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Aqib Talib is introduced in Denver: Audio, plus response and reaction

Mar 12, 2014|

We listen in as Aqib joins the Broncos, and react to it as well.

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Architecture calls are a few minutes Christian Fauria is here in the meantime Aqib Talib is the newest member one of the newest members of the Denver Broncos he is meeting with the media right now. Sent -- to Denver to join in progress. Again it's a pleasure to. In -- next next acquisition from the New England Patriots that Hugh we know how we know. How much we hated playing against him so we are thrilled. He's come to that that brought tremendous player tough. Great cover guy -- -- Gannett really add to -- secondary. And the toughest or secondary so we could be more real. To have achieved in Denver and us with that said though in addition to -- seem to -- How you doing. Thanks. An opportunity would be -- Opportunity to play for a great organization. And I'm just excited that puts it up soon. Had a chance to talk to Wes Welker put it. And that's it that's it that's it I'm sure -- what's different in my. I watched the plant thousands -- about the problems he didn't do it on purpose. Don just mentions toughness to the secondary when you look at the signings you TJ weren't. The markets where what changes do you think the how specifically do you bring toughness to the defense. I mean I think we got I got some kind of play with that attitude on the field. And majority. The coast protect every -- you have a great game plan fullest to does it isn't and then as -- go to work. But she doesn't Ewing Chris Harris go back appears to teach you how excited are you. To beat playing with him again and how much he told you about what to expect here in Denver. I tell me just like gaming overview and like the area to view -- -- Close foxy and stuff like that and I'm I am really excited -- get it has played with him again night coming off that injury. He's doing real good -- you know I've seen a candidate and and does that afford -- in the contested to play opposite opposite in the game. Click the key congratulations home publics of the role that patent -- play in this I mean knowing what he's accomplished last year and wonder nobody advocates verbal that -- helper when one next year. That is. Paying his a great quarterback -- had a the opportunity to be on the -- of -- a couple of times last year and -- the opportunity to play with him that -- -- -- -- defense. Coast -- man it was. It was a surprise to me and it was it was a definitely surprised me ma'am and I'm just excited and I can't -- -- -- work. I keep. The Broncos country got to see you play against a marriage so notably in that first game he described paint the picture of your battle to -- Thomas. Cornerback receiver. Is there is is definitely a battle man he he's one of the top to leave when those big fast prototype receivers in NFL right now he's wanted to top. I don't know as Grasso. Positive it just makes it better any training camp man that I don't have to watch tape and prepare for. -- -- keep. Window you agree either deal ward was already in the fold it agreed to his deal when you're negotiating you and your agent. Did John make you aware that they were also theory intercity. In now where. No noted kind of distance. Focused on me you know and it showed how much that they wanted me here so that -- the biggest part is one of those where where I was warning you know ruff ruff felt worn it. Well I felt like the gas war enemies of that's kind of -- make his decision. Keep up here. Can you take us through. How are you rehabilitate the injury you suffered in the AFC playoff game. And also discuss a little bit that your past injuries with I believe was your hip. And is that a concern going for pre your do you feel like the 28 you're still in the prime of your career physical. Asked if that's what I -- of the -- and was pinned them back flips and stuff like this out tonight I'm pretty good shape and -- -- extensive it was just. A deep ball Bruce it's it's -- swallowed up but I but it was. Note no damage really was just and really deep rules ought to had to know dude I is imminent in my motion back and things like that so is is. Rectify that in that working out expecting far. -- with -- does with the position that you play you're replacing a guy that spent ten years here -- and caliber player and Champ Bailey does that. Motivate you at all to continue his legacy of the cornerback position. I I'd definitely look up champ but grew. And I'm Champ Bailey innocent act grew up sand so to get a chance they'd come in after a man I'm just do my best and let my parts you know. Not make the drop off to -- It's. Going back farther history there's a great quarterback quarterback here named Louis right. You know who he isn't you do you are you where you're dead ringer for earlier right speaking -- beat quest. You look at those of us with roots here the -- guy's a senior thinking years you've looked just like -- Iraq. Outside out of out of even a bit and maybe I need to meet -- EA yet in the does its it's like seem to me that. Achieve -- Denver you have a lot of different options when you look at this organization what attracted you to come here. I need my agent my brother played a big parties right. Number one you know it's our -- smile to my dad passed last year that our Brothers like the number one guy in my life so. We kind of just that that the best package you know. I do have a family I have key -- at the life that I got to take care. And as Peyton Manning -- isn't listed the total packets. -- was that was the best place. I keep what you know about the wide receivers that -- face in the AFC west have you thought about it. You know the potential matchups against Dwayne -- working and calendar whoever the raiders -- Definitely when. Had idea that -- endeavor I definitely went noted that Ecstasy risen -- scene matches but. -- -- his bubble Floyd never got a chance Vegas -- and so I'm a little -- manna from. And a little fortunate to work in and get started. Are they go that's Aqib -- meet with the media in Denver apparently looks like someone named -- Wright didn't -- Ryan doesn't congratulations. Catalog the midwest bracket dredge up on the web service its west of the midwest. Mountain west congratulations. Doral I got paid out here all the black people of the -- I got I got to look you know we're going right congratulations. I have to look at this in the meantime while we were listening to keep to leave the it is now official according to multiple reports. The bucks the released -- -- -- but the bidding begin Darrelle Revis is out there the patriots did not treat form. I don't know why I would have traded form. I mean if the bucks were gonna release him anyway why not give away sick would you rather. Give them a sixth round pick. And not have to worry about -- not have to fight not have to negotiate out of the battle all the other teams of Darrelle Revis is your guy and I think it is I think that's -- they want. Mystery a sixth round pick generator go Republican at the Louis -- pictures look a little like them. They could EU. That could be related and check out foray right there and got. Doctor if you get totally out the very -- Victor vial totally broke yes every -- I -- -- Aqib -- now NASA. Yeah -- got them low and a little like that but it dead ringer out. As a group are closely -- about Darrelle Revis be released I have a little disappointed because. If the patriots have to outbid somebody for -- -- not going to -- I don't like their chances. It on my -- Undergo the BR I almost Disneyland or Hollywood and we're here comes the beeper Georgia 330 waiting to get their poster an hour away where an hour from Disneyland. So. He's gonna take the most money is going -- the most money up front. And yes. It's still not gonna happen it's not I'm not going to happen. So what's your what's the what's next. Because you know that's not gonna happen they're not gonna help -- form and not gonna -- they're not -- back the Brinks truck company and to get this guy the second is not gonna work. So the page goes off you think about plan B what are we gonna do now. What's what what do we do there is. Go back home I go to work. Listen it's. Too it was a nice thought Michael -- but you know in the end you knew was gonna happen. I don't know I still think it's going to happen. And maybe holding out hope I thought I thought a lot more bit a couple of minutes opal yeah released. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If the pitchers today if they do end up with Arenas they've got the best guy. -- a really good player out with a really good player to leaves a good player. He's the best of the best that topic this offseason right I would Erica Evans are good players and -- -- close and I think you could make an argument. Peppers Allen whenever our conference about close soda not not not it's really this is the guy. Image Darrelle Revis is dubbed best guy I think they have more pressing need to at least they did before key to we've signed in Denver. But this is now an enormous need without to -- Before we went it was a need now it's an enormous need our would you look at it would you say if if you're appear patriots fan. Could you reasonably look at what they didn't say -- And that a key to ago he's had some injuries -- he's he's had an injury history throughout his career right this is not what you just last year or the year before. It's pretty much every year he's been in the lead. Would you feel good about. The emergence of Logan Ryan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Al Harrington now and I and you know like Logan Ryan a lot of really do I think he's going to be very good -- whatever or my dinner. The standards OK we'll see how he's gonna get out of jail you know -- yeah I always have that caveat tell players. We'll see how are we can't get out of prison like I know what you were not operate and that and -- -- who are. After prison according to -- -- a conference on Twitter moment for a -- career our Twitter the pictures are releasing -- nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga according to resources the pro nuclear a little bit account space if you were needing to somebody else and 617779. 79837. Maximum I'm. Figure robredo and up currents -- get a chance portfolio of Europe philosophy on. Just love everything that you should -- on my philosophy. Well Carol you know I made you want to call them booked on the -- my philosophy stuff I don't know I. Don't Christians I -- hey senator I elevators there's lots of pictures. Step forward by Christian but I wanted to not do not read beyond that debate it's. -- -- There also know you know bit the this -- doable I ain't going on in you know like remote so the idea of the project is -- the guys. And you know it's great retreat chapter in -- the -- that that the way coach Belichick trying to think about. Patriot nation and I'm sure he doesn't but that I would feel sometimes when directors Michael -- -- -- disappointed last year. And I would truly good media problem going. In just you know looking at 22 guys who -- over the years. And we just it just a webcam. Hold up a bit funnel their. OK okay -- I don't know if he's Bill Belichick is looking at and saying. Screw the fans -- -- I don't I don't I don't care what they think right the guy has the has the vision for. What he wants the team to be right now. He I disagree with that. Yeah if he doesn't include one. Not ten not five not 31. Of those elite players out there. Yeah I think it's I think if there's a missed opportunity. Yeah he's got some good players and the yeah it was a -- -- free agent and say there -- times look at the AT&T -- -- rethink possible. As say okay. I don't know about that or argue back with the -- But it's -- shame you'd go home. And you're thinking about textures you wake up in the middle and I think about textures -- happening does like this morning like for like 4:30 point 5 o'clock this morning. -- -- -- -- just happen you know and badgering me okay had a nightmare for your wife and cultures but nothing about texture yesterday and said. Great players don't go to free agency so were we talking about the. MVP of the league this year. MVP of the league. Right now. He was a free agent. To have great players in free agency breezes and financial security -- -- program that's right not -- -- was a great player but the defense of linemen we talked about helping the Seahawks win both with April and Michael -- weren't free eight categories players -- free agencies that. Can't be that. You can't duplicate free agency overall -- Jared Allen better things each free trade he was tree illustrator so around Kansas city of Minnesota. I think it's when you -- use it when you abuse you have no control we have no fiscal discipline. In just go away and hello Cleveland. Hello Oakland is going to Spain and have a plan and I think etiquette that guy wearing a plant or I don't know -- one that we got management don't I don't. Okay that's stupid. But if you have if you target a terrific player a very good to great player in free agency and you want Adam to your already very good team. What's wrong without Darrelle Revis is they're now too late to make a trade form he's been released by the box. By the patriots -- again you feels good about it as you did may -- few minutes ago before it was released 61777979. Victory sevenths alcoholic WB.

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