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Free Agency begins in the NFL... so what are the Patriots waiting for?

Mar 11, 2014|

Dale Arnold, Michael Holley and Andy Hart talk about the deluge of moves as NFL free agency opens up, and why the Patriots have yet to make their splash.

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Whatever to assault and -- Sports Radio WEEI Mike -- not here today Dale Arnold in for him Michael Holley is here is always. And we're happy to be joined by Andy heart from patriots football weekly and -- -- I'm doing great and I am enjoying the countdown an NFL network they've kept I've we have two monitors -- even -- -- -- -- on whether agent clock on your candidate you have to ask 53 minutes side and it. Exactly they've got the 24 clocks going we have ESPN on one monitor. And we got the NFL network on another monitor in the got the big countdown clock between the house. And and this and event 8:4 o'clock in the afternoon in a Tuesday march. And event -- event was about what one official there is an obvious Mike Martz on. Michael Ayers I didn't recognize him know -- -- -- -- -- Mike Martz changed outlook but it change that this -- -- marathon training and beard are running America. And as a super marathon I'd be on mr. walk the eightieth in on the heels. Of -- along. At heart rate and it is you know before that while -- -- -- That tells you probably heartbreak -- RT it's probably it's probably not that easy. The trees totally screw up by giving dale correctly point giving Julian -- -- take it or leave -- -- we -- critical -- for. And started on on the patriots totally screwed up I don't think so. I don't think it's a the bridges burned I don't think this is Wes Welker I think that was a different situation I'd be stunned if you see them run out at 405 and sign. The next Julian at a man like -- -- I would be stunt because I don't think that's necessarily where their priorities lie as they had to free agency so. I wouldn't be stunned if settlement sees what's out there may becomes back they revisit this sought out. I know -- you think it's a take it or leave it I don't feel like that -- does it sort of feels like that ticket early but off for the -- Wes Welker a year ago I think it was a little different I think they tried to bully a guy that I think was believable. That's how I would would phrase it because I think they were trying to take advantage of we developed -- we gave you which hands if any has this thing with Brady like they share an agent from the same area there he's like. You know Brady grows his hair long and only grows his hair long Brady cuts is here rattling cuts his hair Brady gets a TB twelve logo. I'm not sure people know there's a JE eleven logo that they're -- like TV twelfth. A lot about the most important -- copy them supermodel he hasn't succeeded each is I think generally regular sister is now -- -- -- Where are now but you know he's right you don't get a chance to win -- -- Eight EOK now for what they are still like 511. And he's not so -- lacked in the thing that Brady handled the ball as part of the conversation for a different day but that's. Our current. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All of a nativity dotted all the Kardashians have been locked in as a group you wouldn't Hewlett. Oh but the big one was the she's mess out yeah that was that's intimidating the ballot anyway and you'll. That's easy by the way good luck to both -- -- -- extradited. I'm married so I don't ever dated -- -- like what you hope that it happened on my -- massive very attractive. Bigger. -- down after that you know we're not a problem I got a little carried away from the -- -- -- they -- Brady like loyalty to the. Yes and I think they tried to say let's take advantage of that. You know is a guy he tasted a little free agency last year that didn't go well he was hurt yet one offer to visit you know nothing came of it. May be scared. Maybe he's not willing to see what's out there and I think that's good negotiations right if you have the upper hand. Try to use it. Artist couple million off the contract if you can but I I don't feel like this was aid the bridges burned move on you know coming back here. I don't think it was probably is not the bridges burned advocate Julian cattlemen and I think you had a terrific season I think he's good player too mean. The way Danny Amendola was described it actually -- actually you know. Julie and Danny Amendola at this time last year he's a guy who can play in the slot but he cannot actually play outside too. He's he's a little faster. Than Wes Welker he's got a little more sides can do more things well. I don't know if Julian settlement has that much more size and and welcome that he's written -- Welker -- he's fast. He played inside last year half the time also played outside. So I think he's a better player than he's given credit for I just don't think that is worth. Five million dollars a year five and a half for even. Four and a half. Nine about a year at the patriots surprise agree with you the problem is the contract they gave him -- -- the guy you're comparing him to. They gave him five years thirty million -- 31 million ROT ten right so if I'm Julian cattlemen. I have better numbers than that guy. -- -- your system longer than that guy. I stayed healthier. Then that guy last year I might be the best punt returner in the game I want that contract was -- started back contract and we'll go from there. And the patriots can't do they can't pay two guys sixty million dollars to be slot receivers it's just not gonna happen so. I think they actually sort of tied their own hands would be Amendola contract they they handed out last year in this negotiation. According to Ben -- of Boston Globe and I'm quoting now what what Ben wrote. He said the source. -- source said -- has had extensive talks with the patriots through Tuesday meaning today and will continue to negotiate with the team but he will test the market as well. It's sort of sounds like will glitzy. Tell me what Cleveland and Baltimore and Houston got off free and then you know one back here if you want to and I won't match. And I want because this I don't know if you guys have noted that the blood money up there Evers and Griffin. A backup defensive end who has a career high of eight sacks is worth forty million dollars right now on this market now. What's a guy coming off my nose once season but he's a hundred catch guy. As you said at the worst he's a punt returner who's that's sort of tailed off last -- became more involved in the offense but he's a guy. That I gonna think. And Matthew Stafford. You wouldn't love to have Jewish settlement sort of as a receiver got a dumping off to win when their double triple -- Calvin Johnson or. Andy -- you know some of these teams that have quarterbacks. Sort of have the outside receiver. If only they would love to have a Jewish gentlemen at 4 1000000 for morning. Five million that's what that's on trying to figure out -- -- if you think this Andy do you think he's an you think he's a slot receiver would you classify. As the purest slot receiver or is a guy who can do some meat cuts. That he can do more than anything that he had an -- account is very fast yeah. He's playmaker it -- he has that anyplace outside McKinney put. Can he match up with the you know there there glut of number one corner on the market so. But that's look at casually Julian element vs. Grimes Grimes is on -- on element is that from erupting for element era. Keep toll plan for another team on a good matchup for him look at record. It's a bigger corner -- -- QB. Sam Shields. Wedding -- I -- think what these guys. Not a number one receiver and basic question you're asking is one if you don't know receiver. I think he's a two. Because I think we saw with the patriots when he's our number one receiver passing offense is very good. Right coming down the stretch in December January they were throwing to him 5060%. Of the time. And that passing offense struggled they needed to run the ball 200 yards to two win games they were not converting third down there -- not staying on the field so if he's your first option. Or primary option I think you're in trouble. But you put him on an offense. And it's sort of like Wes Welker we knew Wes Welker wasn't on number one receiver and he's a guy that needs to have some pieces around him but it's certainly a talented athlete complaint as you said. Inside outside move around. End around punt returner he has some versatility but he's not gonna allow US just some of the lineup beat this guy throw it to me was sort estimates that's not -- We we mentioned -- Hawkins earlier today a guy who is reportedly. Reportedly the guy that the patriots would signed replaced Julian. We need to replace two in -- and that's that's where I start first and what we -- -- -- -- many catches yes and and I know some people thought well TJ -- He's -- -- actually like I would just like him it got caught tell you we edit text there. Who was an -- game over a couple of months well you know I'd love to hear and have to -- hold on to the next. -- -- wouldn't advocate training camp that would -- and registering and met Julia had light recruit OJ EC it was it was really early that are pretty early on. And -- Sullivan. This text an element of the -- -- text about himself may be followed him in college you know these guys they latch on to people on the Google you'd tune. I just. I don't think you necessarily need to replace. Julian -- mean you have Danny Amendola you sign him to be your slot receiver the plant last year at this time was Danny Amendola. Rob Gronkowski Aaron Hernandez I mean you're building your offense with a Amendola keep -- part of it. So what we need to replace a guy that was essentially a fill in -- on. Last year and he produced was a -- and on -- -- they -- better find somebody else because. Here's the bad news he was the best you that that is the bad news that is really bad news but and that's the issue also gets back to when you guys had a good quote from bill talking about the young receivers and he was just praising them in -- of the year in the system and what they're going to be and you can't guarantee what it's going to be but they're going to be better -- that whole thing. He certainly he sold me in that quote that he is if not all in on the young receivers. Pretty far. That quote was before two to three months. Line Aaron autopsy is playing games next to an agreement but you know that chemistry with the with -- -- important and industries that are very important. This sentiment is that they're gonna make out of -- Well after the show. Georgia that I -- that part picking -- I. -- -- -- I'll -- it was shot on Saturday and no -- there are OK art -- -- This sentiment is very populous texas' five I settlement by about to leave. Revis will follow the money hello 2014. AFC east banner. Is it fair to say that this is where we're going with the patriots that. -- Let the key to legal somewhere else. -- battling goes somewhere else. Won't get that big ticket guy and will be talking. The next couple months about value in the bottom third of the roster so we're Columbia S on base with all the reports because it's. Started the day with reports out of a DC ER that very close to resigning Aqib -- yeah and shortly thereafter -- -- chapter -- As -- and information Mazur is in the business said. He and I in the patriots Eagles if if -- it's free agency if he's cut. So. They're clearly not be cut out now because the big cap money teams are sent me go straight Foreman he meant that sixteen million dollar and -- is why we heard about Revis possibly being cut if you're Tampa UP one and out there that you think about cutting him just in case gets them. Last minute offers on the on trees. I was actually think about about the whole the whole Revis the patriots might be interest that -- if you're the patriots and you try to get to -- signed. And he's kind of you know uncle here and talked to Washington. And you're trying to get and a Cooper get off the pot if you leak out you know what would the world this would look pretty good the patriots uniform and all of a -- sleep on it. Yeah I mean what percentage of what we're hearing especially in this modern day with Twitter where you can hear something like that and you can throw something out there like that a guy on you know a web site and -- -- out there like that is it. 10% is true of what we're reading 20% third. It's certainly nowhere near more than 50% by the way I wouldn't put it about the patriots the leaks like that out and the exact same reason until it's as an -- you know. If that Revis guys available -- come Wednesday am not saying I'm not saying we -- -- bonnets and we wouldn't look adamant. -- haven't done it before right and a -- I don't report like outrageous reports. At the bet that are linked to them. There won't knock him down because it helps their cause one way or the other whether it's you know they wanna trade up that remembered -- to -- Robertson. -- So Dewayne Robertson. And deep tackle out of Kentucky. -- he was a guy in during the regular season and the SEC didn't even think about it. What's to come body looked pretty gonna become binding than there was talk about. Now Robertson he's the he's rising if he's our riser and the patriots. Could be interested. You know what happened. The jets. Traded 21 tropics. For the right to go up to number. Number 43 or four area. To get Dwayne Robertson and the patriots were to slap in the entire time I went to an opportune public want to we want somebody do something stupid rejected. What made it worse. The jets head. Like pick between the thirteen and twenty there GM at the time Terry Bradway said. While we don't see any players between thirteen and when he could really make an impact -- that bottomless. Tort column. Yeah. We'd like Fortier fit till we all know there are not a or rather have Dewayne Robertson. Go where you don't want to let them. Crazy. Well I I know that we're now you know 39 minutes and fifty seconds away. And an art 24 ticker art art twenty fort you know TV show ticker keeps ticking away. It's a simple question will last -- when we come back. Will the patriots sign anybody today. -- -- I don't think they will will see when Andy says when we come back just a couple of minutes it's -- look at -- dale Arnold and -- -- -- Michael -- here -- artist while Sports Radio WE yeah. Julian Edelman will hit the free agent market he had been negotiating with the patriots. They got their answer -- settlement will it be free agent market. He'll still talk to the patriots and those doors are still open but don't be surprised that only takes a couple visits before he decides wears next game is going to be. Dexter says my brother and Florida's hearing element in the dolphins are talking. Could be BS but W I Cody has reportedly saying that. From Julian Evelyn I'll talk to anybody short. Why wouldn't talk to -- -- plus dolphins another team big move last year from Wallace you're outside receiver young quarterback. It's slot receivers like used to look at tight ends. Young quarterbacks give them that security like he kept them that quick little slant little option -- little dump off that they can get into the rhythm of the game third and short. I think that would make a lot of sense that the ensuing -- station and is -- ever faced. A pitcher's. Body. Just -- reason I felt it in the daylight in San Diego and get things. He's done some AM station that basically you can't pick up in the parking lot of the radio station. I've worked on a couple of those actually -- So he's at least to back he's back in the game helium in sandy or some on San Diego. Never stop Internet radio she. Let -- -- thanks. So frustrated. Frustrated. You guys weird texture leaders all a year ago Ebenezer crafts strike now. Capital -- operates a season ticket prices but he still won't spend the money our perception. That is the percent is that the perception that they don't spend money absolutely are. I think Mike reasonably good job of that today up now it's a shame when a guy asked to write in his article. I've got this information. From a source outside the organization. As people think you -- pay out among the take the patriots I'm telling you this. Your source. Any information we'll check the numbers are right or not but his information the -- the patriots. Had been spending a lot of money. Actually above the cash payments. Have been. -- -- -- But. As he correctly pointed out and it may be people wanna go to go this for a but they're not spending money they've done it got a bad job of spending money that's -- recently asked well for five years and a lot of times bad job with. Mid level money. You know give this guy four million right of this guy eight million you know no forty million dollar mistakes but you -- -- up with 104 million dollar mistakes which is still. Forty million dollars of mistakes still money -- a Roberts pocket you know what do you say that Andy and just gave me. -- figured out I have just figured out. What the patriots -- It's not just like old tired of the values signing. Is I am tired. But. That's a pretty clear last night -- -- that -- laughs what makes now article hasn't it been like two weeks have been calling for Regis anybody was a big name you Jared Allen. Jared Adams a monument there -- I think he would be the perfect patriots signing public utilities them and he has and that's what it sounds like I'm still I'm. -- -- -- -- The league I guess it isn't the only and thirty cracked open up life with Peyton Manning and just -- to putting -- what I've read your director -- the first -- that I got a half hour I had 31 more minutes to hold up there and it could take. Is still out. But no it's not just that I'm I'm sick of the value signing for the patriots. What's harder to do. Like guys are popular for reasons guys -- stars for a reason because they're good. It is harder. To identify what a mid level guys going to be in your system than it is for -- star in your system the star is obvious. The mid level guy got a project while they used to -- here. We're gonna do a little something different with them here. He's training in this direction but we feel like he's a 34 guy complete a 4343 guy can play -- -- They use him as a number three receiver Williams and that the two will use him as a one. And you're doing a lot of projecting that's hard to do in free agency where the markets where. I don't care what you played in the Dallas system you had a 117 sacks what you gonna do here I get after the quarterback Jared Allen. Whether you're in Kansas City or Minnesota get after the quarterback -- what you gonna do -- New England after the quarterback. They are they obsessed with that mid level guy and it's heart. That's what I'm just so much. But the theory with a big star. Arts if you hit if you have three or four those in any offseason I sixteen million dollars is spread out on these four guys. Gonna go at least 5050 right if you three of them -- you're probably okay even if true. What problem is senile one guy Renny gets hurt or piece of flop now you're screwed and they have done that I mean and -- Thomas was. As Markey a free agent pretty much is this team has -- shocked a saw and it was a bust it didn't work it didn't work. When he left and it didn't work but. With the gala -- -- in 2007 it certainly worked. Go back what that Super Bowl which have done a couple too many times slash. I don't -- TV Michael and I were sitting across oil over Gary Bettman at night remember Gary Bettman. Jesse Jackson was over there frank -- and -- to use and I had I would have been the nose bleeds with the Campbell Anderson Cooper Cameron replied no I hadn't noticed that the problem. Real -- we -- Somewhere club seats yet some clubs -- how did you get these undermine. What is analogous. To Ellison's game was over deal broke out I don't think I I cannot sit here and watched is confetti come. He's not going to party badly about so I stood there in shock just as grounds I was watching and watching it was rare for Michael Strahan angry speech. I am Alice standing around -- -- wearing blue that day -- and of course a couple of giants fans came to me that -- that. At a house. Go with the -- and they want the hi guys that don't want to take their picture. Take a picture has come -- I thought -- At Ellis Thomas didn't work out for that he was great for a year. And may mean you don't decent and 2008. And then the start of falloff. But once again. I think with -- you're asking a guy did do something a little different. I may be a deal with that -- -- -- to play too many positions. In New England. Everything -- come here this is what what will ultimately what they wanted -- You bring up one really really good point because at no point -- license and no point. -- point did you ever say OK that's the -- remember that today Thomas I mean I I remember this guy. Those were few and far between and a lot of that was. He was sold as the most versatile player on the field remember -- he can stop the run he can rush the passer you can line him up wide and he will bump Chad Jack's Johnson into the Gatorade table he can do it all sideline to sideline. Big man fast man strongman. And needed to do. Anything electric. It was pretty personal I mean I think they tried to use them in a variety of ways and all those. Different skills and it just didn't pan out and I actually don't think he was as good no seven as you'd think I think the talent around him. Was better in 07 I didn't much like Ray Lewis said. You know when he left Baltimore you fading here with the cast and that we -- you and I think that 07 defense still had enough talent on it. To help Padilla's Thomas and then as the torch should have been passed to him as sort of the leader the play -- if he wasn't rated take a look at who made him -- seven. We made him and -- the remaining guys on that defense you have -- -- Rodney harassing you had Tedy Bruschi had Mike Vrabel. I mean you still had -- talented defense of course my opinion. -- -- Ty Warren -- we don't talk about those guys like that. No I hear -- seven we always talk but the offense and when I bring up they had a top five defense people's out well whatever that aspects -- They'll goalies that year they get a 21 point lead the first quarter and just played from ahead. Mike Vrabel pinned back his ears picked up his all pro twelve and have sex they deathly bully people like you're playing for it. No question yeah I think I think he was I think he was pretty good four year but he wasn't 35 million dollars good and that's what they you know member of the Belichick. We backed the Brinks truck up to you you better and -- reset on the practice field. And he -- yet but I would think with a guy in imposition versatility is is awesome. I think it's a great concept but it would if you really have a special player and look at -- Thomas when he was paid like a special player. He wasn't special. It was in a special he never lead again I know done. After knowing whose career was over I didn't want to -- if -- can help one of those guys. Instead of -- I I still feel even though the deal -- did not work out and we thought. Would you rather have. Three fives. 150. In a campaign about it to me which don't wanna have three pretty good players. -- -- and great player. Let me just -- -- great player in my depth. I'll get my guys about what draft picks. That that it -- -- -- for Darrelle Revis got my first round -- my second runner at third rounder at that depth guys from last year. I'm obviously very good at picking up street free agent that did that a couple of times last year. A -- it will in the seventh round Matt Cassel played in the -- seventh -- -- -- -- the -- seventh rounder David Givens played only have a product that. Are. The updates are. I agree a 1000000% because I think this team needs play makers both sides of the ball we've been calling Ford feels like for 34 you play makers -- makers -- and at times you have a when drops out there you see -- play maker looks like he's a fifteen million dollar or whatever it is he is an elite player and you see. The difference that makes some degree Aqib -- is a difference maker big money player who. The defense looks totally different when he's on the field. As opposed off the field for the patriots which I think -- talented team. I'll take the fifteen you said on the jaguars take three fives -- building it's known here but we're talking about the pictures that you fifteen -- I asked the question before the break answer now. The patriots and create and today that's not the wrong. -- -- again to a technicality. Reported police. Or sent out a press release all that wants an okay that's no chance in hell I know that I know that's not I'm gonna say they sign somebody. Is an eight hour which which by the way me status -- the bill that did not that that first wave of free agency that bill generally able yep. I -- -- -- which means up. -- -- Michael's term that that usually a pretty big that's the expensive time about. -- or not Andrew Hawkins now. I -- Jared Allen Jared Allen is a guy again I know we don't -- but Jared Allen is a guy I think you could. Overpay for but it's going to be shorter term and there's still time 330 so lucky that dream alive through Jared Allen took I would get -- in three years. Eighteen million dollars to back a little does and actually -- league -- million or three years 181000008. Or nine guarantee. To me that would be a splash you can just ink on to a sixty million dollar Mike Wallace deal it's a reasonable splash I think they do science -- late today. Texas coming at -- saying the great players to hit the market. That's report most without gadget -- most guys sign right but you don't have some you have some very good to grant I still think Jared Allen -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to a great player. If not great very good yes I mean the guy his age is durable. Hasn't missed a game in like. Eight years as a missed the game as a viking is a roll out of -- give you double digit sidelight that should mean more to the patriots than it has the last couple years I would agree based on the road they've gone down with some but. Even bigger issue. Is attitude I think he would fit in with Logan Mankins in just kind of hard work and probably a little bit of a redneck beer drinking in. Wants to get after the quarterback. This defense. You lost spikes. For whatever you like or dislike about spikes he had an edge to him a little sump into the world that aren't quite sure what it was -- you knew was there when he was out there. I think -- brings that. Now Arnold to -- -- or not but this defense in my opinion wouldn't only take a step back personnel wise. It would be something missing in terms of swagger chemistry. And I think Aaron would feel that Jared Allen fill that out they probably aren't and yeah I think keeps him him. -- -- and you parade is this -- talk radio thing to do not is rose to sort of keep like the dream alive even if you -- believe in the dream I believe -- Broncos take care of that I don't believe what I'm saying I know I -- of -- of that. -- also believe that another great player who's gonna hit the market. -- Darrelle Revis. This is a great player correct he's a great player and he's off the market whether it's free agent or trade. He's on the market so I am I'm Michael I think QB freeagent tomorrow I don't think that they'll ultimately get a trade done for him or he'll be an unhappy Browner. Rader rader who will be you'll be making a sixteen million and realized well. In my house on the jets and explain its title games that the distant. Now playing in the. Battle global high. I. -- Cold War way says the Ohio Richardson -- and I had my home games of front of the black hole that it breaks. I just I. I think that they probably got one or two guys lined up I mean we've seen those reports that. Western is doing is supposedly -- me -- and you can say what kind of -- -- no no I didn't I just based on especially -- accounts -- that -- I mean that's not exactly -- -- looking for -- most. Patriots fans. But at that theoretically would we give you your let me ask your question. Did do you hey you guys and -- general perception they spent last year. -- get. And I don't feel like people given credit they went no you don't because Daniel to look 31 million dollars on basically the first day for AJ has reached this point recess appointments they have don't look at -- This perception he wrote about him -- your -- this perception they don't spend is misguided. But that's -- area and you won editors and it has caught -- it is -- picked up steam it is. Not about. A boarding. Of that the hate page I don't know that -- around the money it's it's only around on which got its but it like they only get credit for. Other teams free agents in the ones fans want. Big fans didn't want Danny. -- so I'm not gonna give them I want it well right and end the way it's played it is so that 31 million got outbid for Wes Welker which isn't the -- but it's. How -- perceived and then they outbid everybody else Virginian and also give them credit for spending that money. Or except the perception is they just went and got second best how about we give them credit for two years ago. Giving Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez somewhere in the range -- a hundred million dollars. It would have been criticized and they lost either of those two players to free agency a year later. But -- seem like anybody wants to give any credit for spend in a hundred million dollars on the right. Mean that's still money that's the counts the same right doesn't count any differently if you sign a free agent off the market as opposed -- hundred million Euro players. And can you imagine the -- had they lost save Rob Gronkowski to free agency. I mean they would run. There are criticizing the Kraft family right now can you imagine what it would have been that but don't give them credit -- any of that money spent a lot of money on both tight right. We all know what happened but I guess it's maybe it's just ignoring the bad spending. There's been some bad spending here and -- Danny Amendola looks like. -- money wasted so far money wasted on Amendola yes it was a bad contract. -- I have trouble with that argument -- -- don't know I -- I don't know I'm not a big Amendola got up there but I think Danny Amendola played like Danny -- this year. Don't blame him. You get what he always does little nicked up. Guided through some of the injuries. Couple touchdowns okay -- Australia yeah but it's his career numbers that's what he has he got paid for -- had a career high and and it yards yards per catch yeah it was better than his his career average and better than anything he had done previously. So he played two of them. That's what you for you paid for a guy who'd been in the league for four years averaged ten yards a catch gets hurt sometimes gets you to a three touchdowns a year. Catches. 506070. Passes. Well didn't he do all that so who's all closet Danny Amendola it was a bad decision. I don't think he's he's done anything that. Now it's the reason why am not as fired up as other people are about resigning Aqib Talib. Like him. My my problem is I've seen back to back years where and I'm not blaming when guys get hurt guys get -- but the fact of the matter is he is on availability. For most of if not all of two back to back AFC championship games may have kept the patriots had a two super balls. It's certainly argue that but I will tell you if this defense loses to lead and does not replace him with somebody named Regis. You're turning back the clock to those days -- to lead two years or garner when they were. I think burners highly overrated -- I think he is a he teams are gonna sell him he's a number one corner they're gonna give him forty million dollars -- the they're gonna regret it I don't believe he's a shut down corner in the mold of Revis or to leave. And you remember how bad this pass defense was pre -- when they were giving up. Touchdowns of like -- yards fifty yards twenty yards forty yards it was like aerial assault. All that and every quarterback every car every time the ball when the Aries you know here we go again it here -- that Whitney it wasn't that long ago when the defensive backs. That they couldn't cover. How wasn't I wasn't the only problem the problem was getting to find the ball remember. You're at your job your defensive back five and the ball. -- to let's say -- they can't coach them this this can't be coaching. I mean they have to tell them turnaround look for the ball but they never -- but we're not arguing that any moment to leads on the few outs because he knows what he's doing talent. That's what it takes 6177797937. With telephone over the AT&T text line -- 37937. We are off fifteen minutes and twenty seconds away from the start of free agency in the National Football League. We'll talk about it with you Andy hearted here it's while Sports Radio WEEI. I definitely want him back she's an outstanding. Young man we hope he wants to be back and once again it's about. Two sides coming together you know he he really came into his own mission here and what you do than returning kicks and punts and but what he did on the field was tremendous and I really hope you'll return. I hate to say it but every time Bob Kraft which is somebody would return that seems to be there out of death drawn on its. There on the next flight out of town Ebenezer Bob Kraft talking about how he wants. -- and monarchy airman. I wish you wouldn't tell us so we she'd tell Bob Kraft I mean. Bill Belichick. Don't tell us telling him no I don't want until Google to a -- and now I'm I'm -- you get into the metal Simone journals and bill Belichick's coaching another team. We don't want that you have an idea at the hole the only stand with a stop watch. -- Syracuse. We. Urban it's it's worked out pretty well no absolutely and you know. We bitch I could make the argument that the way Bill Belichick has run this team has worked out pretty well yeah. I know you want the big splash my -- and and I think most folks are with the on this thing. The counterargument would be. The way Bill Belichick has done this has been pretty effective in the straight AFC title game you -- again great. Okay Chris Cornell and first I -- a beautiful it's a little different. Here's a beautiful thing about where the patriots -- you can call it spoiled if you want fifth save save pictures Francis -- great. The success of the organization. The ambition. Of the order that collective ambition of the organization. Has allowed everyone around here to be spoiled. Because what fans expect they expect the same things so what's the what's the problem a year it's spoiled into much -- kids. You're spoiled when they want all the news they want the latest that they want the latest that interview as a parent don't want that. But in this case. Parents and the kids want the same thing. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady what are they thinking about the Super Bowl we think they're happy they got to the last three AFC championship games. With no Lombardi trophy to show for. So obviously they just disagree with you about the best but I don't I'm not I don't know what Tom Brady -- Bill Belichick disagrees with you about the best way to get back. To a Super Bowl championship he doesn't think apparently that it's making that big splash in free agency because he almost never does. You play dirty pool slightly as a dirty quote we are just -- I apologize to Bill Belichick disagrees with you were talking football. Is gonna win that argument. I don't argue that Bill Belichick every -- but you up yeah do acknowledge that wrote the book ought to all go well got -- off the Christmas. I. Well I. Right you'll ever see what it is innate stupidity. I H 231. And think about the corporate what authority -- 78. Or any guy. But I think. It doesn't mean if you if you talk about getting a big ticket item item doesn't mean. You are bringing down you were cursing. The entire philosophy or you want them to completely overhaul the way they've done business -- -- in time. -- you talk about a big time free agent. That's that the response. Well hey it's worked there have been the three straight AFC championship games right half. I am talking about that next step. One war that pushed. Are you you'll look you're inherently. Talented enough well coached enough whatever it is the right support. Get a group -- pretty underwhelming last year and let's face underwhelming group that if -- while -- devil's advocate -- They were help the on defense they -- let there were a lot more than underwhelming. That's her I mean you've got the -- without Vince Wilfork without Jerod mail without Tommy cataracts if you've got those guys on your team. You're right there now you probably future ass kicked in the Super -- like. Like and those guys. With those guys I don't know. Which do you arguing no don't say it -- -- seem like can you tell him I thought -- aren't saying they have less what we saw last year underwhelming it because of the injuries right. That was an underwhelming group. So. That group. If that team without events and without Mayo. And without ground combat team and gotten gone to the Super Bowl probably not a good look form. But -- is saying if you bring them back -- miraculously all those guys are healthy stay healthy and you play in the Super Bowl I think it's a different story but that didn't happen. Talking about it right. -- I'm -- after by the way and Albert -- of NFL on network. Ian Rapoport is well the markets where released by the Dallas -- is good this is yeah all this is Michael's we let us use his. I haven't seen him personally observed as an -- like doctors working like -- and -- I make talks about a very handsome man. -- -- -- -- -- -- It in the right situations situational pass rusher. It is helping take mean he's helping out okay Allen's off the market -- to -- DeMarcus -- will have talked about elite. Defensive player of the year type guy and I don't think -- He's had a couple of injuries the last couple years I still think he's relatively again young but that that is Bill Belichick to wheel house that I can -- your Italian guys illegal what's what's wrong with -- -- -- what your help the now. Another elite player to your roster can double that in a different okay. Who's your prime target Revis island where now which one well mark price target is going to be -- a wardrobe okay you want Hillary sixty million dollars a year. Well all BP's well early tomorrow will be contract we can work with it if I know Darrelle Revis he's in sixteen million. He's -- like it 2.0 million but it won't be sixteen million dollar app would pay him a lot of money so let's just say a ton of money. Which cut its -- -- you willing to cut groundswell for to take. Overeat -- not. I don't hate. Him. You can restructure Vince Wilfork you can restructure out of business he can't. While can -- be a problem. -- about -- what can you where do you get the money -- erratically -- without talking to the guys. There's there's money to be had with on the contracts of Gradkowski -- -- the -- ski. Wilfork. -- according to create some space. For an elite player. Don't tell me now this is where we get into the hole. Cheap things don't tell -- don't have the money to get these guys resource. They can they have they have the resources to get they get about fifteen million on the cap right now. Right right now and right there's an easy way to add seven point six million -- it's. Sorry good run I took and went to tackle that I'm trying to get better just trying to bring it outside trying to bring a big names for the sake of about trying to win a press conference while it now trying to say there and errors I want Vince to restructure. I don't want -- gone but it ultimately. Decides now you know what I'm I want what I got. And I probably think about I would -- Bush comes to shot what I want now right you don't have to do you have fifteen million dollars for including tents but. In in Michael's world here if we're gonna head. A massive contract or or even a contract. Vince might be on the chopping block because of that because of his status his age his injury and the valley if you think about Darrelle Revis. The traded version Revis where that sixteen million dollars comes in the play and -- reading my my guy. Bin Nathaniel Hawthorne Poland. Agreed. That you. Well Clark I got a little -- is like -- Thomas party kind of guy like Thomas Hart. -- of the ridiculous questions are out now in LA. Don't go from -- you know how about all of us understand that we are. And political memory recorded him packer quarterback got to forget it. -- an expletive it wiped a slate clean. Can do it for eight million dollars based on the existing contract -- all bets are now with. If he's released. Millions. Cap number. Robert Kraft would still be ending Darrelle Revis and proper crap. At Ralph Lauren. I. I. -- -- that other eight is just being pushed up. Mean if you're OK with that. You still have to make a decision at some concrete and good about three is back when he -- fourteen. Panel and I'm lowering them I've in the moment Andy on the -- -- This is your one minute warning one minute -- the official start of free agency. Welcome back and will start to get into it will be Boris -- about yes it is your one minute warning. By the way anybody who announces a free agent signing it at 4 o'clock has been flat out breaking NFL holds up until land. Any heart pro football weekly is here I'm dale Arnold and for -- salt Michael Holley Sports Radio WEEI. It's about team building I don't know that people fully understood with the -- salary. To you know very important -- the bottom third of the roster who looked at what happened to us this year I think we. Three starting defensive linemen who -- undrafted. For your rookie year agents. And how you manage the bottom -- of your roster is critical of the well so. How you invest your dollars and it's easy to Monday Morning Quarterback and it -- what happened this year and the fact that we've got for the championship then it's pretty remarkable. That. We're always looking to improve. Both sides of the ball. Patriots owner Robert Kraft talking about the team's approach to free agency. Let me run through as best I can the names of players who we believe have agreed to contracts with new teams here. At the start of free agency the guys who have blatantly cheated but nothing's gonna ever be done about it. -- birthday has apparently agreed to a four year 23 million dollar deal with the San Francisco 49ers. Started every game he played in during his eight years with the Indianapolis Colts. Offensive left tackle Jared LB year five year deal worth 35 million dollars. With the Arizona Cardinals leaving the Oakland Raiders. St. Louis Rams tackle Jared are Roger sampled reached agreement on a five year 42 point five million dollar deal 21 and a half million dollars guaranteed. With the Oakland Raiders. When he -- guarantees -- that's what it says here did Denver Broncos have apparently signed wide receiver Andre Caldwell. Other appreciate brother -- -- that -- hand and I'm looking at your eyes have -- have been around -- as possible. Miami Dolphins. I have agreed to deals with the offensive tackle Branden Albert and defensive tackle Earl Mitchell. The Chicago Bears have agreed to a contract with former Oakland raider defensive and LaMarr Houston. The Cleveland Browns were out there spent that like they own it well again perhaps -- they have signed. Former Arizona Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby former San Francisco 49ers safety Donte Whitner. And I think that's the list of the ones I have up to this. Point you know the NFL network should have replaced the countdown clock with. A tote board with the money that speaks -- I was during rough -- went well over 200 million dollars oh yeah and we are. How far -- thirty minutes an -- 200 million dollars. Amazing you know I wannabe a wannabe Carlos Carlos I do. -- however Carlos -- these. Agent. His buddy we think about all the money. Dansby has gotten in the last couple years ago back to Arizona last year to Miami. -- overpaid. He leaves Miami. Goes back to Arizona. Has an incredible me a great year for the last minute team had to admit that defense did very well on a new vehicle to make the playoffs. A lot of people like they should have been in the playoffs with a different system and now he goes and gets. Even more money Karlos Dansby if you look at if you don't line -- of his generation we you'll -- we you remember the name Karlos Dansby and fifteen years problem not. Just -- spelled with a K and think about all the money that this guy has made. At the age of four 23233. Years -- Byron crisis. Two more real quick defensive tackle -- McDonald has jumped from Seattle to Tampa Bay Jacksonville has signed Denver Broncos guard seen Beatles. So those are two more that apparently. Sean love Powell bolts Cleveland for Washington. Here's one for me feel better about life. A pro football talks Twitter feed just set possible impediment. Did Jared Allen to the Broncos Sarah girl Allen may want to much money -- And he currently has no other suitors well that's certainly the patriots out of that mix Ella. Oh well. They say he has no -- no no -- the only don't know is always the patriots in you know. Always maybe there's a phone call of course money's an impediment for Denver. Cents -- about him coming here and I probably not a dream is alive the dream -- are now that it was an hour ago. Impediment to good. Are -- a what you guys. Went to their. Final game. What should rethink some. Which read write that down is not a -- tag line for somebody rethink. It thinks preachers who is that somewhere I mean. He still got hurt -- house is at. What's that like me report that the keeper. -- AT&T that perhaps possibly okay. If Jared Allen comes here. If Jared Allen comes. What does it look. No we talk about you know Darrell Revis is there's not do this for the secondary. If you had if you had your court order markets where one of these guys one of these pass -- No I keep talking about where's numbers you know 117 sacks Jared -- Probably 13 of its gotta be up it's more than the markets where. Who benefits from is it. Is -- Deborah McCord -- is it Chandler Jones. I -- looks like a different player much of it tell me like instead of just saying names. Tell me what this scheme looks like coming with fifteen looks. My guess would be he's gonna play left defensive and AT&T rethink possible probably becomes a starter for you heard -- Ninkovich becomes your versatile guy. Who will seat time and we'll see time at linebacker or linebacker group that without backup but I think if you wanna know get the biggest boost to jail. Millions and AT&T. That that he would. Get Jared down on that side because. Last year regularly even in the pre season. We saw a little bit of Tommy Kelly Chandler -- sort played off each -- and inside rush outside they were doing some things in it looked like it was gonna work and then sort ago. Ripped out from underneath this because the entry Tommy Kelly I think Taylor Jones was good not great last year and he won down as the year went. Eight Jared Allen and get some attention and creates pressures on the backside. And -- -- is gonna get some snaps off because you know have a three man rotation at defensive end. With Rob Ninkovich -- counts I think Chandler Jones will be the beneficiary breathing you know. When you bring in Jared Allen is it is advance. I mean you think about it of the ring and Gerry announced a mostly -- he don't sit on out of money -- you know wanna know on the difference is still going to be here you have. Jared Allen on a team with the events on the defensive -- vents. And Kelly maybe Kelly's. But events. Chandler Jones. Rob Ninkovich. Jerod Mayo could be lineup behind immediately becomes more and exactly as you have you have the same these these stars. High power Collins. Who benefits the most it might be events. -- -- my premise right what -- pilot defensive end or does he become -- -- if he's been our traditionally right defensive end. I just picture him as. Plays the run I think probably a little bit better than -- Jones does at this point. And I think you it would be nice fit for him later in his career to go against right tackles rather left tackle but. You agree that premise yeah I do know I mean he is he is -- guy you think you can just leave Malone. And they. Jared Allen said okay right. I would suggest that anybody playing in the secondary for the patriots would benefit. Last time for the quarterback of the football more pressure on the quarterback you're not asking those four guys. On the corners and and it safeties to hang on these wide receivers for four and five seconds. Anybody in the defensive backfield would benefit a TV a couple of others according to Jason -- on for a a Dane Fletcher is meeting with Tampa Bay tonight. Interest. So. It is Fletcher -- in the first day visit free agency that Tampa Bay and -- swap them out for Wesley with the widget and according to the NFL network's Steve Smith will not be released by Carolina that. Today -- -- today I did say today that with the well the whole thing was with the salary implications I guess are easier today have a deadline the same way with the bears I mean it didn't get well. I don't believe. I don't believe Vince got released today should put it that way none of us believe that's the case we believe -- is still on the books that. Eleven point six million dollar salary cap -- -- still renegotiate this thing right -- I mean you do it any time. Any time but if he has -- Decades he doesn't have any sometimes these contracts. Revis has one for example. Where there's a date that sort of plays a role in the content Vince is pure. Pro rated signing bonus and salary you know there's no roster bonus option but there's none of these bonuses in March or any point. You have until the season mean theoretically you could go down the road of lawyer Malloy. Where you carry that carry that carry that and then realize he's not what he was in camp. And all of a sudden you got a currently in the process I don't think it'll go there because of the respect both ways but theoretically could go right to -- Act both ways and plus what do you do we're talk about this yesterday Andy. What do you do if you don't have that swallow for those guys are out there you need. Even even when he wasn't playing well last year before the injury. They weren't just a pushover. When when teams want to run the ball and -- combination of no -- -- note Tommy Kelly eventually but when Vince left it was a. Maybe it immediately. They struggled against the run what do you do if you decide about a Vince Wilfork well that's that's the problem with waiting longer and longer you need to replace. You can't count on Joseph -- earlier undrafted rookie and Chris Jones waiver wire pick up. To replace Vince Wilfork if you're thinking you may have life without Vince Wilfork that you need to at least be active on mid level free agents you need to bring in a guy who. I don't know the name right now but a guy who's. Probably started you know thirty of 55 games over the last however many years that kind of player. You need to -- as you went from pro bowler to. We get a signs of audio wave and that's why you saw I think such a dramatic drop you have a back up that you would cut all those member Kyle Loeb and bring in -- and those guys those guys got back ups. So you were scrambling if you are thinking of life without -- you need to replace him in this free agent process and according to what Aaron Wilson of ravens insider Julian settlement is among the ravens potential free agent targets in the -- it and I like it for them. Again that's a team you have your outside threat in -- Guys that hadn't been through so I have Dennis -- have a quarterback who's supposed to be dumb man and that's a nice offense are motivated to. Although not sure that's a quarterback you want throw -- short. Passes and at. The Eagles have released Patrick -- It happens I don't think he's going to be here no I want to know John goes that's what I mean under the -- those teachers and engine not so much. A linebacker O'Brien Schofield has agreed to terms with the giants two years eight million dollars -- name. And also Leah has apparently agree to a deal with Atlanta. They want to get a little -- Europe front of them some stout race. I mean these things are happening so fast it's hard to it's it's hard even you know keep up with the in the why they had to start working on some weeks ago and I. Otherwise you just couldn't -- in Atlanta has agreed to terms with both Paul Soliai and John Massimo. Via offensive guard us via this appeal the effect yeah. Former former chief Malkin the ball to apparently agreed to terms with Tyson Jackson. Voted Atlanta falcon that's not actually that's also the the only effects. Trying to do here with -- It what do you think argue that he has the -- you're doing okay after Arafat and elbow problem get a and I was trying to find if there was anymore. Patriots gotten often edit and the only other one rich demeaning and and we can read this for a little while now that the jets have very real interest in Michael -- He's reporting here this afternoon I've that's not only his -- that it just don't let it insulted jets signing it's. It just fits he belongs there -- they deserve him he deserves its heart you the circus music and I -- Just bring Tebow back to -- -- out about it you're and it just. Now the accurate lefties well come -- over now the silent to build some apparently released quarterback Kevin Cobb. The question is whether the jets will let Mark Sanchez -- try to get one of these jobs. You would be doing a better favor a bigger favor if you did it earlier right right don't -- do it you're not gonna keep them. I mean Google and go anyways to do -- -- -- one -- sign on somewhere. That's a tough time to be an agent I would think no. No this is your Super Bowl I think I'd be overwhelmed. Now you got your guys -- you you find in you finding deals for your guys right now this is why he. It'll be when you're listening why didn't Wesley would get him one area you're talking oh when my big clients is hang Alex Ayers. And be over after staff for that kept her assistants. There's a Wesley would your level you know what happens -- -- volunteer assistance and -- -- -- assisted -- -- often their own thing and he's mapping it through. They screw it up and Wes Welker ends up in Denver with a twelve million dollars -- and I'll also say this this sort of fits into what we thought the patriots would be. You know that you're gonna see a flurry of deals patriots aren't that team that dives in with the initial wave of free agent signings. They may have visits with the a couple of guys who you know don't. Inspire a lot of confidence in patriots fans anywhere. But it's really that second week of free agency where they say okay out of some values here value while Andy card and let's be honest. This this first wave of free agents aren't they almost always over priced. Almost always in general you -- back reality data you'll -- you go back and look at music -- You know nice player. Game that it now usually happens that first group. In this certain wells like coming here and it's going to be right -- just money out there -- What. -- shuffled. Q -- that thirty feet Lamar Hughes had some good player not great 35 million dollar good now thanks for the great players still out there. On defense. -- two great -- in fact they've reached an impediment still there the realm Revis. Chairman Alan ball's still can be had -- although. I mean if if if Andy's right let's be honest Jared -- in the training room slug in court -- with Peyton well wait a minute though waiting for the -- tell -- to be made. I think part owner Narragansett there let's get on board this recruitment that they have in Denver on the at home or are out there I recruit that not -- I icing. Peyton Manning has Jared Allen taped to a training table. And should not let him out of the facility outside and take quick break completely back to ask the calls as well Sports Radio W media cue the circus music -- -- -- -- For -- in all that like as that that takes time. No it's called a -- it is art scene and make decisions that affect a lot of so here. All of those things. What sort themselves well. You know our knowledge or the one that makes almost -- decision you know I love Norman he's one of my my -- that's a lot of time with them. Under prodding him for everything that you accomplish he deserves. He deserves the bad. Seriously. As a white snake Perot. Sounds racist to me. Don't. I. Okay and yeah. I mean I've I know pillow lies -- like oh my god why aren't like today. That was an. That that's -- It is. This might have been on. An -- yet the dreads Knoll before that along with -- Yeah just like to review what we can and cannot it's a move like that nobody -- created that. There was a kid in my Spanish class. In high school to coming every day different white snake in my car. I just before actually didn't have a website. 1980. Six and Democrats. Are about a -- it was -- I don't get to see exactly you got under steam and could lose the white. He just got me into. John heiress out of with a man. I think you get the covers up a avenues to just wrap them every day in what this thing here is there. Washed what -- just how many good players they -- its way out in the problems and hygiene problems. 6177. And 797937. Dance in Cranston -- I don't. I have to -- -- Dario did a great. I did what -- the real quick I mean as long as Brady didn't -- we know there -- 115 particular -- right. LA and that division you'd like to think their chances are pretty gut. Yeah I mean I'd just take that for granted that's another thing is that yet where -- oil earned it by. Let's just assume that they're not gonna do it in and out of the norm they do nothing big today they wait a couple of days the second week they get the second tier level guy. And now we're all now we're back talking like you know. Are there received -- Dobson and -- in there and now the year in the assist. And -- that they are all oral argument that's great and everything but the patriots still haven't developed a receiver and about ten years so. I kind of take that you know with a grain of salt but the big attraction to meet the problem but I have a debt. They don't well you get the plane ticket that they need to get -- the you know that that's the total that is -- -- -- is one of those guys than it would take something completely Arabic Arab. The dude I -- -- the one term you said that I know and -- now value for the next two weeks and I hate that term I don't like in a bandit. Well they -- they have -- they have done it in the past to their -- in their defense Randy Moss was certainly one of those playmakers. The addition of Wes Welker. But he has value moss was value he was on absolute lie low Roosevelt Colvin was that was a guy who came in here with a good went after the us. But -- he's the college right now that MO is value there's got to be some little knock on a guy he's not that leaked playmaker. But we can get him on the cheap and he might be able to do ex -- Danny Amendola that's what. They saw they saw a guy who could become Wes Welker or more so there's always -- a projection it's very rare that they go out and get the elite playmaker because. As Michael said ideally play maker makes a lot of money. I -- Jerry -- a break point that column today ego. Division title you know there's going to be timing award that does mean something at the community -- -- -- -- in -- mean and I think that you know. The window is really quote once you lose all you know and are you looking at 106115. -- integrate these are well I. It actually -- saying get a receiver or just maybe a big time player like the markets where awkward the real regions or Jared Allen. Not that I'm not that I'm telling you it's not that there are no. I had guys that are -- it is -- difference is that the guys are gonna get them all the and the guys that they got Barack right now are on -- players. By and they -- the system but I don't think they will get them all but they are. And -- animal the popular stand. Well -- will say this and in the cornerback market may be drying up as we speak apparently the Indianapolis Colts are gonna re signed Vontae Davis. According to a source the data show after quotes here. But I'm gonna say this and I see where Mike Freeman has written this is -- tweeted this out as well. Some of these first they contracts are not they are but the players were talking about. You look at the numbers you say one thing how are these get it it's like it's like they're spending like drunken sailors. We've got it we've got to spend it let's right goal and and the contracts that this or stay at least so far. You -- -- this is crazy. On eBay is there any contract where you say that guys just not in the community and for exiting. Out some of the players sightings of the team signed her own players upset that. I that the vikings. Guaranteeing twenty million dollars to Jefferson Griffin. We have five sacks last year and I think he had. Two or three of the five in the last two weeks -- year. Talk about the guy who really keep waiting for something happened but -- 2627. Years old and so far it hasn't. It hasn't clicked form Indy played with. Jarrett and his -- you're gonna get easier and -- -- Jared Allen he's gonna become -- -- even you know I know that the Seahawks the dominating in the Super Bowl. And and Michael -- was an important peace forum last year the group contract I'm just gonna talk contract states and the guys switched teams. I'm not really floored by any of the contracts that -- so. I'm just getting to -- a couple of quick examples here Eugene Monroe five years 37 point five million averages seven and a half million a year Tyson Jackson with Atlanta 25 million over five years. Zain Beatles with the jaguars five years thirty million now. The big -- money is what matters I understand that but I'm looking at these numbers and I'm looking at these maintenance and what doesn't belong why. I would also ask the question of the play -- let -- -- the final four. Patriots Broncos. 49ers he yeah of their play makers they're hopefully makers that got them to where they were. -- And even you big money. Mean some of the guys had filled in nicely with a couple guys. -- pork -- -- -- yeah right he made some -- here it was hot growth -- growth c'mon -- I don't. Not for job certainly offensively you look at those teams there's a lot of young you were tight players Julius Thomas the areas on this at quarterback which passed in Denver but. Earl Thomas Richard Sherman. Bruce curve and aid -- big deal that defense team chancellor. Around and that's the core of their team round. So. The patriots if you wanna argue. Make the leap is that because of what they do today tomorrow next week. Or is it because. -- Arnold is starting receipt. -- Collins is all of a sudden what we saw against the colts for twelve of the sixteen games next year. -- -- You know Aaron Dobson instead of catching forty passes next year is eighty and averages 147. -- -- touchdowns. On some level leap from Pete meant it but. Should he win or lose today it's fun. We lost after the maker in this hour in the money yet and we want art team across the scroll and it's on. That they're tied to player. It works. NFL free agency is an hour Ian patriot nation is underwhelmed so far 617779. Like that last little thing filled me Bubba I had a Teddy beer and it was you know -- -- you squeezed him and he would -- For real man I loved about the surveillance reminder -- -- -- that's a -- Bill -- present at six 77797. -- 37 -- telephone number Sports Radio WEEI. After that you got territory that's Bubba that's him not angered us Norton -- continuity and find the right. -- but he does all kinds of things that whole thing just so free data out to Randall he'll really cool. Outlets that are once you put me on your -- and bounce and pop pop pop what was her name -- me. My attitude generally means three to five when -- got an -- this -- it's very fun hole through. -- I brain transplant. I got -- and -- -- -- some are dark basement I don't report I'm looking for all of you technologically advanced money -- would know it was on -- -- to -- a good time calls for. -- sort of -- right now -- bring on the timing ahead. You're born with 798. Would be. Was thinking about 95. I possibly help us. You saw Florida -- and that's true our advocate. Advocate the load. I'm at NC you know it certainly -- anything from -- seem appropriate. -- I -- -- accurate. On -- to -- you for a for other -- and until the big kid before. In a more serious note -- arsenic in the water there and that's very the corner. -- market getting very interest and expense yes the Vontae Davis deal. Was a -- essentially the same shields deal for years 39 million. He and Peter King -- -- guarantee yes according to Adam chapters I guess I -- description after -- -- Peter King from the whole discussion here. Vontae Davis was talking seven million dollars a year with the colts until the -- steal it. He ended up with more than nine per year after the shields deal bumped it up that far Aqib -- in my opinion better than all of them. So we're talking ten million for for -- to it certainly sounds like you're in the nine million -- along for years and in the thirty million dollar range was gonna get it done to lead but now you're right you're bump in that forty million. And we're getting back to remember a couple of years ago it was. Five years fifty million you know brand in law are in some of these cute that was sort of the going rate ten million a year basically over five years about the about the injuries the injury scare you guys particularly the music is -- that. You what you gotta go well -- yes it scares me to death. About would you let him go the audience that well it depends because this quarterback marketed drying up by the second here. And not real comfortable with Logan Ryan and -- -- who by the way. Right now it's not even freedom isn't done -- How much time left. Each you know it happened -- Started march 1. Step in the 26 days he would answer. Also gets out for physical Europeans up and it's a very a physical therapy. Do you just let it's like I'd say is it like mayberry at locked up in jail like your way home today OK and -- I mean is that how it. He seems like he's done quite well from self Nebraska. Between his playing days in the way he is utilize the system there he's on -- -- like according to show after by the way to Denver Broncos are apparently in the process of signing TJ ward that's. TJ ward it's a good signing for them and speaking of TJ ward are older than a trade partner and that was that was great my friend commissioner to the podium -- penetrate here it -- -- it Jacksonville Jaguars. Have traded quarterback Blaine Gabbert. The San Francisco for a sixth round pick so help me out here that tenth overall pick in the chips traded for a sixth round pick -- wasn't on them. What her bed and -- San Francisco I want him not this back up and the backup for sixth round pick Patrick and we're sixth I think throughout the tactic for sixth round or who knows you -- in the pre season on on a pretty good team. -- -- looks good to flip them for a maybe maybe faster at a six and before. What you mentioned you mentioned TJ ward hard hitting safety in the text or like your style and -- give this number if necessary. -- so this text recess. I'll give you a million dollars -- that the most scratch that. Oh did you -- million dollars in a brand new Bubba if you can name me. One time -- point to one example in the last two years. Of the patriot CP. Really -- a big hit on somebody. I'm talking Brandon meriwether -- while did you see that it ten million dollars is -- He's gonna give you. He's in Connecticut we know it's not 860. Babies at Bristol. Maybe is like an executive at ESP and he got some money. Or the other or maybe it's like -- Aaron -- are celebrating John Rowland former governor. When I got it still talking about it but it -- have a good point. What is the last time. Advocate you can think of the real hit. Eugene Wilson from a patriots safety Rodney Rodney. I couldn't help bring out there -- -- only -- -- Darien -- on Todd -- nasty but at home and that's why. Signed Adrian Wilson last year and that's why guys like Rodney have been saying that's the type of player they need they need to bring that guy in and it's why a lot of people. Wanted TJ ward they saw what he did to Rob Gronkowski took him out of -- game has that physical style. And I think a lot. I think that's what they need you have -- McCourt who is a nice. Consistent. Not gonna let anything get behind them is gonna cover the -- to the corners. Kind of guy back -- -- free safety to -- field. You had Steve Gregory trying to hit there were times last year he'd come up and hit some I think he did his best. He's converted corner that's what he has not only the lumber was built for that right. That's what they need to start since Patrick Chung used to stick everyone what Patrick Chung and Limbaugh. Well he didn't play for the patriots this year. 2013. Out there and play for the patriots last year on two years so. As a Texas that you guys hey that's twice that he knows that hold onto his. This mythical million -- -- mythical ten million dollars it's been a long time. Let me ask you guys had an intimidator back there. Based on the numbers that you see in on around here for quarterbacks right quarterbacks and one extra stress that properly. All of a sudden the Darrelle Revis situation not as outlandish as you might think and actually no he's still in a different dress but I'm just saying. But I'm I'm I'm Gray Davis if I'm him. I'm looking at this and saying. They take a pay cut. Given Vontae Davis nine million a year on these guys Sony really guarantee they can carry my jock you're gonna pay him twenty going to write him a check for twenty million. Sure as -- can write me a check for sixteen. -- twice the player he has. And here he is -- twice. The ego -- the businessman however you wanna sort of categorize that. -- -- -- He may he may re -- his contract but his or redone contract. Well involved you paying him I'm 25 million dollars in cash up front or -- and you'll know that there's no such thing hate on any immunity it's a term there's little cuts Vince Wilfork has -- ask I think to take. I but for the most part what would do when you're shuffling money. You know work Tom Brady's never taken a pay cut no he's -- his contract a lot here is as they cut the guaranteed money. And any it has helped the patriots from a salary cap perspective and I think it Vince is case. I don't believe that he would end up taking a pay cut even if they redo this deal which they can still do. I think it will shuffle money around a -- he give -- the seven point five million as a bonus this year and you extended for a couple of years. That he likely won't even be able to get to anyway. But from a patriots perspective when they trade forgot he takes a pay cut when Garret blunt took a pay cut last year. Of 750 Euro million. Randy Moss into the flat pay cut but that it comes to doing that got -- got a nice country. Corey Dylan took -- flat pay cut and then got it -- with them and that's fine. They are not bringing Darrelle Revis year. Without they earned it just happened now that's -- we have another patriot making a visit Colombia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wide receiver Taylor Price. Former page. -- Forever jag price. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- body was gone yeah hundred yard game -- a pre season and you know everybody you -- -- covering your like the prices right you headline in your future star. Got that the price is right Leo okay. Castle building when Mac cast as a big game -- row. Season's big for -- -- A house. On this -- that on this big hit it very nice to know what's not to like remind -- -- or something in the coming to you. -- -- -- When -- called me and try to pick college right in clown from a Steven king dollars you. Making something so wonderful and crystal -- for. Seventeen and I -- look it up sure it wasn't like the second edition in nine possible to this report new wind it was. -- -- -- Let down but they. Unless that creepy tell you I am acumen I know that's fine I don't remember I had a flashlight at -- on and off not Flickr are you scared. A turmoil on that I don't see any -- that at all. For -- and as a treatment for me. Is that accurate. We're what we're Bubba for a matter of health club Selma Alabama -- at pebble I want to not bought me really. But it got this out on this big hit thing. One Texas and how many points you get for the big hits again that's the most sarcasm I am detecting. Another -- that -- the last time patriots linebacker scared. That was already brought excitement spikes credit spikes in the running Jerod Mayo to. Scared I'm just saying meaning it ain't no female has a pretty -- -- some good hits but spikes is the one of -- and he scares you if your running back scares you if you're pulling guard. Has on occasion he'll just say screw ball Karen blows guard right now because that's what I like to do and them play metal spike in the ground and spike in home. He he brought feared it would mean he was going forward at the snap -- miles an hour. And I -- that was part of the problem formidable and in the running game definitely effective but. You know it's one thing with with Brandon Spikes it seems like some guys in each and maybe that's the body type -- some guys. They say I struggle on play action I'm gonna get better. I'll be able to read the quarterback a little better I'll be able to anticipate the play him make up for the -- my lack of foot speed. Brandon Spikes in the go the other way. I can cover I know what can cover. I don't know how to build -- would -- everything like that tomorrow and play. Out of cargo and I thought Mike reached their really nice job this weekend in in his Sunday notes he went back and that's in the bill Belichick's comments from training camp. When spikes got here. And bill had a lot of comments I'm paraphrasing about how everything is instincts. With Brandon Spikes he doesn't necessarily do what you would coach other players to do it. But it's effective works for him and he has his own pleadings that. And I wonder if if batches war itself yeah you know and it and it didn't pay off enough so now you try to change him beat me. Because he's too entrenched you missed year won you this year to you did at Florida he got away with that was an all American he was great. Now you're he's too entrenched in this is how play can change now I just think they went down that -- They're probably didn't -- they couldn't change -- not even if they try to you're one of the talk about the guy being instinctive. And that's the reason you're drafted and that's what you really like about them. While -- you cat and you and I got to embrace that don't you. Right and they embraced it entail and let's be honest is issues were just on. I mean the guy -- a suspension. He would various. Little hiccups with Twitter and social girl and he and different things it's questionable injuries -- grown and he chose not to work out with the eighteen because he's day. Quote unquote non conformist got the big one. Now. -- I said inner. Circle you try to clean it up. There respectable afternoon program we are as it was and I. Can't you know. -- -- Now. Job there's a lot of shall -- ball. -- watched it. Because it's not there yet appetite you know what can indeed open the border to watch. -- What are super super. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As it's extra points up at the FBI has already grabbed your IP address this afternoon anyway -- up I leave the rest of this alone -- repeal. We're the director of Lamar Martin Scorsese earlier we. Going to -- -- is the operative that was area. Made production on man it's brutal. Wheels are real it all we had to we had. But did I get to point to protect everybody's weighing in on this you know direct. There is nobody afraid to go over the middle against the patriot. Correct. And that part of Oprah and how do you in in how do you correct that drought again. We drafted -- like a Brandon Spikes all over tournament winner I've been -- a safety that I think has some of those steals. That has to develop you know that is that. Although it I can see the effect of it and the text -- well. And I think they bring up some great points are well taken. When they say. There's no linebacker back there there's no big hitter in the secondary. Is that the game now the last game we saw. Seattle was doing that they were flying all over the place and intimidating to Broncos can pop them. But it is the reason Bill Belichick has to receive two free safety Specter and had two free safety director last year is because. It's such a passing league. You gotta be exposed if you have any linebacker in the secondary who can't cover correct. That's why it's such a -- -- and people are gonna reach for its -- tell you how many guys at the combine. Brought up talking about themselves safeties and talk about it it's -- -- notre. -- -- -- Rebirth of the position because they know him chancellor Seattle's defense does will resonate you know the whole copycat NFL. And Pete Carroll was almost daring people the copies -- Senegal for. Some big corners -- that you can -- big corners and comply. Their long and doesn't Tebucky Jones he failed when he tried to do and doing what's right Joseph asked I think he saw it right which are. But there's a long way in between there was failures in between and let's get fortunate. -- fifth round pick that just happened to -- out. Now guys gonna take those guys tired -- gonna look for camp chancellor they look for that physical corner but I -- think you need I don't think there's a value to. You know Danny Amendola member of that one time that Tom Brady threw in the AFC title game and an alligator armed and it fell incomplete. Thing about him hit. In past years. Aaron Hernandez in my opinion was a guy that was very much affected beginning. There were plenty of times where he would get knocked around. And for the next few plays he was useless. He would alligator arm it passes would deflect off and that it was in his it was one. -- Super Bowl yup I'm already so there is in effect it's hard to -- quantify it. But there's an effect to those. Was it that was it that drive. The tribal Welker dropped it. That was on seconds at a second down play I'm not mistaken may have been Welker on second down drops it they either came back. There was another dropped right after that or maybe I'm -- it's it's all blurring together because it was terrible hurt it while terrible it was one more drive where Deion Branch had a drop. That was the last -- and it came right across the airport and -- -- -- the triangle with his hands and -- right and to -- the -- -- real -- and -- It. That -- accents though. Well aren't. Real. And now I am not -- -- compared to one. Yeah it was awful. Just horrible. -- And you had sway I don't know what the oil and so -- get that toward corporate it was an announcement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mine never tells me it was. Andrew so. You feed our curriculum Biden says I want to add up your day is a redneck beer every. So specific to what it's all underneath them up me there was there was a whole series. It was like a fisherman on mine that actually -- different things on this. Year. Negroponte and that was our message boards. -- But the got one. Stuff like that guy from Texas. Is that it's not a guy from Toy Story. -- -- -- -- -- That feel like the health and also had -- maybe that's why I was for you know there's a Knoll had that -- Can happen to get the idea -- -- at the kitchen table. And dad beside. Me. No deal goes back at the schaeuble. -- -- House in the can't count on the eagle too late he did not only -- they lived in like under the -- in the rafters in. Certain times the you -- a couple of miles. -- -- had a date with your dad it it was -- -- and it's obvious that there. He sat there and I Republicans agreement. And then -- Beckett get any better and Everett back. Well. Gore. Are. Well -- Euro when you play this -- I want to play with a toy. Where it was a year and need to. And for. -- Oh. On the top. It's unfortunate at the earliest represented -- was 1995 zones. You recognize the voice. On -- seventy years old. Games and and a text -- Walt but the recognize the voice. One color. And -- the country. Poll. Maybe the soundtrack that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Are so you guys are waiting for the patriots to make a move would free agency just sit back -- your popcorn. Have a beer go to -- enjoy yourselves. Because everybody else in free agency in the NFL is doing sessions and everybody else but a lot of teams are active in the particular loss silly stuff right now well. I mean they really are and and the guys that that you'll also the most interest is it actually turns or just talking about. A Donte Whitner gets a million and a half or a year from Cleveland and TJ awards -- from Denver. -- it's it it's. Some of these numbers are little -- you know older what I just hold onto your own guy and he's -- -- your guy almost you don't like him I guess you -- Saying you know -- flaws was faults. I mean guys that you might be interest that it Darrelle Revis DeMarcus -- if you're really excited and you want to dream big for the patriots stuff that probably gonna happen. They're still there. Mean those guys are still out there. Pro football talk dot com says that obviously DeMarcus Ware will have many options lot of team -- -- at him and that he expects to be very selective. But to move quickly I don't know how those two things coincide. -- may be only go to a place that. -- may quarterback three visits -- about the most. You know -- -- have eight teams -- calling you say you know what I'll go see this one this one in this one and that's patriots. I don't know I don't know what they call. On one side it doesn't look like patriot too much money marquee player still relatively young even went on the side. Dallas one that looks like a special guy Bill Belichick has raved about him how good use over the years that seems like the special guy because. You know the bill once made the comment you have Reggie White played -- Richard Seymour bitch about not playing on third down and freshen -- -- and Reggie White. This is kinda Reggie White the markets were you talking defensive player of the year great great player healthy great player himself if you give him any or your medical. That guy he breaks his little rules for breaks the norm bits and he defensive end all. Just I'm not trying to play you know patriots propaganda and they're going to be involved would DeMarcus -- but I could sell myself on them being involved of course you can of course there's not a it's not a tough sell at all -- -- Europe mentioning playmaker earlier. And and talking about and don't going to reciprocal interest on the -- going to some playmakers. Yes ago. You -- develop from within. I think that tickets like they did with Julian Edelman difference that's a good strategy developed a guy by the way they know what they have the dollars and developed one -- You're trying to develop from within -- solid. Even simpler than that. You know what the problem. In a problem is is is too big of a word because I know the team has had tremendous success in the last ten years without winning a Super Bowl. They still have been very successful and it appeared. And and multiple conference championship games and multiple Super Bowl remember starting place is no place -- It's simple it's as simple as your best players. Playing well it hit it to those games or just what we haven't had the patriots how to play makers. But if you look at their Super Bowl losses there recent Super Bowl losses and you look at their stars. And you -- -- honestly how did the stars play in this game. You really break it down that level. Tom Brady play in 2007 Ers are not as good as you'd expect out of -- Tom Brady played what eleven in the Super Bowl. Good enough for Gisele to be angry at the receivers -- but overall. Although you that you also have to say I mean Wes Welker catches a cat well at all and got -- Wes Welker played he was one of their cars. You know Jerod Mayo. How to play in the Super Bowl. So we we keep talking I'll go get somebody to put you over the hump. But theoretically you could. You'll have the means right now where you did in the past you had the means to get over the hump by yourself like a back to a deal -- -- Last year was OK the FC title game you got there for the third straight year you couldn't get over you get killed by the Broncos well. You play makers weren't they -- a -- to leave your what are your top play makers knocked out immediately Rob Gronkowski been out for a month already. Mark Jerod Mayo Vince Wilfork you know you on Cali great players that you've paid a lot of money to you know. Wilfork forty million Mayo fifty million accounts to fifty million. That's a lot of money invested in guys who just weren't they -- they were they can't have the chance to not make their plays because they weren't. They're Crockett and -- is a different story for the Super Bowl because of the injury right he would only get Mike that they were -- -- for that game remember that first play. The first series. I can't remember who the giant was -- -- that 87 is that Decourt right not the same guy sitting there by the way he was regular immediately. That he was going to be -- -- some of it is just simple. -- helped whatever you wanna. Bring it up to if if you have those guys out there you're going to be better football. Now we didn't. The defense I wouldn't has been as good as it looked early last year they played two bad teams -- early -- Tampa Josh Freeman. Was about to be kicked out you know geno Smith. They're never very good rookie season elegant so I'm not gonna say they would of kept up what they did early in the year. It certainly would have been held a lot better than they were when they were scrambling to find guys to play certainly in the middle of the defense and to to feel inferred for -- so. Again I feel like I'm good the Hulk and I guess that should be our craftsmen. Corporate client or spinal injury card by the way in my -- entries. I play in the Carter and -- from -- -- was not in that game but we're taught me what talked about it they would have been a different team in January if they had all the players or they got their short but he -- that is an. When we. Michael that's that's the the text machine top guy you know the guy who says no excuses. I don't care. It's like it's like you who you know it's like hoosiers my team's not on the on the court. So it doesn't matter who -- have out there you should win no matter what which is cool. It's it's a dumb logic okay. I don't care Tom Brady's -- backup should be good enough to win that's stupid. It's it to an end I love this mentality it's the text machine tough guy mentality you know all -- -- make excuses. All galaxy Vince Wilfork Jerod -- Rob Gronkowski Tommy Kelly. Keep totally got it worked fine. The reason why you shouldn't be Denver with a group you that. And as much as we say everybody gets hurt in a battle of attrition that's true and the patriots have been hurt a lot over the years were kind of pooh poohed it. They were put out the Europa the star stats about questionable you know who plays games missed it it really matter. Rob Gronkowski matters as much as anyone on that team. You can argue Vince Wilfork matters as much as almost mean they lost captains they lost pro -- all pro type players. That's not the same is as some of the injuries that had -- yes. But that's a different and I think it's different conversation of the techsters talked about you know blaming injuries. You can talk about the 2013 season I'm saying in the past with the patriots. Your your stars. Even if starts don't have to have the play of the game. Which -- stars have to play very well leading up to that moment everything let the play of the game. They're both of those Super Bowls scrubs while one scrub in one marginal player play of the game. In the first giants' Super Bowl David Tyree. Just a guy. I -- and the league right now. What makes him an incredible play in the Super Bowl that's the play. But now the giants' defense had kept them in that game in new plated a superior level to give David Tyree a chance to make that play means something. But that great play was made by David -- in the Manningham. Arnold that's what was greater the capture of -- throw and the growth but throws -- ordered the spot -- that having YouTube kid. I can see an architect's thing okay this is what happens when to drop us this is how this goes. The ball goes here when the -- from nice moment little pencil here -- -- goes right into the arms of receiver and I'll -- That is not gonna happen like that the game nobody can throw pass like that it was a beautiful ball to Manningham but after that point. They're stars they're they're top players have performed up and that's what the patriots have been missing. Several text out they're now saying and Kimberly martens the latest -- sources tell me Darrell Revis would in fact love to play for Rex Ryan in the jets again. I see several of these stats say. Not that league source you can read that to mean -- Darrelle Revis is agent. Is saying Darrelle Revis who -- play for Rex Ryan and jets again and at some point or another we'll hear Darrelle Revis would love to play for the patriots or Darrelle Revis would love to play for acts or why. But it is -- harder are it would be Smart on on the part of the jets. And we use it -- says about the jets. They think about what they were able to do. There would get me there it would did you first round pick for Revis. You don't want to put the fourth round pick for Revis. And then that they can actually get the player back. With young team owner there to you to study to learn under Revis. Want to keep the fourth weekly that sport you -- Smart. And -- wilting greens up your -- answer the question jerk coming up next Sports Radio WEEI.

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