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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 03/12/14

Mar 12, 2014|

We set the table for the day in sports with Field Yates of ESPN Boston, Chris Price and DJ Bean, both of WEEI.com

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A look at all the big stories in Boston sports we -- is on the inside. -- isn't. Boston blitz. On Sports Radio W yeah. Harbaugh some Bledsoe has brought you by AT&T Christian foray of course is -- -- today we'll start with he'll -- atheists in boston.com. On Twitter at steel gates. The deadline is supposedly for often we hear something about Darrelle Revis field what do you think what are the chances he's coming to new -- I think there's a chance Mike at least I don't think that -- up there'll be any surprise that he's. Police later on today if not treated -- at this point it's it that the trade are extremely slim but. Do you think will be released and I think if you look at the market. Look at the -- -- is available of course the -- the patriots will appear at least discuss Iran that the road Revis switched. If you were to climb out certainly changed her perception of the early cold streak that -- They're filled. What did you think of the Broncos activity in free agency. Well I think they'd basically have declared that they understand the window -- championships are. And with whenever Peyton Manning does like to retire or -- or to retire because it from the BE can help. Concerns and rather than worry about the future -- speaking about sustainable capped bottle rocket gone all in the next few -- beaten him. Are they argue would be impacted. The players that they added to the respective ITJ ward. Corky we would now most recently DeMarcus -- They feel if it isn't Revis may give me a name that. Holly can at least be excited about the -- for another corner that can really make an impact or anybody else out there other than Revis. Well I don't know that level would -- need to be I've reevaluated. Michael Steele but comic writers Marty he's probably a couple corner available out here. Wants Darrelle Revis -- and scheme we collect that will be it -- time. You know not physical corners can really impact running. Any team thought yeah market has gone in -- -- impact your batteries the Champ -- to help them. Of the world nobody -- -- being -- the long term starter beyond Darrelle Revis. And of course -- record -- maybe highly critical. Which in return and -- Minnesota the UC group and number required. A good stuff feel we appreciate -- -- -- -- yeah. I'll talk to our guy Chris price of WT PI dot com follow him on Twitter at Steve price. NFL -- Chris. We know what the Broncos have done we were just talking about talking about that was field Yates. What do you think the patriots both the logical move -- not the fantasy football move putting them in the next logical move is for Bill Belichick and the patriots. I think they're gonna look at a wide receiver I think there's oh a lot of intriguing names out there including Emanuel Sanders that doesn't that's really close the door. A possible -- government returned but but you look at. Acquiring at least one or two dependable out characters. Guys -- -- Alexander maybe it's got you a liberal women in the mix too well -- coming up but this side of the ball. That's not -- stated that they're not gonna make defense a priority particularly quarterback but it think. That really might be the first small -- schools are going. You mentioned Julie -- -- quake is there was -- possibility. Of him returning to new wing obviously turned down the first offer that they gave him yet today. He's going to be take some trips any chance of him still returning for the major. Yeah our Christian I think there's a real chances of returning it's my understanding that when he walked away -- when his group walked away from the table yesterday. It wasn't nearly as bitter as disconnected took place between Welker in his representative blasters so yeah that there are very real possibility that need to return I think it is that there is. Dot com or early optimistic that -- he's going to be back but I think that this that we believe still very much open. They Christie heard us talk and he'll DH just a moment ago and he said he doesn't think it's a -- Reeves is gonna get traded by 4 o'clock. We'll probably be released and in the patriot to be one of the teams who -- interest and it. Why not trade forum I mean it why not give Tampa some thing and end the suspense and just bring him here. Well you don't -- what. Why give up something when you don't necessarily have to -- the fact that the market it's such an outright noted that everyone knows that they're trying to get rid of -- been trying to trade him. Various reports through vindicated in trying to trade for close to a month now so they're coming up to that that line where that that traffic with the jet. Quote from I think it's for affordable three don't. I think it's everywhere note that there working under divine code the rest leader's content to sit back and this week's political play out -- -- got to jump in -- So one. I did I have let my answers so YOK still -- -- do -- -- do you -- to what you have to have taken the risk out of. Yeah I don't it'd what would with a -- with a double edged sword because if you make video that you take government contract and it's worth mentioning here. That the patriots have never paid a quarterback more than ten million dollar being able so we go to futures were -- -- and -- that money. And also to you guys know and look in the context of the conversation needs to brought up. Bill Belichick looks practically gold star and I think that it's gonna take anything more than still support her -- -- stick to whatever I don't think he'll -- the -- -- Bet that all has to figure into the conversation when you're talking about whether or not you wanted to for. Better look at -- -- -- like gold to Chris price it's a price NFL thanks meant. Critic are quick moment a hockey before we get back to -- football calls a DJ being the -- WEEI dot com no Doug Hamilton once again tonight. And he's been saying he's a bus for awhile to say. Indication that Doug is Abbas. No indication that he knows much about hockey you don't use our. The bonds what looked upon a rule that would at least not cocky and no I mean as -- look at it I'm I'm baffled that that Doug Hamilton beach for a second straight game. Anyway I think that he's too important for the team and I think that. If you need to borrow the lineup that you wanna keep them on that right -- is that they've done now for the beat the second straight game. But I think you take your third -- right department. Over the demon that would be Kevin Miller so I'm really confused with life. They're fitting in at all loaded two straight games. Our activity giving dumb hockey guy a very simplistic breakdown. Well why the Montreal Canadians have beaten the Bruins five straight times although we both know that the Bruins are better teams. The Montreal why has this happened why it was it such a bad match. Because there -- and -- could be Bruins have not scored gold you can put that on a play of Carey Price from the player Peter Buddha Buddha is going to be that night. There's also beat them a couple times in the span. But also the Bruins the cordially and -- they just don't. Haven't played particularly well get them though we are expecting tonight that the audit -- -- -- -- all they've got all the all up. The Bruins I think tonight they're gonna come out like gangbusters and just. At least crushed them in the first period because I think the Bruins are aware now there with -- -- -- -- in Montreal they can afford to really Billy delegates to scheme anymore. You -- to a hash tag how sports take on network. You follow up to a certain. It is. Like -- totals that the bullets today -- you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 9% of Americans rethink possible you are right and the when accurately when and also missed. Him. Well here please give me -- production of over or. Use it and it's heading towards being a boss know it. I said there digital Hagerty DJD the world prop it up which was going to be next report it's been nothing of the sort. But that's -- -- and we ski -- And when he. Got one point one. Where it. Is for exco. Struck out but say is Emma Watson put it looks like jot down your view definitely box Tampa Tampa. Off there goes Michael and it all a nice little rookie year yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like that who -- -- things you're looking and thank you better Michael Landon what Mike may only two years ago. If if what's his name leniency for only six trumpet my plan is that we were more map right -- -- -- -- Gabbert. -- Gabbert terrified of defense of players mean literally. Terrified in the pocket looking around -- in trying to do his best to get out of the way now worried about the role in the well -- at least Michael Evans we'll sit back there and throw the ball. Gay pride in more than a sixth round pick for him. For Michael and -- -- to give a fifth round or fourth -- well I hope Lovie Smith is a fair man and allows them to compete for the job. And if he allows Mike Glenn and an opportunity to give them a chance to be special cabinet OK good I'm glad you're I'm glad I don't like we're jumping apart in the Michael and I went and got one of the pitchers just. -- Mike Allen playing I would hear me and that was it and want to Virginia Charlie got -- it was good to get a parity in a bad start he actually his numbers will surprise he's not he's -- what what do you think you did counter. -- having -- either you know more touchdowns interceptions and no -- -- on -- we felt comfortable whenever I've seen in nine articulate why do you know that. Why are you Michael women's like campaign managers look you have really starting decent -- moment -- really strange like a big albatross like Tweety bird like -- malfunctioned to us yeah they look at almost calls -- now and -- what -- Ryan -- talk wasn't you can treat us I have that done now we go to start and right that six of one today as soon as we're done. Are up next you talk about Darrelle Revis one comic strip. Why sit there and wait while while this even get to free agency of the box are desperate and they at this point want to get -- -- -- in economy and an hour anyway why would you give up something. -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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