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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 3/11/14

Mar 11, 2014|

Dale, Michael and Andy Hart answer your questions and talk about some bear named Bubba.

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So can -- now. 3793. Set it on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I don't know. It's. Time for answers the question generic answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question -- -- the question is sponsored by RS restoration specialists at your property your facility -- manager. And don't have a cold weather disaster plan in place. Be prepared contact RS at 87748111. A -- a level and I apologized or a RS serve. Dot -- Okay yeah you know he's cool -- To build rich pills. The show today and I've never met the men and definitely don't know who do you want me. I hope I never hit YouTube. What do you think he's a disaster restoration -- specialists that's what I like to avoid disasters in my life -- That's what he. That we know his work demands. That it. She wore an anti social -- out here for money -- and it's -- -- Pop up and says hey this is the -- to meet with built in picture viewed him. I saw a picture I didn't know once. I saw Michael -- A month that was not the picture. Now. How would give -- that that would that a rich events. You don't titles out -- coming up. Later this -- at Gillette. That'll really excited about eight minutes and it's about the big picture -- the long term. Maybe here for the next statement. That may be bought the seat up the next -- and called -- own -- I get a quick gusting to clear up at -- not the only one who gets tax with a port information. My wife has -- Imam. Close enough rejoice that apparently not embarrassing apparently -- that group that -- critically bubble is indeed given to me in nineteen years as a joke -- because he started under the covers and I have -- have a reputation for. You know. Statement the year and I just point out that this might be joke this this is the first duke learned of the joke -- part of it however I did you actually thought this is I found him funny and I apparently -- -- different relationship with him in action at that point. You -- what you well. Why it works by the minute this is not a whole. If you take him to college with you I didn't. I don't leave you. I barely believe me now hopefully. -- -- -- I don't I know that -- Here comes the money this is what started. That's. If mrs. Hart is listening right now you're the one who broke the news -- that this was a joke yet. He did not know until this moment you're talking about what was your. Friday April exactly and eight -- leave me alone long time ago -- like should be. Well. Bought me go to -- out of the first one. Suppose in support of the yes movement yes. Of course Diana what's the economic stimulus -- what was that yes it was a big deal last night. Daniel -- this arrest warrant and took it took -- -- the ring hostage. And would not lean with his minions. Until triple H agreed to give him -- a wrestle mania match and it BP Tripoli -- Eddie is in a triple threat championship match at the end of -- that he apologized. That's the beginning of row last night was supposed to apologize for something they didn't fire and it was a fireball offense -- it was like man talking -- the -- I'm just aren't happening to our destiny and warrant your wrestling -- -- like a little wrestling what to last and I'm not. Hardcore but pistol to amend the -- that was -- -- good on hard court probably is -- -- -- And have been built camp because I understand and prime rate -- wrestler but extremely. As -- people say about. Anything. Yet about the injury. Technically -- thought -- well I'll yeah printings and analog only up enough or no answers there. But no no no wonder the guy thinks that Teddy bears to a real people it's okay thanks questions. This one this guy says I'm 22 years old an -- I've never had a girlfriend. -- try to dating website put it hasn't worked. You guys have any good dating advice I do yes. You you've got a -- yeah. What. That was going to be nine go to -- -- not I -- -- -- bedtime Bubba got closer errors 1999. YouTube can I don't like about the -- Guy is he's he is writing -- he is pouring his heart and soul into this text. He's looking for legitimate advice. I'm telling him here's some advice give up and start investing in Bucknell. All laid out menaced. What's that old professional not legal Eagles would be the first well you moving to Nevada ultimately the next -- Poland all of your money at the bunny ranch. Okay now you can have a -- sleeping next you every night. It'd be yourself I'm sure you've got a lot of great qualities to relax you're probably nervous. And people like you review we will need to have -- higher -- this bill George -- Good luck in your self esteem when you can't get it in the eighties -- just to tell you what it's not by having a better sleep. When you're nineteen and I I think it was a lost cause you might as well just -- up with the bear. Go with -- Texas that face single. Easy your next question. Guys over your favorite TV shows growing up. We diverse efforts on the team. The agency earlier Mike Knight Rider -- as I -- I was very near record and -- -- With a cheap single client over the sand dunes and stop Cosby show. Different strokes from different -- -- Sensing threaten to your team he's young he talked about I guess I -- -- the one decided. The Associated Press you on your eyes -- being felt like I don't know -- -- brighter note. It all the relatives at my -- very good point. An airline were very similar deserted their luck but I heard about it. That and you're gonna help me out. I'll watch zero I like the dark mood I'm not apologize for development. Any new low for the -- to their advantage to an idea or an. Incredible -- -- Happy. To. Like happy days. The guys -- working in the media what would you do for. -- -- My degree was in psychology. Major in psychology minor archaeology you worth -- psychologist. -- keel. So what would you wanna do that via archeology thing it'll Russian. So I just I I really was always fascinated by -- one of the highlights of my adult life. Was win or lose I got married in half. And I was one of the group the national rate importantly under ask a lack -- -- criminal and spent the week for gore he's wedding I spent the week traipsing around of that. The Acropolis in Delphi in -- it was great but have you ever actually has given you square you go to. It anywhere on no known to study. Even as a hobby is going in the backyard and the oval -- The hole and are you 22 years old and he confided he. Accurate and current -- -- -- about this this detectors. I got good news for him. Just got dating advice from your. Affiliate rock bottom crack crack -- Rock bottom solo rock bottom that good point. It's actually a very good point. I don't ask you -- here from me if you if you're a professional baseball player what would your walk -- on Monday. I felt. Yeah it's up to switch -- we've got to switch -- Can I -- want I hate you don't like what I don't like walker and all I'm just gonna get people mad at me current. Those guys who doesn't necessarily. Love the walk ups on the Red Sox right fielder. It's just that ball man. But he switches it up it's not always that Bob -- leagues you don't like it it's just it's a little too. It's something it's like look when when Mike Timlin came out of the bullpen. The other relievers. -- and walk -- you know was black that. There and and you know pain and it went when Mariano Rivera came out -- Anderson -- minutes until it. -- -- No torture and human it's good because when -- can be every now mutton Lou replay that that -- you think the Grand Slam and yet. So you can hear it. You could hear the crowd participation. And at that moment that song. Really define what what Shane Victorino was going through this and that -- started the great Dave O'Brien says hey. I'm John Ferrell I gotta think about pinch hitting first. Here it was struggling. So. After struggling L. Every little thing. It's gonna be ultimately to DMD program with dozens of women. It's. Mean honestly I gotta be honest glorious -- of the -- hopeful moment better governor yeah. You've got a bathroom there don't don't we take it three and I'm at bat bags -- all -- after this -- got a pop up. I do but it I gotta admit that would do it. I think that wraps things up for us I gotta get out of here. I don't know intimately rich. Right this minute I doubt that -- is buzz didn't hear from YRS I would agree that. Yeah. And he was good to see if Michael good to see you dale I don't know when we'll see each other again that's an open invitation tournament for -- I will be back Sunday. Sunday morning and and join me and S and Thursday night. We gotta get out here Mikey -- coming up next with whatever he's going to be. I don't think.

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