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Chris Price, WEEI.com, talks NFL free agency

Mar 11, 2014|

Chris Price of WEEI.com joins the show to discuss NFL free agency and potential moves for the Patriots.

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First off if they were going to trade him they would have done it already being that they had been shopping and since they're timing of the Indianapolis -- how much so now that looks like -- is unlikely to happen it looks likely that they will wind up releasing them at some point before 4 o'clock on Wednesday. As average after talking about Darrelle Revis who went on to say today on Mike and Mike. Two teams to watch out for the Eagles and the patriots should Darrelle Revis get you free agency -- -- 937 WEEI a man who. Understands the salary cap and who covers all things patriots WEEI dot com but he Chris price here in studio visit. I say Merry Christmas today is it had to hear all that's what it is broadening gather around at 359. In signal lighting design and then -- and you know. Did go to -- Times Square and celebrate -- you know it's when the real thought I would I would suggest at that point you should rest those little fingers yours because we all know the first half hour for the knowing the patriots is a friend solitary. It's not him but you know just. It's -- -- wave after wave. Of free agent signings they just jump right into the -- right out of the gate. You know if if I beach and action -- -- -- people are people gonna take it there isn't but yeah I mean this is there wrote this today for the website. That. When it comes to free agency the first couple days of free agency don't mistake activity for achievement a lot of times. The good teams remember that. You augment your roster through free agency you can spend your way to greatness if you're a team white. Like last of the browns that the dolphins the titans all jumped in washroom in -- and exactly. Exactly all those teams jumping in and -- think that they can go from zero to sixty. In the span of an afternoon just because the drops a hundred million dollars in the in in in contracts and you can't do that the good teams but stable teams the teams that understand the process. Works slowly work cautiously and be remembered that this is only one small part on one small part one part. Of the overall team building process trades the drafts. Weavers all that stuff little figures into -- it's a -- two weeks it's a frantic two weeks in its annual address conversation in the NFL but at the same time you've got to put -- in -- of. -- become station Revis to leave well the patriots interest real quick in Rappaport boxer receiving interest -- -- -- From -- would cap space one team to watch she says Brown's. Same system Israel says the jets a thought Joseph Haden. Into a Revis is very interesting and very intriguing it was their quarterback again exactly they're going to go to corporal Chris I think Leo pollinate put -- cup throw cats. That -- workers were talking about this Revis thing. Your overall just your thoughts possibilities look good committee and appear it to. Two it really is in my mind it's double edged sword because first of all if you wanna wait if you wanna hang around we can be cut. You are going to be beating against other teams of more -- base in the it's my understanding in the people who know reboot pretty well noted. He's all about money. And I'm not begrudge him I think it's a bad thing but we -- and thousands of people -- tobacco yep but you. You can only do so would order out yeah I mean ill after a while money money you know you can't. The bill's gonna come -- eventually so. You are gonna have to bid against some other teams and a lot more cap space but then the other thing is if you jumping -- and you make a deal and say you know you treat a second form. Your gonna take that contract in just in we talked about this last -- Comcast. Nothing in bill Belichick's team building history says to me he's gonna spend more than ten million dollars in Europe. I just don't think it's gonna happen -- you can get Revis at a reduced rate relatively reduced rate if you can get him for. 101000009 now things happen but if you could do that then you got something but -- think in the current economic climate I don't think the patriots have real shots. The -- worries me a little bit to say I was -- Revis the guy. That can hold up the rest of the corners. Because teams that may be urged to -- of the guys announced it will hold on now. Because if fumbled to give ten to -- to leave or eleven of -- If Revis his market is 1212 and a half what do we do want let's let's wait and see. And could that if the patriots are involved NBC report today in the I don't know what if you buy into and not the Washington Redskins would like to leave but the pages apparently. I have a better offer out there which shocked a living hell out of me into the even hear that. But do you hold off if you have a deal -- they give a deal because Revis might only cost a little bit more but then and does -- risk losing. Example we're talking about before about moving cautiously in free agency here's the flip side to that that that argument that. You can't I don't think you can afford to move cautiously when it comes to -- and again energy gets talked about the reporting it's a great point. If you can get Revis that. Twelve. In the end of the of the market for Talib -- like nine year. Then he starts it will only be to exactly what next a three million take you that's going to be money -- I think there is something to adapt I think if you stacked them up with UN. -- verses to lead to straight every in you don't throw anywhere else in the conversation. Either Marty year Vontae Davis horror burner whoever is. If you just stack those two guys up side by side. You know you start to think well you know if you get if if if if if you can get Revis at twelve. More. To leave at nine and a half right. -- you start to think about it but I like I just don't think you're gonna be able to get Revis that twelve but I don't think that's a realistic possibility and then we haven't started to talk about the idea. Of not if but when Revis wants to redo his deal. Because it's gonna hop history tells us you know would we know one thing about the road -- things about -- -- world class -- second thing is he loves to rip up his deal and -- -- new one every 234 years. -- I guess to go back to. You're at the collar hero today it's it it's one I normally would agree with the teams like the Miami Dolphins of of last year who say they win free agency. Don't dole -- doesn't match up. Actually we're at a different time period for the patriots maybe this is where we disagree Chris like I I think what they've done year -- receive -- window oyster I'm gonna say it at least once here OK I would look at the Ali -- -- that worked. There's an opportunity right now a number twelve -- your quarterback and a still playing any really really high level as good as any quarterback in the league at some point. He will start to run the other way at some point you will be. You'll be writing columns about who the next Tom Brady was the backup plan who you're not very you know anywhere near that. So my take would be that this year and the next couple years. You -- lights up the flexibility to do things a little bit differently and you have maybe you don't win the bottom third of the roster that Robert Kraft loves to pound its chest about. Am I wrong in thinking that I they should look at the next couple years differently should. That their regular utility you're different I I agree I agree -- up I think there is an opportunity here to kind of strike while -- is -- open but I think at the same time. They've never. On net and I think I think the Al wires -- Alabama spot well that's that's with their quarterback also that's also report but I think when it comes to free agency they've never going all -- there's there's the there was the school of thought to 2007. They got moss and Welker McConnell loaded -- -- -- exactly I think part of that goes -- to -- went back due in part to the fact that that they had the draft that year was horrible. In it was more -- it it was a little bit of a timing thing. But I think it the same time. I just don't think they're going to change their approach. I do I I don't think they're going to change the wavy do business they've been very consistent. The last dozen years it's worked form and I don't think the fact that organ and a smaller. The word but the opportunity -- cats -- an award for the W -- exact opportunity which according opportunity with a quarterback. I just don't think that's going to cause him to jump start you know Reynolds and start spending entries and I. Be proven wrong okay they could go to a Super Bowl like what it's -- guess it would go back to call we had earlier what you view -- success is it. Every year winning at a watered down division is getting to title games and is super balls they can prove -- wrong. But I think that the if that's their approach this year do what has worked for them. That's the wrong approach to have given the opportunity you have fun. At the quarterback position -- double Revis but this still believed they are still Verner. We -- there's still -- -- Davis he's he sees that your your secret that's the thing right it's a you don't what you wanna risk mostly been of some set up for him you sign this guy in subpoena and at the ten million bucks -- -- and three days later. Reverse happens separate 1212 and half I'd be pissed but I'll be -- you got a guy be like wow you know I mean he's that much better. I don't think -- two things here specific to to leave that it pink week we should talk about first of all the injury history and I think that's. Any sort of contract involving to leave. Where every ghost knowing when Washington whatever. The need to build in some playtime incentives there to guard themselves against an injury -- him. And anything that would make sense I go back to view -- the contract debate they did agree to Lester with Sebastien hole. In a set up a situation where you know you police have 2% of us now to get this treaty present you get this question and Clinton get as much. The other thing. I don't think this to leave to the Redskins deal being it's done -- at all I I I think you know and and it we -- stories about. They're moving in another direction and I'm going away from to leave even though the -- of the effect that the patriots are offering more money. I think that's. If you're talking about an owner who is so unhinged if he's willing to match Robert Kraft dollar for dollar -- even blow that off round of the water. I think you you have to figure being a Snyder into the mix because again -- history in free agency is just overspent wildly -- a picture he'd be more inclined to spend for a guy like that I also think too that there's some familiarity when you're talking about -- -- the Redskins. Roussel on the new GM there and he was the former GM of the box who drafted to lead back when he came -- -- Raheem -- That we love them they -- Leicester to -- I gotta be one of last year exactly and in I think that a lot of people thought that well you know they re signed DeAngelo Hall lead that they're not really going to be in the sweet tooth and I just. I don't think this to leave things is to lead to the Redskins thing is as dead as we think it is at least rate. I do love this Twitter pro football focus right and yet they sent out a tweet all you need to know -- whether Revis still has not 2013 quarterback greats. And it included number one up near Sherman to a crime mystery. The -- chairman. Tweets pro football focus says so I need to give up two more TDs and it's six less picks to be number one offshoot. Pro football folk respected him the image does show you coverage great as the highest as it was in 2012. Richard chairman response thank you for clearing that up. So mr. chairman so it was a believed that Revis is number one. With the Texas says that to leave ten million dollars for bad hip. It again for ten million is that too much that's when you said you got to put in some. How do thank you -- you have to in again that I and I think that I think to some extent you can make the same argument for government to because before -- He didn't show abilities are helping -- reports of full sixteen game season to the question is. Whether or not to -- and his agent would. Buy into something like that or do they wanna get in no strings contract with someone like -- -- DC -- -- -- whoever. But I think that you need to build -- -- I think you need to guard against you don't that possibility when it comes to to -- his -- I'll talk to Stephen remain as we take your calls Chris prices studio talking all things. NFL free agency today with the patriots -- David. -- Steven you there one more time with Stephen -- we don't give them. 61777979837. Is your phone number AT&T text line. It's 379837. Starting with -- Chris price on the defensive side of the football there -- other questions. Ought to talk about including. I have a question for Chris yes we go to break we are you wanna -- the questions yes I do good because I do think it was sort of -- woes last minute today or whatever was. NBC the patriots beating the Redskins were to leave services at a show after seeing Revis. Go to New England or -- keep in -- those teams I think it's somewhat dream world some gonna ask you we come back. What happens if you don't get to -- All readers back get a lot load ID 37 WEEI Chris price are the patriots were WEEI dot com he's -- house. -- hanging out for awhile with your call 61777979837. Picking through. Well what's realistic what's not realistic with the patriots need to do between nine not now at 4 o'clock but now when. Draft time and now on rebuilding for next year. You set up the -- loose so. You a question for -- Y three days it nailed it I don't know. Realistically and assist in new England and all realistic it is the -- what she'll bid somebody so. I ask you mean when users are next guy in line to -- is if if if the patriots are -- unwilling to spend 1011 million bucks on a corner. What would you do we the staring at you know. Peanut Tillman and Champ Bailey don't -- a bad. Or organized -- sold out where we're gonna do an NFL Sunday and in November -- in Chatham and we're -- -- -- the white -- -- only get on the field. Xavier is usually a lot and I know exactly. I think the next wave a -- I think that there is some did did there are some quality defense to -- in the next week the guys pulled from Marty's. I think Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie hip and would you quit signaling and if you had to go that route I think you Antonio Cromartie might be an interest in -- tickets -- get pregnant but it's an. And we're going to finish -- and Oregon. Verner who was on the satellite ready yesterday in name checked essentially every single professional football team North America. As that you are -- exactly the Edmonton eskimos of undergo open playing Canada -- into it and exactly I did you did mention going in and I think that's important I think he's a possibility he's a good -- you might be an entry that I think. Actually the dollars for -- probably going to be comparable to. Debt level guys the same shields the -- -- that kind of unity it's more reasonable one on her right yeah he's he's younger he's younger but I think the dollars are going to be -- that seem. Relatives. Yep exactly would you rather have him that Talib actually that's a great quite I think really in this case though photographer -- to -- I think the W -- but in the W. I think that I was on the field and the government on -- -- I think the thing in in our -- Chatham tweeted it's out yesterday that thing that really Verner has going for you know at this point his career. The couple things going form but the biggest thing is is consistency has been on the field. For every single regular season you want the courts prefer for -- I think when it comes to health. That's great I wanna talk but something indeed you do is you said before Monday the -- of depth. That's really one of -- homework one editor -- one of the things that the dual. No they didn't they don't crow about -- -- know -- -- that's all I'm not saying I'm announcing that but I am saying yeah I believe that there are people there that are happier that they had. If they don't want talk about -- Lional Chris Jones and are concerned that the of that on the talent on the upper upper left Abiola that sarcastic but I cut you off. Quite right yeah I mean that's really the depth was. And a lot of ways one of the reason they got BC championship did they got as far as he did because we can go in every year assuming that look. A team is gonna lose 23. Maybe you know unless you're incredibly lucky this -- Seattle was you know you're you're not gonna lose. A lot of guys to injury. You're you're you're gonna you're gonna take those slings and arrows over the course here anything that depth that they built up over the course you look at that signals a world class defense but. It was enough to the beginning of the year there are healthy there -- examined the really right direction exactly -- the other thing too is frankly. If they signed Talib. Ends they bring Vince back get him assuming the Vince is going to be in uniform repeated uniform 2004 to. Automatically that defense has bettered it this coming year than it was in 2013. So I think the idea that you need to what end quote improve your defense -- quote. I think that's a bit of a fallacy because the guys that they already have and let's assume again. I'm gonna make the -- -- gonna bring to be back are gonna have mail back you're gonna have Tommy Kelly -- -- Vince Wilfork back to govern W Virginia Collins. Who really showed me sympathy in your last year. In at least on paper as currently constituted that team that defense strikes me is a better defense in 2014 that was too. The incident but this is where I think what you say in relation to adapt the depth is obviously important. But as it relates of the patriots last year okay. Guys we talk about that stepped in to play well all star Josh Klein who played some big gains on the stretcher -- paid just -- -- 60000 box are pitching Chris Jones. 381000. Dollars Joba Lotto 405000. Dollars and -- I -- and is one of the guy I'm missing I'm archive funny here in the west but. Three of these four guys that people point -- Wednesday look at the debt Austin Collie right I came in it was depth 326000. Box so. You can have those guys I think when you -- and we spent up to waited four million dollars at the salary cap space that a little bit of wiggle room which I'd like. They still sell these players and you can get those type players you scouting department is a good job and have your top ten talent to why key house of one or two premium players defensively to leave and somebody else and still get away with. Chris Jones Schobel on -- Josh -- that's the but that that's a programme people say they're adept adept when no one week -- go to -- that if I -- -- I played contradicts that and they're almost sold out finding those guys at the street great job -- and. They just didn't get a full just just plugging guys in just going -- -- an -- BI I do it I think that this group. Hey look America tell you that again Jones and the Lotto and and you know hosts uber silica and you know the rest of -- pro bowler for for what they are. You need guys like out on your roster you need guys to be able to step in and play. 234 game you know you don't wanna be able to you don't have to lean on a Chris Jones-Drew drove alone for 1216 games of the course of season. Those guys are who they are their their spot guys they're. They're -- -- guys meant to play -- a handful of snaps at a time they're not meant to be long term starter so I -- I think you have to think about depth. But I think you have to look at it when you look at the roster in totality in in you know to your point monetary I think that's a good one I think you need guys. You need to be able to to augment the back in your roster at the same time you need to be particularly mindful of that group. But at the same time you'd you'd have to fill it you know you you you have to going to have to be able find these these elite defenders -- or just talk about the defense of -- modem you need to -- Need to be able find these guys need be found double on the Mayo is the you know that the high towers to some extent of the Wilfork says -- throw Tommy -- in the -- -- so I I do I think I just think on paper as it stands right now this defense is going to be better. In 2014 that was in 2013 even if just resign if it's a vehicle if toll comes look at Italy come -- That the white I would agree with your point about this team having a lot of holes defense when I view it is 22 major needs in -- would take a step further. But at the 123 defensively it is starting number one cornerback -- bunch of number twos and slash two threes. It over number one corner and this league night Evan number one quarter when there's a bunch from out there -- the eighty excuse should not be there we can't get that guy. My second thing to be hard hitting safety as good as. As good as -- safety play has been endemic courting it's like credit. I thought the way they've -- that appeal is a put together to free safeties that they've ignored them strong safety. Abroad polymers and opportunity last year -- -- would have been fun I'd that would it's a little love for our power -- -- with a tight so it's not possible Jim Wilson even an option. He sees an op I mean he's float around out there I don't think if you cannot tell the -- retirees and eligible saying I don't any camp you can and yet you -- a secondary next year. Does have a combined 800. Page it but I I think I don't think outlook when it comes to Adrian Wilson I think that. He's going to be around I don't think you can depend on him for. Just about anything is at least at this point any data him at this point is great I think the need to go on market whether it's finding someone in free agency finding someone in the draft. I think you need to be able to build in -- strong safety spotter will say this too in just in terms how he's used. I think the fact that they don't have Steve Gregory around I think it's gonna mean expanded role for Jamie Collins in kind of a strong safety linebacker charge. Kind of parole and I know they know what part of what was the people on Twitter about this that well -- -- a linebacker -- dubious. Weekly safety in college and nothing's gonna be a safety is in the NFL level because he's bigger he's doing double towards the chancellor -- I mean it's the same size is eighty that is the exactly and I think the NFL is trending in that direction anyway -- -- bigger defensive backs. Anything that you're gonna see Collins and kind of a hybrid role next year that is at the Oakland you know. Land someone you know what wherever it is in free agency her or find -- in the drop there's also guys -- info guys out there that have been because. You know feeling at that spot so it's gonna be interest -- regardless to -- you know we're gonna go after when it comes to -- -- to. Ed werder says the DeMarcus -- is asked the cowboys to make a decision on his status before 4 o'clock today. If he doesn't know by now that he's troubled you probably cut out they want a guy has occurred about cap casualties Owen Daniels. I was in the 32 year old tight end in a very productive tight end for the Texans are last year was her only played five games. 124 catches 252 yards to three years prior. 3854. In 62 catches. Four offense the use of the tight end Owen Daniels cut today on a Texans they'll -- ball for a half million bucks. Against their salary cap to Michael Finley. There's a name could have heard a lot of people attached to the patriots throughout this process to Michael Finley Scott Chandler and in our -- Indian mills is interesting and I don't know if I would go. But -- an interest in an embedded there are some really good possibilities for the patriots if you look at about. For a relatively low. Lost I did in red zone dot. They cheer for that yet big Fella yeah. I like him there when you talk about it both sides of the ball spent books lot of defense you wanna come back and talk about Chris is list of what this team. I need to do your thoughts as wells -- now what four hours away. From NFL free agency 61777979837. Is the number. Your calls on the path of Chris price for trading at WEEI. Featuring the artist -- grilled chicken cubby -- the sandwich go. Your bottom sailors -- the ticket your bottom Applebee's. It's should not not can be. You can -- -- call those our audio text yesterday. Took the copy home study -- worked on it. It's Belichick had to get better at a coach it better -- to execute better across the board. They've got to write today chicken sure bottom gorilla in -- got the sandwich go. Actually AT&T -- like -- -- good job but exclamation point prodding a -- You pronounce your bottom right I did because you guys the thank everyone out there. 61777979370. AT&T text line 379837. Charlie's in Rhode Island. He's talked enough patriots free agency Chris price in the house with a say Charlie. -- Charlie. -- -- On the -- but. Okay what I -- -- -- take BP making it number one he is offensive line. Great to hit it too late -- -- here at all about the Brady window -- -- -- -- quote a lot pat -- we don't protect. I didn't read it that it right. So you wanna replace Ryan window and the income. -- -- -- -- I think there's a great argument to be made bats. This is going to be a real important -- for the offense -- for a couple of reasons I noted those two guys though when -- a free agent. And Connolly is one of those guys who whatever it was talking about well you know just going to sign Revis let's you know cut nine guys and only one government and a lot of guys have been underwhelmed by him but I think coming off a couple things I think -- did that the cap numbers a little high and -- but I think his positional versatility. He can plea Saturday to play -- both guard positions. I think you'd need to keep him around -- colleagues and and interesting guy for a couple of reasons not the least not not common but -- the interest in -- recoveries. Not the least of which -- frank -- for -- a real member of the frank -- Logan Mankins. Bill Belichick love triangle that took -- a couple of years ago -- figures into it but I I. It's tough mean it's tough to find a good reliable senator. -- the preview I mean it's it's it's like -- connection slide over exactly that's being good but then you need in theory been. You would be at least on paper you you would mean -- your senator you're starting center in in what you you've probably put Steve Kline. That your number one guard. In that situation figured out. Yemen often I just it's gonna be really should see all this comes together on the offensive line is that does agree we just tournament after the break the -- UCLA. I -- name of retirements instrument and try to IDC is it exactly he's he's a guard tackle. I think he Simone but he can we were talking to become binding he'd love Logan Mankins called Logan -- bad -- I think if you could give him. On that second day of the draft. He might be a -- re I don't know if he's a second round third round fourth he's one of mid round guys. I think he could be one of those guys who could help shore then -- an area that is who's talked about some of the needs and depth and in the they've been successful the past disconnect is not -- this year and that's going to be that is interesting to see how it because he was always able to get him to play. Above the -- this franchise. Admittedly had a hard time drafting and developing defensive backs wide receivers but -- turnout offensively like nobody's business and and I wonder how much of that. It was because of daunting technical gonna see how much of that was because on -- you know going for the in terms of the interior of the line the other thing it's important number going forward we talked about how the defense is automatically going to be better because these guys are coming back. I think your offensive line please going to be better because you're gonna have Sebastian -- conduct so I think it's going to be. You're gonna see some improved play allowing off -- there's still some question marks on -- amateur -- It's in the list of players that are gonna be cut in a free up money he's not gonna be cut I don't think at least at this point. But Vince Wilfork has come up more than anybody else we have spent days on the show. Talking about the restructuring of his contract what is the latest Chris in your mind and and what do you think we stand heading into free agency now four hours away and Vince Wilfork still counting as eleven and a half million dollars ventured 2014 hour. Going to preface this by being very clear but the fact that -- movement will -- apologist. In an equal for it is probably the second most important guy in that locker room and Tom Brady in terms of leadership perspective in terms of what he brings that franchise on and off the field. The Portland point six I don't think yeah -- I think that there mega -- think being need to have him there I think he is vitally important to the success of that franchise he's. Absolute bodies rock be entitled around I think in when you go into a locker when you go to the -- on the offensive guys -- with the offensive guys defensive guys with -- defense of guys. Very few guys crossover. In my experience there's there's a couple of guys who crossed over Gaza Kevin Faulk as a Junior -- guys who. Did both sides of the ball to buying into what their -- Vince is one of those guys. I think the Picchu today I have to give a little in acknowledge how important -- the franchise inning Vince is gonna have to give a little because he's over thirty come offering to lose interest so I think both both sides are gonna have to meet somewhere in the middle. Two to allow this relationship to continue. I guess a little surprised -- you know I guess they're discussing it there in discussions about it. In your mind does it matter when I mean -- you have to read this stuff up I mean they're under the cap right now. So it is it's an ongoing thing all summer long or so do you think it's done soon. You wanna have some clarity obviously going to free agency about how many dollars house to spent. In a note that we've been talking about it but. They don't have to do which now say they don't have to mean being nice. In it would make things probably easier for the team in in give them a better idea where they stand financially. But they don't have to make that decision right now -- you know in addition events to -- the you know there's there's a forty steel bid could stand to be reworked you can. You can also -- you'll take a look at Logan steal the Logan Mankins the island in and take a look at that as well. But I don't think that went so well last time -- -- Clinton invented yet. It is particularly events I don't think you need to have it done I don't think there's the same level of urgency. It did did did I think some people bring to the table when you talk about events in talk about the Richardson talked about account. All I'm one of them I think it's something happens today like I think something has tablet Vince Wilfork today if if Chris. They're committed to getting a top flight quarterback because that guy is going to. Probably gonna happen early in the free agency period because I think these are going to be the guys and and Peter King wrote about this yesterday. That cornerback is the new quarterback that you're gonna have at 4 o'clock today. One of the guys we've mentioned here whether it is to leave the murder Vontae Davis Dominique Rodgers can Marty. We're gonna hear this guy's close already with eighteen it's gonna be quick to get one -- top like quarterbacks and again. That top like Warner and element involved here. I'd have to restructure events today like that's the big -- QB on the weekend. But they need that they they need the count at the one thing to say they would like we're close to them but -- Why don't they go right to challenge yeah I mean they can keep ticket McCain down the road I -- Dave bacon continued yeah yeah I mean we talk about moving money around all the time you know you can you can move money around -- you can make stuff happen. That have to be now right before the start free agency you know you can you can create some financial flexibility to mothers but -- guy -- the other thing too but the cornerbacks. There are so many. Really it's a good cornerbacks -- -- look at the numbers and we you know. I think that's gonna drive the price down a little bit I'm not saying that it's going to be depressed market like I was last year but. There are a lot of really good defensive backs a letter really cornerbacks in particular out there or gonna get paid but. I don't think you have to break the bank for. Revis I don't think -- -- thinking get a reasonable deal for some of these guys -- might be that if we talked about to build those dollars being competitive -- might be kind of more of the top end but. You could go what you can get a Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie a relatively reasonable. Look at -- -- point today you have to do it now. A cricket from wrong be going to be in a 1:33 by 4 o'clock today in ruins there never went there comply by so I. On Saturday tech earlier cap could be won thirty sets -- you Regina and you could jump back to jump ball knowing that at some point at three to renegotiate a cut someone on your roster. So -- you're already under now. Today is on a -- idea. That maybe you can restructure -- say you -- appointments were either restructuring all we are cutting you what you wanna do. You know -- you're at that point and it's a huge -- league goal or. Tomorrow tonight no mean later on this week two weeks from now month from now knowing that at some point can't be that somebody would also have to we'd be understanding as well you wanna be there but exactly. In in the salary -- is gonna go up next year. It's it's it's it's gonna continue to rise in in any -- I'm I'm a buy on the Vince hall. I'm honest about it come up front about it because he's been -- port is franchise and a -- there's one guy who deserves to maybe be overpaid. For what you've been able to do for this franchise again both on and off the field -- convinced but at the same time. -- -- -- We we we got to draw back a little bit Carlos. Since you're Vince -- a huge unit Julian adamant honk because reports are that the patriots have offered a three year deal and want an answer sounds -- -- -- last year and Wes Welker -- -- -- offering you this deal we need an answer is we got plan B if you say no moving forward don't come back to listen bitchy mean you'll Emanuel Sanders order to whoever -- whoever's out there yet so three year deal we're talking about before what was guessing three years fifteen. I'll save 883 years twelve I was more patriot my guess it was seven ish. Guarantee yet that that's a good neighbor I think that the the really good template to look at when your comparing gentlemen. To the rest of the market might be the big deal that -- the Robertson looks like -- to do with the Redskins were -- -- 416. -- like -- guarantee I think that's a good neighborhood it's three that -- three and twelve with six into wall six maybe seven year old -- you kind of sweet little of that would be guaranteed money so I think that's a possible I think government -- back I deal. I think the fact that. And might just be superficial or surfers -- went over the fact you've blanket for Brady to bite you forego every district in California I think that. And again I don't wanna read too much and that because that's just. You know emerged about it I think adding I think government ultimately my feeling right now is adamant comes back to -- You bring that up bright blanket -- tournament and we always yesterday or I don't brilliant. Always comes out says you know it's Robert Kraft decision I don't get involved in rubber craft this number is -- make my decisions. I know how competitive Tom Brady is. You really believe that Tom Brady doesn't talk to people in the offseason a front office and this guy wants the way do you really believe that he sits back. And says I can't believe you just let west while ago I can't believe he'll let you know that we -- he's so competitive I just don't see him just chilling on a beach. -- -- -- you know what whatever you want to do man on the win with anybody not. I find it hard to believe that this guy doesn't that now publicly they say doesn't. Put calls and miss Tom Brady. He also yet we we know that he's called guys we -- that he -- he's not standing over you know Belichick shoulder in the -- -- -- -- -- -- know all know -- doesn't talk to -- dies he does he's in he's you know he's he's not intimately involved with the team building process but at the same time. He has to say he has some sort of input system. You know who they go well yeah -- not that -- not just to go after but in in terms of you who -- Every team tell who's on the that I think that the real interest in point two Lou because I think this year more than any year in the past we've seen from him. He transitioned into more agreement torture pool account of a coaching needs to say this you want to acknowledge it but. He has to be that guy that we heard over the course of the year that he was meeting with a rookie receivers every Tuesday in a camera watching film. On the off day and kind of you know can it get involved in the team player and stuff like that. You got to remember when Brady won Super Bowl 36 and Dobson was twelve years old. This is not a contemporary and this is the guy who was you know a mentor and I think. It did that he's transitioned into that role when it -- to see more and more of that two point before the idea of him. Having a little bit more say when it comes to stuff like this what's going to be interesting to see. If he has any sort of impact on this item and move on the possibility of an -- and -- the fact that he might come back to. Security had an impact against the that's story get out there. Beat the patriots wanted people to know that animals blanket to -- Or a -- want people to know that Tom tech's Mike Reese or I'd appreciate exactly what do first. But is now hope opens a while playing catch that Julian right now. As you know birch trees in the -- three and a golf ball somebody let the cat out of the bag he's playing catch -- settlement right now. He wants that's a little bit of pressure put on -- -- Natalie -- the Brady camp to get that word out there as it was seamer presentation today. So they're not they're now and I -- undoubtedly lead at a big publicly you know it's I say out of it and we will Roberts says Tom and IA whatever you know no big deal we move on but. Amused and even Red Sox and baseball and for fact. The GM's call players in league away thinking this guy that you -- if it at that David Ross talked about the other day about AJ Pierzynski does bring -- get a colleague that you work at all. It happens them and to think that that number Ager sits back. And doesn't do this I think is naive. Well still -- that the story over the course -- 2013 season was did Belichick called to leave when Blount became available. Right -- used him as a reference for -- and so we know that that goes on not just with Brady but we know that that goes on in the featured the organization we noted the deep. Many guys will go to Aqib Talib and ask him about the gear blunt. We to believe that Tom Brady has no say whatsoever you. Three point. It's agree with it is why the Welker thing last year that they'll they'll sought a place I visited a month -- February 26 at ten days. Eleven days part of free agency opened a two weeks. It was like perfect okay he saves eight billion dollars in the cap. Speculation it's -- Walker's gonna make per year he can he called an outwardly his best friend. Called the toughest guy ever play with best competitor he ever played with. Toughest receiver -- Latin tireless that things. And he ends up there in a base in the salaries matching up Chris that's that's a year later. It still wasn't I don't know -- right now and how it fell. -- that literally there is agreed long form stories appeared to be written news someone can ever get to the bottom of that pollsters because I've never seen. The patriots. Try to win that he off the correlation often or Africa excited it's eighty feet. I got enough locally right now -- -- -- the -- but yeah but yeah I mean it that it had I I've never seen the patriots trying to -- a PR war more than. What they went through last spring involving Wes -- so much so -- appointed Jonathan Kraft talked about last you know about a week or two ago its own conference loans don't -- -- I just it and I don't know the context to be fair but just the idea that they're continuing to -- that. It amazes me but but yeah guy I think if they had a Mulligan I think he'd go back to having both set to go back and revisit that because -- got excessively personal but. I don't think that the elements stuff is going to reach that point -- -- it's gonna get that personal and again elect has had a difficult in the league and the government finds -- waited to have to go back to doing. You think it's over rated they have all these holes what's what's the number one biggest -- blue and I've -- quarterback here for awhile I think it's fair. I I think -- quarterback having building depth in the secondary use fair I also the other thing that. In I don't want depth a lot like the top -- you want the guys say yeah I got my nostrils player. -- a good draft for quarterbacks. Is designed to put that out -- to a degree draft recorders while headquarters I joke about the guy looked at the last biggest you're going to this'll things that the biggest -- -- get sick -- Champ Bailey. Enough right -- but. If you do bring back to leaped out still because I don't look at it yeah. Paying what the prices -- it especially as interest and possibly playing safety yeah entries. There's some really good young corners yeah and in the draft there's some interesting -- in the market. Adding to -- it did in which we need to talk about this in the context talking about Vince you need to start playing for the post Vince Wilfork there. Have been a big fan of -- Aikman. Get out of Minnesota I think he is an apple guy oh cushion and why I'm pushing for her I samarra the first got to promote him and now I see national guys and I'll put him he's the guy I just friends that are what -- -- -- -- I for the -- beat him. At the combined get a chance to talk with them get a chance to really go back and look at film one who used what he does in terms of the versatility in terms of the -- in terms of -- size. He's not built like Vince he's longer leaner in a perfect world. He's Richard Seymour because he's got that versatility he's got that's he's got that level smarts. -- he he kind of comes out of an interesting background so why he's the -- from ignorance that got. I think if they went in the first three rounds this year they went Hague and the with Fedora with the tight end at Iowa. Innate in them -- the in the third round in big optimum because it's it immediately tidbit about how I got out. You need to to load up a little bit more corner because it's a depressingly. I think. You need to yet. Another one or Q consistent pass catcher yeah I gathered tight and whether it's Chandler whether it's. You know whether Emanuel Sanders. -- deckers attacks. -- tell me that I need to look at jailers effectiveness in the red zone stats it's horrible. -- account of that with. Other EJ Manuel effectiveness stats in the red zone or buffalo offense or buffalo offense in W union on the -- but last week -- some of the needs. And it's exactly that in the draft you know offensive line deep tackle tight end in the draft youth. I don't wanna young wide receiver and draft I don't wanna young corner and draft and I don't -- young safety as far as filling gaps as -- starters go. Be those got to be veteran wide receiver corner safety in the draft -- -- I mean dig deep tackle. Offensive line and tight end. Agree with that -- the -- process and I do because that dead group a wide receivers. Is is a young group I think it did you know for years news we've looked at west and we Randy Moss and you know some notable names but this is a young group -- younger as the -- blasters so. I do think you need to get a little bit more. Mature yet at the wide receiver spot so again one of annual academy annual -- to start I think no -- they need to get crazier. They clearly music crazy -- Steve Smith crazy well have you yeah that's. Well you know -- -- policies of -- -- Ellis Ellis the and I wanna help -- out -- you're gonna be a trend -- again he has it it's pronounced Xavier. CC of below the a few Xavier C -- -- the odds of that type action program that I'm getting it directly off the UCLA pronunciation guide you -- C a -- it's. You -- are osu field. SUVUHFEELOWs. -- -- itself to a few state year sue a feel. Verizon -- not -- knows not that brought us to get you gonna have that name pronounced right now it's having on Comcast you -- don't cities you'll often the line indicates a Xavier -- -- Bulow you gotta get this guy threw a few welcome back in talks these that the more your full call 6177797937. Is the number AT&T -- line. Is 379837. Chris price WEP on a con covering the patriots. We are covering all things free agency -- view on Sports Radio WE yeah. Back -- a lot -- ID 37 WEEI your phone call 6177797937. AT&T text line. 3798373. And a half hours until NFL free agency gets under way. We talk Revis to leave cattlemen will for the needs this team where you would start top of their list. The last for the break about Steve Smith. Steve Smith apparently he's gonna get cut that it's gonna cost the Carolina Panthers. Three million bucks to cut Steve Smith. This a very competitive guy still productive receiver -- -- on. Cam Newton is a young quarterback -- talent around him and is not a bit kind of talent and that that -- receiving corps so. I -- be honest I don't know what bells Gilani Carolina made you wanna get rid of Steve Smith's old bag you'll eat three million dollars in salary cap and cut him today. Always going to be 35. Before the start of that the 2014 season. So I just. Look I I think you'd agree it's been going geez you know fallen trees you agree argument before openings -- good countries that he's got to create you know few weeks. He's under team you love them. I just I I think he'd be -- really good fit I think Tom current. We did yesterday and someone Tweety was America received was monitoring and there was there were saying how he used really in a lot of ways -- -- -- -- -- and I think you'll make a lot of sense to do and this is yeah its -- Mahdi Army you know he's 35 so don't expect anything more than in between your deal. Is this -- 07 million dollars against the cap via its contract this year right and it cost them three -- club pro football talk. When when you know as the reports when the parents do things. They seem hell bent on doing that's getting rid of their best franchise player in history -- because of money and it won't because the -- scale that means going to personal. Indicated that affected you know that that that. Maybe -- wing on his teammates. You know -- -- a point where. The positive contributions they get a -- feeling inferior being told that that they or he could be a good thing is to be a bit the hand always Korea yet and it's almost like you maybe this is akin -- thing that. We can't can't lead our team because Steve Smith won't let them and we want him to be the leader and a you know any is declining so. And we can save saudis the let's move forward -- a different direction. Yes and I know the -- protect -- gone down and and you can also look at that much different -- I don't know if not the guy -- was 456 years ago right it's a little ball downfield as much profit exchange can't do not deliver the ball would notes there. The bottom line is not what -- and settlement if you miss out on -- and adamant and he takes the money and signs somewhere else. I'd be on Steve's. You can be you know Steve Smith but I do I think I think it's going to be a handful of guys that we talked about before you know that bill -- redeeming a Sanders thing makes a lot of sense for this team know that there's some offense of redundancy there but -- think. It the same time you can make it work do you figure out vehement all the back and you're going to be able to get Gradkowski -- some former fashion. -- relatively close to a 100% were assuming. Between now and in the start of the season so that that's a good look -- but it sounds like it sounds like a perfect short term gaga might Wear it long term to be exactly two years and other stops yet it's so it's just. To me. What is coming or not got a chance to win a championship. You're not gonna be you're you're not gonna break the bank but let's look this is your -- -- the last contrary to your career. Is this problem to you -- because it's where I'm on an album this is what. -- and pro football talk as tennis -- my people party works and try to get them to raise their level. By extension all works as hard as he does even if it's true usually is people get sick of hearing it to a certain point. Sick of hearing what you want you know I'm the guy works harder than anybody ST so that's -- -- a couple of years. I'll I'll deal with a guy that works his tail off part in the language rather Steve Smith for a couple years or join -- four players the quest three or four years when I read a story airs at the three are you able yet Arab element only because of kick returner punt returns rather what he brings this team he's already here he knows the system my point is -- Julie and adamant. Doesn't accept this three year deal the patriots are offering -- for and they go play and beat my plan B would be Steve Smith. He would be mine by my plan BUB somebody who's gonna be a bigger receiver on the outside analysts yesterday a key -- is a big tall son of a bitch on the outside he's only six foot. But compared to the other receivers on this we have a settlement with Amendola. I've always enable those guys but they if I they signed both those guys and you go still go outside receiver Dobson now facing surgery and there's multiple needs there. You have -- abusive and jetBlue -- just voices out there today in a -- Tompkins you have -- you're going to assume that these guys are going to be able to make the next step you -- you do you're gonna assume that these guys did voice is going to be better than it was -- he's going to be better than he was that did -- we come back from the foot is going to be better than it was. In 2000 Forte and he was in 2013 I will all the back to the same thing he's got to those -- to but he had a little bit of a down here last year caught 67 passes he's 26. Relatively young you could. Conceivably put a package together for him for -- off for your -- at. Same money you -- you're not gonna break the bank forum but you're -- you're you're going to be able to get a guy who's going to be able coming here and ostensibly catching sixty passes. It'll be interesting to see if what kind of market he would have. It is a short term deal they'll make sense for Steve Smith. Is he gonna go on to a two wanna go from is that money for Steve's -- you wanna gull wing enemies into what one Super Bowl -- go back to the Carol Hologic DelHomme so he's been there. That position in general. Feels like a marginalized position this year maybe sits every year it's a different position that is they highlight position verses for a second there but it feels like this year. Offensive line -- offensive tackle specifically Chris and quarterback at the top the list and then running back. -- -- -- Running back is going to be years you're going to be able to get a running back it ridiculously low rates is here it's -- -- -- -- cornerback was Lester you're gonna be able and that's the thing in the death -- would do I think. We should talk about as the fact that I think you're gonna be able to get -- back on. Next to no money. Because that the game is changed to a point where it's just -- running backs to just completely devalued by any means you're gonna get he Drew Peterson getting it guys like -- this is a bad time to be free agent running back this is a -- to be your fridge running. It's not a lot of there's not that -- the -- could not Chris Johnson Tennessee has lost a step yeah but they're gonna cut -- -- -- Trade him in Tennessee because you were negotiating and a half million bucks I guess you're technically be. The number one running back on the market if -- be cut before 4 o'clock today. -- kind of money you get outlay for a a running back and are too many teams in my mind have done it would no name running backs who brought guys in off the street. -- and beating good teams. With that I we're running backs -- were drafted high or draft at all for a team to -- element invest a lot of our salary cap or a high draft pick. And anyone who's not like only a leak Adrian Peterson type guy at the top Biggio just what. Fine you know guys you know who guys you -- there -- guys who were finding a market for you advocate the guys we're going to be interest you guys are going to be interesting news here in free agency as well as the draft. Are not going to be the traditional between the tackles thousand yard. Carlos Hyde at Ohio State running back you're gonna get guys that bishops Anke who have ability in the passing game. You know Vereen is a great example Dexter McCluster -- o'clock in the city and Darren Sproles guys like that are going to be going to be the guys that teams go after guys who have demonstrated an ability to contribute in the passing game not just as the traditional. You know big backyards that depositions it's been devalued over the last few years stuff. We know -- this because we're out running backs. Pretty much set placing -- -- for it quarterbacks pretty much set I would think linebackers. You're set me at a -- -- linebackers but yet the linebackers can be so why would report come up that Wesley would your first trip. Pre trip is in knowing it's going to be it's a depth. Being special teams guy and a Nobel Checketts its and then briefed about it in the past but -- it has demonstrated an infection Portman the past. That's a guy who would be able to. Step in and provide a little bit of help for you're talking about a group restore his picture and incurred from wrongs are big now operated -- our guys -- -- and -- -- via these these smaller -- -- Darren yeah in the mean he's going to be one of the he's gonna be guy who could step in and offer you a little bit depth we have your -- looking really starting rotation Collins Mayo and -- Next year if you think about playing for three women and your idea you -- movement of which around a little bit now standup. And play some of that kind of food and kind of a hybrid you can linebacker role so -- YouTube -- puts in theory probably Fletcher into that mix as well. -- ball harness. Wesley would your did those guys were kind of feeling around that group of starters what would your would be one of those and not a key guy but would you would be part of a rotation. They have ranked obvious and he's the first one I found a glue to tell wanted to see sort of where he's listed. CBS sports lists him as being number nine linebacker. In free agency. With players like guys in for and it will take Iraq pull off the take these guys -- -- because Orakpo D'Qwell Jackson and Jason world blog at their deals. So Lamar what league. Karlos Dansby Daryl Smith brand spikes remember him John obese in Wesley would -- I can see him being sold by Belichick is -- and not using your right in Denver the operative Mike Vrabel brought him man and gave him an opportunity. But I love him in Denver to -- there's a lot of a lot of salary cap towards him up what I mean at the same question Lou would have why. You know why don't pay no premium yeah at a pay what -- -- -- why would he be first in your list and maybe. First visit is not indicative of the first analyst yeah. Yeah they -- he's a great locker room guys he's a guy who has -- -- believe. He was an undrafted free agent in so and they love those great stories those kind of pull yourself up or don't -- up on angles but. As I don't think that they would extends you know a -- -- -- -- -- Woodard I think if you would be one of those kind of with a complimentary signings. 61777979837. Is your phone a because Texas here on the AT&T text line at 379. 37. -- are you you've always done this when it comes of the draft when you look at. The you've looked at the draft of who had his with the patriots he try to get an idea of -- met with these this player. Okay this is an idea where that Michael can you do that a free agency yeah race in a file that you seem to free agency where. People are talking about that guy but there might be interest on both on the patriots side and the free agents I've based on what -- the last couple weeks I think gives it. Do everything with a grain of -- we have to understand -- some stuff as a smokescreen designed and all the NFL Chris but that doesn't happen but I think at the same time I think you can look into -- a little bit and you can kind of put. One plus one equals two when you consider okay will this government you fit here in this this would work here I don't think which were saying before I don't think. Timing necessarily dictates the level of interest. I don't necessarily think that save was -- -- as the -- get a -- guy and yeah exact topic that means. But he's their number one target in free agency but I think that's a fair statement sent to look at a guy who was making a visit to New England answering you know there's there's real interest -- guys second ago playing. You know in flight across the country unless that you know unless he feels there's some sort of interest -- from the team. -- so break it down patriots off season three weeks four weeks from now. Who you have we have here I think to leave the cattlemen. It's equivalent. So I like this I like the start so far I like the start. I don't know you know go back and forth until I -- element for sure dominate him I'm pretty sure he's going to be back right. I keep thinking of Emanuel Sanders. I really do both of them right yet to leave and meaningless and not that -- keeps in the lead element amino Sanders. I -- bumps are really on the fence about anything that there's going to be some. Lower level defense of players that we really like who would your tight. Lower level defense -- player that we really haven't talked about and if they don't get to leave they're gonna yet. From Marty. Verner -- the problem now you don't know if you don't say -- not -- and now he's -- whatever the Champ -- they're not going after chipping bumping and Cromartie and I don't think it one of those -- of veteran DN reduced our material that's the thing that's the name in the -- with what we talked but the senate contest. When you talk to people around the lead. In stable this guy can -- guys who Galena. US -- well is this guy Griffin here's a scary good fit here in the suggest now. I haven't heard anyone. Save Richard Allen is an interest in coming to going. And that's kind of roundabout way of saying that there is some -- I understand that the recent interest there but it answers it is that we viewers of. You mention all these guys and some of these guys like Jared Allen. Revis and to leave maybe he ends up there. If the Denver Broncos and a B a bigger player you're going to be new a year ago. Is is it fair for patriot fans to be upset if if that is the Broncos were land. Top corner and Jared Allen. And you as a patriots team you bring back cattlemen. But that's second tier -- brown type quarterback and it's not you can't replace -- -- be fair major -- to be upset by the Broncos won out and I know you wrote about today winning free agency but getting better in the process your main competition to get the pupil. I think -- you're just talking about free agency yeah right not forgetting the draft and trades -- free agent market I think it would be a little bit underwhelming but I don't think I would be that. Upset if I was a patriots fan I think you got to let the whole process play out I think you got to let free agency play out I think you got to let the entire team building routine. From. February 2 to August's. You know go from step the steps some of the best free -- this team has Chevrolet and there are related have been. Weird out of left field Rob Ninkovich was signed in August. You know I mean Tommy Kelly was signed two weeks after a free agency started the utilities. And I know it's a little -- it was weird free agents replace what Aqib Talib Gaby last two that's and that's about what it was that is the rate of yeah this year to do. Great job with -- They -- a great job finding. Players that are not used the right way in other areas or or emphasizing what they do well for the team and finding low level players like Jones a lot also lingo. To replace Wilfork and Kelly and they did that to an extent. My issue was OK you can do that very well. Can you recognize that the last two years. One -- change your defense one guy that brought Aqib -- middle the year last year yeah defense got better. Had on this year when he was healthy they were looking like the defense you always wanted your last couple years -- but they recognize that yes look I love Aqib Talib. Yes her it's you got instantly felt however you said yes the match out of the same thing and I know that you you you and Matt are very similar -- we think about. And I've heard -- say this on this last couple nights where you know he's he's hurt. He's not in their and I understand my question what are you gonna do oh. If he's not there you Shelby Holliday had been in an upper Echelon defense without number one quarterback the last couple. You got to have because that depressingly and I agree vehement when it I think you need if there's one area where they need to adjust their team building approach. Is -- we talked about this before that yet they've never paid more than ten million. A year to a quarterback I think -- -- came closest would like. Close to that. I think in this area in this passing league I think you need to to operate with -- -- toward doing more often than not so I do I think if if they need to treat their approachable a bit I think they go a little bit heavier quarterback but I -- don't know. How that relates necessarily producers' group outside of the -- to the. I can be some behind the scenes Tony names but how many agents have you talked to in the last 48 hours. Rough guesstimate. -- -- -- Believe it about ten. I talked to one last night about 113 -- this -- Wimbledon this is why should be following Christmas lights and and following integrate crooked too it's not just me it's I mean everyone is right I know for a fact. Everyone -- Boston and other coaches who do but I was not just -- you'd like 88 -- but there are all fine but for now. Your talk changes Baltic and you're gonna get out of here and worse we're gonna keep or thought you know as one of those guys that -- -- -- blogs -- one of those guys at their tuna -- ago. -- Hagerty and the Bruins got on the pogo team and a but the fourteen not. -- it's -- price NFL on Twitter Chris price WEEI dot com Chris it's up as always I'd say. Get some rest but this is at three hours and I you're going to be deeper into listening to his credit this is that -- this stuff -- are clearly wanted to precise. WE Ida com. On a daily -- it's coming up we'll go to Fort Myers and -- the Red Sox hall of Famer joke is that Leona. He will join us we'll get an update on all things Red Sox spring training part of the daily diamond which joke a state next Sports Radio W yeah.

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