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Patriots strike out on day one of free agency

Mar 12, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing day one of NFL free agency. The natives are getting restless.

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Listen carefully. -- that rumbling. Off in the distance that ominous drumbeat over the Verizon. I suspect that is a disgruntled patriot nation wondering why Denver is not only going all yen. There poaching patriots in the process another year. A free agent activity another chance for -- to steal bill Belichick's lunch money and stuff the but he into a locker and to this point guys. Just want to play in Peoria -- -- -- I anyplace I. Disagree totally you know -- get a sense -- put my finger in the wind this morning. People are pretty happy in New England because the Broncos are in cap jail now -- of this -- Apps to the mess on picket free for years and I you know the gonna do it correctly. The 2018. The cut toll up to a couple of appearances in the Super -- -- to get that it cares about that this is about managing the and they are not doing a good job and in bad guys agree are not doing that not Arab beltway should be and I like to conceal. Not that he probably just didn't consult the -- -- root them all that little nerdy guy looks like Nate Silver. He was I -- animate this long conference. As light as name's -- dealerships and he's their cap colleges and he is -- his era and amateur baseball what he has. I'll as the Broncos are a mess you wait. We're forced to sit -- 2018 there. The patriots are going to be mock and ridicule in the ruckus that -- what happens when you sign all the best players on the free agent market the end up. This cap. Hell that's what the Broncos are in our capital obviously twenty million dollars for -- -- lose -- too much managers doing what he's doing -- nobody in their right to lead 28 million dollars we sat around yesterday and it figures to get that contract. We don't knows what he's somebody somebody who sees Peyton Manning with a year or two to go yet. And says we have to go for now will -- cap hell down the road right -- all in all the chips to the -- the table we got our asses kicked in the super bull market and we know that Tom Brady is like George planned it will be done on December when it's 45 so your argument to leave this. No you don't have done here's a thought franchise to -- Now that's seemed like a bargain one year eleven million bucks. What do you think now I don't think -- only wanna do it now makes sense that we don't think he's they didn't trust the leap of one -- here -- he's gonna stay healthy -- I got to resell it only get out. I'm into okay than you're good with Logan Ryan and oh yeah and you have to do something about it. And yet to take which is probably. I against either trade Porsche signed Darrell Revis right which it probably won't do and how much. That's not gonna happen you the deal is absolutely right though and said the -- the day we talked about it all week. And I think there this is a turning point and I'll tell you the guy that turning point guy in Judy -- medal Aaliyah who's today signs via Cleveland right are they signs with Denver. The Clinton -- -- he's -- -- today -- have to laugh because you know in bill we trust her and bill we trust. Let's what I said to this point this is not gonna play in Peoria. Obviously need to find out whether Revis is coming here right -- element is staying if Revis does not come here and settlement goes this is going to get really really -- -- even if they do keep cattlemen. The status quo. That status quo in Denver got much much better and by all accounts Denver's in on the markets where all Ian. -- -- They so they'll have -- to markets where Von Miller they have the best safety in the market and TJ ward and I've done my result receive a pro football focus. Broke down every play that the three safeties a bird Whitner and there -- and ward played and wards the guy you have to say hard hitting. TJ warn them that. They got. They got ward and they got. To -- on the back and and they get Von Miller and may be DeMarcus Ware. And -- the quarterback around that is a much better defense than the one that to shut down the patriots. In the conference -- jamarcus where according to -- shift. I've been told that the Broncos have emerged as the clear cut favorites to land to -- where this month monopoly money it's amazing -- -- -- spread this out over time but it's a situation here where. A number of teams are reaching out to DeMarcus -- So many teams around always want this service is what I've been told that Denver is appealing on a number of fronts Denver's going hard after him just like going hard after TJ ward. Just like it went hard after he had to leave. And now it's a situation here -- DeMarcus Ware. Obviously as we speak with the Broncos at some point but I've been told in no uncertain terms Denver is the favorite to land his services. This is after the negotiations with Jared Allen fell apart yeah. Assignment to. NASA probably -- an issue about kitten and don't you guys disagree or Dina doesn't produce agreement -- that. Thinks that it's this is different this is different this year because. That team that just -- your best defensive back -- best defensive player probably was last year teacher asks yeah and Bill Belichick you're goal of me and it's been honest they're not that the -- they won the division I mean that they -- that a variety that that division that division -- the patriots yeah. -- that OK so what's the goal. We did beat the brought -- Bill Belichick is a really really bad career record anyone free agency. There's no doubt about it he doesn't he never wins that day. Ever never -- with the gold now is thought it was wild card weekend the first game that's the goal the place whenever yeah that right away. But Joseph Sargent would you assign to acknowledge -- -- subject would you -- -- -- -- -- -- on Tuesday may be depend on what I gotta I gotta -- see what happens -- regulatory six will will consider this and he's he's getting. About the same annually as Sam Shields and Brent Grimes right and -- bird about the sick. If he stays healthy which is the biggest huge. Capsule were canceled as Pakistan -- which you don't know how in on the I don't know out of a sort of a -- -- -- -- six million bucks and thinking he might just. -- get my deceased hang it. Well I'm becoming attitudes toward that. The weed is legal in Denver that might be an issue crazy yet the agreement have to hide it losing focus doesn't have to -- I don't picket and protest at they are gonna pay believed. 57 million dollars -- 626 million. Think the -- Revis is thinking about that this morning just thinking about. Maintaining status quo not renegotiate your Albert -- NFL network on that Revis. I would expects that the patriots will have an interest in Darrelle Revis the question is gonna come down -- body of Revis has never. Shown any inkling that he would leave any money on the table and I don't know that the pages that you want to go in the 1213 billion dollar. Governor -- want to work with them I could certainly see the patriots game pursuit of a guy who gave them a lot of trouble as a member of the church. Let me read to you the headlines and then I think the most important line of all the 12356. Stories I have on the subject. Peter kings headline is billion dollar day 64 player signings for an estimated total outlay a little over a billion dollars. Headline Mike Florio to -- deal shows Broncos are going all in to catch Seattle. After signing the team to leave Broncos turned to defensive line talk about Jared Allen now the markets where. What the patriots do now without to leave -- the other headline. And from Michael -- espn.com. Hard to blame the patriots for losing a key to leave. Now in Dan Wetzel please go to the second page it's the only thing I highlighted in purple one line here that -- The Broncos are asking anyone to take a discount to win. Right at -- pretty much and a delegation of the philosophies here these Broncos are asking anyone to take a discount to win. A minute with the clearly the best team in the AFC last year and they just got much much better we disagree without. They're deaf dumb and I know every one I know Bill Belichick is the smartest man in the world but. Isn't not franchising to leave it real bad miscalculation. When you could have for one year eleven million and that's the price of a corner and that's the principal left corner it is. And actually he thinks he stays healthy this year that he's worried about the -- so you think eleven million I really don't know well I think that if he could -- one year. We -- -- -- any budget year where he's injured he chose as his next year we're talking I think he thinks he's going to get hurt during the year so it's not worth eleven million in the biggest spots. You guaranteeing the Broncos are sixteen that's fine but the biggest spots the last couple years equipment championship game where it was Regis. -- rather to leap. -- If -- -- where was he didn't after the ball movement. Mike preset and while -- -- got his -- ability and injury history was shaky. And he did not finish either of the past two AFC championship games but the patriots. Believe because of a high injury rate in football. That they are not going to -- a quote from Robert Kraft sell your soul. Wearable all of pouring her. So patriots fans as they wake up should be thrilled that you didn't sell their soul. That's that your headline -- that patriots you know. Eight plus compatriots. They didn't sell their soul now this all changes to safety too by the way yes it was -- Cilic six safeties on the market. Hard hitting TJ why were they all gone. Aren't they all go on including Donte Whitner and and TJ ward jitters burger or not done all of our -- This team which desperately I -- needed a presence. Back there and ward was certainly that as was Whitner. They just passed a little house we don't wanna sell our soul. For Donte Whitner. You think it's more likely the patriots end up with Revis. Or Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Isn't -- -- Cromartie yeah importantly -- money a majority of your choice of any additional available for mark these guys Cromartie. It's -- -- -- that's about right though and put that. Cheapest available Cromartie and who's the -- Gregory was their safety. Mean what Korda now who will lose their other safety yes I think that's to be determined still right and all the good ones -- gone. I'm just surprised that -- get Jonathan Martin. That seemed like a patriot at some toughness of the locker John it's Jonathan Martin goes to save Siskel on Blaine Gabbert. Every -- though what action was -- -- it was a great this thing. Here is what has left on the quarterback shelf in the cornerback super corner back supermarket as we said I either one of the -- Marty's. -- Brown 49ers. Cortland Finnegan rams Brandon Browner Seahawks Walter Thurmond Seahawks Tracy Porter raiders are some of the options left. If you want a pro Marty at least know -- well the you mention they didn't think league could stay healthy. Well all terrain vehicle all -- on -- stays healthy plays every game in terms of he's gone but he's yet he's got the camp. And. It was. Four year 26 point five million dollar deal fourteen guaranteed. Four to 2667. Let's let's set 766. And a half for a corner in Pro Bowl corner -- who plays every game and and -- like five and as one of -- known to only five and but. To -- collect those kind of -- myrtle those little guys he ghost that -- As the soon to be replaced him Darrelle Revis. What we can't make fun anymore of Tampa being the Tripoli feeder system for the New England Patriots because does that not now -- the second year in a row the patriots are the AAA Peter's system for the Denver Broncos. -- And I love I mean we -- Belichick's. Brilliant man. I'm maturities this calculating Mike Florio theorizes that. The reason he made a big deal out of -- cheap shot the worst chief did you receive Booker on Talib was that he was trying to poison the well. Didn't want to lead to go to Denver so stressed it even gets really adapt I don't know I wouldn't put anything past Belichick in Italy was that care forgot that offer is good work if it didn't work at 26 million dollar plus for -- up and I know he did because he hates Welker he likes to leave meanwhile by able totally blows. I mean do you don't you think they wanted to keep Talib. To -- talked to let them break that leaves agent do you want to go out there he knew what kind of offers going to be -- -- -- your computer you're contradicting so I wanted to -- -- maturities and a number one year eleven only -- Pamela million dollars one year now. Every single corner out there. Except for all terrain vehicle doesn't mean it gets nice and attack -- think that's right and yes he does that the SE does he likes it. Absolutely -- -- -- -- really get a check of that market know we that you're about to leave but get this -- -- -- this might miscalculated. Miscalculate this -- like last year when he win while everybody thought exactly Walker's gonna just absolutely bank up back up the Brinks -- they -- -- -- that's what the market correctly -- exactly not that I many bus. It was similar this year. They thought people -- overreact -- some cases and he just did the Talib -- fortune surprise. This morning at Leeb is a lot but I don't think he was everything -- eleven million bucks this year as a dog showed up and he didn't screwed up that piece on who's healthy. And -- -- last human and and I went through this thing where it's like an alcoholic might increase interest price and you got a tough guy that's easy stuff of life. Vera she's apparently the lack of jobs Accra is the easiest thing to do. It's it's it's it's low fruit that you picked about anybody else Jerry you can say he picked you can -- in the twenties -- -- million dollars is -- together again you can't say. Eleven handles his four Y a new year with the plays nice days with you with is that that we play 68 what -- -- ghostly universally chick came in that would apply makes the difference. Now I just lost their best defensive player like that could have seen one year a one year deal the good French it's disappointing chose not to they thought they could get him -- it's disappointing dean of the free agency is completely closed now. On you can't bring anybody -- sucks it's over the Brock -- bring in everybody they're gonna lose probably in the -- brought with -- with a Super Bowl that your comedy the plant. Do you think that you know I think they're going to but I didn't have much better chance of winning it in the patriots are are they not a bad road ahead -- -- the Brock -- noticeable that you would -- I just don't apply. Seattle I would say -- -- San Francisco and Seattle's -- it's a waste it. Real right so you can get right of the Super Bowl you have a chance and -- disapproved by the way you've proved you agree with that at their aren't yet but their album but thought I was in her wallet that's that's a big -- Well and obviously ignored her and to -- and with the market where they're gonna be better but he says that's all best team in the AFC. Yes I don't know his teams lose a Super Bowl rarely get back -- much less went right so all they know. So that it will be wasted distribute distribute -- straight no they're not noticeable pounds and can bring you get. You have the best chance to win a super global yes -- chances of winning Super Bowl just got better. Clearly have a group and that's the best in the AFC. I think if you the patriots this is the the bar I mean you're you're measured against right that you lost by ten points in the AFC champion gets backed by them I got better -- got worse we you know wasn't that close on Google not a -- sixty. Off branch -- hot apple franchise tag regrets. Writes Mike threes if the patriots projected that this would be the market for Talib. One wonders if they might have more strongly consists branch -- and -- on a one year deal eleven point eight million even though it would have been a big. It on their cap. But this deal for -- highlights how the quarterback and market has exploded this year I'm not sure many saw this coming after last year's buyer's market. At this place you know even even -- -- Not right batteries in the past but not men hand and hands can. Trust built to the end. Even Mike Reid says I'm gonna wait until this last -- the the -- way to Germany saw this coming after last year's buyer's market it is to us in other words they screwed up. Last year the got a right and this year. So much willing to wait on the patient you know ruin it for free Sudan before before you do. Art and I had read that out -- -- well alt a little bit of hope here and endless -- back our Jason welcome for yes CBS at 1156. Last night. Tweets the following the patriots in a strong position to land Revis now especially after two -- deal. That's the good part that makes you. Think this might happen and then the second line. Revis wants to be there it will only take a fifth round pick to get it done. It's more than a fifth round pick it the fifth round pick if you make a trade and and you assume that contract building that's happening. Why not. It is -- signing bonus. Why not I'd much -- a period of music that money and cap hell I'd much of the debris assembly and to lead -- not I'm not -- -- -- and I would too when you're the one said that the -- wouldn't trade him for a second right there on notice -- -- you first got it wrong about that they -- -- -- the -- -- I would do I would do. Would this so were you look quickly if Revis in town -- horse yet here well I mean the -- I still think elements a key guy. A minute you -- -- walk. And replace them with whom. And Smith announcements Steve Smith -- Smith and oh yeah maybe be fun yeah much assured that he could be that Brady would be thrilled. -- -- they don't care. American actors and gets overplayed. You know -- element in this case. Tries out the patriots settlement is production last year yet because they'd -- they'd let him walk. There -- filing -- that they feel like they can replace that again the summit that rocket. -- -- what I want but the number is 01 with numbers that Belichick offered element elements agent said Rangel ultimately all about bill is probably pissed because element when the deadline came and went. Did not blundered Celtic which are offering a touch free agency in the -- I think you know they don't like that'll have to -- -- me when they don't take that ball porridge that you hand them an offer of three years and almost 600000. A it's a good and and and the chance to be on the patriots imagine if they said that the -- that we eat it used to be on the page pieces. The Broncos are on the line and a better -- in the and there are better and weed is legal a lot of texting and tweeting I can't believe he's gonna play with Welker and I'm not sick offered what six million dollar -- and he never set a bad word about well now -- -- now. And Welker never set Willis you don't want us right. To -- never. This is uneven and I know he likes the vehemently but this is all about Belichick -- that's what McCain team that's at -- -- well Belichick hates -- Act right validate yes oh yeah -- so much money I agree I think he does mean honestly the do you pick a single patriot fairness and oh good will be offset 2019. And he'll be screwed up that's not -- that's the that is the patriots so I don't know yet or not -- it has just not a position. Public aren't so they'll be good cap shape. We don't win their quarterback. But they're -- gap but they don't think 2009 I'll take our next quarterback is -- sake -- like that you mortgages and he can't he can't think he's gonna suck but he's not going to be break up with -- good Pete don't you think what he's what he's what this is Aaron Rodgers after Favre but -- residual -- after Manning. What -- taxes than what he's Brady after Bledsoe as -- -- if you get the number one pick. Then like the colts did come with an opera have -- what was the first pick and our guys -- -- or -- Do you think the chance what are the chances that the -- -- except where Brady left and its. Second best quarterback ever son votes is not gonna happen that happened. You do believe in the closing window theory yes but I do believe but I don't -- -- page to say hey we're gonna suck in four years what's the destroyer cap yes take a look at first you don't sandals that Denver did that you don't know the -- everybody's writing victim's stomach another not know that so what's that Mike what's the space and definitely -- markets where. That's will be big bucks. Much money you're probably. Obama agrees -- to guide the Denver might. Clips via. But the people too good salary cap. Here's here's the end of the via the -- lapidus and and I read -- read the early climbed the Broncos are asking anyone to take a discount to win Denver. Which which watched its season get blown up by a superior Seattle defense and pass rush. Knew it needed to get better on that side of the ball eight believed. Ward where true of sightings is about as good as they could reasonably do in free agency so Elway. Used to this status as an all time great to sell Manning on signing in Denver. Is working his recruiting magic again with -- willingness to spend money today like perhaps no other franchise here's the big line. This is not designed to be a dynasty Manning isn't going to last forever or even for a long everyone understands this on Tuesday Denver doubled down. Tomorrow is tomorrow when it comes it comes preferably the day after a championship parade. All ships right in the center of the -- at odds with his -- whoo man. Old man. -- -- I did not I'd much it was on their radar screen when you lose Eric Decker you know we gonna replace him with them on -- really had a negative. You mentioned Jason likened -- theory that the patriots it's in the fifth round pick fifth round pick at Revis and and once the governor or contract that. That is not gonna happen in. You know why he just -- the morals they don't have a fifth trumpet. Off. The ethics. Did did the first second third 66. I think that traded they swapped to six with a minute so what made the so a lot of field -- -- they don't have a fifth rounder and you know you know -- hold the line. This report yet is say no no no that would. -- be screwed by B is from articles and documents and no not that's been through six -- get a gutter from -- or six right shouldn't have done something created Jonathan Martin for a seventh rounder are conditional seventh -- Wouldn't today patriots -- BC and that is cool. Mean knowledge and -- don't even in there now all the dogs barking at that we send it to Belichick you move John Martin's not what was that second rounder is -- ago. Not not a seventh round and the people people he's a starter extra pacified people. It's a pacify the people resent Belichick's paying attention I don't think right now people assume that he's down -- you know like with the lights went down in Atlantis in -- -- completely. On -- on the slide there is still a Pebble Beach did you stay out yeah birdied eighteen. I got way out of there and it's likely that day he -- as well by this time -- in the weeds I think this text. Reveals a lot about what patriot nation is saying -- talk about Denver realized that Peyton Manning soon returned 38 wind it was closing. Picture says Denver just closed Brady's -- Talk about super bulls that maybe you can wait it's again like gods and rose once things patient's right. It's my understanding of little patients. Want is over. If they bring in -- we've got to stay in my -- how pathetic you really think that Belichick. A lot about franchise. It's -- now I don't -- -- one year eleven million for Talib would love to leave as much as you think you really remember it's not them obviously you -- The editor for some medical stuff we aren't aware. -- that -- -- way up but racial elect finds out that he's got a titanium -- like to read it last night we for the smear campaign began that's right it's. Now -- that war the ultra Poland you right by the end of the show will be talking among the league a women iPhone. Shared flop house at about -- had a key to the -- folks are at 61777. On 7937. Full lines opened up with Jeff in New Hampshire Chris and play and bill mark eluded burger phone calls I hear the draw from. Rumbling in the distance patriot nation.

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