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Adam Schefter: "Patriots are favorites to land Revis"

Mar 12, 2014|

Our NFL insider Adam Schefter joined the show to discuss the latest in free agency. He said that the Patriots are one of the favorites to land Darrelle Revis.

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The stock to -- chapter from ESPN on the AT&T -- good morning -- a -- billion dollar day yesterday -- it was fast and -- different. Eight crazy good note and about it in the effort -- -- -- -- to -- -- at -- Denver in a mood had. Obvious ramifications or conference from England at Denver firm but he else. -- it's an -- huge -- have it now. To stop it in the markets where we'll be visiting Denver today and I want to -- I think one -- and let. Them mark to market square to keep the lead and TJ ward in the 24 -- while. They would in the creation war. You know we'll see how that works out lot of money a lot of players. And Denver is gloating about it and she showed up at. Right management and so they view the window is being short and small they're being ultra aggressive to get things done. What is the downside for Denver when these chickens come home to roost from a cap standpoint how does that work -- -- acceleration at all and look the -- to leave those. Sports the last two years people who have seen the markets where at practice much the last couple years. TJ ward and a good player. We we could look at the negative situations of emails about last night like oracle Broncos in general -- don't and I. At those points that ballot like maybe he deals don't want him in the -- thinks that. Years from now. And it can be changed and I think connecting -- important it's getting it right in. Would you rather be in the situation -- Steve Spurrier later I. We're -- Of course I mean you have the patriot apologists up here talking about the Broncos being in Capitol Hill and three years but I don't think that matters to Broncos fans there they're out to win. And the Super Bowl next February. Adam what cents T get give a sense of how the federal -- thing plays out today I know. That you are on top everything about this one about Revis. Well I've never thought they would be able straight and I've always thought that. If they were gonna trade him with the daughter because they've been shopping. They've been talking to teams nobody in particular contract NAFTA region the contract and it patent or not -- -- -- -- -- This agency awarded dictate where he goes to our -- they want. So I don't motivation. The agents sign -- on that deal would it make it go predicting rates equal. And so I don't think. Trinket on the tip they -- trying fueling calls never outward show. So openly that he gets released and once it's released I think when one becomes the favorite to land. Assuming he's released that we'll find out later today. At a would you agree that believes big deal makes it less likely that Revis is going to give any kind of discount off of this contract when he starts talking contract -- whoever. Is interest and and. I think it Darrelle Revis. We'll get a good deal I mean look there's some big money going out these -- she's she's an -- to -- you see the numbers are sand shields you see the numbers out there. There's a way to -- readers that feel that he's worth every dollar that he's got to get in and so I think the going rate for the role in this. As it's certainly increase on the last couple -- by what the market is there. And you said you'd think Revis in the pages are the favorite. -- -- -- -- So let me -- I think they're all paper -- paper OK I think -- be in the mix. And whether or not that is -- but we'll find out I considered the favorite I don't like anybody else they would anybody and an eight under trees you because. -- -- Certain courts that they played that nobody saw coming like who sort -- -- -- -- you predicted that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For me is that your seated belt fabric that that's too strong right act I expect it it. New England is eight -- To sign to you missed it and when he's released I expect them. Two by -- services and it wouldn't surprise me. If you land there where's that counts and where is that one. But it's public Eric Decker didn't work this morning is he rejects. And I could see New England making -- Smart receivers there. At that Julian Edelman is a case where he's talking with -- I think clearly you'd like to get it don't patriots. I think that the patriots let him -- -- Catholic. Again I I would get anything yet. You wanted to -- but that these markets crazy things you again who -- Harrisburg with the saints aren't you appalled that. Well I hope got a -- meaning in -- music is it's like I hope. People. Sometimes they got a cart and sometimes -- And that's. You are doing they're trying to get us will be Asians being real and when they're blocking and sometimes they got carts and sometimes that'll. Well a lot a lot of guys doing winners and losers in this free agent frenzy and I think the biggest winner has to be I'm -- after I don't know which you can pay them but you earn it all in this one days. As we just sit there grit gripped by your Twitter feed. I wondered are you about to break something while -- become the -- -- -- well. We get -- gonna hang us we've been you know friends for a long time here and watches break right here. Well I act it was one or racial set. Won't Decker Decker -- of ethnic. Pay out of opened got to back up battery for your Blackberry I think you're gonna need it today and going forward -- take some time -- -- show after ES via.

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