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Lyndon Byers joins the Mut and Merloni show to talk Bruins

Mar 10, 2014|

LB gives his thoughts on the Bruins

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Undefeated against the state affordable Tampa and the Florida Panthers eighteen possible points available. In those games and eighteen points acquired. By the Bruins not load -- to 37 WEEI Lyndon byers. Our guy former boss to go to joins us he brought you by -- smoke shop and buy LB's haired doctor. Doctor Robert Leonard -- -- to -- not not in studio. On all my thought was I that I it was like if you maybe it was me when you set last Monday looked -- -- being with the guys and studio every Monday that I mystery that quote. I'm not an eye toward you know what happened it's got that -- -- Turkey would not. It down -- -- -- took the Monday sought out and of course I promised they sure MySpace show that I got my guy. And I I'm -- You know so why did not know and yeah I let my guys Kenny and my -- I -- I'm sure. -- of trying to figure this does know how it works over there like if the only when he ailment takes days off that's for you guys can opt out of his. And I will in no man's done. Army Nolan Nolan trusteeship to that you're relieved you're going to be in charge of the home and opening. Why not. That's -- romantic day out but nobody gets that nobody comes at all right. They're -- how much say in the rest of the crew went -- nobody I feel I nor do I know you've got to acknowledge all the down by. It is ordered. RV shut that down when -- not there that is great the Bruins that it shut down they dominate for this week I wanna get too. The -- let's start with the trade you know they end up making one move they requirements Eros and you know we sat across each other in the good old days last Monday and you said -- if they don't do anything LB. Oh there would be in trouble they go out and get this -- was it enough in your mind. You've got to -- You know I I I talked about it nobody here hurt the crumbling I don't panic whether to let god make a big deal. Are they were trying to do the deal as we found out later with the outlook -- Coburn and maybe a little better to -- them as well. Basically you know he was on the radar Peter surely put on the radar. And I think what you're seeing is you're -- you're -- -- that defense. Of the back there and back up. There and it will you know are obviously -- coach -- he's playing great me and you know what -- character can push on you. Even better than they are -- out I think you're seeing in the dividend of a very competent group put forward step leaving each other and -- we have forty yard and some you know he says you know sometimes like I just don't get it you know you're. Second overall behind Pittsburgh here -- a top. You know our -- in your -- army their plan is cute anybody right now. And they have to plan as it is -- everybody because. Says that the former editor our role that they -- Chicago's north seem to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That you know and then they and -- on facts that helicopter and guys I think you're seeing. That type player now for the -- -- -- incredibly solid the to -- -- -- it would occur this it was pretty awesome. You know I'll be ethical as a -- a good first first look right from a Harrison in the watching that gaming is -- fits in his next game. The course out haven't you know when they talk a bottom they say you know he doesn't exactly have great speed total numbers around a little bit but. The difference between a man to man defense that he was playing in Philly. That this zone defense thinks he can stay home maybe not the use that speed is much how big of a difference you think that'll be in his game how much he's does that make a forum. I think it's it's awesome -- I mean you figure out you regard that pretty pretty he's a pretty talented player I mean. When he when he first came up with a lot of -- you know -- getting. Double digits in goals and 3540. Points from the sky. So well someone that's got the talent that -- -- says look you know we need to do. -- -- -- Yet that we need to do we don't need to be special we don't need you to be amazing we don't need. Ten goals in this you know we need we need you because we know he opted to play great defense get the puck to forestall them -- magic and -- are you know. -- -- -- -- I think it's just -- our shoulders you know I mean. A weight off your shoulders how do you see them. Using ms. Eros here with the extra defenseman and he saw Hamilton get benched and getting healthy scratch on Saturday. I view it LB is a rotational thing where they're gonna get all the other defensemen. A game or two abreast in the final twenty games of the season. Who would you expect this at the most order think they'll rotate ms. Eros in it and -- guys to get on the break. While I definitely think that she's got to get a break army had just never would I. I know he's a machine you know mountain of them and then by eight by yeah it is what it is pretty that particular 37 year old played in the Olympics. You know he's he's a huge asset that the brewers are making a strong play out -- -- gotta be -- I think you all my input right now to block the brunt of small. I keep getting guys some rest and staying healthy and irritating that rest keeps guys -- -- Are we at WW a rookie again -- understood that you. Or are part you know your top four guys look I think you know he just getting superstar my dad and little you know all -- -- you know and they all. Guys that they really really good players superstars you'll start. They wanna be out there they don't they they want to you know picked as he -- thirty minute -- Serbia and it don't make -- labor so. That's that's like Claude Julien magician but what is your partner and you gotta be arrested in help in being healthy makes her. -- could play out strong but you can't. I mean he's -- countless artists -- I don't know I think it really dialed in and I mean just this last couple weeks outside that you gave they ought to. These guys are playing it that it -- earlier. You know -- on its Doug Hamilton the guy that they they they -- to get him in -- wonder if that's just comfort right try to get his first game it was Zdeno Chara than you. Tennessee club make some comments the offensively continues to be good talking about Hamilton but he struggled at times defensively we're gonna -- backing continue to work with him. Do you think it was just getting him in there which are being familiar order coming is that him on this in a more pairing -- -- -- the first guy you pull out. You know I I. Let him I think -- they're trying to and the masters dot com and and now that you need to be more physical and -- you know you. We talked the last one they got -- -- you know you need more physical hardship or physical. I don't mean dropping the gloves I don't think -- you know until we're going to be it's gonna you know. You know put on fifteen probably get 22 point three years older guys out. But in order for him to be successful. And you know player at that level would see and and -- -- to the point that you're your game changer. We know we -- do offensively. He -- -- -- -- by I think you know. Everybody from Arabs regard to create the future elegant. There and cultivate a report likely to be more physical so. I think you know that's probably. Why if you can see the oval he. There -- our talking LB our body Lyndon byers so last night Daniel pie at least that game doesn't come back early on current. Joked -- a machine that. That was that was sort of hard to know the hard work. Well there are couple big hits including one from Kevin -- wanna ask you about but give it to go back to that injury saw marsh and scale on that line. They said after the game it's not serious but it brings up the question of if if somebody were to go down -- where to go down as it as simple as. Prawns next guy up visits Boehner LB who is that next line a defensive one of the forwards suffers an injury in these last twenty games. I gave it to look like a lot of solve problems and are yankees and audit content -- due to what you got a couple of laps looked. -- -- -- large -- proven that he can play with anybody up here. We've got a couple of guys that are in Providence that that'll that'll card and unit that the most prepared and you know -- -- -- there aren't here yet they -- let them. That didn't give -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- between enemy camp they say they've got on two guys in Providence that are ready and -- July. Take a big players -- needed and now all worked out. -- it's obvious that the Bruins get more use out of their Ted Johnson the patriots did. And and it's it's -- sort of seems like that's -- should be at this point right -- year note. Joke is played epic career high games and the biggest of all there and win games for you it's obvious. It's awesome you know basically -- Cancun or the -- organization you know although. That behind the -- I -- -- I don't you know not turn up and -- the goaltending either goaltending coach yet Cilic he get a gold medal because. He. If anybody could come at -- runs. From system Thomas. They seem to win. If you know whenever -- either corrupt or whatever. Commuter route to -- and particularly restaurant there -- -- -- earning. If they just do a great job depth wise and you know it. Yeah it's it's it's just pretty awesome to know that Uga Uga got back up you got -- -- -- Did get two arrests and know that you can still. You know people were all fighting went streak going we've got to shoot up -- -- -- or should appreciate some pleasure to new Yorker. -- -- -- economy that you are casting you know our our you know dislike the other night. You know floors at the bottom of the -- they -- got to win those games and -- competent. This girl of about a prelude to caress his options this. The enemy that it would abroad and -- electorate they're so confident it will create. Out real quick the emergency Kevin Millar to -- he's been the biggest surprise of a -- Smith has been. Nice surprise this year can name some others but the way Kevin -- performs LB and his his visit Cali I did not expect it what do you see from this given you watch her play. Well I think there's there's they're outsiders it's it's subtle arrogance I'm sure you know forty -- the other the other last week. I never -- I guess you just -- Don you know I guess he's just strategy like incredibly. You know there is former strong and not an end and blue note I didn't realize that -- -- I doubt that that's gonna go always want young Nikola. Top five guys are top organize your you know moving on and you know he thought he did a great surprise that you -- -- It everybody I mean. It should you -- McGillis you know that is going to be or is -- I mean he's he's playing like he's 2.2 years old Danielle just -- trying to practice starts. I think like ridiculously -- 26 immediately all timing scoring and abdicate to make that line is as -- -- -- it's it's been. It's it's been fun to watch him Riley Smith no -- -- 45 point sixty whatever -- what you know no one ornery were the chairman of Tyler's second straight. Again you know you gotta give. Gotta -- the organization. And Claude Julien. You know he went over the Olympics and convinced. -- -- eventually decay and they're crew were there other Randall short mile per student to play and you sent to that -- style hockey with a bunch of superstars -- -- all the gall to direct the guys inaudible when he can be -- credit is due with a guy knows what he's the only. One of the best coaches I've ever seeing -- and -- involved in my career. They'll be last from from me we're talking about Montreal last week before the draft will be a trade deadline and other team that concerns you now what Thomas vanic. In a full with the numbers against the Bruins. Does that put them up and not to as far as you're concerned. We have no idea who I mean are in probably the Montreal Canadian spirit murderer okay and they're not execute or not they they can score all they can they can get it done by. It there's no secret so what makes the -- successful and that's. To be physical and you know Montreal there about toward -- supplier around and you know they moved the biscuit and enriched -- and how do you stop that you're willing -- actually the board's -- I would expect. Went -- right Laver arena right getting bitten everybody's are -- working towards a playoff spot. I think right now Montreal would play to -- model would be incredible yet. If we do you -- the playoffs started today he will. We that we -- -- -- -- -- -- sure I'll let. It's so we're gonna it's gonna be actually be awesome and I'd I never mr. Leo I do not like the Montreal Canadian not a secret. I love move in the biscuit. It's that line that they get are obese are legitimately is are you off the whole week or just today. Not logic just. You know I know what I might -- know is that I just. I met my wife got me out for Christmas if you -- of of meat. And with that should keep content became two Jack rabbits which are I am out boiling warmup boiling upgrade heritage is -- freezing. And -- are -- in the rappers to lose a lot they'll bring that it you guys. -- -- that brings some by forest tomorrow you know he -- other ailment he wants long -- take Fridays and Mondays. Brother had excelled we will see you next week. Ever go see or is -- New Year's periods LB but you -- friends. At red smoke shop and buy obese their doctor doctor Robert Leonard. The Bruins had a couple nice wins over the weekend the Celtics had a couple of bad wins over the weekend we'll talk about the next Sports Radio W yeah.

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