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Rick Stroud of the Tampa Times on Darrelle Revis

Mar 11, 2014|

Rick joined the show to discuss the impending release of Revis from the Buccaneers. He said that Revis is far superior to Aqib Talib both on the field and off.

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I was looking for -- and promising a conversation with our friend Rick Stroud. Extra cover of the Buccaneers in the NFL for the times. And -- he also co host -- sports talk -- weekday mornings from six to nine. On WD a 6:20 AM in 93 point three FM Antigua and get out of the market. Rick joins us on the AT&T hotline departing wreck -- aria. -- don't credit enough to do both newspapers and morning radio -- -- gave you my friend is an. They can be and is going to be today tomorrow. Thanks so you you know little bit and there's obviously down here in the box. Tough decision not to make -- one I think they're going to make it they can't trade Darrelle Revis with a sixty million dollar contract and exit and very hard at least. Then it'll probably release are most likely expected to actually com and because of these on the roster but Wednesday -- -- over a million out. In a roster bonus -- more importantly that fourth round pick that they were gorgeous sent to the jets as part of the compensation Woodrow would then become -- third round pick. Specific except I've got to exclude the start with then and the whole draft. Bill wants all of that so critical spot would love -- met. You know Jason like governor and cabinet pick up the street situation. Rick why would any team not named the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with 24 hours to wait to get him for nothing and be able to restructure that sixty million dollar contract actually trade for this guy at this point. What he wouldn't you certainly wouldn't pick on the contract the only thing you could do I suppose. With the at the box to negotiate within the reverse is not gonna restructures -- mistake here knows if you put me on the street you can -- little wanna go. He's also not naive enough to think these -- sixteen million dollars anyplace I mean he's paid about six million dollars over the highest paid quarterback in the league right now out fact I think you before -- played player in the league at the top but the only piece such a player so. You look at sorry reduction but he's got to take one. -- certainly prefer to deal that you -- team play were. And do you get any sense -- that he's headed here. -- -- -- -- Well it quietly and it kept this -- and I don't know exactly as we sit here at the the minute where they are what their plans not offering to leave anything or not even been injured in those two championship games and injuries are part of -- -- -- quickly throughout his whole career. Went knowingly that Howard Denver. If our separate from those -- release corner almost on the brink of going back to the Super Bowl I absolutely would think that. Ultimately -- B interest is probably going to a place like in England patriots but I would I would expect the pictures would be -- interest in and -- Feel like he's at the top of his game. You know he's going to be better than I thought last year that -- -- the disappointing thing this is not about Darrelle Revis the player a lot still you know he was not able to even get on the field competitively. Until the first regular season game that was are -- that election didn't get suggests. A lot of work through you know this nation you know all drama and it really -- a devastating injury for a defensive back in particular. -- by the end of the -- -- -- -- flat to the being Darrelle Revis were talking at the pro -- he said he didn't think about it anymore he was pain free. He was looking forward to a Austin -- he really trained -- -- post -- think. I think you're -- feet a much closer version that Darrelle Revis Revis island that we knew that saw -- last year. What a disastrous trade for Tampa overall give the thought he picked and they get. -- -- -- nothing in return their for twelve in the trade forum for twelve when he's gone. Secure mobile and it's one that's made I think out of desperation. Both Mark Dominik who has you know needed to win and needed a win right away and I head coaching -- -- You know the worst -- -- that's -- your reform product a restaurant well that's what -- You know we have got an adult making don't know what they'll say about that from now -- -- get out of contract -- taken on an acceleration because it was the -- -- go. But it's sixteen million dollar that the big pill to swallow for -- I was -- twelve that. That's not what worries that -- they loved that Darrelle Revis and broken play in this defense but what you we have so many did say that -- pass rush they're trying to rebuild the -- to life. I think you're gonna be really active and free agency starting today. And I think he'll figure out of respect to rebuild this distinct. We're talking -- -- covers the bucks in the NFL for the yet Tampa Bay times a Jared Allen some indications say is headed for Denver very very shortly because he wants to win he's tired of losing. At this stage Revis whose career is he tired of losing -- I think so yeah I mean unfortunately put too well you know even pick Tampa break. He was straight into the air and here at the time is -- are trying to -- for the jets and it was a disaster here last year I mean it was a dumpster fire we had -- so we had. -- an eight we had channel we had everything. And and his experience was that we know the live your lives in Miami. You know as far as -- -- all ghost. And so you know either got -- for the bright lights dictionary and especially for the post season in this regatta. Who can make enormous plays and really make a difference on your team. And you're in a place where it looked at the same reason just hours recover and attempt to better real reason Darrelle Revis would be happy to leave it matters that are not raid away. Let's talk timetable here and and I'm wondering how patient he's going to be and if -- -- -- -- would you not wait. Or to leave and see what that market is and he's no and he knows not to leave but -- these -- make sixteenth. Don't let the -- side and do whatever -- gonna do and say that's before we start from there and go up. I don't think you can ask you gotta have a number and he's gonna stay good and if -- -- -- sit and ought to come down but they drove realistic sort of -- Darrelle Revis. In the contracts or meditation. And you know like this six million -- over the next state court so either you got it to ten million he would probably feel underpaid and you know it whether he can get all that bought and they I don't though and admit it won't matter because you know -- being -- -- -- today. Was there was nothing guarantees so few guarantees at 22 million point 4000020 million over the next two years. At least he knows if he comes into it again as a ghost opera has a history are going to be. He might take that in India it would have been I think accommodation of the salary. Go beyond that street quarterback there's no question about that and the opportunity to win that beautiful you are going to be sort of sliding scale group. I'll wreck and you like to think of the -- mailboxes you know your local NFL team but up here the last couple years we've viewed -- as the patriots AAA team -- at the feeder system and she how was that Belichick you know. Fleeced them Hillary. Utley Garrett blood deal worked out well for you guys but tell me this will continue -- Jason liked and I've just I plucked the setup than there about Vincent Jackson makes a lot of money. Is he does he wanna be part of a rebuilding team what he'd like to be moved to a contender. What should all a couple of different contender I mean that's the deal that think the way I look at -- don't like seeing him more as a mercenary car you'd more or got a little. You know paycheck will play. He's a great locker -- -- any -- go to all the right things I don't know how many more years that's an that -- level he's starting to slow down from a speed standpoint -- is very competitive for the ball built so -- could go without -- ride that -- this year they're gonna go ahead and I think pay him and play and -- -- -- any other receivers right now outside opinion Mike Williams. Who live in -- -- so and I think that it would look like any -- -- chance to be in the post season -- I don't think there's replay entry in the league and I think he's accepted that I think he realizes that he'll be here at least another series. If and Jason liked his tackle -- You think the relationship between Hammond and Belichick will result in more deals between these two team. Mean I don't get the feeling that the patriots always go over so I have no hope that could happen anymore but but certainly that those relationships you know are there and they and they had to pay out that they offer for bill which now. -- -- -- -- reason -- -- we've had to go I mean you know he's very good soldier. But -- -- -- patriots. -- the world so a lot different and then been running the show running opera got here at camp expects. Other toxic situation would -- to -- the so he needed a place like setting your coach like bella checks. The Callaway and and football competing for a -- go all the off the field on. That the -- amount alliance I think either the right place single true that some external would get one. Who is who has a one dimensional back and I think he saw that in the ointment could still be very productive freakish athlete voice so what you can do with the liquor line and they. Doug Martin sort of makes -- -- yet there will be a relationship always dialogue and so. You know I'm sure though they'll -- the farm system for a little while longer. There's the bay we've been having all morning just to leave verses three disappear general manager. 34 million dollars a year more than you pay to lead. -- Just going to be the more. Aside from the -- you know he can't dismiss the fact that he missed the whole season without the -- it happened almost any player in the NFL. He's I think he's I think about a quarter or all right now I mean I know to -- again you know can lock down people like anybody's business and certainly in that conversation which German. I -- I think. I think -- -- a lot to your locker room. I think he you know he's a big time player he makes big time plays I think if you got into policy -- situation or in big games. This is gonna he's just gonna show up and he's been durable slightly year. With the ACL air assault -- through sixteen year last year we look is that. He loves football you know I think they're both duplex. Personally that's -- -- up close and personal but the character side of that it's it's you know Revis is at ten and you can put your number cheaply. We're talking with a Rick Stroud who covers the bucks in the NFL for the EF for the times. I'm wondering is Lovie Smith really okay going to war with Mike -- and as his quarterback and Mike don't call me from scoffed at. You know he that we are not happy with the all the world like player that's why. He gets set -- You got you're just -- -- starter -- you know what yeah. No question about that like it's -- -- at the very best supporting them here but they're prepared a free agent quarterback. I would be -- what surprised it got out. A day or two on how to put aside what the box or career opportunity debut with the jets. -- with the Texas certainly is there Chicago. But I think the perfect fit for him you gotta push -- what it. Be the starter if the governor is not -- the way it is going to be fine or which is -- and still think if you get the count. It doesn't preclude you from drafting young quarterback. Maybe not at the overall -- that school option. But you can still -- -- young guys corporate America and not not have the pressure like it went away because you have those two other guys. And finally. And public response to the new beauties thumbs up thumbs down or ambivalence. You know started -- now all over the place nationally and locally but I think is the more people see that are at least at least here in the worst start a warmup so I'm frustrated scenic thing along the field uniforms which they just change seventeen years ago. Preteen years ago so I ought to know what the big or upload some more concerned because they've put it out by. You know I hate that -- you know to -- marketing thing and I think. They tell us what you see them all together see them in person they're going to be better what appeared to eventually so I like now that's not a big fan Purcell -- before. They just clarify for me are those pewter pants that they make go to somebody -- it warns -- -- sweat very obvious still in play -- those been changed. Look at it here in order that doctor punitive darker here I think we're taking care of that. First order issued. I think. The players a chapter of affair -- so I guess that that that's part of the -- computer coral darker I think there. -- result of that. Extra always fun talking to do appreciate take some time this morning. What they are Rick Stroud the -- Bucks and NFL writer the -- at him yeah.

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