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Aqib Talib signs with the Denver Broncos

Mar 12, 2014|

Mut and Lou share their thoughts on the recent signing of Aqib Talib to the Denver Broncos and what the Patriots will do next. Mut and Merloni aren't happy the Pats lost their best corner to their conference rival.

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Rather see across you on offense you want the short speedy guy you want the tall maybe slower guy to defend. I don't know. Let me just. Let them any MO MM rather stay out of there. But there's other it is not. And -- we last so much talk that the key to leave but that stretch Beckham receive and hold it longer baca treated him. Mr. sense that this whole thing's over Q thank you and I should. In an apartment somewhere -- a hell's going -- what -- about every 790 outbid the Washington Redskins. What is her name on what I want is warning Washington I was looking at a picture snake you know what actually kind of attractive to Q little Brunette. It looks like she's Italian and I want to speculate -- -- tallying count of the olive skin to work here my soul body -- but my god. She was way off yesterday. It really wasn't. Albeit loss. In no bid Denver. Welcome should include Denver or tweet -- when out of in the world this is dollars though come in the places is also -- to figure this thing out now it says it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh. Tell me that it did patriots went through spots -- Reeves Connelly and let this thing play out like that the patriot fans. What are -- these reports. That actually make us believe that something like those things can actually happen. Why -- believed. As the guys -- at 10 o'clock last night and lying in bed today. It and -- get tired supposed to give our thing it's a book in a big deal Tuesday yeah I don't know begin assembly and government can interrogated -- the thing you know whatever so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Denver Broncos sent keep delete. Six years. Point six million guaranteed. Ticket to fall asleep he recently that now I'm glad agency to this morning now that rolled up. Hit the alarm your refresh Twitter and we go to a deaths. By the new pat mentions overnight and it isn't this morning no I found out this morning only give credit to -- depicted do have shift their. No well it's already name Walter Morse. Who like guess when the news happen tweeted us and said to lead like Ellsbury he's fragile and the broncos'. Way overpaid him. That's so I found by Baltimore to a -- that not only two of the candy the patriot fan drink in the page record laid. Is the first got a tweet me. Last night overnight say about a -- Recounts. -- telling the -- is going to the a Denver Broncos you know you know and you are talking about like we overpay for somebody. Is to me it's all about bill weathered the matter what sport baseball whatever it. Opening -- what talent is on the field what is -- team look like is opening day we don't -- checkbooks. We'll look at financial numbers we just look at what you're Casey's -- they overpay. All paying for somebody becomes a huge issue. When you kick -- improve other areas when you kick on at other count because you overpaid in one. -- -- it will great we get this got we got holes all over the place. So you sank to lead to that obviously bothered me so much because they're also -- TJ ward. By the way you know safety clean remember him Rob Gronkowski. For years to -- 3000014 million guaranteed the second best -- safety probably at a market years bird. In the signing big money with the with New Orleans. So you get to -- to go ward. Those are those guys are really hurts you can't prove await the markets where. Is in town might not lead -- injuries -- -- show after just set on a new live edition of sports center that he is they are aptly be clearcut favorite. -- to sign him to get that deal safety corner defense event passing league got to stop the pass safety corner defense event. That's what they might improve on. They overpaid. I mean is that they can they could feel the football team April those three -- in the -- what overpaid what does that where's that become an issue. The could weather a lot of depth their second stringers at that good. But again a lot of injuries are done. It is that is that the concern is -- -- about what do you think Denver screwed up by doing a idiots. What -- illegals now what Oprah yeah it was gonna stop and applying. Or what you sell recap gonna be like and a couple years to be trouble. This is it's a pisses you off more -- it's it's it's that's for cystic stepped back. It's day one of free agency into the patriots will -- eighteen hours in -- they will feel the team opening -- is not tomorrow this is not their team. Well let's see what happens you'll get that Revis situation a little bit later he had the problem is that it hasn't happened yet there's a slow moving process that compared to what Denver's doing. Denver is doing. What patriot fans or an Iowa a lot of people speak for everybody have -- screaming about. You every window you know one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL Manning who was aging who probably has about three years left. Goal out and make a run. I don't care for your cap health for years and now I don't care if you're 5114 years from now I don't want an eleven and five team for the next fifteen years. Okay that's coal. All right I would I would I'm willing to accept the fact that when Tom Brady walks out of Foxboro. That there are going to be some tough years I've accepted the fact that would KG Rondo Paul Pierce left the garden. There were going to be -- re out there going to be some tough years. It when I don't accept this we need you have those talents. And knuckle four. But that means an and that's what Denver you look at me say well it got Peyton Manning -- gave Wes Welker probably needless while they got a the this year toward the lead in most you to do a different event you know that bring somebody else and they've got the money to do. They're doing what you want the patriots to do the dual ring Friday of -- and at what -- -- when your guy he's doing it. Taking your most important freeagent. Patent two years in a row they took Welker from you. Last night overnight they'd they overpaid a key to label talk about the contract itself but the fact remains. They got a quarter goal with Chris Harris they upgraded big time off of Champ Bailey. And like you said DeMarcus Ware is gonna get signed their -- in all likelihood. So goes back to we did before everything started yesterday. I didn't know what the dream scenario was always the nightmare scenario but John Elway did what you just did recognize that the window for Manning. -- won't spend a 252627. Million -- cap space on the Pulitzer -- premium player Arnold held to do it blue chipper. On number one its position called every -- They went -- did that yesterday and your team. Gave their number one wide receiver freeagent a deadline and he laughed at that thanks Wendell thanks a vertical test the market. That's what Julian Edelman did and look this. This could've been avoided all right I know you're against it but seeing what Aqib Talib got paid yesterday. How can -- not feel like the patriots made a mistake in not slap on the franchise tag on him. One year and eleven million bucks. You don't worry about him signing with the Denver Broncos you don't worry about you know -- quarterback today. You don't worry about any of that again maybe it would overpaid about let me see what the contract is its search it's the lead got to eleven million I still much -- front -- that thing. But there's a chance the basically Talib got close to the eleven million dollars it would have cost -- -- franchise tag of -- went well when. Michael -- is writing about this today it last night franchise tag regrets. If the patriots projected this would be the market for -- one wonders -- they might have strongly consider the franchise tag on a one year deal. Eleven point eight million dollars. Even know would have been a big cap it. This deal for to leave highlights how the quarterback market has exploded this year I'm not sure many saw this coming after last year's by a buyer market. At the position. So do they get it wrong because they didn't know the market. Did they get it wrong because it like the player just gonna let the player walk anyway I mean Jeff outlook was the week of the -- -- there -- talk with -- about about getting aid deal bond. They had to a -- that there was some deal like this out there. It's a mistake and he wasn't necessarily made yesterday by the patriots are still but it might not franchise tag him last week. -- -- this morning you wake up intensity obsolete especially the swing and miss on these guys. -- one year. Now if I don't that a key to leave and in -- -- Revis still out there at the media Revis is still a long shot. But if -- turn one year Aqib Talib at the three years ago -- summit. Three years ago or -- You know because again the one year thing. It doesn't. Yeah it's great it helps me this year. But Hewitt it's look at Denver right now in the next three years. They're gonna have warned -- gonna have to leave you know and not everybody is aware of everybody there areas where all this Julius Thomas urban America there it's not like aren't we got one year wonder. You know we had a window for one year because we're gonna you know sign Revis for sixteen -- likely for eleven in the next -- they're gone. It's. -- -- the Revis thing let that thing play out. But you're right I mean look at -- now on the money that he got. Eleven now and a half million dollars a year pretty much that's at that we got a few others Contra destruction right. Because it's six years I gotta laugh with his six year deal that you deal as they exist here as an NFL does aptly enough and so it's six years. It's winning six million dollars guaranteed. It was all that the first three years. So in other words it is a six year deal. Point six guaranteed whatever is fifty what 57 million is that really three years 26 all guaranteed. 9000008 Prius 27 whatever all guaranteed. At the last three years probably to stumpel mostly. But got three your window to. Which quarterback that's where you're the clear cut favorite. Now in the AFC -- -- and immediately the did that tweets start coming in about I give the patriots credit they've gotten their fans to just buying completely to a lot of area to leave. And -- never got so you'll bad overnight here we go sinister sister band to thirteen seconds ago. Aqib Talib has a bomb hip. All right so maybe okay so to leave the wasn't the guy you wanted. Where they -- -- burner -- front burner I was still with the number one quarterback on the market three derailed Revis took -- side for. Four years -- 26 half as -- to six and a million bucks. Well thirteen fourteen and I guarantee. You're telling me that that deal itself should frustrate you was the patriots have heard much of that today. Verner got four years and 26 and half million he's younger than to leave was ranked as -- -- graded out quarterback in your free agency Eagles at Tampa bank. I've not heard a snip on the patriots begin on burner -- -- agent. He got -- -- The lead at six and 07 Bernard -- Announced -- Afghan RP guaranteed if he's a cover two guy had been a may guy whatever might be I don't made amends obviously do a lot more things if you're still the number one cornered the market. You get the cheapest dollars out of everybody. Of that there's some issues there. Guy says. I think a complete 180 exit texted -- called in that. Wonder renegotiate Darrelle Revis make -- five million dollar cap hit this year yeah eighteen next year -- an info yesterday I eat them on the third year. It's a one year deal. Eighteen million dollar cap it year to Armenia -- -- to carry that in year three don't have the player. Punished in one year deals I wanna got the three or four years. It's about team building I don't know that people fully understood with the than salary. That. You know very important so the bottom third of the rostrum to look at what happened to us this year I think we. Three starting defensive linemen who -- undrafted out. Free and rookie agents. How you manage the bottom third of your roster is critical of the moment so. How you invest your dollars and it's easy to Monday Morning Quarterback -- -- with what happened this year and the fact that we've got to the championship then it's pretty remarkable -- That that is ridiculous I mean that that sounds more more ridiculous every day that he's bragging about. The three defensive tackles the bottom roster played an edgy and more overreach -- crazy they got paid a million dollars total Jones silver slugger. And it was the guy forget -- lot of weather this with Chris price yesterday. Great you spent a million dollar he still -- 2930. Go spend on the rest your roster good. You you got good value at the bottom of the the parity roster guys that then their depth players but it cost a lot -- your money to play -- So I I understand that it were eighteen plus hours into free agency. On a high enough. They woke up with the -- They can't do anything wrong. Everything is just fine to a very get a similar across every right now baker fair it's a totally happy. You begin to from the hosts that's I mean it's it -- hurt Qaeda guys sort of patriot a networker but the patriots day and I don't think -- and understand the frustration part of -- we are molded that it's not over -- than the sky's not falling and we'll see what happens and and then all of a sudden you know. It would be told that Champ Bailey and and this guy's -- guys can be just as good in OK adding. All right. But one team. Is it's as the opinion of a fan. It gives you odds a fan boy reaction. Cool and win now and put yourself -- a tough situation for years from now. You don't go sign these guys it's fan boy reaction to it really did us a reality NFL. Well the best immediacy is doing. And always doing. You know. Now look at that but they're wrong not out because they're going to be -- jail and alerted six months element this they allow ample room to do. A lot always on the Champ -- free up ten billion dollar daily -- them queued up lottery ticket -- -- -- -- -- the Champ -- Aaron Hernandez. It is Champ Bailey freed at ten million dollars on this salary -- to look at the numbers we looked at the other day. The pictures numbers and at 146 rate 148 range money under the cap. That's awesome what 89 it's I don't where that came from everything you -- now is 14614. Day came out yesterday fourteenth six. The Denver Broncos are 27 and a half million under the cap. So they lost Cromartie get the seventeen and a half. -- -- and -- is still seven and a half million dollars in the camp dead money. Just dead money sit in jail to get two point seven million would guarantee of their last -- at -- next year goes. Probably we don't know that yet we don't know could know by 2 o'clock today what those contracts look like. So is what DeMarcus -- means as well average annual low on those ones which knows that it's not the way to do it but still it's about it's about fifteen right probably Satan and nine and -- yeah -- EST yep today that as of right now there -- with the patriots just about. Close within a couple million bucks with a -- at the expense they have more money spent and they sign -- Caldwell back yesterday -- they have more money to spend it in the patriot. But they still a political get a guy like the markets where to. Which is scary see what's -- the patriots have an out. Here you know your plane. You play poker. And your plane and no limit Texas hold a depleted rounder they played every casino now. You know he he put the cards daddy get down to the the final couple cards -- get you haven't outs sometimes you sit against the good hand -- And your percentage -- in your favorite -- poker on ESPN it's like guys in 90% chance of winning this guy's got a temper temper here is due out cards. OK initial at the two cards that that the I would 10% chances of winning the two wild cards he needs. The patriots look to sell wild card game is that. Know Texas hold a -- get down to what that the percent when he put your cards down we have gone all in against somebody else's hand. And their hand up to that point looks like in 90% on their hand is gonna win yes and sell the patriots right now we're sitting I would say on the 10% and they're out cart is Darrelle Revis. Like they can change this all around. But they've left themselves with a pretty that you like it's a pretty low percentage chance at least ideal. But Darrelle Revis sends up here by trade or by free agency. What why would you put yourself in the position where to leaves off the board murderers off the board Davis off the board Grimes off the board. Revis still in Tampa Bay. He's out car for one of the top five quarterbacks level we get that second group of quarterbacks -- -- -- realm or out your order up the board -- objectives of the board onto it -- aboard Donte Whitner aboard Mike Mitchell the board. They civil debate technical meeting to beat that safety. -- You -- Revis is the -- why would you do that though that is it's awful gambling. To say okay we can't we got none of the guys there -- top Echelon guys we they're not gonna get one or will get Revis. That's a bad position to put YouTube and like -- and the patriots are Smart patriots are Smart Broncos are done. You guys think -- smartest patriot fans that they have Revis at the last. Last chance you have of getting by upper Echelon safety -- quarterback in free agency. I think you would represent a the opportunity turn this off season around that -- has been eighteen hours. So as a chance to put a positive spin on it if you're patriot fan today give a chance to get about one quarter who did it change but is this Revis your boss know. Who Welch represented a number one quarter -- on the market you can see anybody. Not that long left. That they they can do that shocked me again. Com. That's due out that they're going to do that ethic which you look at his two bodies. You know and it's -- young people not -- ill fitting into that type of name call within and I love Portland and I don't know that he's us writers here at broad political -- at colonial and regarding. You know could be that second year's corner. With they even less lesser year according to go with the maybe two guys. I'm telling you -- And telling Champ Bailey -- Polk city nudged habit but it seems like a guy that they are being they go it's I think Alec Cromartie bring in a -- chip really be a swing guy. -- that corner depth at safety. And those -- Texture and the seven they want you have to -- the Belichick spoke -- releases agent. That's we're now hold on our hat on that's that's that's your hoping that they are on the inside the Revis deal. That when Revis is traded that -- released today by 4 o'clock. -- the patriots. Know exactly what it's gonna calls that take him and they've -- in themselves and up money do. But that's -- that's the only. Opportunity left to get one of those top guys in your secondary and the top -- secondary Aqib Talib. Was the only difference maker last year and a half in that defense. So we start there and get your reaction the first 118 plus hours. A free agency 61777979837. Your phone number 6177797937. AT&T text line. Is 379. -- 37. And their difference it's always Texas AT&T -- like you can't win you'll -- they want a free agency. You can't win day one -- -- look at other teams that double. We come back -- did a real big difference between day one of free agency this year. And the last couple years as it relates the patriots will say about that with your phone calls back. It was crazy good note and about it in the cap for two was a key to leave lining up at Denver in a mood -- Obvious ramifications that all conference going on -- Denver for but he also. Elicits emotion huge -- that now. It's -- in the markets where we'll be visiting Denver today and I. And it's not acting like sign. That well. As out of shaft earlier today with Dennis and Callahan. Busy guy still made time for the boys. Try to keep it locked here. For all the latest NFL free agency news WEEI 61777979837. AT&T decks on 3793. Summits they have the -- we're getting today are about IE can't went on they want a free agency. And go back and I'm shocked go back and look guys that they won free agency and to shocked it's like 90%. In support of a one. People love with the patriot to do. They actually love the Broncos idiots. John how stupid is that or go at this right now tour a lot of our textures and tweeters are going to another one -- they'll pay gas and any tweets and Talib chronic hip problems good riddance epic got to leave go on. Guys out of here. They'll paid for to leave cares. They'll pay for Talib. What does -- care -- why do you care. Biggest ogle get to leave TJ ward big markets where Andre Caldwell he's still got immediate and now what. What do you mean they overpaid. Fine. So it went Peyton Manning retires the Denver Broncos are going to be good -- no hidden because what happens when your team retire or what Tom Brady retires. The patriots are going to be any good either. So I mean what what it's all said -- gonna sit there are you gonna be mad at the patriots are to a five and 116 and ten team or you gonna be pissed off at the last three years. They just kept up with the same approach. What's what's what's going to be what anymore mad about the record the patriots when Brady retires. After he retires. -- their approach the last couple years while he this year I would go the approach -- it looked up. -- -- A year or five years five and six of his deal he probably won't see we got to shoot. You know that that the money and how it broke it up and maybe year four he's gone they'll be up to get rid of on the eat some cash but. Three years right alongside a Peyton Manning to to look at for. That's all that matters. -- Larry have a good team the best team in the AFC right now they -- before yesterday. And in what it is that they say they're idiots. Because they do exactly what you wanted they'll like like if the patriots -- TJ ward and Aqib Talib yesterday would you be -- say idiots. -- -- believe we did this always have five full of people saying how great championship treats made their move yeah that's I mean it's no matter what I do with a patriot defenders -- patriot -- a good effort. Look at revel ordered at fox brokers that got people agree with no matter what they do it's the right thing. But you brought this up for the show it's it's good point to go back on NFL free agency. And this hammer that rarity people freaking out about the you can't win on day one. Why are patriots fans go and not about they want look at teams on day one. What good teams that -- people this year day one. Broncos. I'm going by the Super Bowl odds that Jimmy Shapiro cents. Broncos signed all their own guy Andre Caldwell. Starting safety Aqib Talib -- three different guys Seattle Seahawks. Biggest name freeagent offensively on the market was probably. Bennett. They made sure to get to the market for years and 34 million to the Super Bowl winner spent huge money of one other guys to make sure they had at that piece in place. The Indianapolis Colts want the right on the patriots in the AFC east -- at the free agency. -- Arthur Jones. Fill up the roster with 345 -- the guys are specialist McAfee and Vinatieri they got -- and excite more Ahmad Bradshaw back. But they spend big money on Vontae Davis four years 39 million to bring him back. And they went out got to start department of factly started on Arthur Jones from Baltimore. Obama Baltimore. By the -- 37 million are Eugene morale so we're talking about the teenager competing with for a Super Bowl made moves yesterday. Last year 2013. We're talking about browns. Dolphins. Camp but tightens. Those few more considered Super Bowl contender for the middle moves right. Those -- teams that a lot of money is spent and spent it. 2012. Box would Vincent Jackson rams Cortland Finnegan Redskins signing our Sony Josh Morgan -- of the big names on day one but again what's the common thread. Both teams work legitimate Super Bowl contender before free agency started there were spending big money. Because they had big money is spent 2011 day once big signing. The jaguar son Paul Posluszny. But I wouldn't put down as a contender differences this year the contenders spent money. But teams are right around you in the NFC and AFC the 49ers yesterday lost not they would open didn't sided -- they have. The contenders for Super Bowl spent money yesterday's you can't hammered this point. That nobody who spends money on day one as winners because of that teams they're contenders this year -- other ones that span. Isn't money Washington going crazy this is in Philly. Going crazy old buffalo. Or Miami. Right this is Denver. It is an in this is -- -- who have -- PH at 3637. Both teams realized about three years left maybe. And both realize they have a window. And fan bases of people at the same philosophies of what should be done start take advantage of the fact you had a great quarterback and try to win now. One team is executing it there which justifying it. It's jets it that's fine. I mean and and and again. To be wrong all the speed change I know it I know what it's early still enough good players out there always talk a -- they -- what we've seen. Think -- the minute I saw him go there I was pissed about it. I'm still mad about it but I figure it's predictable right because the pats obviously the minute he's along with the patriots he sucks he's always hurt. He doesn't do anything if they'd -- Aqib Talib and TJ ward be praised them. Praising these moves Denver does that they're idiots. They're -- for doing it. That was politically thing as far as signing him long term and a one and -- get somebody. Replace him I -- recognize the -- -- yet he was injured. You know it is so it's somewhat of a risk. So up about not all in their but the bottom line is there a better with them. I I can recognize that in these people that texting and whoever out -- feel that there weren't it's it's a joke. Remember we're talking about. The most important player on this team defensively last year who was it Aqib Talib OK and now a lot now he sucks. This is no longer with the -- President makes cents. Today it doesn't pay interference apparently let's get these votes you guys impatience excellent 777979837. Is your phone over the AT&T -- line. 37937. Year active on Twitter as well at -- Loney at Mott and UT WEEI -- is in now rocks for today. Leads a soft -- and -- Sports Radio rights that. Yeah you guys on. Outlook before a big like make up what I just wanted to say men you know I'll let listeners sometimes we don't look at it in bold intricate relationship that you this whole tablet update these other -- then. You know what you guys said in the beginning and he -- at Oakland I had a lot tonight I never really put to listen together which a league right. -- told you that crosses three in its sunshine date you know epic being -- big openings all you know and and it will be at its. An opinion. I hit it right on the mark. Everybody's getting better come title that you -- patriot way and -- nickel and -- I'm tired of that you know a little bit pulpit that we item that he thought he was ultimately. You know -- -- him if he doesn't -- -- you know probably. I -- -- talk about the patriot way and and you look at -- settlement literally political -- formalized with 775000. Latvia. And that we treat them like crap about the -- You know I mean I'm I'm I'm -- -- bit I'm sick of it almost that they don't do it. But that he adopted the drought could be all happened at the trade didn't get to that well at. -- a couple of great -- I don't one minute that it and you -- into the muddy. I -- there was little -- across the street anymore what -- it with that in -- bidding war. Gonna be it's it's a big contradiction in thank you for being caught it. And it -- -- -- we dumped it in and that whole Lotta people that too so great so -- deployment of that map. Ted thanks your call and I think you speak for a lot of fans that are upset today and again eighteen hours and but leave yourself with a -- Darrelle Revis out -- is a bad position for the patriots to put themselves -- thankfully. Thankfully went -- holiday. Is tweeting today I feel good about this lewd or -- I'll Linda replied to a another radio host this -- a DJ here in town. -- who said I have to have a chat with you what's going on hash tag to leave a bronco that have a chat with your man with your man I'm sorry. L what is going on Linda holiday at a publicly pretty public league deal with. With Nobel check ash tag to -- bronco question mark -- exclamation point. Would holidays response a lot of minutes ago. Got to trust exclamation point I feel better now -- you know I feel good. Another text the other caught tech Tweeter to -- -- -- I'm done. So I'm sorry you feel that way. People angry out there that's okay people ought to be angry and they want in my opinion -- grants and I joke. Thank god played on agility got. Listen -- panel will look at this you know they they haven't done anything to support Tom Brady last year this year. By the Latin guys go how badly they have -- maybe the patriots just think that we can't win another Super Bowl with great. -- about that they're stupid that's zones. About that that would maybe make this make sense to have them. Well what's what's making say so but what's well what you would he do that feel that number he can -- -- -- -- It's not committed a four million dollars under the cap they were 25. There before -- get it across song to sing got to spend them yes I think the money anyway it's about who you're spending it on. Well. I can't understand what they're doing you can understand that nobody else can so let's stick that -- -- mostly. Their philosophy I think you know and it just I just I believe. That they want it to -- I believe that one element but I think -- value on everybody I can't wait to see with this deal was for join element. That he turned down that he felt was fair what Calgary gay rights and it was an easy deal to walk away from Ike amniotic. You are say 315 -- -- maybe more three and twelve. Is their chance that it wasn't even three and twelve how could it not a ban based in the crook and I had lashed -- -- But I that we got shredded by the Broncos last year do you think that Revis. -- so we have to leave he only played a little bit to get. Gregory -- amid the big difference now you know we need real. Our real. Vicious defense which we don't have anymore right now and wide receivers we don't have. And I don't I don't I said yesterday don't piglet Revis would change their game. Every tip come -- with vulnerable male would have vote but Wilfork. Would walk OK okay what about Chris Harris. We're -- on Miller. You open all right -- put several Denver's injuries there got a big do rent starting corner best defensive player -- league it'll start at left tackle. Q&A healthy unhealthy. Know. -- to beat him. So they do they have other areas. We know that. 61777979837. Is your phone number AT&T text on. Is 3793. Double talk to Tommy current top of the hour at eleven game has taken his first eighteen almost nineteen hours. Are your phone calls stacked up to get to and how about this. Skip Bayless of all people think Denver is key to -- cannot be trusted. You know find out why skip Bayless basically signing won't help one bit in Denver and here next Sports Radio WE yeah.

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