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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Johnny Carson sex tape

Mar 11, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed a newly released Johnny Carson sex tape.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment. Chopper the pros do precision fitness equipment I will go there on April 22 and 23 took my post running career. A form of exercise whether it's a bike or rolling machine. -- to go with the job -- exercise yours you need to do yoga. Some hot chicks there that's probably. Well I'm tired I was this time. When chick was not that -- is a Patricia camp Kelly you know her did not Jerry. I don't know where she often worked only fifteen hours a week -- 122500. Dollar a year job itself as Suffolk county register 08. The Boston Globe reports the show must have much of those fifteen hours a week taking numerous smoke breaks scratching lottery tickets looking into Boston Real Estate the Internet and filling up puzzles according to employees quoted. It confidential report from Sean Murphy. In the globe today. Even before the embattled -- Vitale was accused of punching an employee in the face Matthew -- -- fearful atmosphere in the office tallying its workers your question to long breaks. They're plotting to get her employees or she can hire old people conclude court a court appointed lawyer. Ronald. On line 122. -- it's always taught her personality her co workers were probably thrilled to -- -- -- fifteen hours a week ran out they said why did she works so much that these are. If anyone at this office. That's the problem -- wise woman working Ashley now that that's like you know someone sets the buck to allies that yes he says -- -- -- put the pressure on all right analysts add that it wants all the work fifteen hours a week for 120 -- Kelly's interview but by an interview with Corbett. Insisted she worked a full 37 and a half hour week and that which is not the officers attending wakes funerals. Making hospital visits or quote. -- constituents during smoke breaks be smoke breaks employee said app for several times each day at last that the thirty minutes. At a time and I ask again in 2014. -- people who smoke allowed to take more breaks than people who don't they're allowed to even go smoke whenever they want that. Never makes -- -- downstairs us all installed outside -- led ultimately go outside at any -- thanks to -- -- you understand that. Now that's crazy why do you Reggie president one worthwhile thing on a job that job description a 120 register of -- probate Suffolk county and she does one -- worthwhile thing one thing that a chimp. Clinton on -- or. Yeah in turn couldn't do -- -- world a better place employees also that you used vulgar and Craig -- it doesn't think she makes overworked and underpaid and -- he's also accused vulgar to be sexual language work. One worker said she dropped F bombs in the office in once used especially vulgar language to refer to a sexual relationship. Between -- staff members and other staffer birdie female from within the Christmas party reported -- kept telling pulled him aside said. I knew you were -- her she's gonna -- flawless. Football what you look -- did you collect. The if you -- she stepped league central casting some employee said she had favorites in the office or the workers were in the smoky club to break that there are allowed to carry light workload some -- reported frustrating others. Who had to do -- -- intimidate employees look for ways to force people out who she can make -- -- hires some said she preferred hire those who spoke. It. And I hear she was a mean drunk. Yeah not a -- rocky yeah I much rather play but she is seeking reelection this November and I predict. Missile landslides that 6733. It's going to be 6535. This -- -- too for I was gonna get this is gonna this is if it's inevitable constituency tickets. Johnny Carson the king of late night. Piecing the story of this I think should appeal to you. Teams he has learned Johnny Carson recorded the sex tape of his wife back in the seventies. -- -- the tape at the market very sort solid sources told teams the Johnny's Johnny is enormous stuff I. That and that music. Amateur and team that dogs ever I dissect it in the background and it basically is we don't like a golf club giving looks like they're doing well and he's gonna -- coach and the other in the country Ed McMahon out there last it. Of all the sources say last twenty minutes yes multiple sources tell teams -- tape owner approach the Carson state. September to make a deal for the footage he states that take a hike at premise of the order of the year for sold it. But the owners apparently gone rogue were told -- -- shopping at the private collectors who would you do anything like that wouldn't sell. Meanwhile the idea that somebody you wanna -- I don't know sixty. What TMC certainly would rocket us all right I guess a minute and collect some porn site would want what it -- an avid collector would pick itself that is a pretty you've got to support. I don't know where mission to feel bad for Johnny please get your hands on. Now he's human and which like -- like huge. Joanna. It's -- right to -- join -- thing to -- -- he's never say the wrong name and we -- The we're told his public horse teams he's seriously porn star status once source tells teams he was at least ten issues. But for legal reasons it can't go to porn company so the only way to unload it with a private collector. There. Ellis was hot at this chick was like a model yeah it was -- 01 it was these urgent urgent social -- set up it starts in front of -- They showed John he's news the king of late night sneak in the back in the bedroom it's twenty minutes in its like I guess hard courts acts taken hours while. Jack -- is not twenty minutes twenty minutes you'll ever have at last that long. You're talking. From won't we thanks that you give a -- and from when he said we cited paper to agree we're gonna deal which entered my wife because that's at a time we're done we do with the -- and done -- get my clothes on the go to sleep no I've never -- -- that's not once. What is the we found out here yes it was announced the world's number one Porsche destination for 2000 there does the world to know that was a three well. The -- Our world United States world world. No -- you're the other you guys both I put -- Paris is the number one tourist destination in the world of thanks 32 point three million tourists. Went to France despite tough global economic conditions with the very good year for tours and Paris higher than 10% Las Vegas in the top ten. Protestations in the world for the first time also -- novelist Wright was not know unfortunate. And we start with I was never go to Paris just for vacation as did wants. When I was at the Olympics in France so on the way home went to Paris whichever grab the kids and say it was no Paris for a week now but I can own your own. With the lady I guess the romantic. Com yeah -- was semi -- could speak French so. I was in France for three weeks in and was lost just one and it was awful and no one spoke English reserve isn't -- finally hooked up my -- she met me. She speech French he had she could handle all or ordering and restaurant owner and all I knew I needed the word for Sybase. That's only knows if via an idol finally got a minute results that it's finished restarted this morning. A 199. Animals removed from home in Winfield and authorities called when the largest cases of animal hoarding in recent memory emergency crews responded. McAuliffe every 26 foul one of the documents had died in the animals are kept in crates and cages stacked this was the dead occupant error like like. In true detective was he like land -- I don't think so they'll now know a few of the 200 almost 299 animals euthanized for medical reasons but most have been. Dispersed to shelters for care rehabilitation and adoption 81 birds. 77 cats and kittens 27 dogs pitched six -- drugs by its kinks to snakes and one. Unidentified. He won on it if we get the bottom of this we Eric we are effort. How do they end up identical unit they brought back to jab Milwaukee reptiles and minutes neighborhood and then like like broke out likable and says it looks like I. Like -- -- you know bird watchers and -- yells yes they say hey that looks like he'll tell -- is -- possible in the world of all that -- from all these different animals in the new animal was hatched in new reptiles which created that's happened what was it like you address bar. Price for a dog of -- -- -- the occupant. And I flowers left and right. Adding that is that. Side I don't know but we need to get the bottom of this -- -- Animals goes. At what point you cross the line from being an animal should be accretive to be in a -- when your house stinks and you have six inches of fecal material on the floors -- the -- Ads. It drives you crazy missed the story says the Stanley ammonia. A Middle East yeah that he will find what number what number to begrudge you Korea let's say somewhere about 33 radio if we knew somebody some you have family dogs birds fish and what that anyone -- -- we know anyway I grew reptiles aside. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they don't even know or win the people command and they confiscate your house you Vick -- an extra cleaning up the house and move the couch and they're dead carcasses bats underneath the cash giveaway that's -- bad -- -- that's an extensive. And expensive that it there was one neighbor said she walked by every day and didn't never had -- -- animal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that's true yes. So you'd be you'd. However and after a skunk enemy would be a -- We -- This morning we yes we're asking -- and you know since accommodation -- -- -- -- believe what I promise you said it was such it's frightened English pop that you can just lie like a lot you know. Yeah I know you read this but you've made it sound like. These sailor can guess this is serious authority. And it turns out it's -- the -- -- so this person had loses its -- -- the house include one you know one basic crates were stacked floor to ceiling. And they were completely feel it's filled and with everything -- dog's name and -- and stuff. And that most of the dogs in the crate and cats in the crates. When he force. However there were others who were walking around free in the house I was -- sleep at night had to go to bed at night. This make any sense she did have won the dogs can sleep in the bed with Ellis trophy you probably you know yeah. That's headlines brought -- you by AT&T are at 61777. Point 79370. We generally catch up to date on the story of trial in Pretoria South Africa. Not much has happened other then. -- description. All of the ammunition. That this guy was using. Will do that and talk. Ought to stuff Jon Lester. I got a New Delhi I I talked about. It told you -- want them to sign Revis. You're an -- and Jared Allen keep Talib. Again and Julian Edelman got another guy a wide receiver playmaker. And legend a future hall of Famer who is expected to the market that day. And I'll bet -- Tom Brady would love to -- patriot uniform I'm not sure the -- to leave. Would love to see him in the in the locker room but I -- Brady would will be right back a hodgepodge of thoughts today.

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