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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 3/10/14

Mar 10, 2014|

Salk and Mikey OUT... Dale and Ryder IN.

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So can -- now. 3793. Set it on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I dot com. Live aboard an example lightning round. -- there was no reaction I was -- but I at least get a rise out of -- not Paul good to. Following a ballot -- but it really. There's really a hit man. Anthony -- and is sponsored by ARS restoration specialists. If your property your -- magic manager and don't have a cold weather disaster plan in place. Be prepared to contact the IRS at 8774611111. Or they are Fserve. Dot com. It's time for answers the question your -- the question which sought out this is the big question. So put should be yours -- -- anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer that question. But I. If you come back he wouldn't that you -- You know writer for the -- comic relief where you live in Italy are -- -- We'll see -- right hey guys always good to see you guys are under federal yes that's true. Where is -- Is like Florida go to golf for. Very few days as a sponsor fingers notices on thing. Speed up with a buddy of his now it's taken some time off that at all yeah disaster is we try to get the company to government that would cover some of it is one. -- notice and it works. The only let anyone know what's in the works on a nightly basis on the Mikey show pastor -- good point in my team's self. Our let me LL ask the first and here dale you can only pick one analyst who worked -- -- -- and who is it. -- a chapter because I don't say anything. Policy it's easier out of a I think he gets paid no word I'm pretty sure that I paid by the word I'm pretty sure and you know of Japanese on Iran on the -- pretty excited. I like or I like all of those guys and just trying to give -- part time which is part of Michael figure Jaffe. You. There are various in an airport or -- Court not as many games he's he's got a real life and real job and you know worked hard Peterson had a real job too but it doesn't seem to matter to. I'm getting a punk kid a and Japanese just the media. Saris every. Jeffrey. And some Stephanie good it was a separate New York no no no he moved up here he lives here now lives in come in new. -- That he and his family moved appear in the fall in the he splits his time between here and Toronto. He works in Toronto a couple of days of weakening here I'm sorry I didn't express that I have another question related to you guys have this. Biggest excrete a huge isn't like ninety inches it. I am gonna be off a little bit but I believe its ten feet across. An eight feet high so when you guys watch the watch the games on that sometime sometime in going there and watch sometimes we watch in the green room but it's a blast watching in -- because. -- it's almost like -- I mean the players are almost like -- -- -- looks huge on TV at that was one of those things that -- looks huge on TV it might be smaller and no you don't it is -- it is a real hard screen TV it's not you know CG year green screen or anything it's a hard. TV monitor but I believe it's like ten feet wide and eight feet. Critical TP it's been you know what and and. -- Happily and Xbox. And I finally and then I don't belong in opera house because -- -- gonna go beyond the -- yeah minute all right. For 37 seconds show is on TV we don't have minutes for anything in -- and then. We'll play yet we ought to play. And I felt bad I'm just and I believe we could look at it and look at it I think we pulled Grand Theft Auto between unions cars and big. Race around knocking heads up people. Next question. Holly since what are you what you guys were you driving a Prius now this is interest. I am driving truck with the Prius in the back of the and it still has that -- is what I got to stay. The mentality. I've got to adopt different mentality to drive that struck you little little aggressive I was gonna say. Because I'm still I'm still rolling like -- pretty -- got to understand it. It's like it's like the big man who thinks he's a guard your big man you have your size. Overlooked industries like -- -- -- because and Arab street. I'll stop I'll let another car paths. Trucks don't do that I got to take over all. Analog rock. -- got to respond to Obey gets important none and Hyundai in your cut her off rod -- and music up loud too. You know to go back to drive carried it jerked it used to be an attempt yeah. It went to the sedan as well. Enough people to protect -- -- people because your -- Yeah you get one of these people in the snow hopefully this goes overboard. Drive and you bearing down on them -- -- -- way in the truck. I'm usually amusing gracious Eric. And I have to say still one of my proudest moments in -- Prius is -- I helped. Support struggling. BMW -- with my Prius and I wish. All Marty Prius. Thank him a little. The Queen Elizabeth waivers are gone over the over the hill but the -- pretty cool -- I don't want Korea what did writer do for his birthday well. Oh well Heidi I was set the Celtics game on Friday night. And then Saturday. I was -- dinner and then and that was good time and in Sunday Sunday which was the day it's been to -- you -- more boring into me. Was actually that was what was that orient are a lot for little negative. The details -- -- we -- currently restricted -- what -- -- I thought it was answer the question your wife and daughter Diana her hair and amateur hold out. Come on wire. You -- school with Mikey at any point Dario is he's tried to Friday night you go to Rayburn and ideally we should be an array of would add music. It happened argument. -- her next question there. They -- we all at -- but I doubt that X targeted every argument got a couple of Kanye West. We got Steve Smith. Adds it. I. I -- dale saw who was your favorite Eddie. -- knew me. Or -- depends on how Hungary I won us. Because there was pretty good chance of one of those I was getting food at some point in the court. I mean truthfully. I've got for you can be tough to answer this. -- -- Booked for tomorrow yet know Michael Holley was by far my favorite co -- ever. -- Tbilisi series separate public about it I don't know if I've got the -- for tomorrow Raja -- tomorrow all then and it'll lead -- are what you get me about. I -- a -- -- -- daily program very much. Your -- fit -- new and it was fun he was. EEE -- I hope you're all sports that's driven and and other foe we're -- so that's why we developed the nerds the new educational research department. They tell you all about this morning driving and I have north than it what did you shared then I don't know what time we talked about he had he wants to date. The late Nicole Brown Simpson. Perry told the story remember that one. There was also this Italy would supposedly told a normal -- -- to -- Claymores and the only Wear socks once this. Yes sure that after he tried to executed it is -- sleuthing -- He was very pissed them that he was very upset that. That is. Jail would you be back again tomorrow that's I don't I would look into that lasted jacare deduct your tomorrow yes I will I'll be here -- -- It would go forward one I don't. Tomorrow call us. Next question. That was up with you writer that's -- got X question well six to ten and I'd -- in from Mikey. Get into more this patriots stuff in the Red Sox now rolling expert out of those Bruins and you -- And get on that quite a bit she's not five game winning streak -- assaults all over the place and you'll return here we're not Aqua zone yes. So how was that -- -- I love backed by other actors feel so much fun to talk baseball with what Leo what are you give -- something that -- said -- here the whole interview with the result that. To -- headline from that interview with Eric was saying there wasn't too many headlines or four in the spring. Come on back into got a match here twelve as one -- is set by adding he said the say you know. Was gonna be instead of feel left side of the infield as of those requests more -- Tampa -- probably the biggest competitor in the east which I would agree with. Can give you anything about she says Summers lines tees and yeah we asked about that stuff the walk off and Kirk Gibson knows that the public guys great -- I've had the opportunity to do you know pre and post with a computations. Used at the green room and watching game with -- it's a -- I wish we had a camera in there. Just to watch F reacting to what he's watching when he's watching the game and he jumps up and he'll say imitation -- night -- In the green room it's the best and I sometimes on -- title on TV too but in the great and easy less in dividend. And he'll jump up and you'll start imitating guys' batting stances and stop and -- telling stories of guys chasing them off the mound. He's the best. You gotta say goodbye to you to have. OK -- will be back tomorrow -- man Ryder Cup without telling you why he's excited that the Celtics are still games over the weekends. Other what is he Jabari Parker hair like another what is the manager -- -- -- well didn't mean anything you've got. Management tomorrow. -- -- -- --

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