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Tom Curran, CSNNE, talks Aqib Talib departure and potential Patriot moves

Mar 12, 2014|

Tom Curran gives his thoughts on Talib to Denver and what moves the Patriots need to make. Also, he talks about how realistic it is New England fans will see Darrelle Revis in a Patriots uniform.

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It's our Jill Butler got a 37 WEEI your phone calls all day long here at 617779. 7937. Is your phone number it's the AT&T text line. And 379. 37. Tommy current. Twelve hours ago backed up something out of chapter set on Twitter patriots either and to the Revis sweepstakes or just dot dot dot prayer could not agree more. -- give back to your calls -- -- nice that the join us here on the AT&T hotline Tom -- -- -- you. You were -- in this drama really all -- Brought much of the run up to yesterday and that was either get to leave or one of the top corners or what the hell else do you do. You feel any differently now nineteen hours into free agency where the patriots that when it -- talked about number one quarterback Tom. The post secondary that they. Has been borne out in the NFL today is the most important part of your defense and in many ways or certainly not something that you can cheap vote on. And we see the patriots in 20102000. Elevenths. And a large force in 2012 -- you know absolutely abhorrent on the back and in the acquisition of police. And move them according to free safety. Has helped them double us to believe. Certainly -- -- regression so you have to do something in the back and obviously it was believed citing an insane contract it would not going to match. It makes it difficult. -- -- -- that details of that deal as far as Talib goes -- a six you do isn't as we. So that we see the Contra guerrillas not real. I don't get -- did it intentionally isn't going to be a four year ride for him. -- -- there. For all -- most likely not you know I think he's 28 -- stake and so -- 34. If he's up around 8910 million dollars in cap it then and I think you -- we do we used to think it's stable the other interesting thing about it is. What we look at this deal today. It's 54 million dollars and -- insane. We decided that guy over six years in the salary cap is. Spiraling upward. Is it going to be that insane and three or four years. Because it's -- -- the NFL salaries are starting to catch up. Probably. To the acceleration that they that they lost. In the period after the -- CPA when it. Yeah amicus general consensus the Denver Broncos are idiots decided to leave and TJ ward however I'm pretty sure the patriots signed those two guys. We would be excited we were picked picked to Smart so hope that there are Revis is still out there. What what is their best chances is it their best chance is just throwing a fifth sixth round and try to get to draft or trying to actually a -- somebody if it's three -- four. I think they'd be better off personally. Even if they went after him and try to secure by trade. So that they control and have fixed cost about sixteen million he had sixteen million. That's a lot of money but I think -- you know Jason white who is tip based general managers in the position right now or the patriots talk about the patriots. From the -- and the things they're fifteen million dollars under the cap. They have. Isaac Sowells what was got to go at some point you gotta be just the matter drop in the paperwork done. Beckett today eighteen million. You know if Darrow -- Darrelle Revis is their target I would assume that this will work party is probably over. That's about another. Six million dollar in savings here point four million just bring grievous sin cinema third which you're gonna get -- compensatory. For a -- to -- most likely. In next year's draft or this year strap in and get it done what is interesting though is this is a -- -- Tampa Bay. That cut waste by the patriots on two players -- In to leave. So with that new guy in charge fees and might include some part -- of the -- is -- look at it and say look don't let that -- screw us over. We want -- one for him. And then if you dubbed the open market and we've suvs and not Revis is in a position where he can start naming his price. And leveraging him in he's shown -- these very solid businessman I would expect to do anything but that. You tackle Vince Wilfork at that -- order -- the other day and nothing was done. At that deadline and you're wondering that if Vince source told page assembly put it sit and spin. And -- requests which -- I was outstanding. Is that is that is that ABA. The reason why so blog hasn't been released yet because images expects -- ago. Because it may be just keep a body engineer. They can get -- but that's a long long ride but he could take between now and then come. I don't know I don't know why he hasn't been. Cleared from the -- except affect birdie fifty million dollars under and it -- it I think it would come in a flurry of moves I don't know I just I mean it's a huge. Choke Tibetan people talk about release and Tommy Kelly -- it was actually the best defensive -- last year in his brief time in into the same. Salary cap hit -- -- you know. Gonna launch in the to a place secretly and so he's not stick around I can't imagine. Tom help me out onto -- able wartime here obviously the deal he signed yesterday in Denver was exorbitant in more -- you -- the branding car got a couple years ago. Why didn't the patriots franchise tag him and eleven and eleven Allah -- half eleven point eight million dollars night. I look at back at -- -- a mistake was made yesterday a mistake was made by not making shore. You attacked him may be paying more for a year be guarantee got a morale for one more year. -- one thing that upset. That I've learned in watching them a free agency indefinitely or last year. Don't think too quick to call things mistakes. Until we've got a world a few more days out you know saying to just wait wait on -- see what they gonna do this certainly on the face of it. Looks like a mistake world looks like they have a vacancy but until the other shoe drops. It it can't -- beat just. Kicking and hovering over the panic button but don't limit until. Revis who. -- just that include in your right Revis is the outlets the out card they have here they acquired Darrelle Revis that you look back all the stuff that's okay. That was the plan all along IDC the -- throughout the jump during -- republic Revis is not gonna renegotiate your you're gonna pay of sixty million dollars. -- or if you trade -- Oregon are you gonna pay and the most money on the market to get him and I -- the market now you a couple of trading form. Doesn't he pointed to leads contract to -- is a freeagent go I want something like that some team out there start. Right and that's why I think it's important trade forms that you have control committee at all about something that that probably the biggest I -- -- vote. Do you look at the patriots to -- team that traditionally. Missed man accused the market so severely. That they wind up. With Alfonso bettered at Logan Ryan as their starting cornerbacks. OK so that being the case. They know that fifty million dollars of the cap they no -- point plus million dollars under the -- they understand how important to -- was to them. They also understood they were gonna match that once -- left. They had to say well he was so good for us. Any such a critical part we can't leave that position at address that's why I think that. His flight to Denver. Was probably. Something the patriots were anticipating. They could have now they didn't franchise him and others to view the case. Because they wanted to maintain. Solid relations to negotiations with them. What they understood that and that was involved in the short Talib was able to come back and talk of the patriot because of the relationship forged. And say this is what we're looking at if the patriots weren't already on Revis. Which they could have been done. That they certainly it would be -- Now you mentioned at the -- and there are there are still some some wall of the corners maybe not upper Echelon of the Revis but still. Not a position you talked loudly or -- you do about the safety. That pretty much that there was a flurry of safeties that were gone. Thank you are you and you mapping quickly the real quickly -- -- to where where they left there I mean you you need to upgrade some weekend ignorance -- On young kids. That to me looked like a two run -- and production now and that is the one thing I came out yesterday fail while I think great. They might have missed the boat a little bit because you have. All the critical safety changing positions again let's look at what last year at Steve Gregory they released him to upgrade the position. Steve Gregory asset was intelligence. Smart communication he -- the green dot for a period of time -- -- -- -- couldn't. Communication obviously is vital to back and that defense out to run -- all the -- stressed the -- guys including accordion Logan Ryan. My point is. Regular re need of replacing. C leave and I'm not sure you upgraded the position with a run out of because of the -- Adrian Wilson and Taylor Wilson I'm not sure they can play. I think if you look at some of the guys who are out there they all signed between six and seven million dollars except -- Harrisburg. -- that we contract in the world. But the money was there now what would dissuade them spending the money on. TJ ward thought they whip Eric -- they have maybe the fact that they have to redo according at some point but. You don't courting the money to renegotiate your road guys. To -- feels a little. Short -- -- certainly not alone in that feeling today. Last want to meet Tom do we know. How low the contract was a joint elements that thanks but no thanks was the dollars with a deadline from what you're hearing that made him say -- go on -- test free agency. My. Perception is that it's given all related. He does not wannabe. Paid close to a -- Dulles Beijing wants to be. Treated in a way that would supersede podium until it enjoyed. Now would put him out of the mix of the patriot at least for now -- -- all over this on TV on Twitter -- -- and is always your brought to you by. -- your -- doctors put that loss to work at that doctor Robert Leonard changer lettuce change -- 100. Getting -- that you got a soft tissue got a soft tissue Vatican numb. It represents you little bit too and radio calf injury here regular. -- -- like -- darkest period down in. Out of Morton met more. And not content has been good public about the security this guy. To care that the -- thank -- we. Tommy current joining us -- -- -- -- to assist if it sounds simple -- and he -- on the foam that he sounds -- -- -- the cold will down. Right now yet that I'm gonna region Tom sweet though you'll -- I got to read the tweet this is nineteen hours ago. League here -- begun -- Vince Wilfork eleven point six million dollar cap number in effect. Likelihood that he told the patriots -- sit and spin regarding pay cut its high. That one Twitter yesterday folks why should be followed him Tom.

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