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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 3/10/14

Mar 10, 2014|

We knock out the hottest topics of the day on the blitz. Today featuring Baxter Holmes of the Boston Globe and Christopher Price of WEEI.com

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Sports Radio nine. WT IFM and WEEI dot com now a look at all the big stories in Boston sports with those on the inside. How these. Boston -- Boston -- on Sports Radio WB -- -- let's just proxy by AT&T. AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Rethink possible right now the man has done more for both ties -- Ken Rosenthal. Baxter Holmes Boston Globe and follow limit at Baxter Holmes Boston Globe we joins us right now hey Baxter. -- right there are doing great thank you wrote a terrific piece in the Boston Globe well researched. Voluminous stuff about Rajon Rondo. And basically at the end of the whole thing I'm thinking there's. Anybody like this guy here for the I think Kiki is extremely driven to win and because he's very intelligent. -- can. Can't see things before they happen and and he is he's -- -- -- patient and polite because he's always been ahead of people whatever in the archer. They catch up until challenge he challenges people and you know it's as -- -- -- can be frustrating at times. Are difficult at times and and frustrated that you know it it's just that competitive and had imposed. Yeah -- -- the story a lot to Baxter and I know you don't write the headlines writers always that we don't write the headlines I don't Eritrea but I I wonder I wonder if you can answer the question that was posed in the Boston Globe. Does Rondo have the patience. To stay with this rebuilding team I know he's he's he's been very skilled with his answers you have committed to anything but. Basing your reporting you have any sense of which way he's leaning. I think. I think he's more apt to be able to do it and then he might. Know or realize I think part of his chances grown as is the fact that he's had to sit out a year. Going you know the major. Knee injury and the kind of -- grueling process that goes in terms of waiting and waiting slowly coming back -- caught him. More about just having to be patient with the idea of a process which is very much what's a rebuild it to process it doesn't really. Happen overnight although the Celtics you have enough assets where they could potentially. You know flip them for something dramatic exit in turn you know. Speed things up quite a bit but. I think he's more patient now and then he has been in the past it or are because that is the rehabilitation process let me. My favorite quote the entire piece came courtesy of Doc Rivers that shouldn't be surprised he's very quotable guy anyway he said quote as a rookie he should have been playing right out of the gates. But he was so in different to everybody on the team that I just wouldn't play him on quote. Now when you took that quote or Johnny -- that's fair that at that. You know I I went home and I said you know I don't want to run this without your template I believe and in fairness and first is that doc said that I think yeah -- -- -- Any in any talk about doc being you know part of rookies. I'm very thought doctors as part of -- is that you know he. You ultimately think -- it opens in his career having that kind of -- and whatnot. And yeah I mean. -- as a former NBA point guard he's admitted to being. Hard on on all point guard he coaches and ears are harder on younger players on both go to that particular time. Court you certainly are a member Rondo. You know it it was well known that he wasn't the person along with the so it's time -- stock alluded to and so he had to earn and his minutes from. Has brought us and now he's using. WEEI dot com check him out on Twitter at Steve price NFL and we do wanna talk to about the NFL Chris. What's what's the latest in your opinion or -- what you what you learn what's the latest on Vince Wilfork in this contract restructuring or not. I think both sides are talking right now it's my understanding but it but there's no real movement at least at this point I think important -- -- members. We're spending its entire run up the creek and keep talking about. Why the patriots need to do it well both sides really don't need to do right now I think. -- go back to you look at all result Darrelle Revis talk all the -- contract creep -- people think you can move a lot of money around. But you can also will a lot of money around when it comes to -- in wolf fortunately kept in a -- order you can make some other senior you can rebuke -- -- deal. You can read you Logan Mankins fuels so well it's a priority -- wouldn't it out weak outlook for copper gold. Do you think though that they need to know before they go diving into the free agency waters tomorrow what kind of money they've got to play -- Yeah I do I -- I think -- beat you need some kind of clarity on that point but again and I think -- you can look at some of the other contracts that they are on the books right now. And I think that they could address those released earlier. Give you some kind of a need to. Some kind of an idea before you go all argued recently that point for. Are so what do you think the chances are the patriots getting Jared Allen that they won the pin. Ten being the highest what do you say. You know I thought that Michael right now probably about a six and apple had the one thing. It's really don't teases you don't -- -- make -- a -- that -- -- keep talking -- you know -- through to Michael and you know that's from from from a repeat. You talk to people around the league at this time your bulk stuff like it's been notes that they -- you know that coaching to that happening that it notes it to that they can play well. Talk to people about the -- injured in -- -- -- about intimate that it well you know they could make this work in innately out of certain numbers and there's. I think in the corporate world. They view him as. Something along the lines of what they got a on recorder a couple of years -- more situation -- -- and I think the question right now is. -- at all. -- -- you consult at least at this point -- As a purely situation and I think he's still musical young I think the patriots look at the borders its original structure from. You -- the quarterback on third down and passing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Will Julian Edelman get Don and went. I think Julian atom will get done but I think it's gonna take a little time our colleague matchup or an excellent point this spring. At the patriots really -- signing -- -- over the last couple years. Really came after the first -- for free agency into that second week and I think it was going to be one of those guys. Get done get it you're done your New England a little bit after that first initial burst free republic sometime and it certainly. Follow him on Twitter at -- price NFL read this stuff on WEEI dot com Chris price thank you very much we appreciate it they don't. I hate to say about that second week things just -- I think they are answering what I thought they really that's sort of and that is there that that Calgary we spot isn't it. I'm maybe bill shock and and look he was a lot more positive -- Jared Allen and I hope yeah I liked it I mean it's teasing me but I liked it. And and if they can to get that done that might be a first week thing that might be first they're -- kind of -- us -- You don't deal with six and perhaps we'll talk about that later you deal with it. I mean I'd let you know I don't want government would you rank the real thing -- -- deal you -- talking about the Greg Oden to eat better are they all look at. I don't know that -- know that if you have had a repertoire not but no that's pastor at a aren't. What people think I'm joking. And I don't explain later. Dale Arnold. Talks to supermodels. Well just one. -- it may be just a couple of one more. It kind of -- monster but she kind of sheepish about it like sheepish about. I guess because they simply throw through it happening now 600 definite I do 6177797937. This telephone number. AT&T text line 37937. Were diving right into the phone call would you. Coming up just a couple of minutes dale Arnold and for -- all along -- Michael -- Sports Radio WB.

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