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Answer the Question - 03/12/14

Mar 12, 2014|

We answer it all, plus a special announcement from Mike Salk.

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So can Ali now. 37937. On Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I dot com. It's. Time for answers the question -- answer the question which sunk in how this is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question would. -- we'll answer your questions today brought you by air as a restoration specialists at your property your -- managing you don't have a cold weather disaster plan in place to be prepared contact -- -- 8774611111. Or were you -- -- -- answer -- dot com Christian Fauria is here with us today. About the answer questions. Like the record is ready learn about your weird music it is -- to him -- my comment to be here for hours from now. Who have been hitters and switch back to you. Three billion deputy heads up aerial shots aren't going -- the red light on the moments -- -- oriented. Life. Like we got today what is your favorite flavor -- Actually I drink called -- -- -- and surgery right lactose intolerant now -- just like this all. Better. Portals like -- determining who -- -- you know you know who drink almond milk the kind of guy who would sign Tex Nike in the night I've got to go on the milking go to -- like -- -- -- 1%. But collectively. Act he. -- liked. The -- -- tried all of yeah. Did you in my house if we try to sort of -- you don't like -- -- it is like the US open and five sweet little accident. Some particulars Sweden's that your what is that is. Why this is the practice -- -- to grow you'll not lactose and Clinton Matlock or not lactose intolerant. Oh my 1% to 2%. 1%. -- -- -- -- -- -- Scores of times amongst. Your car truck and life. And Alford never was -- -- -- times a year summit of the month this is do you wash your cars -- Zero you've never wash ordered one and -- Washington twice a year. Twice a year or more math -- when -- -- that terrible for the call oral assault that over the my truck I've bought it last year at this time I've watched it twice. -- Before five essentially it's an old car driver for kids to the big -- in the trash anyway so one lady is for rain but certain guys. Who really. Washington columns to fund -- an artful. Don't want anybody else toward the hole. You go to the car wash when you wash your car. Equipment a year and a bit of guys are yours Washington and hard to do. You don't -- wanted to ever think it looks he don't use water to wash your car -- I -- I haven't older old Muslim that I use and I are locks up more and I lost my truck we want -- -- like a spray it on a -- out at least right now it's like -- I'm not driving it. It's not getting all -- but you don't use soap and water use like I teach at least greatly of these. He's very Claussen that's used electric car but when it's covered in salt from the winter don't have -- on the open water -- drive and -- you know my old car and that whether it's -- -- -- -- Just to me ask you is that you governor Arnold go back to actually purchase the things because it's part of the car. Yeah. Aren't -- -- -- lessons learned from my experiences with these should not -- -- sold the cars -- -- candidates of those -- like it was a one -- situation it built tonight it is a gift to myself for my retirement. It's not going to be sold if you if you -- -- trusted where they irrigate musty or less snow and -- were nice colors silver with black restart borrowers. Yes you can't let me you know we noticed -- -- drive of course it would OK it's like a boat I bought a boat and -- Bravo. On love Korea or to drive spectrum of the emotional problems there tomorrow from that to me remnants of but you know there's good luck providing a standard now listeners about the phone. Next question jerks my wife wants to come to the gym with me and I've always enjoyed this time apart it's my time -- -- -- note in my life. How I don't know I don't oysters you want to go to the gym with Cuba should work out what I'm sure she wants to work out with -- what good is a good thing yet figured it is time to. We'll kind of -- We have reports that. -- you probably are different entries like we got here that she probably wants to do the that yogurt or something like that or Oregon. Political classes but one of the client and user agent says spent two Scioscia has no spin class a lot of this stuff like that that you go and. I don't know why would you not want your girl because you go to what are you looking at other -- Exactly so far she's come into them also look at you and they're gonna see you look and they're going to be -- is the bat I was where to go up and say hey. This is my time I don't play golf I don't play bass like go to the gym that's what I do now you should be in a position to be honest with the people we have -- initially disappointed. Oath yet so you spent six hours with himself if you're right just like golf yourself in real trouble. What -- always -- my partner. Christian detectives fetuses even bigger about this on for a wider -- tolerated. -- ago would you treat your expert Joseph stance -- It means that. Now. Oh. Yeah all the very creative -- yet to regular them for me taught -- how to dance you're gonna give him inspiration. -- not to elicit pop -- movie and it dropped. You know I did not tell -- Authorities dispute looks -- -- -- -- I could bury him. I don't -- right to buy extra victories but he got up. Just got some good guys. Don't quicker -- typical white guy that. In the last your we learned what was guy's -- rate them block one guy. Brave the black one guy is that they are if they -- red -- black want to -- But it only. Market that somehow I am black -- -- -- that question. -- he is wearing a digital watch meet meet weird who wears. I'm lazy people who don't wanted to know is what we're watching general digital -- -- when you watch all these days of the style well. Want to. I don't I don't want an iPhone just want to watch them -- right here. We've set this -- this is strictly a small little elections. I want to note is Eddie worked out slash tree watch that is digital duplicate Casio. Finish plays music I really nice is a digital calculator. Oh and -- -- There really nice horses. Look. You know whether Michael I do. -- -- differences but I'd love. You say yeah of course right record they broke a man. Say all right that. I love you. You can't elect to update its second. Can't tell you say grow our man would partners here what are these illegitimate and what you meant works fairly. -- -- -- -- not a word was that you know how much love for. It can't argue that we. Obscure the issue. -- around easily secure of course. Sure Fred you don't have any man means you're trying to can be out some Lee's bag again it's going to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's gonna do for. To the question today and I promise that we would have a at least a small surprise at the end of the show today and -- this I've decided to leave WEEI. They will be my last day this will be my last show I've been offered another job which I've accepted it's an incredibly exciting and a unique opportunity that. I honestly could not be more pumped about -- not allowed to say today what it is but you follow me on Twitter. I'll be revealing it probably tomorrow afternoon to wish something along those lines my new Twitter account is out of the mikes all THE in my case he assailed him Mike's all. A lot of people here that I would wanna thank for what it's been almost exactly one year obviously Michael Indian then Joseph unit that we worked together every single day people brought me here Jason and Jeff. Kevin filled taken over for those two month Lou Mikey who aren't really on the amount to get the opportunity to say goodbye to today because I've. Hello monkey man but I just cracks me up at the end of everything are they legacy thorough -- I don't. -- other people are gonna assume that this is a victory for them. And that we know exactly who those people aren't that they've defeated me that this is a big loss for me their elders who will believe that I was fired either of those things are true at all. -- to say is that I just concede that I am happy. -- smiling ear to -- today I'm incredibly excited for this opportunity unique it's different. And -- I can't wait for the next so Michael thank you person thank you for being in here today but Michael I even my partner for the last year and I couldn't be operatives. So thank you very well good luck to you -- I can't wait to hear what an exciting opportunity years. I'm sure you're looking happy I am happy I really so it's something that's that's great for you and -- -- for your family to. I you have to keep us posted to have to follow you on or -- switch over -- -- if you follow that you're only now it'll just transferred to just change the change handle some -- -- wanna find out some of the get some exciting news going on in your personal life to -- -- become an -- Low in public interest to say we got another furloughs until well I commit advice I've -- -- us. Yeah vice form not an aggressive at number two red numbers to listen you're at three -- tournament five what do -- -- -- -- a little. I've done. I'll stick with two anyway thank you guys it's been fun year I really really am excited for what comes next so. Watson talk tomorrow but I -- open later find Michael tomorrow all rush talk a little rest and ultimately there's going to guys I appreciate about. Why am I mean he's. Yeah thumbs volume eighteen PE.

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