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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Big Money Edition - 3/12/14

Mar 12, 2014|

In honor of Aqib's big contract with the Broncos, we tackle four questions about the BIG MONEY

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-- -- now word excel can totally swollen painful rate Fuller report or ball for the. -- -- -- Well we've solved it finally got on Sports Radio WDE. I do agree about. Seeing this thing. Now we're talking -- great. Is about money today it athletes in their money what is Andy fine. First song off power windows out. That's a lot of keyboard and. -- -- brought you by see beyond your technology ally get this is to manage. Why not let's see beyond manager technology and by integrity windows and doors. -- -- -- -- It is getting sick. Athletes and their big money they would -- them. Athletes in the stupid way they spend their money. In honor of Shaquille O'Neal reportedly spending a thousand dollars a week on apps for his phone. The question is what is the dumbest -- -- blew his money. -- and you probably have -- I think you're aware -- than I ever examples that blew his money. Cable I think this part of the stupidest thing you're McCann -- Now I didn't -- it got taken out politics bars and strip clubs you know the stupidest thing you can do as an athlete. -- -- -- -- and -- he's been I have not been up a couple of QB you can dump that it. That's I think that's OK I don't think -- and and all the time allowed I'm sorry. Think that wasn't yeah. It's gonna -- sides and -- I am government Peter Parker. Arafat. An amateur but now we're. Cars. As they cars and out of -- in particular but the dumbest thing you can do as an athlete. Is waste your money on a brand new car off the line. Dumbest thing ever seeing guys do -- the parties to depreciate if somebody were hooked up right now and athletes and why it different group we have the car deal. I don't -- problem -- have been around that long yeah our right -- there's something about walking in to a dealership. Knowing that. You don't have to bargain used to run out there with an most of rookies do this because. They don't have that ability to get a brand new car. First thing they want is look at the brand new caught not used car it's a brand new good ones driving brand new cars on the college. They were terrific program and he went to the SEC you're driving a nice yeah right you guys remember that thirty for thirty broke. Yes yes there's a plan I don't remember who cynical play he just got his injury settlement for 65000 dollars drove past the Hummer dealership. Lot of -- of public safety grant and -- money is ever gonna make union I think that's what it is it is. The story I remember here but if you force -- with -- patriots is that. Guys who who make huge signing bonuses as rookies and then them and the have a take albums to pay there taxes right here. -- that are running former second round patriot wide receiver he didn't work. To have a huge signing bonuses right here as in the old version of the draft yet and it does take a loan that you're pays taxes. Took out a loan to pay if I viewed it differently it pays taxes used up all the money had to take a long time tax. Well -- -- -- But still I think the dumbest story can think of as the one we just heard a couple of weeks ago. Go to that I wanted to show it on aghast that this about the way your particular your business sometimes you get a deal on top of the other held on the professional manner and make sure you do that you. But he worked on it when I wasn't you know we pentagon there. What is it then. -- got -- a couple of buying African Lambert TV and that beating the thing with a back. Anything you've got to donated to charity after being nothing else. Psychopath. Actor kicked it to be buying a duck boat and Mike Tyson's tigers. And it pigeons to right. -- oust its director of correcting things active -- amount. Not per week that if no progress. And it's probably non argument -- -- -- -- purchases that people wisdom in farm bill. Michael wanted them did jamarcus Russell's been who. But can that be the incidents though it was like thousands thousands of dollars into markets also called in and out burger. -- aren't that bad. Chris Bosh has the most expensive house in the NBA and the third most expensive house in the -- enable players will -- he broke within five years of his retirement -- Knowledge is he he's made too much money and he's not I don't pass from there are no ways I know his game we talk about if you wouldn't have -- -- said. It was early on wanted to correct that Dexter it is thousand dollars. 6000 dollars okay. So. I would give final rule a lot of times in residential. Ever racial attacks on -- -- pitcher. Not always accurate but younger we're talking about Chris Bosh and you think he's a great player on a bad team but just okay. But I'll say this about it's a Smart guy. So I'd be very surprised. Even though he loves his houses. He loves is an expensive house to be very surprised he's one of these guys disposals motto we gonna. I don't know -- -- -- now and a couple of things that'll that'll that'll. -- milked you dry. Those mortgages. Because those payments have you had those expensive homes characters aren't 3000 bucks a gas tax at any forget about the taxes so. That old -- that. You know it's got to be in the 101000 Michigan he's out although the problem with the cars is that they -- and she I mean maybe not the gazillion dollar huge huge homes. But at least you get something back from Carly is never gonna give it a bad back for home where it's actually it's so. Him doubt it so personalized or not all these things that most people that I don't want a bowling Alley in my house. I don't want three pool I don't know if you so it's another how we don't yet facility whoever else what was it that drew let's whistles on particularly. Yeah the chip that basically it Candace lost chilling -- at the -- measles. Loaded or was he built that he built from scratch their yard that those guys brokerage. Andrews do while. Chilling -- recovered could be delusional like Dwyane Wade and trying to sort. Your car for 200000 mark just his -- bite him when he while I guess some people go for that but that most people want and -- what are the athletes who have. I'm sure you've come across the -- to a bowling Alley in the house or. The theater room all the stuff they use that stuff regularly or is it just. Nice to say hey I've got two or three holes in my house right now this rumor that we think these guys are actually using these things that they have. Real quick just gonna jumping your just read off on TV they're Jared Allen according to Adam chapter right now in talks with the bears and Seahawks and so for all you people who were fired up and upset that the pitchers aren't doing enough Jared -- on your list right now talking to the bears embassy. Victory. Contracts to players have been skyrocketing for the past few years so who's most overpaid player in all of sports. -- Do -- after the we may be saying -- drums and you know a few years. You think so any baseball player but I don't know that we're going to be but within five years. He's 36 or whatever he is we're talking about province and there's the chance. I talk about -- I'm telling you. We talk about this I loved his quote last week -- about -- you know you talk about hey. There -- stars besides huge contract. A couple of other hitters I don't know if they. -- to left handed it to pick up some some right handed hitters in. Clothes. -- all the money. Good luck finding some more hitters -- I've taken money that we need some help. Who's the most overpaid athlete man. Couple years ago it was. Carlos Silva was way up on that list about Crawford current crop -- Robert -- analysts and pools. Have a Josh Hamilton. Now yeah yeah because they can boatloads of money you want him when your team he's cancer. -- jerk. He's terrible defensive player. But a lot of them in this with the list goes on all pro baseball players wallets because they make some of the money about -- seem to be a problem but how. Couple of other Brazilian it and -- it NBA players. Every NBA player gets passed around at the end of -- you know the end of his contract for four years I -- one of last night -- John Andrew Bynum. We've heard the Celtics last Friday made its debut with the pacers -- -- -- poisons but you know what they can figure out what to figure out. How to use this that they gossiping is just go to BK do capsized in the paint the web -- there. Picture on -- of what has just come back here he is such a scumbag. No -- don't. Players going broke after their career has become all too commonly leads many big names have gone broke that is surprising like Antoine Walker -- in over a hundred million dollars. I don't know it just in 901000. Over nine months. None of us believe that which player was the most surprising to find out they were broken after their playing career. See. You know I don't know this one as I know there's some truth to that seem obvious but as the money is an all time mark for now with a guy. Interplay with mark I mean he's. Always successful made a lot of money you Saudi had a you know had a bunch -- was water -- And a that he owned it was in partnership with a couple other like real estate deals I guess that one bad news file bankruptcy so that's about as bad as it gets. -- him was -- -- brought the biggest surprise it wasn't divorce and having marital issues more than a gambler. There was pretty aggressive when he came due to investments. But recently a senior guy hey I don't like point five you know fast blue jays a comment you must bring -- -- Applaud you know maybe five whom are great but beyond the other fifteen sock so they'll have fifteen of drag down the father successful. I mean you throw on a bunch of -- on the whole crash of of the mark did and then the real estate deals going bad not worth the money you paid for a then dad there's a recipe for disaster so that's that's that's the only one I can think of. I guess I just don't really find -- shocked many -- goes broke and I think about sort of the big examples -- I was -- one you just mentioned the vertical is our group or what you gonna show off our right fortunately. There you go back when you think about it analysts yes it's surprising. When you go when you go back now it's decade. It's something we talked about while obviously there was the Rhode Island situation. That we all know about but -- if you if you can go back in time of the bit. Think Brock Curt Schilling with the Red Sox. And he always got to me always came off as they. Really engaging. Bright guy. And think that he would -- so much money. Lose a little money yes. -- that surprised getting have to go one. The list here does this put it broke athletes should look back I would have broke athletes. And I'm going over the list. CEO. Warren -- Kenny Anderson and Evander Holyfield Mark -- A tennis player go broke a few years ago. Deuce McAllister -- fingers. And I know about -- figures. Many not many surprising people on the list.

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