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Daily Diamond, March 11, Joe Castiglione

Mar 11, 2014|

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Every day at this time to give baseball the daily diamond Butler 937 WEEI. It's split squad action today for the Red Sox they'll play two. Open the same time 1 PM jokers that we don't calls the game is Red Sox all Famer right here on 937 WEEI he joins us. From Fort Myers -- Lou how are you. Very good you know somehow I got that little -- you guys produced some -- part. -- an opportune time. Listen its its say it's a tribute to -- and we love that we get this ready for all things baseball including your conversations but. -- desperate training you've done these games for a long time Joseph my guess is. You see you've seen some worse lineups in the on the Red Sox sent to Miami that they're all upset about against then a Marlins game of baseball find them for last week. I sure they only had one guy will probably be on the year luster started this city and our. There's no apparent engine -- training and they you know when you look at -- -- shot. With. Higher prices for premium games there's no guarantee that the Iranians. But definitely spring training work. -- that is what's lacking -- project Bradley made the trip up there. Arizona. All the more -- are some course key to their lineup at home. Pretty much regulars so little spot in the batting order so. Are you trying to. Please the home crowd and it appears and see what happens you know with the Yankees. Coming here on Thursday night our -- -- -- currency hit the fact you -- bring better players. But it comes with the territory. -- Joseph down there spring training when star toast he's popping up is is obviously Grady Sizemore. And Jackie Bradley junior and the question don't have is if if Grady Sizemore shows he's healthy and any resemblance of the player he once was does -- matter what Jackie doesn't agree to be the center fielder. -- initially questioned. I think it probably doesn't hurt quite as much -- moral matter. Or great ability he can stay healthy and he's playing against it date back to back dates to the first time. Yeah I hit yesterday. Alicia only got an infielder and -- got damaged or -- cute at first base which is almost is that arm of the year four point one. -- Cleveland so I think that's a very good sign -- -- terribly actor and well I went -- about. And those certainly is an editor you and that's. That is this that destructive act to hear it are completely and then based Major League pitching -- the -- -- -- -- you thought the fact that. Create such a simple swing. Would make it a little bit easier -- -- the most Gartner positioned. Joseph they talk up here has been what they do that left side of the infield as in a Bogart's shortstop will little Brooks at third another good offensive day. Couple days for will -- they're committed to that it is a chances Stephen Drew still walks through that door at shortstop for the Sox. Well I think it would then have to be an injury or are collapsed by one of the two I don't think that there are so. I was very -- talked about it here. And that -- these very difficult to even be sitting out there here there maps that he knows they're probably needed the most. I wonder if had you ever get in the mix. But I think right now they're very content that you don't look what happens. Does that mean it might not change tomorrow hopeless. -- all cars. -- played that well shortly send you aren't here you know typical play. There. That we exceed what -- swing the bat well. I will despite -- well. -- and one being marketed here -- pretty well. Joseph looks -- -- rosters -- barring injury could be set so a lot of the guys have been younger guys that could impact later on you there's a lot of good young arms we've seen Donner camp we've seen -- on TV already. Has anybody kind of taken that next step in your -- -- impressed you maybe more than others. I think the white -- that in impresses me as divisive friends we these power that it really strong. Will power. Really limited these days in in the minor late in the Red Sox system that is all of its all of our -- Fisher Al. Put -- we're gonna matter speaking but I think we're really answers power any. Very selective of where 81 not that -- here earlier but he's really impressed me. The guys that was so impressive last year was Zander -- -- -- -- the page -- with us in his maturity in the way handle himself behind the scenes and curious. You notice anything different with Zander Bogart's on the verge of being a Red Sox on out to shortstop -- opening day shortstop and a guy you project for the future. I think carrying out that the natural. Charisma but also law that calmness about him. Last year that he showed his rookie who wanted to the World Series and Charlotte that it can't. So I think it's. We just sitting and very nicely and each night it is gonna get there have been ordered or carried away here and he understands that it it would it would. Failures of the scene that what was the successes there. I think his upside is just. Item two and a half weeks away from Red Sox opening day UN -- in Baltimore march 31 you'll appreciate the time and enjoy the double header today down there at the -- Well we're all waiting for -- of Baltimore and you know we've got these they're cute kind and they'll help us on the road that you can't it do it at the plate. -- -- -- OK guys thanks. Now voicing the Red Sox -- stigma now. On the daily dime and you'll be there. We -- we got travel arrangements good we got this thing -- -- because it's kinda two and a half weeks away a year ignite Stephen -- I want to have -- drive their last minute. I know everyone's got their ducks in a row here and that never had its traffic travels never an issue here I'll take that -- never an issue never -- in a hotel. Two hours away from where you go for QB good two and a half weeks Red Sox opening day. Joseph Lou the call right here 93 point seven WEEI target jumped eighty here at the top welcome back. All things NFL free agency -- Rappaport has some updated information. On the browns. Interest in Darrelle Revis and also wanna talk. But what happened last night the Dallas Stars rich -- former Bruin. Scary scary incident on the bench in the NHL mix that in as well Sports Radio WE.

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