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T-Minus One Day til Free Agency: Trying to predict how the Pats will go about it

Mar 10, 2014|

Dale Arnold and MIchael Holley discuss the start of free agency, the plethora of names out there, and what the Patriots will ultimately decide to do.

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Text from the AT&T hotline may have hit the nail on the head says dale you don't think the patriots will do something big tomorrow. That means they'll do something to pick tomorrow. Right exactly exactly the reverse slot guy I mean that that could be yet we're select your last prediction with last prediction -- -- absolutely nail I'm. Who knows you always you know you don't remember the ones you screw up you'll remember the once you get right. I did yesterday. Pregame show predicted the Bruins would win five to one and they did win five to two so I was awful little five -- I said well because of the opponent. Well -- there was some worry because they're playing their second game in 20/20. One hours whatever it is. And across the state may get into the hotel at 130 then you set the clocks ahead. And outs to thirty when you're in the hotel and let's not yet played five the afternoon. I don't like people were afraid of Florida Panthers they RE or terrible horrible hockey team. But I did say 51 and I did mr. Michaels so I that's another failure. We're a pretty good prediction now you think about you said the patriots won't do anything. Nothing big nothing day. We see it coming when I keep going back to idealist Thomas that was a bit about what a shock out what was the big. It was the guy on the free agency. Of extra efforts to escort the talent -- Mike Nolan had Coetzer to -- the time in the defensive coordinator with the with the ravens. And Sampras fiscal supposedly about it well a lot of teams gonna get it it was Thomas here's a guy who can play linebacker defensive line corner. Good week but he was Cogent in L -- every game play every position on they all safety for you should actually bit. And I think it was that shot after a DNC. That I'm hearing. Review the first day of free agency or that they will force I'm hearing. That is going to be jealous Thomas to the patriots. So who knows if you are. Look at the look at at this -- at the end of the year Bill Belichick walks off the field again disappointing loss and AFC championship game. They had that meeting that meeting with his coaches and meeting with Ernie Adams and he says I'm tired of I think the number one thing and as mine injury. I don't wanna go for another season like this with injuries is it the operative line. Is it not being able to rush the passer amend -- -- there had to be knowing Bill Belichick had to be a level of frustration that he'd just obsessed over. He never seems to get as upset with pressure on the opposing quarterback is idea. You know what -- watching the patriots play. Animal he's got all college all all some time and how do you ask the secondary to cover guys for 345 seconds. When -- watch in the patriots get so frustrated by the lack of pressure on the quarterback. But he doesn't -- now may be able we always regretted -- his feelings. Maybe goes behind closed doors kicks over tables and -- chairs against the wall and -- why are we get to the quarterback. But it just doesn't seem to be a priority for him like it is when I'm watching news. Water bottles. And that's fine -- -- -- water bottle went around that I knew what every candidate when turner lost to Miami. You near where the water bottle and I saw the water bottle. At about crap was near all -- fortunate edited I did not come if it reflects long that water bottle and almost -- them but. I would think it's false. -- We are announcements later and for -- too -- to it but what it ought to argue I thought at all really expend all -- after. I would think it has trumpeted with a decent. On the political back to their Revis thing although it looked to see them get re. Funny look but I just don't believe there's any way in the world happened. Just. In -- and I -- talking about it menu you build a great case tonight you know we'd been friends for a long time. So I feel comfortable enough to on Paula crap and out of the -- has stood up happens like that. On now. You think about what he Calvin Johnson -- -- just got a lot of -- it probably not gonna happen that you're born Jews were correct. -- -- and that's how what I thought I knew -- need a -- Two boys and our race here. If you don't think Darrelle Revis is realistic. Ifill about that you are now. So the vikings over -- -- to Griffin now twenty million dollars guaranteed for a guy who had five and a half sacks last year. They're gonna say -- to Jared Allen who hasn't lost the thing. 32 years old. Doesn't have to come in here and be the savior. You put them at a rotation with Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich and may be somebody else and you still have a draft picks. Get Alan you don't have to trade for him whereas but the bravest -- probably lose in the first or second round. And you have some cap we have teams at cap space now and can create more cap space. If you're really interested in bringing injured -- -- about Jared Allen patriot. I like a lot I mean who doesn't. Am event logs them in and I just talked about pressure on the quarterback ever -- outside -- say right let me raised eight million dollars a year that's a seven happening now's your form signed media which you -- yes. It's more realistic than Darrelle Revis to. They just sit up but I think is that ravens severed both Reppas crevice I think that's a big win. It would be a big move that people -- the fans one patriots fans want want and have learned not to expect. Well let me ask you this did they have to have. Some conclusion to the Vince Wilfork situation before they can -- in the free agent waters tomorrow -- have to know. -- eat eat up one restructure we've asked he said no. We get decide they could live with the eleven point six million dollar cap they could they can absorb. Arnold they would that they -- it's not like well we can't pay him that we we got a whole team to put together we gotta get him out of here they don't have to do that. But did they have to know what the numbering as before they can realistically wade into the free agent waters tomorrow and they aren't we eagle give Jared Allen. Eight million dollars a year I think it would have to know what the duel with -- -- work before they go get somebody like Jared Allen but. In terms of going -- free agency and making those patriot like moves a little. -- subtle moves here -- have to look at problems there right front guy reference -- really OK he's going to be he's going to be -- depth guy we we we like to play cards to play tackle work. He's a special teams demon. Don't really help us and our coverage. OK you don't need to restructure Vince Wilfork for those kind of signings adjourn Ellen yeah -- get it like one of the big fish in the pond. Hard to believe that that wouldn't restructure. I might actually believe he will. I don't know I and a crowd out of I'm not trying to do the -- business okay that's pictures -- my place. But but he's going into the last year contract. He's got eleven point six million dollar cap it seven point five million guaranteed. You restructure the deal where he gets the says that people always get this confused on a pay cut people always say that their power structure it's -- restructure Tom Brady has never taken a pay cut. As quarterback of the New England Patriots never wants. And you're not asking Vince Wilfork take a pay cut which are asking him to do is we wanna pay the seven and a half million as a bonus. And will not tear your base salary down at a couple of years on what which physically he may or may not be able to give you anyway. Feeling he'd be willing to do. Just -- and now haven't talked to him about it. And I love this I've -- this one well will Stuart Bianca says about that she is a strong intelligent woman. I don't believe she tells Vince Wilfork what to -- I don't know -- Well. -- go low. I think he had a very very big day -- what -- course she'd. Be -- I white has in your house and my wife has in my house probably Morse. I'll say this I can believe can arm. Choir -- -- -- And says this. She's so involved she studied up. On the agent -- they picked him not like the -- went to the they had another agent. They weren't satisfied with what was happening they did their research on agent that would work for them they -- -- requires -- negotiating this contract. End of contract extension there were talking about restructuring now. And canard Maguire told. In this league with -- there. Had a about a way. Beyond Wilfork. Is gonna call it out of are you get a signal. You've got to be a part of the process. It's so she had studied up on defensive tackle what they were paid to -- the band what they were paid. She was very informed so. In her inevitable way. They've made an offer. And she -- the pioli. There's got to tip us. I had a real word audit -- I follow on Twitter -- is she's a lot of fun but she is. She is part of the process is I think this is a true. Partnership and I -- I had an idea behind every man there's a strong woman she is standing next. What I what I don't believe is that if bin wanted to restructure the deal and she wanted to tell them to stick it would just go somewhere else. I think she's got a voice in baton but ultimately. Doesn't the man who puts his body at risk have to make the final call here. Now and and I'll take it back another step let's say she's done everything you just describe where on all of our research unit on all her work and I and I believe she's an intelligent woman who would do that. And she knows that eleven point six million dollar cap it's a little tougher team to absorb for a nose tackle who missed most of last year because of an injury she know that too. Say that's that's what makes it interest. If we had a situation where Vince Wilfork if he had played his normal season whether playing great before he got hurt last year. Wasn't your typical Vince Wilfork dominant you know 34 -- -- post -- Let's say had a he had the same season 2013 that he had 2012. Any space in a situation where OK Vince you gotta you've got to figure out what you gonna do here. I would think. He might be a little. In my gamble a bit more are coming off an injury. They wanted to best players in football playing at all all pro level. Not gonna restructure. I'll see what I can get in free agency. And he probably get a salary that's that's more than five or six million which is what you get right now. Get seven point five from the patriots right now Elvis and now they noticed that note -- cut me. I'm not gonna restructure. They put him on the open if he's on the open market healthy yup and the beds that we know he's gonna make a lot more money now. I think it's probably advantage patriots. Yeah because it coming -- -- content today which is what. He would be talking that money would pick him up but he elected get reform. Prior I think about -- -- He's not gonna get seven and a half let's put that now maybe he's counting on the fact that make it up long term. Not sure the guy his age his size. -- that injury is necessarily going to be able to make it up long term I hope that's true. I hope he has a long healthy career from this point on. Do I expect that probably about the same amount but I expect Rob Gronkowski could be -- from now which is not I don't expect never to. And I I -- expectation for -- to -- come back and I say this with admiration not the way -- place. I mean he placed too hard he plays all out. He takes big shots he takes big hits no I don't believe -- I I think the days of seeing Rob Gronkowski. Performance sixteen games per season for -- gone. And unfortunately I think it might be that we would be -- For different reasons now he plays hard and all that stuff these big man at a tough position. That is going to be hard. -- -- just -- with -- how to change. I don't know if you're Jan Dawson do you manage in managing his games is not necessarily gonna do. Some -- gonna go insane art probably need to play twelve games this year that's not -- -- -- the twelve or. Or you can you also can't tell him -- hit the BB. A little more conservative on the field you play to play with the recklessness that's not good free. And you're leaving yourself open the big big hits or you fight for extra yards that you should be running out of bounds and that could tell a guy like that. I agree that's why -- said I'm resigned to the fact. This is what it's going to be from now on I've talked Fauria about it played the same position obviously. And he said you know I wish he'd learned to go down quicker I wish she'd learn. You know you don't have to take on the safety and the linebacker it's okay to step out of bounds now and -- and I wish you learn how to all better. Every time because town it seems like a plane crash. As opposed to Fauria who felt when nobody was around. Apple Chris what is the next -- my not real quick. Rather messages they chose not to may know. Make fun of multi most of them by Christian for -- who were at home. Number 84. And and moderate that one I say it would admiration about Rob Gronkowski problem I I love the way he plays for the team that I root for. What it means is he's never going to be healthy. -- -- Vince given his age given his size given his position coming off -- what is. Arguably may be the toughest injury come back from. Yet -- there in I think. If you look at it that way. Restructurings -- inevitable. Well that's one saint inevitable. I don't think they have a choice. I believe that the patriots went to Vince made of -- down this. I don't know if you heard this but they don't always tell us when -- and do stuff down that would just. While that they might tell you they don't until I read off and not -- element present regardless -- ought to go and get both Christmas off sort of develop -- apparently like Christmas. Never received. An op would like to have their Christmas off five years -- like chances are real good day party had a conversation or two -- cents. And beyond in and the agent all last. I just don't see way out of this prevents because I just don't think he's going to be able get the money on the open marketplace that he's gonna get here. But I still be shocked if they do something back to your. Your prediction or your non prediction. I wouldn't I wouldn't be shocked if they me come out of free agency or they start free agency and they got something that nobody. Nobody has predict. They just come out swinging. It and advance you believe and Brady went allowed. Yes absolutely -- corset so it it is a mathematical. Finite compartment here that you're deal when I agree with that. Now Jared Allen would qualify as one of those big deals. Something I don't foresee but I hope your right now I'm wrong on this thing you know Michael Oman we -- -- not a big deal and and for most patriots fans out there. They're thinking I can't say his name anyway I would like your theories aren't what -- is your third tight end. Your third blocking tight and now they throw the football the plane a dirty trick on. But it's a third blocking tight and no issues with it I heard this the other day when -- signed -- -- all thank god a couple long snapper tied up. As though you know that means they're not going after Darrelle Revis now because they -- -- -- that everybody under and he can. He's got -- -- you've got to get -- that's fine no problem with -- some of those the deals -- get done at the beginning of free agency always seem to be those types. Did the team that generally speaking except that one year -- Generally speaking during that second wave of free agent signings they start looking at the at the marshals bargain basement band. You know well -- not worth -- I know that I signed it at 1250 at 1201 on the beginning of free agency. I'm not sit in the driveway waiting for Bart Scott here. That's second wave all right I get a -- People say that -- and I think about some of the moves that they've made they've made. Although they haven't been there early and create and seat waiting till you know eleven -- or or 1201. To announce something big. They've done things in free agency. That is kind of -- they've made big moves or or bigger moves that are bigger than they should have been for example Joey Galloway and mitigate some real money to Joey Galloway. And so is not a big name now but it's at this salary is large enough where prevents you from doing some other things. Same thing with Ochocinco and I was afraid he would trade trade for -- worth -- taking on some salary with these players. If you say if you say art project. -- wanna take that five million put it with this five billion over here and forget about. -- trying to revive Albert Haynesworth or get him motivated or forget about taking Ochocinco out of Cincinnati and bringing him into the situation. Take the money I spent their six million dollars and Ochocinco -- six million. -- six billion of the four million here now I'll make it a legitimate run at Jared Allen. I've I've got no issues that they do that and I don't expect that and I hope your right -- I'm wrong but I have a feeling based on how they generally do business. Come seem unseemly about two weeks from now. I hope so that's when they'll start -- I'd be written about I mean that's when they'll start doing free agent signings -- -- -- went -- -- -- kids are okay that Theo outlook get to the -- the blitz will talk Chris price and Baxter Holmes and we got some other stuff then we'll dive into the phone -- that you guys just couple minutes Sports Radio W -- Our number two assault and -- Sports Radio WEEI. -- that for Mike salt Michael Holley series he supposed debate. As we get ready to dive into the phone calls would you guys 6177797937. You can text this if you like a whole bunch of -- here at 37937. Some appear to slow roll on to -- and what you learn how to say. Which -- not doing all all -- now new court Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole okay here's our holiday take you. Since about 6 this morning you know just didn't although I just today appointees I've been now you always say that I have figured it out you never did The -- man thing. It like -- -- Michael. People call you I am dot while ID but other Nat does anybody -- volume not easy name -- people don't say juicy anymore -- today that you could -- up. I'll I'll spare a what's your Jersey always -- thought I was wrong I looked up real quick and -- -- it wasn't. It would wasn't a boy Gomes who was the moment was Mike it was -- happily -- I just saw the ball leave in the park and get ready to do that that trending now thing in. I apologize. So I got your hopes up for nothing but Jonny Gomes -- he's still in the process of turning this franchise around arms of that love those quotes DMZ the quote from. From Jonny -- to economic reforms beat the globe yesterday great stuff I let's get to the call 677797937. ITT AT&T tech line three and say role model -- in making its AT&T. -- fills and Wooster Ohio I don't know where this is an impact I don't even know it all in Ohio if they say Worcester I don't I don't say war Chester any and all know it spelled their policy they spell -- it is W all all your follow College of -- what do you the fighting Scott. But that is there as a -- kept the score on. I was just making a comment on not free agent on. Is there any word whether or not. Aaron Hernandez would be available. If the automatic jail -- and. -- -- I'm a governor and I I believe filled it it's fair to say that that ship has sailed. -- a bad joke. I would I would there was virtually forward Eric -- just -- pick up Denver you know as far as the west while Welker thing. Or I would go you don't. Eugene Monroe -- Baltimore -- to tackle you know he's got the age the the production both running and passing game I mean you know you need somebody -- it blinds that -- breeding. Yes older about what would happen and -- older. I don't know maybe going to you know may -- going -- -- -- Bolden would have been. A good pick up but you know my sources tell -- signs. Stop what you're sources this might the Smart line withdraw -- The debate now but he come on now these are the Major League start -- -- First volley -- LaBelle territory LaBella is from that area but graduated let's -- and I think that I went off just moved on all Carla goes to say that. That starting with jokes about accused murderers is probably not the way to you know that take the conversation. I don't mind Eric Decker if if if that's what you think the patriots -- from a receiving point of view how much money -- what I hate doing is the idea of doing it just to (%expletive) off the Denver Broncos or or keep them away from the New York Jets their. Those things that Bill Belichick never does I don't believe you think. Eric Decker is a do you think he's a legitimate number one receiver and if it's a question. He's got numbers -- you look at record the last three years -- great -- -- would be. Number one here he might be your number one receiver but is he the guy that the patriots fans are saying art. Your game plan for your game plan for the patriots in you wanna take out Eric Decker. And those true number one receivers they're hard to take out can you take him out of the game into giving us. Iowa but let me ask you this in a year in which free -- the free -- field is not as deep as it's been another -- Is it fair to say that that he might be as good as is available out there in the free agent class while -- if you're looking to improve your wide receiver position. While he's as good as it -- then maybe you need the past. Which they generally get -- -- the past and I wouldn't wouldn't pay Eric Decker big time money just because. He's the best available on the market now he's at 4424. Touchdown passes the last two years playing appointment. -- -- So I think Tom Brady went in joy have Ab muscles but at at what cost and can you get. You know is the separation between Eric Decker who had a lot of touchdowns last two years -- became a two out last year. Is that -- gap huge. The financial gap you mean or the financial -- -- the talent. I believe Hakeem -- a pretty talented wide receiver and and I agree with you the tequila it if you judge based on touchdown catches. There's a pretty big strategy big gulf there absolutely. But I think Hakeem Nicks is pretty good at times he seems desperate to stay in New York he's already set also had a one year deal I mean he just don't want to -- we just then. Then he did and maybe his agent told him that not -- that back away 'cause that's got to. Spun around there he said no no I. I can be the missing link for team I can see myself playing with Andrew Luck I can see myself playing with Philip Rivers. But they keep going agents and maybe six quarterbacks maybe six or seven. You've got to create a market here. You know text to brings -- good point we were talking about Jonny Gomes and how -- turned things around he played basketball. They're turnaround there's got to play out here -- need some help they can play a little hope you don't have to play. So he apparently doesn't have to resign and what -- we have him turn around and sell that there's not yet anybody next Johnson Charlestown hey John I you don't. Hey guys back up forty years but follow the patriots. Just as well I've lived in Boston. Couple comments about offers since we'll talk. I think he's a terrific -- terrific football player as and run stop the eagle. You don't pay rent I'm amazed -- a sign of what they signed him fault because generally defensive lineman. Quarterbacks -- certain very important. I disagree with it just to this extent John early in his career. He was a first and second pound guy and that was basically yet but he has developed into an every down kind of a defensive linemen and those guys do get pay. -- I think it is it is what it what I heard somebody say on the way home and his wife is watching this is -- she is she will know anybody -- -- -- the four year contract. In the NFL with the exception of quarterbacks never finishes before you go contract of a longer I mean we're sitting -- about Dallas Cowboys have a hall of fame guy. Who was the same boat as as Vince and I think about I was gonna have to cut. Where -- because this is cap number is way too -- it's I would not sign him for seven million dollar I would resigning him. For eight million to two years that's Vince Wilfork. That's what I would do and I would try to free up some capital because they they need other things. Besides and they have another guy coming back -- they picked up from Oakland last year was pretty good football player. I'm not saying they don't need as -- -- but I don't think they need wolf potential pocket seven or eight million dollars a year. Not like to make a comment about -- welcome. Why -- disagree I think 170 million dollars years that's fine no problem at all and that. Well but he's got to spread around. That they can. And that he is he is one of your three or four best players on the football team he is not just a pro ball player he's an all pro defensive lineman. Who who dim India's Michael's term in a deep depth to game plan around that guy you bet you do with Vince Wilfork -- that seven million. A pass against Iran not against us and he's got an elite. He's not a -- is the defense of -- was for example where we you to capital we have. There is completely different players I don't yet but what what's your question about you a question about -- Yeah now as people talk about well car you know he was like a missing link I hate to bring that name up again. But watching -- hit -- the way I watched the patriots last year and the biggest difference I saw was Aaron Hernandez not being there. Aaron Hernandez was at what I think what made the offense goal when he was there he was an inside guy an outside guy he could block. He could even run from scrimmage I know I know what's it's not call to bring in my -- -- -- -- -- -- welcome wasn't the biggest thing a lot Hernandez was. John. At the end of last year as much as we talked about Eric Hernandez. From. All the speculation before we knew that he was involved -- remember -- we thought he's got himself in what some bad people than we found out no he's one of the bad people reading give him with some bad people he's one of them. After all the talk we had about that the trial. You know what's gonna happen to hand should the patriots cutting ties with him we went on and on about -- and it was Bill Belichick -- Hussein his first comments. We still. Didn't talk about -- enough as a football -- his impact on the team. Was that deep was that profile but you. You know what was Michael I think there was a fear that if you talked about the impact of Aaron Hernandez and a football -- -- you were belittling the life of a man who was killed -- you know that that -- didn't wanna make it sound as -- football mattered as much as. The life of this man that I don't think and -- I'm speaking for myself here. I was hesitant talked about the football impact because I didn't want to somehow. It set aside the fact there's a man dead out there -- at least for me. Mother of losses and loss yes yeah her son. Sisters don't have their brother anymore uncle whatever you're you're you're right there right. And I think I look at them. -- just if you do it maybe I just have to see it more clearly Aaron Hernandez the football player. Just talking about football on nothing else. You think about bill Belichick's history he's never had a situation like this before generally we talk about Belichick and how he years. He has a distant in an objective and cold apparently he's got to cut somebody. And he will he will -- a guy you're too early before all or rather than a year too late always makes guys play out their rookie deal always. He has never in his career. Signed two guys like this. And had both of them. Deserting him -- so to speak. He's always -- make that decision but besides drunk. -- Hernandez early -- had to right size of both really from from how he's always done business and made it he didn't make the decision on them. They made a decision in different ways -- Hernandez. -- what he allegedly did and so he's gone. Before the age of 25. Gone for ever out of the NFL and rock. Yeah I think you're right unfortunately. Won't never fulfill his potential he was on a hall of fame track no exaggeration look at I doubled to put up. In his first couple years and wait and he's probably not going to be the guy. That he he look like he was going to be after his rookie year. Want to be shocked if he replace sixteen games in the season there be very surprising. Yes and as I said I mean I hope I'm wrong in this regard -- think going forward I'd feel the same way about -- Side's position. The injury that were talking about here he's not coming back off a broken armor are yes you were talking about an Achilles injury. For a guy with his hand in the Burton and banging around those offensive lineman. I'm trying to think of interior lineman of note. Who had a killings injuries. I think of I know Suggs did on the outside mean -- what two and 65270. Pound. Out did not happen probably not a hat and had an Ngo and -- Maybe it was an Achilles and traffic of of players like events than not they're not a lot of who just match up perfectly where they play the same position about the same size. Same injury. Same -- So -- it's it's a challenge but I would be more surprised that it would all that said I'd be more surprised to -- played sixteen events cats could point. -- -- -- -- They I don't rate. I'm good thanks. At that particular call I can't help but think listening all data shows you -- -- every -- And scored it now that it's just part. -- renegotiate his contract. And a much. The deal was it when he shot how many years ago that he signed that contract I don't know the answer. All this is the last year I believe as a four year deal 2010. 2010 through 2010 to Charlotte there you -- it's just the money rendered. They're very happy -- and normal conversation take place they can't set before you last year we're gonna come back and renegotiate. I understand that you got to. -- if that's taken place and we don't know that 1%. -- but I McKee Steve Yeltsin got to go back to you know what's common sense here I disagree with a lot of the previous callers points the -- from Ohio about. How good a player Vince is one thing he's right on. Nobody besides those deals ever gets to the end of and he had to know. -- -- that that is the case that's fine but localized what we're doing is playing with. A contract that was so it was taken in and Ingrid. You know records -- we -- -- you know we know your age we know we're due for a since we looked at a play you are. And that's why aren't giving this money all the sudden get injured jedi you're up like that we -- that you're obviously every breached and that there was 120. Come value. From the deal that was written that many years ago. Why want to have to happen. As the first choice items and after that that's -- compliment you sound just like I'm sure after a belief but the here's the other thing. What you -- on the counter deals apps right you look at a huge number at the end of the deal I think all the players know when you sign that deal. That -- we will probably have to revisit this. Either in the last year or the next to last year to create some kind of space Michael have been no Bianca did -- they both and they all live ambient Smart. That's fine. You wouldn't you if you -- to throw out there like. -- got eighteen million dollars guaranteed him that contract if that was -- important number. So I'd like a lot of care guaranteed -- he was talking about all that he's being short changed now number one thing these contracts all of free agency starts. I have agents throwing numbers out there this -- -- for seven primaries are for ninety million and all we have to do is go back and say it again guarantee. That's all the players care about where what money am I guarantee again. Yet this is not baseball when when Dustin Pedroia assigns a hundred million dollar contract he can get all -- hundred million. When when ever ready or whoever's -- Griffin saw our -- side 42 what happened dollar deal -- what was guaranteed what in the grip inside the twenty million dollar. This is actually gonna get more. Money out of his contract even assuming they restructure. He's gonna get more than most guys get out of when they signed deals. He's gonna get most of the money that he signed for even if they restructure. And any gets the bonus and you know instead of the eleven and a half million dollar cap -- they take the cap number doubt he's gonna get more of his guaranteed more of his. Contract money than most guys. It happened. Yeah I don't I don't think they are. I don't think they are railroading dancers are doing they are just disrespecting him not they are now. With the fans and if you see. To see you guys not playing great early in the year. And he gets hurt. You still go to if you championship game. What happens. -- my starts to wonder how good it -- On May everywhere you know maybe if we go out and did you know this guy or that guy we can move on from vents and take his -- give someone else. It's like feel about Aqib Talib. Because two years general I've seen him in the AFC championship game not able to complete the deal -- feel that way about a key to a I feel you can do better. I just feel like he's always gonna have -- I need to stop of that stuff now you Ortiz and these folks and they deserve better from if you get -- shorthand. Want to know if you if you -- pair of sweatpants with juicy on the bus. From the -- So prepared I thought their -- I hope would you do. Where -- the what the white -- across the back with a little beat council is thought. A little jewels that stopped right Everett just for the host where by the herald's I feel pretty. -- and I have spoke Wimbledon you know it definitely Arab allies in Gaudin you know he's been -- big factor. An inside and run game you know into at all and they're disruptive won't let myself both. In movie reviews of treason of these shop I think he you know they just love you know the organization of their Boston loves me being careful. I just I was like instantly. Brandon Spikes on NFL network talking about events. -- be shocked if Vince gets a free agency so what I've I I've truly do not believe that the patriots are gonna cut Vince Wilfork. I think they'd they'd they'd likened to restructure. But if push came to shove and and Vince just ultimately said no -- and I'm gonna play out the last year my deal. And take my chances after that they can absorb the eleven point six million dollar salary cap -- they don't want to but they cut. They don't. Remember we should talk defense and recent tease him because. He talked about what a great -- but he was right. Played well -- punted it brought it -- that now. Water bra burner. Who's got dragged. What days drag your seat Carrie Everett -- -- I trust this guy grew up with me. Knows everything. In return kicks. One victims and well. -- a credentials that I remember that have been member with a guy -- was brought in a character written and it was like I almost like a proud as a lot of -- kinda guy but. I know it's hard it is hard to imagine. That a guy 325330. -- Would be considered agreed -- Great athlete can dunk a basketball is it extremely athletic guy. Who's let's say big blow. Let's say he's barge. Was the male equivalent Lane Bryant. At you all. That was one callers. It's funny I'm sitting here look at it now Miguel salary cap page which is might go to -- -- that doesn't act does a great job and -- looking -- -- contract. And it is his bonus. LTP. Likely to be earned bonus he's got a 300000 dollar wait bonus. -- can be an off the -- -- the past six or seven months probably doesn't help that -- bonus very much a lot of money riding on reaching certain weight clauses. To get into the yeah. -- -- and he would tell you that yes he could do yoga work they do. With with an Achilles injury based on on what I've seen from him most of its offseason seems to be spent fishing. Let -- fission that I don't know. I I am a huge Vince Wilfork and a few more personally and professionally. We had him on the on the show every Monday for a number of years. He is a genuinely good guy. And I'll -- them -- -- coastal and he -- -- say that and and I don't -- as well personally as you do but I'm at a lot of limb and say I think he's in good guy. He reminds me a bit of David Ortiz in terms of the larger than life personality. And how people just sort of gravitate to -- he's got that he's got the gravitational pull of the of the sun you know people just wanna be Arum and and hug and -- and high five and -- and people like those guys. What do people are tuned here like in their car. Like when they're on the road. And they're trying to get to the studio went Foxboro. And they cut him off. In traffic you know of vanity. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Andy. Rich I mean it's one he passed him. Got right in front of them. Vince missed Indies. Indy car by a foot due to be fair we don't know if it's distributed. Kind of off then came into the studio and so there's again to security guards with his unit was behind injury it's big it's so geared. A that -- have a drug -- Like -- your life here I would about bill ballot -- Belichick drop the JCC. It. -- -- -- It's kind of peel it. -- -- old us in the studio to. To be -- to barrels to the studio is the door -- and how it. Impatient former -- and it knocks pellets -- opposite things in them so at least that's. The run in the B. -- -- It. He's been taken and argue it forces that's what. I'm. Let's get -- he used to like Michael. The hell happened there. Me use the -- -- See page 250. -- -- -- ever since that public. Site and happened -- 34. And three and accept your books never get to 310 at that last that is the problem might and I told you that announcement. Pate tree ring not patriots person -- mean let me one more and that wasn't good that aren't got more in -- newbie with it got better give you that. Alex on the cellphone Alex. -- -- At a question and actually contracts and then I have a comment and their land further out than. OK so on Q do they -- the back of the contract they have you know guaranteed money wait. In the EI and the contract as. And a web stretched so that way -- -- restructure because you know you know I actually accomplish a couple of years but towards the end of the contract. You don't like ten million we restructure you know X it is he'll look like Ichiro and then he extend you or your play a couple of years. Looked at the only reason they make the contract in its front -- not back loaded Alex the only reason they make them the way they are. Is to knock down that the salary cap hit the average annual salary cap yet. You know they know full well that. That you're not gonna get these last three years of the deal and you know all you're not gonna get the last three years of the deal. But it takes the cap hit down by X number of dollars if we spread it out over six years instead -- three years. It it it's its accounting tricks it's parlor tricks. Every Alex and you're asking do -- do the players want the money up front yes does the team does it sometimes benefit the team to have the money up front and cute. In to. Save the uncomfortable conversation or the the nasty cap number for later -- 234 years down the road absolutely so it's it's best for for both parties until you get to this moment. We have to have that conversation what are we gonna do we would rather not have a cap number this -- we could do it. But if you restructure. We can do some other things from the player rights and now this is the deal I agreed to. And I'm gonna call you out here you can either live at this cap number or cut me and I think. I think Vince knows that he probably won't be cut. -- but I think to hit the nail on the head earlier and I think you're exactly right here if Vince mark coming off an Achilles injury this would be a totally different conversation. This is this is different for Vince he's -- -- you know he didn't get to play most of the season because of this the securely and it's a tough injury comeback from. The leverage here doesn't it isn't in on on Vince's side it's on bill Belichick's side on this. And I think that probably going to be today. It is except a mistake about this deal what what what would they do. What they do and if you cut Vince Wilfork. Like who's gonna. You bring in we saw last year as soon as he went out and eggs. As popular as it is an accurate it's popular and accurate to say that he was playing great football before Geithner was. By his standards -- even with that. Their run defense fell off the map what he left leg in the delegate got -- to feel again so he wasn't good they still weren't they weren't brutal. In their run defense before -- left after he left that can stop anybody. Teams had their way against. So it if you if you move on from Vince Wilfork. And BJ -- is article about Green Day. We got to bring in. You know go with mr. -- got Tommy Kelly in and who knows his recovery is like from his injury Armstead -- didn't see it out last year. You know go with the rookies one more year of experience. They've got to stop the run. I think the advantage might be advances because. You don't have anybody to replace. And and none of the guys none of the names you just -- even BJ raji who's obviously not an option is going back to Green -- none of the names that you just presented. Are the kinds of guys who every single hot every single snap they occupied two guys on the offensive line. And Vince does every single time I -- the -- tries to play -- one on one. They did last year while and and it happened I when he wasn't playing well you're right but I'd say when -- been. This is on his game will replace him more I don't dominates right. There are many -- all on the line there are many guys who can who can deal with them now what do the guys and there's no shame in this wanted to guys he's had some epic battles -- And and they are probably. If this were hockey -- bill would be 5050 you know who knows. Who the -- going to be on honey. On other series to series races and ethnic mangle. A Nick Mangold. One of the best senators -- -- it all -- -- every tiger and yet they go -- -- but for the most part. If president Reynolds good called he would get one of the only guys who could win Vince was at his warm. He's the only guy who can even consider trying to -- now Vince has gone one on one with most guys he's doing pretty. Good afternoon guys that are inimical no I am so glad. It didn't here at my favorite mobile RWE -- thank you reached. Not my concern that as it is in all he's becoming. Its becoming the situation and -- just mentioned Minot adult. And I and I think they'll resolve this. -- it's going to be. You know you want to -- you want to play and at what age I don't think it's the -- Wiki. Totally the British. Future too -- at its annual and bought the but can sell it and and back and made that point -- he definitely wants to animal bond that they want for the team as you well. Well and I'll say this about fancy -- any does love it here by the way and he's very comfortable here he doesn't live here year round. I mean you know season's over family heads down to South Florida and and that's his offseason home. Like like Tedy Bruschi lived here. He he was here you know he he became a new Englander and that was it. And and and Vince is case that's not how they live their -- doesn't need a lot of here -- he does doesn't mean he isn't devoted to this area in this team because he has. But he's not hero here. And that it -- tell a lot of David Ortiz situation looked and thought it all in all. Deciding on the -- how much money you should get not -- I hope they come to a conclusion don't and it's dark and -- -- Yeah -- it probably will happen -- try to think of the last time that happened with the patriots the biggest listed -- different sport already this year we've had two contracts stories. With the Red Sox David Ortiz now Jonny Gomes. I think I think Ortiz Don and even an even -- and Jon Lester and all take a hometown discount. If it's that culture of baseball you know there it is very. It's very accepted for reporters to bring it up for players to talk about it it's just one of those things management talks about it. What the patriots the last time we heard someone a player. Addresses don't contract. Was probably thought they Samuel. Right yeah I in my cannabis -- anybody who said. A guy came out -- c'mon there's so let's last year my contract in the got to do some Bill Belichick gives. Ticket ticket discount all of us can -- one more year look what I've done for the organization. I don't remember. You don't maybe events. Every bit with the last one to do it when his contract was up would. Generally Mankins didn't talk at all I mean he went way to. Read that he was drawn him in didn't say anything and anybody any they took some shots -- some shots at the -- yeah. Who about it. And forget about my man and how to forget about. -- -- All as the last guys. Got asked that last guy who talked contract during the season and decency but generally it doesn't happen at the end of the year yeah they'll bring it out. But training camp. Weeks seven. Generally don't you don't hear but the patriots they might I don't read the forgot about you another great moment. That press conference is a little strange day. Then they beat Cincinnati first game of the year. Everybody's excited that I'll never forget this because. They had that press conference set up their Foxboro. So Wes Welker was supposed to go what next. After we had -- And he said there. The site for a minute -- eight minutes ten minutes west of paragraphs of forget. It forget it. They're not given up the stage right now you've gone on and on. So I'll come back and talk another -- that day game one of the season. Randy Moss says hey -- it's not my faith of if they don't -- me you know beginning of the end and that's it in a few weeks later he was out. I'll somebody Motley right now I think they -- level Calder race is so our point that the this guy right over here and it went about -- -- -- be that guy right over -- -- Randy Moss on the air. The member of the media now. You'd think he considers himself a member of the media right now -- probably not but you're watching all he's good on he's much Internet bodied. What are they let the whole operation fox sports one. It tries too hard I mean they bring the two Canadians and not a trying to I don't get -- the -- factor could get a funny but but it is the act. What I really like is when I've got a tennis player talking to me about the NFL it's not me you know I -- 00 why some big sports fan I understand. Gabe Kepler talking about the NBA salary cap at the app after app if they give Ayman -- let me ask him if gambler but I. Why am I less than this they just trying too hard. Not to think. You're Gary didn't they have Gary Payton on the air right out may have. App from salaam elements are hurt yeah. I have to Google guy he's probably not a big and it's part of -- you know hold up your show for. Our customer -- They got support they have lost a lot of money on this whole thing and make it probably my. But if it Randy Moss is now a member of the media I think we have a better chance to talk to undoubtedly -- -- he was here all -- much better. We used to -- remember it was that any time F five minutes to meet with bank it was Randy Moss -- tell a well worked 617. Wanna be on the radio and got miles TV what do -- need to be on the radio film. And that almost always -- well 26177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text like 37937. I you can reach out to us on Twitter if you like at dale. Dale Arnold in for Mike salt Michael -- right over -- Sports Radio W media.

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