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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 3/11/14

Mar 11, 2014|

Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 3/11/14

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A look at all the big stories in Boston sports -- those on the inside. -- -- On Sports Radio WV. Plus the -- is brought to you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Rethink possible we begin the Boston blitz with Jeff Powell who covers the New England Patriots the Boston Herald. Jeff the -- forget about all the semantics about time frames and all that wasn't the offer from the patriots to Julian Edelman basically take it or leave it. I would call speaker leave it up but it has affected his blood and he offered that they have. On cable's not acceptable to him so he will be testing free agent deal with the patriots. Come back with a better offer than an hour. While I help me out here -- basically it's here's the offer. But we need to know by 4 o'clock that doesn't leave much negotiating room how is that not taken early. Ordinary get -- -- The -- -- if you wanna argue that point particularly difficult dolby here's the only -- we're gonna give you you don't accept this you know -- our phone number and I don't expect it to go out. What do you think the patriots will be going after in free agency -- anybody. Of note so called big name player. Yeah I mean it looks like it's -- -- it's really interest in taking a one year deal proved that she can. Reinvigorate his career and and are the bigger payday next stop these loans salary cap increase even more. I would have to think patriots -- being played there. If you don't -- money judging by the money that Riley Cooper got a couple weeks ago free agent market -- receivers could could really explode once again. Maybe he wouldn't be inflate the main standards of course looks like up more realistic options especially settlement isn't gonna come back and and you wonder he's going to be. -- Kennedy -- for a little less money. -- is there at the very imperfect group -- -- -- on the open market everybody really hurt -- these guys available. But he's gonna get probably about ten million dollars a year because about what he broke so. It's the top -- group to navigate through an apple I think it's a little more important for the patriots try to keep that thought that'll. Ten million dollars a year for Eric -- goodness gracious know why it wouldn't do that anyway Jeff how. We appreciate -- check out on Twitter at Jeff see how now we go to our man rob Bradford from WE DI a dot com you can follow him on Twitter. Had Brad -- talk about this yesterday rob -- -- we're talking about. Grady Sizemore and if we should get excited about them because it. If he's even 7580%. Of the player he wasn't Cleveland the Red Sox really have something special give us the latest on Grady Sizemore how he's looked. Yeah I want to unfurl predict cut it to the next level today where he says basically he talks are off from the player you remember Cleveland and I think -- a lot. The a lot of people are getting excited about what precise -- until our currency exceeding your expectations he's playing back to back. For the first time all spring today you looked fine today like yet throughout the entire year's spring training you Verizon going to Europe and about sports to. Which is about what he did to Cleveland. And -- way to go guys every -- -- should be tempered but as we've seen here right now I think to a lot of optimism. He is what we think he might be does that mean Jackie Bradley junior would likely start the season in Pawtucket. Yeah I think so I'll all the good -- anywhere around it because you have just too many else -- struck me giveaway my car because a lot of value to go home your outlook. Think Perino put on the -- base and center fielder and and it's probably a little bit tricky situation because you have Victorino who we know just banged up here in there. And you know we've stated and you need to back up to its highest score isn't gonna play every day. I think right now that's a plan but I'll say it again guys it's a long way to go here before we -- -- the -- trading -- -- court still outlawed group. Yeah you know you talk about I know it's a long way to go but. I'm thinking of even of Grady Sizemore. Has -- in issue free spring and he looks great. Can you really rely on can you really break camp with Sizemore as your starting center fielder. You know it's still a long way to go if it if he's your starting center fielder. On opening day there's a long way to go these are starting in a filler on May first -- doesn't it make more sense to have. Bradley and Sizemore complement each other all season long. Well yeah I didn't look at a perfect world but you don't have those spots because you need to car -- don't need to novice. And and I will say that there's what the way to describe more kind of trendy right now. You would you be a better player it's -- and Jackie Bradley would be at this point -- career and there's nothing wrong with Bradley's starting the year of the miners and getting more -- -- Because the reality is you don't yup good employee and it'll probably give better player than he is now so I don't think if you look at II port 80% of what he is. That's a legitimate major leagues and popular -- not always that -- leadoff hitter which is something they need as well. Rob Bradford being -- stuff on WEEI dot com you can follow him on Twitter app Brad but we appreciate the time as always thanks. There -- -- rob Bradford joining us from Fort Myers will take quick break in the heart from patriots football weekly will join us here in studio. We are now or our away from the start of free agency which are starting to see trickling out some of the potential signings that are upcoming we hear this guy's going there for this amount of money because let's be honest now Michael they couldn't negotiate a contract before now. Wink wink nudge nudge say no more. If you wanna argue semantics Jeff how was going to argue it was going to -- and I mean if if you it's if you give a guy and offer and you say. If you might have Laura clocked. Others note the minimum we're gonna we're gonna walk. How's that not take it -- leave it. I does that open a lot of room for negotiation are always two sides are really I mean you gonna begins at what you really mean. Are you don't really know what earlier a protracted contract negotiation. All right let's take your number bill now let me work off of that and and here's our counterproposal here's what here's what we counter proposed. And then bill that -- give back tee and a few minutes. Let us this beyond its stock to negotiate with Bill Belichick to negotiate with that guy. Made it to -- you don't wanna be there this is this is why you have an agent. Wanna sit across from him he can't read his face at all I don't know if you're happy -- the supported. If you're winning the negotiation. If he's wedding and he wants to make you think that your winning it would just be too frustrating. Post career bill ballot check with big ass sunglasses in the big watch on. Plan World Series of -- in Vegas.

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