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Andy Brickley, NESN: Previews Bruins Canadiens

Mar 12, 2014|

Andy Brickley talks Bruins and gives his thoughts on why Dougie Hamilton has been a healthy scratch for the last two games. He breaks down the moves Peter Chiarelli made at the deadline and if they did enough. He was also asked if he thinks Rich Peverley will play again.

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Let's have our model -- not a 37 WEE got to focus today has been largely. On NFL free agency -- wanna want to back your phone calls on and just a couple of minutes but a big one tonight. Against the new look Montreal Canadiens and Thomas -- candy Berkeley of NASA and joins us a brick joins the show every Wednesday at this time he's brought to you by our friends. It -- power quit mom by HSA. Insurance cities here on the AT&T hotline. Module watched by the deal last night brick. It was good that a little segment on -- they preview Jack's day. Leading up to how Jack prepares for game in early work and now today said the easy dinner with Jamie and they're talking stats and goal overall is cards everything else then. They say and he works at that these and Denis -- do in the voice work had it right the steam hockey mind any brick and I just wanted more brick I wanna date a life abruptly. Before you get separate those games that are exactly are more compelling and mark. Over it last that we talked it was some of the day of the deadline hadn't hit yet pet Ambrose admitted he moves so. I'm just ski areas under mr. mayor ms. ms. -- sorry. What -- your thoughts did they do enough and inexorable full adept as well. I feel that outlook or Lewis oppositional player all on defense and -- if you make money work and not detract from your current roster. It was either that. Well they -- major move we actually you know in order to players to get significant players return I didn't think that was going to be K -- -- They're committed to this court ruled this group that has been real good things OC to. July 4 years and -- expectation that we could try to add to it and that's what they did -- shouldn't get all it. I'm not sure I'm convinced that there are injuries similar to look forward to currently constituted that they have enough in the -- waiting at the end. On the organization obviously believes it's probably do but the -- to go legal get the senate and now in in the narrow stick you can -- And he did you -- he can play left it right. -- competition by current and and actually be in uniform at the first casualty. Trying to figure out guys. Google play it was chart like they want that shut down there and they're not sure where that right now that all we can get a guy like. They get this Eros and I'll look forward to your take on his game so far -- Doug Hamilton the first casualty was casualty over the weekend and reports out of Bruins skate today. Have missed the casualty again brick that Doug Hamilton once again be healthy scratch against the Canadians are. I'm surprised I feel like he's their third best defender are you surprised that again it's Hamilton. Who gets scratched for certainly a bigger gain delegates much -- there was against for a little weekend. Well I don't look for him from the point of view of each individual player what his role as honesty you certainly want to recruit people -- -- -- sky over the -- when he got to -- On your back -- -- not going anywhere chart our goal where. Now it becomes you know left and right. And include a play where it will become expendable they luckily fortunately -- game -- -- -- -- the other -- in your spare. Partner in -- that -- -- Pretty good at -- like that Padilla or shut. Is competitive distorting this team so he certainly in the mix. An Italian at the -- situation -- situation. Yet this era and lineup so. I'm not surprised you're thinking well I might be surprised -- out of order because they still need to. To -- this group and figure out who touched it with Charl and start talking about people that you -- Is there any signs -- that that's what they're thinking about long term -- that their early thought is Doug Hamilton won't play as much. In the playoffs and -- Eros a better fit with what we wanna -- I think the competition is on -- -- competition started the other -- coral that there are going all out. You really like what he brought up Matt Powell played you all are able to work fuel load on the one side of the lecture about how all weather. Sort of burner whoever might be. Are they like that well now people are in a market that's. Not the first game. As a player -- late you probably get from agricultural security -- Arbiter regular lawyer write in votes in like Montreal and speed. -- I'm just a little surprised at the at the even. A -- let below more rotation to think that Beckett beat the competition ignited skates with Ciara. Could actually turn into you know the decision of I guess you wanna call that between the sixth and seventh. Defenseman but maybe just the best fit and it wouldn't be sick Miller all -- tells you would be the guys in question. Well let's get a minute it'll occur to grade on a station or with the Bruins coaching staff and I can't -- on what they like it. They don't like it players changed sickly young guns. Is there enough intensity is there and caught and figured out there pending ability. On that right -- approach our advocates in the market regarding -- -- -- And that you're gonna be as narrow let's play the majority in his career or I or -- -- boy shot. They cannot find that out. Is the last desperate is if you were said it'd make the big deal if it seems like the reports and push Gonzales had a the next day. That they were trying to get Adler from Vancouver and at that deal fell through maybe because the couldn't get Kessler. To Pittsburgh. But the people you talk did you believe that that was a possibility that something bigger for Alexander Adler was in the works for the Bruins. I absolutely believe that and I believe it's actually still in play -- we expect our about the Nazis in the bureau the draft. I think that would be a major after 2 o'clock brought that back in -- you become it would really solidified their blue line to restart -- about the variety of players could have packed work. And I still think very much their there was in player had an opportunity that cannot and I would usually in favor of it. Of course I'm not I'm not aware of who would be going in the direction. A brick just scary moment the other day in Dallas with our -- Beverly O'Neill one of our owner of that but people still consider that not a surprise to react humans. Once he regain consciousness that's gonna get back into the game I was just joking about and say -- what's a broad always a Bruin but. I'm just curious was there any reaction from the place tucked in the guy's a vote. How they felt when they heard the news. Yeah the early in the second hand Lou when you're asking me to get my my counselor this. When Warren made aware of what was going on down near Florida. Mind you know there are saying it was actually immediately via text email whatever. Several -- -- still -- -- And you know first hand account. Exactly what happened and -- street here. It's scary for the Bruins. As they had to Montreal tonight again and NBC sports that or have we wish that -- and had a but NBC sports. Gets the game tonight it's an awfully big one because we talked about Montreal and they were scary anyway they've added Vatican here brick how do you view the game tonight how do you view their -- how much they improve the Montreal. Adding event to that offense. I think in the neck to improve great you know you're like any country that history -- -- uncanny ability to appoint a laborious ought to grow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our quick equipment or check is not big market who what Wear you -- physical labor they try to wait are. -- late stage because of the speed. Factories in April or over the years or another call -- are great it still have work -- board back here that you with a leader is how blisters. In the league this year and peak yet and discipline. Take penalties against that means adding. The trouble that you're gonna air -- -- -- -- real or Boston it's one that they are looking forward to hear whether or are up for organs. On any week every game the -- or the when you. And that they put that out competition outstanding by -- -- this game see this is going to be your real structure. And I would expect that from veterinary. He double -- that the -- one guy tonight looks he's gonna get the look is Jordan Chiron replacing IA's gonna miss couple games at that. Concussion and we'll see how long that -- where -- Jordan -- on me as far as what you think of him as a player and what you expect that a. I don't know what here. Lou -- and I don't mean that in -- an overly critical way I just don't know what kind of player he is wants to be and can contribute to the team -- a certain way. I -- to big body. I know -- can -- the physical game and we can be defensive terms this principally responsible. Maybe chipped it somewhat French Erin Baird and in play twelve to fourteen that you gain by. Wish he would just stuck up an apple and let everybody know that this kind of wearing a this wanted to bring to the table every night. And so he's that would. He's going to be an hour. Rick great stuff is always which you guys -- -- game tonight great job -- -- mini cameo. With -- last night and behind petty and the -- talking next week. Art or art guy he's the best and he Berkeley joining us here are brick two indices are brought you by -- -- an awful power equipment and by agency insurance.

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