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Could Revis be a Patriot?

Mar 11, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the possibility of Darrelle Revis coming to New England. Gerry is all in for it.

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I don't know why am starting with this but let me realize we're in business and Barry Bonds at retained me. To prepare him for his press conference ST rejoined the San Francisco Giants. In Italy Scottsdale where they train to do a press conference. I would suggest to him that when people ask you how much weight have you lost and how you lost it interest thirty pounds I would not go with the reason it's like. I -- -- it's likely to -- that cycling is why he was thirty pounds -- that's true with that is response one word psychologically. Yes we get that I'd buy and isolate that all weekend that is I have just -- -- integrated -- -- a -- the -- with -- -- -- -- Any -- stupid -- stopped -- It's like you know Mark McGuire Roger Clemens is no reason I change is on the bike now it's. And he wants to be in the hall of fame. I love to train and it worked out and you know. Baseball's every day into that I think I missed analyze the data dateline. The waking up. When you're tired and have to get through it. The night game to travel it's it's hard but it's it's gratifying thing. And the amazing part is he's doing all this now without degrees the amphetamines all the others to he still -- something -- you know maybe double espresso Starbucks or somebody you know city he sources creepy -- the the flowers lady from. True detective I just hear him. And you know he scotus this side of him he's no docs I had such a -- wondered which is why it was such a great player he loved not winning games -- love watching other teams lose he'd love to. -- home runs just loose there at the pitcher and in lolly -- where around the bases -- -- -- the -- just. Jerk on the field off the field to his teammates to the fans what that immediate and met this guy. Is a bad bad guy in the and the giants have now is that as an ambassador yeah I. -- how much reticence there was much discussion there was the highest levels of the San Francisco Giants. To determine whether we want this guy in our midst or not -- I know in -- good question you know but at -- surely there had to be somebody raised their hand on the border state. What he owner's name you Peter McGowan a gallon that gap there other McAllen are surely going to be those creep back into the fall where they used. Haven't kind guys who were little and grouchy personally like his father yeah and like when the money's on father. Like -- father. But. He's the worst he's just the worst. And I assume young players just now right now. Talk in hitting with them for hours of or rather than sit down at stake it's -- or Denny's parent coach that's how you prepared -- Plus you got ready for a game only he -- never -- any names won't care in the young players shall disputed talking about himself that's going to present his or an organization. Organizational benefit to having bonds though there are some guys the bonds around -- -- baseball. Oh. -- that he gets paid for this. -- -- -- -- -- may be may be but it's what they always doesn't matter what kind of think Q are much of Pete Rose are always Brock back in the him. And I am guessing there's not a lot of baseball benefit to -- it out to be on the public relations side -- erratically and does this guy better than that help you couldn't happen to uncover relations standpoint I would suggest the answer to that is no. But maybe in San Francisco dad insurers I would what percentage of baseball fans sports fans in general people at San Francisco in totality. Think this guy like this guy or don't care when -- -- I'm sure is popular is much higher there than anywhere else he's their guy yeah it's like Manny Ramirez year you know Roger Clemens and in Houston. He's their guy and he was great. Was -- possess up we still the historic tactically speaking statistically speaking the greatest player ever Barry do you think you should be in the hall of fame. Without a doubt. That it. I I guess that you guys are adults and its us. There are things were different assets. For. I think all -- and never ever gotten and never ever man. -- users were located in -- Thirty years veterans have earned the payment and world amateur guys and these numbers -- go -- anyways and the problem with -- towards settling it. Do you -- the media. Does the size of his penis return. This -- head shrink does the back I go away doesn't work and again I did yesterday one of our favorite and -- time Malia and events like -- One had got bigger and -- had a -- that Eddie -- like showered with them every day and he eyewitness. A civic fund that sausage because he loved me and events like -- he's one of those guys one of those. You know Kevin -- types in the -- quite sure or Jonny Gomes types. York what you would say that day you know. Pretty much said we want him to say yeah one of the it's small. I don't know does return to its normal I don't know how this works you don't know there's no I don't. You don't want time begged on the air race you are ever did. Not that -- it was all that. Millers was that I have in years ago we -- and in the past and some doctor. Pharmacist doesn't get their hands on. Got a call from well let's clinic at Florida he would do it up I could get the call from like Tony month. It's a decade it. You never gets any I'm not gonna not to -- in the stomach on now. But not with a big needle was a little a little tiny micro needles yet that that's so we'll have to be finished. Thanks. Maybe technologies change I would do it. Advocate mild dosage that could help me -- technical element. Comedy yeah it's common. I don't know why would you two minutes and feel better running some pills or you feel better. Really catch a little bit yeah I'm that would go a little -- went along and work. I would the next bit more a little bit more to me. And it is Philip Seymour Hoffman said that in the early days that gateway -- -- a little is that true -- Camille Little famous last word I just feel great if you could do the the -- -- you know -- 10% during -- but it wouldn't be right. I at all to it. -- Your hair would. Think so it would grow. It's something in Indy got wrecked on the elect -- you're like -- born exactly what you I eyebrow if it's dated it to you did you personality change it no one head before Katrina which secretly agreed should know I can tell you didn't force them out. So far no. But let's put the column again we all -- Angeles yeah -- I don't know anybody could look us up with the HG eight summit. You'll want to get fired from mr. operative captured these kind it is an illegal yes yes this is illegal in Florida. With a prescription sleep yet because it's like cocaine illegal in the Dallas fire drill went with the body and -- we -- a joint -- to come up today. The -- buyers club -- got -- I don't know HE the people in a motel with about. So you're gonna with a terrible and you too. You not me why not while in treatment it's because again so naturally I got to vices. He's an old ones around the ice that's an improvement of life. That's would you say he writes this and you see the picture of the guy on the boat in the ads. -- six weeks ago he was like a flabby and he had he had done moves. And just had no muscle tone and the next thing you know is that this boat with a short awfully looks like you Jack exactly you can chat there. OK I -- on the two. That that's I I told us a guy I knew people who know little bit lost a lot of weight out of Florida. And they say you know we -- small portions and all that they sit in the third phase I got HGH and testosterone as well well well Witasick. You'd cue -- yeah it was part of a yeah that yeah you start off whenever -- -- in the second week you publish a loose. Lastly. Edu and he used down to what. To twenties like he was over 33 bills when he decided to. -- -- area and so went to some children who looked good procedure as published. And we'll check the pump but it was tramp yet and it was Stan afford it when these wellness places where they went and he went in for diet and again first phase Colorado and conflict of -- water exercise and and third phase -- GH and test cost -- we know this -- The does madam it was not a guy that's a no no I just HGH is illegal you idiot yet right. And let's go to you boo you wrote that CBS gets them. Would it be negative by description to be effective by April 21. For you. Probably not probably not right now maybe six weeks -- -- -- hard cycle starting right now you know I'd win. But it -- -- in America -- drug testing the canyon yes Scalia or so at what point did not a drug test. -- -- over four hours in Connecticut that they stop right there donate go in the Pentagon rather -- statement. In the that it W. Hope we'll devote 340 and -- -- -- you'll not be tennis title excel now. Would be great -- and other moderate Fatah. On drug tests was up -- the public is is age group through twentieth and Italy it was passing Kenyans. But that great they test they say. Excessive levels of chalky -- yes he would pretty cute that's true. -- stick of Gaza while appealed so I'd call -- race. -- name Bynum. Would be the drug that hope in America now are not alone out there it's. A big -- in the running world and the guys just. If if it works for the cyclists -- toward a French people isn't the same sort of -- heroics kind of adult and blood -- You'll actually blood doping and running -- a better read a lot about it I have an either and you think it would be part of France as such it's such monger process -- was need to recovery. That's that's the big. Actually race itself you don't need it yet you guys -- race and it clean and finished in one but extremely. -- if you wanna you know Hewitt six times in a row or. Whatever laws seven times men. It helps to hang year platinum baggy in the hotel yeah how much damage Tenet and on out -- to delay helped. And I picked it just taken out and -- agreed to tiger did right. Not tigers on this plane -- a little it's. Lance just hung a bag and -- your buddy Tyler Hamilton they just -- the bag no that was the vanishing twin aisle and then there there are a lot in -- bag that's immigrate to hang on the hotel room move. Come up watch a mover in this league bags of blood all of the. Yeah you know what they felt her bulletproof through in the in the hotel bark a beer in the bags and that's at. -- Now argue what -- that you -- in your preparation for April 21. Yet yeah I feel actually fewer prison like last breath I should feel pretty good feel better after Saturday until good part of the buffalo now bottom left was that the blast was George George. I don't you don't want it was like a like a little girl is George that was Georgia that happened I can't I can't that that crawled across the national I appreciate it fine. Totally fine fecal matter dribble and -- delay now Heidi no yard drive for burglary that the -- the -- -- -- -- calf muscles -- -- -- I'm not they're not by answering a -- I'm not you know -- left -- ten years -- -- don't want glories of seeing marathon -- nervous you know Brock Bradford their little nervous. Lawyers that thing you know what it was high. Would think as an elegant finish unified. You know by the -- the definition Georgia over this -- and I'm going should be -- -- losses right that's fair but I think that you know for this. Where this race is what happened a year ago -- quit because. That doesn't seem fair yet amendment via. What happened last week your hamstring went on -- it was a misstep to to capture -- -- and I just a weird terrorists don't really know it's called old days yeah exact Sox. It happens is -- go to -- final wake up injured scenario that's true yes start happened at the neck not like miss work the next morning all I -- I don't know how you no matter what -- have pulled the muscled -- you know albeit -- -- -- you can hear no matter what -- -- -- -- a couple hours with dial the day -- Monday April 21 on the air yet we hope to be live at the finish line broadcasting live from the finished one plans to be announced on the road. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet I will be would you be nervous that morning yes I'm here with a absolutely yeah. Sure what's what's the nerves about it's not like you're getting to remove Marvin Hagler or facing a Bob Gibson fastball or just to go run 26 miles. The Sox are not a lot of what's the hardest part like hardest point. The halfway point -- killed nine mile mark. I've hardest boys getting harper killed for fifteen or sixteen miles because it's just every time you go by a mile marker on seven miles of seventeen ago. Would you feel okay once you get past half marathon in the miles after fewer than -- you run yeah it's not bad so you slight psychological games you count down. Yeah right which is not a great way to you don't willow and -- 45242322. I don't know I don't want to veto on the negative -- -- hard to believe them bigger and it. Sony sees people start to keel over in -- that's good actors damage to an area that Israel he likes that and as I walk -- that survive in the and that and the people who become all disoriented and they're on backwards -- -- -- right around and the McSorley over the bridge there BC Fenway. It's that guy mud on my best day -- do five miles an identity of them very proud of myself but I still finish as I finished ago. Only 21 more to it it it what do you one year old or fifth avoids the I could do you could you could you could because you -- you could -- one -- I couldn't I'm not tough enough I finish a five mile run and spent the tired I feel good like I am proud of myself yes miles. The idea of doing 21 more is just to me it's like. In the chase in the Malone that you she's like in -- match like this is it for me to. Really is or drive it about this stupid mistakes what about this quick -- that's the way it's fair to the kids all it's about the case I mean it's of America. Oh -- not just Mike you gonna run a marathon in every state you've given that up I decided instead I'm going to perhaps visit every state. May be run low low low maybe -- one is nice but let's not let up more than we can you -- -- electric drive to a state yes I've done I've -- through a lot of states while there. You gonna go through like Rhode Island. That are read a book and every -- read newspapers. -- -- a lot of these really set the bar -- other -- my body up and take our right now take a journal and write a journal and -- -- you can make a book and and write a book -- -- I read a newspaper in every probably Johnny Unitas 65 I just don't feel like about us up plagued golf and every state. It that fine -- of Gulf of Alaska aren't sure deal and a mountain in the league right now that the state -- about fifty rounds. In fifty states in fifty days so that's a challenge like dean -- NASA's. Still it one in fifty states in fifty days including Hawaii and Alaska -- pentagon talked about it -- the state news agency. It's you know what you say you're not tough enough to do that it's just not tough enough. At a certain point you see what is the point of this right enemies say why why why you saw let's do what you said to a bridal why my delegates just text there's a good idea for you mean. A tough Dexter but given the -- given to grab a negative state almost there. That's better at. There. Yeah they want to be psychologically damaging thing cues that you like when you see people -- over in all under the water station right doesn't mean your surviving and they're not worst things you see. Or psychologically devastating. -- my biggest concern is three or four miles in starting up on the couple -- it's not bad that -- twinge in my Achilles little twinge in my hamstring I'm scared of that happening for five miles and hop on cheese yeah again managers think the 22 more money right. Trillion -- a second rocket today -- -- you might -- great time but I mean a vote of pretty good shape do you what do you do. Recovery why do you not do sports massage is leading up to. I mean I know you Aaron I should actually like -- -- Kelly be better off. If you got massage is here now it's okay had a lot of stretching -- did you allow mr. Phil and John if you or I wish -- muscle more weight. A little -- I do feel Andy put. What do you like a buck 65 -- -- -- 162 that was myself holding new Berry erotic one center where two -- not too much applicable Matt. The fast woman ever Rambus Disney like it was 1531541. All that scarecrow it was us -- idiots. But you know I'd like to be -- -- run as fast but I don't know just tool. Now it's over I was gonna shuffle it's always have them. At -- met today with exemplary at the Japanese POW -- like Jarrett Lee to fit the engines those buyers club in what way. -- I that we waited long enough connect is going to be a minute and now. You know at -- and get to that we -- about what -- to -- -- mean minute hand but the committee has been wrong a lot but rarely has he been this a very good tease for next segment. -- -- we see this as a career winner it's I think -- that's I think we I think we do that Gary and I texted me last night you beaten him about the head -- last night and bill rate I would they're pretty good you did and you were dead wrong and he was right there's resentment to fight. Here click and you're not on the show again full month and when you limit Friday Friday so Friday. And we will broaden it to easily done nothing and now. She is -- for once Revis will be a redskin. Or something and I guess we're doing it now -- that's a great I don't know. Let's show that buried its complexity your Achilles -- cannot come up to what is in store your calf it goes to sort this one but I want to do this when. -- -- -- As long as I wish I would like this couple disappointments and how to do it orders draft -- -- went to the break and I and I -- the first -- I'll go with one of the speaks. Okay we need to know that we need to know that that's my next question -- You looked at. -- And on the front page -- page justice would you say it's not gonna want. What was the title it's not reasonable to date the cool cold -- Anyway -- 199 animals that one home inland feel via. One home duplicates your friend from Winfield. Wasn't I hope so because they say the reason they were able to win -- occupant -- So well we can -- is supposed to -- snakes lived on hot dogs and Chinese food and which is strange which is an indication that it's a little bit Avian and it's a really nice yeah it's very nice and a that affluent town. And one person in that town -- 199 animals including pipes game ever wondered this morning of course the united ruled it as she once every. We didn't know what the skiing quiet as you said. It's across from this epidemic in -- -- yeah okay. So let's go without when he was -- Boy I mean what do -- boy Scott if you put them in the cage to get into that category that was the hat. -- I don't priest and a -- of this it can't. Just eat it. But the -- wives sing. And beat a Republican men right here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This I think it's much more attractive sculpture I've been searching for the super -- we -- all my life straightened of the super -- -- they found. 81 -- 77 it's 27 dogs six edge dogs. -- -- -- Two snakes and he is the best part. One unidentified. -- globally -- -- -- people right right right right OP yet and that would notice I was not a -- that was scared them. Economy that -- reptiles. Indeed it's not like an iguana. Is not a snake obviously. The losers not a frog right. These ex actress Peta Abraham disease that. But it's always up to back -- and it. It or I'll days. Give him some kind of these I am a life your. But that these experts on a creature in Winfield that they don't know what it is they don't know what it and how that's possible and and if like. He like he did so openly benefit do you and while it. Unidentified reptiles and come out and it's got to. Got all the -- and get a big -- My shoulder. At every single animal experts at dale I have never seen anything this hideous. -- yeah but anything. -- the other day you officially. Lost what -- with a break the twenty -- oh my god gap. Saw I've been searching for the -- -- -- in my life we need to get to the bottom in this escape. Unidentified -- we cleared that up right at the state lizard yes it's always facilitate the true detective that was the sketch was discussed what our priorities that abuses committed to defect above of people who are all animal orders from the look like there at your house -- these title no. What -- -- -- he's an animal expert right. But they don't know what this other -- propelling -- -- looked at a get an accurate figure note that he likes defined in the Galapagos I have sex any woman in the world would be Sofia Garcia thinks. If she's out at the right of the right call -- embraced -- -- outside right. It's a favorite cars in the middle of that house that -- -- animals totally naked in England and learned that the man found out is coach strays that crates stacked from floor to ceiling. This cats and dogs. Many of them in the -- 24/7. And other cats and dogs at the free reign of the house and the like ankle material like six and so. Cinderella. That systems -- the little cocker spaniel in the cage. The skiing out and this might come out that look at the picture on the front of the Boston Globe which is in as long history of plagiarism scandals. But look at that picture. Normal and yes they are -- look at the animal control -- scratching his bill. And fellow. Submitted and that in these there'll be available for golf shirts on the other party summer -- adopted two up so I -- the skiing would be taken hedgehog Kirk. And jury wants the unidentified nothing at Eddie. Pretty named him. And Kennedy Graham if you like it's the finest -- we gonna talk to animal. Expert. Animal control yet. Person who looked at the -- Guys what is. Up on the -- Just crap out -- grab but I sort of errant. It's a promise tourists -- invalid field. Not the Galapagos Islands where they don't know what things on the golf on the wall this is unidentified wrote that created something in the you may -- -- the -- -- hedgehog yes and they -- -- this game and could be a big discussed her dog here in the infield England field. They discovered a new species. So they would have to change the kingdom the -- the sub file on the class the sub leftist who order the order to -- the importer in the family. David Benton -- discovered a new animal. Your classifications. Of one a ball animals all in -- kingdom. Would be -- -- In the case of a skiing would be or dot -- by -- were brought the class reptilian sub class by apps at a soup order. I can't pronounce the order a lot of the sub border Soria in order. Think the more power and the family ski Wear these peaks and snakes just roaming about global they were in cages are not that repel people Cree yeah it's good neighbors to -- really your thing and -- I don't know what her neighbor. Attractive middle aged woman brought him water reports and did an interview instead. We called and called -- called uncle and they come out but they wouldn't let him in the house sit there is a profile. -- Alia that in your house ever wonder why if part of that Chinese food and -- Been realised you know nine. Wait one more big night line. You can even 200 it's their hope for wouldn't be long if there's probably some -- -- in the did owns and ultimately -- the last -- -- having that New Hampshire that is yet sure that this whole match I felt like in the house if that -- You know like house were part of it it 2030 feet forty feet nightmare you guys that are now -- every day that summer. That is just a portion of the gonna skate. Your neighbor had a bunch snakes when he owes you one of the picture of them have snakes are people's. This will probably bands that -- naked -- on -- Almost makes discrete you know -- Joes on the car -- got. -- Organic. But yet direct limit of the sport I. This I. Don't Alter your. Packet is. How is bigger share return attacked is because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Caught under the law and he got an accurate. When it comes and it that there are at least I admitted. Well he -- -- gonna take so long to go to the pop. Up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And a whole market -- of a -- I shot. A lot pretty -- open up the dog it's just absolutely. Not. When you when you -- Joseph what is it appears that he's hoarding. Talks aren't a lot and put a stop what you're seeing here on out there are a lot of that. -- -- In life's savings as children grand children costume jewelry on in elective perfect lower. The details in a couple of -- -- unidentified lizards or edited and identify a -- telling the UPS boxers don't -- yeah you know in their crates -- necessary where a strange -- we -- -- there may have told about -- before and -- -- their house is discussed his bags trash on the front of the but she keeps buying and adding. Chants. Like -- after she and her -- are the property has like at twelve ship via the and it's useful stuff closest here house. Probably miles have you know word now number it's in the April time you'll also owns a Condo in the powerful stuff. He just -- coach. How well older the older but not animals but it probably every time just looking to settle for how many fans does -- have. -- say ten and twelve are you kidding CN which means the house is built the house is filled in the truck is we put so much stuff it's. A huge ghost yards sells my the next door neighbor's yard sales of time in the quarterly shows up by its record. It just brings home puts initiatives buys stuff she doesn't need that's an important that it's. Thus the term right in Portland but this you know but I don't think there's any -- -- snakes or anything. What is the most motivational thing we can stay on the air to get somebody to respond it's either NASCAR. -- Soccer and something I just mentioned a few minutes ago and it's already started. -- -- -- The couple people -- old light volume exact. Not that it happened. He -- the chain that you hadn't had -- with views column when -- -- ripples I don't know the -- cute little cocker yeah it caught an annual clip art world something they do one of the totals that the collective group I think that got washed the and yet there yet it's wrong they've been brought 677797937. Rick Stroud Tampa Bay times. Will talk with -- leader in the broadcast at 9 o'clock hour. Gas meant hand needs eleven rather can did you take as well and in fairness you -- this I was argument I think to continue talking animals yeah. Marathon training Jewish homes books very bought travel what is it appears that we need to get into this stuff that Jerry Falwell I several area. And I I honestly. Yes -- no. Luckily here. The patriots do some big. Student at Chicago and saw that note the -- it's meets in the -- for our so -- wanna guess you know like Arthur Jones a big guy. -- just obvious you know Julius Peppers. Yes that that city of yes or no answers yes. It's ingenious. That I think it maybe this guy. This guy you're wrong this guy. Who will solve all the problems when we come -- At a class act and.

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