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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Free Agency Edition

Mar 11, 2014|

We tackle four topics all prompted by the start of the free agency in the NFL.

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A and now our -- -- -- store already roller board or at all for. Me TE. Well we solved it -- On sports radio and WB. They're on form brought to you see and keep doing to keep looking at the wrong thing. A lot like his -- When. Not a lot but somewhat better. We're the -- lose. Bowl through -- on. This breaking yelled out of there with a -- yes no not you know that one thing now I don't know what it's. And for its. The original version might point oh is that -- aboard. With. Picture this when issues that camera that this might be. The one that may hold onto money with which one little question. Let alone but with this unity and be -- -- -- on an idea that we thank you and I just don't have it. Time to examine my mother -- it seriously as a print a little theater which -- which you like your brother. I do the very next and he just threw up so I want them to different. -- We're going for it could be the bar for prosecute -- beyond your technology ally you have a business to manage -- let's see beyond manage your technology. And by integrity windows and doors. Of configured out for -- all about free agency of the we'll talk about each -- their best and worst free agent signings over the years and we'll start. With the Red Sox who has been their best free agent signing and who was the worst free agent side. Worst free agent signing Carl Crawford. -- Carl Crawford. Because of the money. Because of the performance. Second place. Or worse free agent signing for the Red Sox nice guy. But Mike Cameron. They're brought them Mike Cameron. They gave him Satterfield. That put. Oh boy -- mine Jacoby Ellsbury in left field. Which led to Jacoby Ellsbury didn't run over by linebacker named Adrian golf. -- -- -- The best free agent signing this very minute debate jail help us create exciting for the Red Sox and how -- it. Many minorities. I -- like the second argument from any right shore. I mean really -- arguably one of the greatest right handed hitters in the history of the game -- It doesn't count to me if you can't wait to get his ass out of town if you are trying to get yourself rid of this guy that he can't be considered your greatest free agent signing. For me it's David Ortiz. -- guy who will complete his career in my opinion as a member of the Boston Red Sox. And has helped this team with three World Series title so far I don't get the reputation behind me. Means but I don't know it depends I look at him. Give credit I would say -- Ramirez's the end you knew he was great you went out decided to get him and he was great he helped when you World Series. David Ortiz is a little bit like drafting Tom Brady. You got lucky. He was great. You kept him did a fine job markets a part of it though you're -- -- be lucky. Yeah great though great it's great. But I'm saying you are you got a great players you were lucky to find a great player. Doesn't that that it doesn't re examining hugest through some against the well -- that they like three guys out there with like G -- geography and Ortiz got lucky. One of them popped up and happened to come and an all time Greenspan makes the -- now makes. -- -- -- -- You -- -- -- rather angry at lucky and went -- I can't sign Manny Ramirez it was it was lucky but here's the lefty was lucky here's the real answer. Community in their integrity. That's luck sorry -- -- -- Was Brady -- great draft pick look great despite perhaps it was bulk. Of the great traffic it was lucky that you got. It's great for you. It's got you there's this quarterback in the sixth round nobody had protected him and -- one night and you. If it was a great pick you would agree on one over all that he's the greatest player in the draft. You lucky that you QB coach -- -- said. You and Brady guy always seek out at grapevine understood what nobody else did including great nine in the first five rounds any. I don't want rowdy he began making the but it's still a great -- Even though you're good at Buick known then. What you know now. And the hell don't they which you know what you know now and everybody else knew what they do it but you probably don't take them. And I beat at 199. -- popsicle -- I don't follow after that because you know you're not gonna draft him first in the first round you don't have to but my point is you're arguing against yourself on not alone it's a great -- You want Bill Belichick to go out and get Manny Ramirez whereas bill Belichick's trying to go out and get David Ortiz a bank in both of you move it is harder it is our banking involvement David Ortiz and elegance and chest X. Yards and we -- believe. Mean he backs the one I was looking for me anyway on now I got tiger says no one says Pedro wasn't afraid of what's around me so. And this crap off I -- is garbage dale. By the way that's free agents on the Boston Bruins today in Qatar. What -- skipping on and ask questions. Where for him or -- -- it's -- Eight hours free agent signing for the Bruins for the game show host and for the bruins' best today go to our partner. -- free agent and not gotten sick summary got Marc Savard ball great free agent signings by the way. You're not shocked the world he spent the money what they always -- Jeremy Jacobs wouldn't do you were trying to change the culture change the image of the team. Zdeno Chara is is the captain a leader undisputed. Lead the team to a Stanley Cup championship. That when the editor of the worst one okay uncle day. That's and. Just now her account uncle Dave Lewis it was just bad in that same that same year and a of the same year he got -- Atari also brought in. Dave Lewis vehicles. Mean yeah. Bad business well -- they brought home Stevens. To ultimately at least he was terrible. Yeah that was passed them all right that was an entry on wall science religion I was trying to work on my vote for the worst signing ever if they said that Steve Kasper said. Stevens -- can immediately good plan. It around in Colorado on Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday night and dress them cinema both of the under the bench stapled to the end of the bench and just say now. -- -- an accident that exposure because I'm Steve Kasper. Probably packed up the brick structure for a Birdie Putt. Point was not awful Ann and Andy bought by their standards it was racking up the -- rocket it's nowhere near what they're paying -- and Savard. At least part of a point at some redeeming qualities. Carl Crawford Michael example Red Sox no redeeming qualities in Thompson. -- -- -- -- It's -- are some weight but he's not hearing Morse plus you don't like it when it ends -- for -- mystery to sign -- had -- so it's not and using your logic that's not a mystery. -- And the team with the most -- even track record the Celtics who's been their best and their worst free agent signings and I -- forced of course Travis -- Travis Knight has been whipping boy for the Celtics Rick Pitino for. Everywhere they were when he blew up the entire roster so they can bring -- Right that's why I -- that's why and he hit him it's about and Ortiz mistake this was like target and I want you -- adults are today in his -- you should not only not only about all of the team. I don't need to go up Travis Knight with that. Makes it even worse you never want this sports. Your present you with the president of the team did not know the rules to the salary cap so did abuse they. He can give Travis -- and Rick Fox. He was gonna have a press conference announcing them both. In the NBA -- told him you know what you can't do that we get some issues you have direct routes. Upper announced nine guys have a problem if you tell the truth your problem becomes part of -- past. If you light becomes part of the future or you just get Allah does that was that was the worst of the best free agent signing for the Celtics. Recently featured both. Not so little mid level. In mid level at the time. Very low cost signing that whole class held at house yet PJ brown it's brown later in the season Stamkos now. -- -- -- -- -- -- I. Don't think anybody else. Governing. To freeze its earnings at a good. Rate you know it was okay yeah best player on the team that had a statement today at the east side it was pretty. We have four. Billion. And that brings us to -- to its best and worst of patriots. This is Greg -- myself in trouble because I think it deals Thomas was the best and worst patriots signing. Of all time let's just that don't -- I think he was the best has you targeted him and it basic as you can't go get the guy that is the perfect fit and he was the perfect fit. So you went and got him that's a great site. Until instincts as a terrible position as a kindergarten need. American. -- -- -- my own report or use its ability to combat league victories. We're certain that answer we brought out. Relative struck a chord with little thought I thought I don't. -- -- -- home -- it took him back like did years twelve years or certificate time in school when I told me that I had to go home. And that my grades better public if you're -- library -- -- But Ellis witness for your vascular. With the stress clinic from an article it's not talking about plot if you make me divvy them up I would I used to work -- easy out seat for me got a couple of candidates he rapidly personality and my best Johnny Harris Joey Galloway Chad Ochocinco. Donald he was a treat. He was a Toyota but -- to a Galileo the barriers and it didn't work until we know where it was a reagents -- -- Steve Martin. Receive the mark and -- -- seed Mardy is very -- -- his teammates is that is containing. Mean that's up there that's -- never played late edition. Now let's -- the best. -- -- From the Ohio state university of course Mike Vrabel a good call -- and I think Rodney and everybody's there. They -- Karl who you don't win those -- -- about -- he was -- either well or of that certainly well let's just do a little numbers count here -- had won how many Super Bowl but the patriots. And how it might -- where retorted okay. You know Mike Vrabel the key play handsome face it would call them that their credit card current quarter. And disrupt some. Give it the Ty Law 47 yards later. This celebrate and they believe they can win this. That game was on yesterday there were some. Man who's the defensive backs would hold on every play. The -- oh absolutely smitten over around half the ways discrete when the -- -- -- -- talk about that -- It what to do it can't wait it'll patriots won him like like Albert Haynesworth and the tree monitoring of Monty buys -- way to start an arbitrary. It was a sign -- like Cory -- another jury are. At a lower rates. Robert Pfeifer yes goal that's a greats like Roman -- Michael's will evolve and what about discipline to. Analysts. Geiger. Hosting it at the Denver -- Gerber. It's a beloved Tim Tebow. And this is what is the host response. People. Really I think -- two to three years. -- -- While that you yet. Not that -- while. What's that -- diva yet. Then we try to disguise your voice based on what at the crap you were try to battle those three blackness. A little bit like rock and at the end of the bullet if Jesus makes very much you guys I'm Mike Sullivan -- -- -- and -- aircraft. I. -- And long time ago equipment. And I still think that -- given an opportunity. Maybe it would work a little differently for music you want Shawn Springs. That was bad you know what's really sad is that there are so many candidates. For worst free agent signings for the patriot. Three straight FC title game and I don't hear somebody trying to get -- -- I'm not gonna take the -- worst rated signing Michael party. -- Get started. What. John Ellis on the go -- Oh John Ellis is up there that's forgot about him I mean he did -- now they're four million dollars collected four million dollars in. Literally. They were so excited beacons. He had game like that the last -- Alaska game he had in him against the -- -- in the playoffs in com Leo over the operating it was a great game brought with him being in the patriots -- -- game. They pulled the dirty trick got an Atlantic however nobody else that there cannot solve it now if -- -- what got us. -- -- -- He's got gotten in a while like now they are just -- as Bob's team now are just coming out of entrapment if you trap me.

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