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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Chelsea Handler vs. Piers Morgan

Mar 12, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Chelsea Handler's interview with Piers Morgan.

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Get the calls the couple minutes headlines brought to you by AT&T to cover more than 99%. Of all Americans rethink published stories will shift to break during headlines. In the next ten minute yeah also the over under two and two and -- -- soon -- has them when we give all the latest -- -- we actually did during it apps if it breaks we'll break it yeah if news breaks will -- -- -- -- -- -- Did that. I am by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do precision fitness equipment and I'm having lunch next Monday. Head honcho -- -- -- are you took things are gonna happen things against forgetting that right where you don't treadmill just in time the good weather guy out maybe. Not blown up his place and I don't know that I buy them -- -- -- don't worry be happy to go wherever show on the trip. -- four hours tribal. What's in deep -- and assisted 24000 treadmill on me on the deck hotel incident in Times Square. And ran for 24 I was on treadmills it's sick it's a rather run for a hundred hours outside. Now is different and it's like treadmills for our -- site. But after that gets that's that's tough Hamburg and the pictures by the game against the -- dolphins snow game. Answers to open here after the proceeded them yes them yeah it's the weather's terrible today that was missed noble and a wasn't. But tied to a training marathon training run for Disney on the -- watch the patriots seventeen miles trip. It was awful which is hampering that it it -- it puts a premium for us the heartwarming story. Jake -- -- nineteen years old. Dying okay fine his brain cancer. But as the bucket list -- crossed off on the populace things here. This past week he always wanted to go to strip club. And local one jingles. You were able to go there jingles trickles in organic product that magic line. Two years for me. Four time is hot spring black prayer service that's -- must still take -- -- -- Dylan and Ryan fishing and laughed like I. Take a helicopter arrived -- cop bar. Go to jails. Though I did that once. And it again here. Or cop car drive copy it would do that he's down the pork look at them hundreds sucks there's bigger great kids. Always wanted to go to strip club was always nervous today. -- hooked him up into the great job general managers -- -- -- more time in advance it would mean more special experience sent the girls always check its facts don't back again. Which -- bought. Which are -- at -- things they've done all note and Atlantic just a national. Now will be output could be two or three via coach Regina. Beyond that beyond but it is packing up at Augusta National -- That's not what you want isn't that -- that -- -- though it was who knew that I don't wanna I wanna go on a private plane and when it takes off from Lansing and leave the trade down in the seat back. That's -- I -- yet it would take to private aircraft the very quickly Bob Kraft would let me on his pastor today -- no -- whatever. Aboard I'm going on you lie you're in palm palm pilots on -- the past couple of got to be that would work I really don't agree on that point four. But I but we're gonna do and -- Chelsea handler who was on Howard Stern has not familiar really chose him. Girls my age they like her she sort of become this. Project I model voice where -- Actually she's a -- broad she -- is she's cautious and ironically have yet she's hip as you like biggest name drop but the biggest jock sniffer. The mall after the Hollywood -- sniff test because she calls into books and if she does she'll drop its -- -- that -- with a Maureen McCormick did this and Aaliyah I was in with or McCormick it's her best friend. From the great -- some of the lower powered president the wife and Stern's move Maureen -- -- yet what he meant to she was on piers Morgan the other appears to be knows winding down in the -- I think at the end of this month off. Going around and she was on the piers Morgan a couple of days. Well life he would be this week -- -- -- -- am working this week -- this assembly ego what do you do I have to come here and tolerate this nonsense and then I have to nonsense is designed to folk who have told. I know I'm gonna go to a book signing at target and less wood and an eagle on the road every week in -- perform live standup comedy. And -- book signings and you know that's -- -- -- just on the work or some workaholic he tweets very amusingly I wish you did that. -- -- -- pain in the middle of the commercial break out your viewers know -- seven they must now because they're probably following you on Twitter. Mean you can't even pay attention for sixty seconds. -- terrible energy -- are we just weren't. Can be much sense as well when I got my problem -- -- -- this is your show you have to pay attention to the guessing you invited on -- show insisting enough yet they -- it doesn't matter how interesting I -- you sign up it does. Well maybe that's why your child is coming to a I'm -- After driving a pretty good I'd like that I hate -- peers but she's not funny to most people Grossman every sense lightness. Is it parallel number. It's I have to do things like this is -- and I'm telling you women like forty and under and she's gone state lab who she speaks for them what it's except she's like rude and you listen to what edge but -- -- -- but there's never any. Governor and fine arts I'll ever got us -- -- -- -- other -- friends that -- got a chance. And I there's -- guys have -- Babbitt says. And oil out rated shots I saw this guy he was such a deck. And like Obama are back are you back because I'm like flipping things around like now I'm in charge and had to get to work in the morning. We advocate maybe impregnate them -- can say kids anyway as it is and people sit there and -- it. And laughed and started who was like jealousy sets six -- options open -- licking the secret -- -- to her she doesn't say anything funny now -- and it's it's it's -- sex specific thing and I understand from a guy I don't get the mystified. Totally mystified this does not Jerry I think the stories more you'd you'd. Amanda Rogers 47 years old British foreign issues finally found the true meaning of marriage that she is divorced her husband. And married her dog. That's legal my dog -- -- is a boy it was a girl Owen that -- -- right now Amanda rock music I'm weird I marry a guy her dog wife she but she's also lesbian dog. Appeared on British television ITV's this morning Tuesday discussed what she decides to wed her -- In a ceremony attended by 200 people of Croatia last week I guess it's legal. 200 people attended a wedding torn dog -- -- we have sound a -- what what what what sound we have here. Pocket experts played in the context. Eaten enough to unhappy is -- I'm just supposed to happen and she said yes by whacking it past the happy couple. Join us now how welcome is very nice to meet the bank to view them you're originally from at Oregon and -- a -- TK 93. When you realize you gonna stay here and put retirement safer that you Phillips -- getting it -- looking you've always loved Jack Russell's. Yeah pretty much yeah I've always thought they -- intuitive and intelligence and big dog small package and sent -- because -- -- -- secret captains. It was her she said she -- four year old Jack Russell controls what they sleep in the badger. And that it she once made immensely in the dog bit for two weeks before she logged in the -- that to them. Which she dates a guy she's open to dating guys the sleep together with with the dog that took. I guess that's who would mind. You do yeah. What he means to. You responded -- when you. The dark it's it's it's all over your belly and colleges couples like it's in tight like against my. Lower. Or shrink Buick Open -- but the dot com. Sometimes they must the morning. -- every guy. Give Boehner -- -- come with a dog. How often. Well I'll check what you would you Wear. Pajamas the better short system. I Wear underwear and a teacher like normal -- -- popular but -- Dino don't Wear pajamas -- not to lose nothing. Scattered which averages goal really is really street will dogs cats and kids never ever ever that dog ever for you you will do -- -- guy -- and it will. -- of the and there's been no I'm -- after news here in the last ten minutes that's headlines brightly by the last 35 minute last 35 minute -- give us all the good stuff he did. Will will replace some of that he was good but the strange -- straight -- stretch it from yesterday's Jay Glazer got sick. Students via your surgery. Surgeons and just. Some weird surgeries after ninety people -- in between eighteen hours and months and use. We've lost of course. We don't have an answer yet trying to find out. What's all that reptiles go out the animals really is that the two story yet and but we do have to. It to the -- on one thing you always you I. I love just poke fun -- -- what duo -- month's jobs on the line but no it's not it's not model working at Home Depot next week that's true. I I fear that much has been replaced as I heard these Promos for their show all day yesterday in this morning that's at -- This could be the beginning of the end. And I mean I don't I am I would have trouble. Quarrel with this decision could disguise the ball on auditions talk about Bruce has suffered these other guys talk about when -- first saw The Beatles and at salt yes how what often there had said I wanna do this forever. Me for this job I wasn't sure until about twelve minutes ago and said. This is something it can chase after I wanna do this the rest of my life. This hearing the spotlight but this is the wanna -- and you know on top of that makes you really wanna listen today. -- -- mutton Lou -- not much lately but this guy is and we -- sure. Today we must and -- And will only get to show off at 10 am discussing the very latest surrounding NFL free agency and the patriots. And that's intended Brinkley joins the show wouldn't have. Who is that. That but the fact that. She -- what outspent that's -- it sounds like all right. Our masterpiece but not there and really just happen that does that happen to all I don't know what I. Is that a bit do we know why neither -- or lose on that I talked in my. -- -- get -- -- he's here he's here by a fire here in the city call from the phone responded work that was his -- do just forgot also. -- -- -- Still lots to discuss -- latest picture women's free agency in the patriots. And Andy prickly at new thing now that it's that -- right now so that's not. A new post I don't not yet. Who is trying to think that that's the guy we met from all of that is about is I think she'll fix up his legacy stuff. Now that night at the guy was talking -- Coleman came up. At a championship. Mike and Mike and have a wonderful golf actually doubles in -- and do not go.

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