two interceptions and 2000 and if you do that sounds like horse crap numbers. No no they not Gabriel's vital right now or will get -- we do have a pro football focus numbers. It's a amid the kind of walkie UBS won't. It has to do yes. Yards allowed in the NFL. Get to -- agreements wanna make this point and and asked this question again. He changed as league is a personality. Because the one thing we all agree on some people thought it was coming here. Some didn't. Well agreed to -- it wasn't gonna come cheap maybe you can't change it should pat myself on the back for asking extra -- debate time with the following question. Do you think Revis is tired of losing right and he said yeah I really think he has it's a good question that's a good answer because. Beaten Revis is not nearly as much fun in Tampa as it is in knowing enough and meetings with the jets that were good they were great but he was in the spotlight he likes that. He is -- what you know I think you know who made this deal happened I think who made this deal possible. Picture him. Chairman became everybody's. Just. Presumed to. Best corner in the game right right and Revis was -- wherever the hell is in Pennsylvania and Florida -- where obvious on the island it. In the Caribbean and hey hey hey what about me right you forget about -- point eight. I'm 28 and I didn't give up like I -- led the league in just to -- once that passes -- I mean yards out. He was on the top of his game and mean -- you guys that -- in the NFL right you know go go go amendment which help here I always planned as you know we was. As good or better than any corner in the game including picture he'd rather than when the patriots played them this year so -- Sherman was the biggest star in the NFL this winter right right this January February right the biggest star in the NFL great. In the end was Richard -- yeah I mean I'd say bigger star than. And the the Wilson or you name who was a bigger than me obviously on -- ducks know. In the NFL landing in putting all policy end right in the end. Who was the biggest as the is the NFL left the stage. Who we -- Sherman was the voice in the post season Tuesday but Gonzales also played his assets now he -- he's definitely the guy and Revis was in anonymity. So that were right now because that would target he was mired in anonymity in Tampa and I don't know which god do this or anybody Belichick knew Belichick knew he wasn't enjoying. This anonymous life -- campus at you know one -- come play for us and the one you're twelve million as which to me any points on the new York daily and I mean ESP in New York. They couldn't New York the jets it's it is a salary cap. -- in a one year twelve million right if it were a multi year deal with a big bonus they couldn't -- I don't Bill Belichick is all about football and trying to figure out ways to scheme and plot and and and make this team better and try to win. Thirteen 1214. Games and get the policies but imagine this picture Bill Belichick last night I have no idea. At what time his head hit the -- But when he put his head on the pillow last night and he -- -- -- based on -- got. Yesterday. You think once crossed his mind because I do the John Elway is out in Denver. -- that he stock with a key to leave at eleven million dollars and Rex Ryan's lap band probably just snapped in New York. Why don't football first but he had to go to -- again. John -- why this out of. Lie yet this may taste this makes the league contract look even worse oh yeah image yeah just does because we tonight's player but he's. Even -- readers what was the health and that Revis a much better but the stale the yeah much better means even right that's not even close Belichick took is that what's funny is you know a budget your -- have talked about -- Jets were terrified that Revis was on -- -- trade. And and get them away at a I would note that -- literally say geno Smith. Is gonna have much harder time -- -- improvement at twice the because he has -- to -- that twice a year in the biggest regular season game they got. He's going to be looking at Revis on the right side and he's not gonna go right it just makes geno Smith's EJ -- slight -- -- ten -- like much tougher. I would respectfully suggest that everybody out go to the New York Post website and read Steve Serb all the stuff from reading Peter -- Dan Wetzel. It's Serb beat hits it right on the head and it's in its it's it's a nice analogy here the -- is the last thing the jets wanted. Is the nightmare scenario that unfolded swiftly Wednesday night. The great white shark. Working off the free agent waters in New England the bloodthirsty Bill Belichick himself. Is unblinking. Remorse -- eyes set on sinking his jaws into Doral Revis. A reported one your twelve million dollar deal. As wise as Johnson and general manager John it's -- work not to be reduced sixty million a year ago as why it's as they award to send him out of the conference a year ago. The best laid plans backfire now that the great white. Was successful in landing Revis and then this it is every bit the equivalent. Of Curtis Martin. All the patriot bolting the patriots with a Bill Parcells -- man -- York. Dot killer yes it's it's -- that Kurtz Martin. Because this patriots team could really went to the jets and -- championship game. Why don't think either I don't think it's -- -- to Iowa they did OK yeah they got a first round pick. Anyway fourth for a -- our running back person shut down corner where this the other. Right that's a good point and I well forever that this is the second most important position on the people -- that. Just got a guy who is the best to what he does. And it is as important as any position other than quarterback correct he is rich -- -- the ESP and mr. affirm reaffirm witness with Serbia said. ESP in New York he says. It is surely a nightmare -- jets Neeson nation seeing one of the best players in team history. Join forces with the evil empire to the northeast. It was a brilliant move by patriots coach Bill Belichick stalling -- -- -- But not so outrageous contract one of the top corners in the NFL a move that has jet fans asking why didn't we sign them. It's to me rights don't beat yourself -- jets it was never gonna happen not ever. -- never wanted to turn to the jets and it was always the patriots. He started thinking about the patriots a year ago. When his bitter divorce from the jets became imminent it took me a year to reach his desired destination. -- one miserable but profitable season Tampa. But he's in the position now to haunt the jets collect a bunch of money and may be reached the Super Bowl. So corner roots -- mean this was always planned. Belichick knew it you're right lack of for a chapter obviously. They had to hear whispers even though Belichick's not drop a -- to they had to hear whispers that this was in the works. And I guess the -- of the you know in the real mistake I made. Thinking that Belichick misread the market -- the -- spot -- Lee wasn't gonna get that kind of money and he thought he could get -- cheaper than eleven million. And -- thought franchising him was stupid. It it you know. That was ridiculous is anybody lusting after a key to leave this morning. Eleven million bucks now no Mexicans he's got to play well for dental health -- -- is a different -- there's always a result. -- do this why not idea I think we -- as tickets whether or Schiavo or like or Revis Revis is agent some jets. You know and amongst membership or something comes around that's the other thing you think there's -- -- teller he's got a lot he's good you know Fred -- the channels film. We watch every played in the system hasn't lost a step right. And that's you know it's -- now -- feel like they're just if they get one pass rusher. Had one pass rush defense on it's on their last count their money crafts it is it. She's not as well downgrading its jet jet crashed produce another movie for Ricky claimant. Rookie of the politically tricky layup -- -- Ricky delusion number that's what it is estimated that fear that if you're patriots and the sport I think you have to be exceptionally. I think yet to be. Really enthusiastic actions at that right yes it bothering me I don't I ominous Italy does know it'll help unmask this we -- -- lock and four count on Matt Light we got four I was -- callers. I want someone explain to -- the downside why this isn't the most brilliant move ever -- Belichick missed you for using historic -- -- it's I'm honestly oh well it was anyone offer so I wasn't surprised they got and we contemplated that yes I did a good -- -- -- way how that how it kind of that comes I think they got about one year a lot when you're deals. That they can always French as the next -- so the got -- for at least two years. And where guests and Brady has again IP a problem my audience of those it to take hostages -- positions in football and -- -- for the 23 asked that's positions in the NFL for the next two years pretty good read this would be. Two years. When he form. Which -- -- which he's -- -- the network is actually. 6177. Point 7937. Jason -- and forest CBS sports Matt Light. Will join us in studio at 8 o'clock in our favorite bunny guest Jay -- at 9 o'clock. Oracle's next -- I -- hold. Yourself back.

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