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Daily Diamond, Monday March 10: Johnny Gomes

Mar 10, 2014|

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Twelve he's -- or didn't do you really doing it and then that -- -- all of that what Bryant are often see in the one constant -- you. Baseball we look thin blue. On Sports Radio WV. Can you just instructed what to ask the team was ten and one with his starting in the post season. Well I mean there's an senior manager at Google I don't know loses stopping other. The whole war stat the other. Even so. You've been -- no time. I don't think Ken Rosenthal to get a Christmas cards ever again for Jonny Gomes Butler and 937. February the Jonny -- sat down to the -- feels like for an extended interview. Rain yesterday in the Boston Globe. PG couple quotes from this to get your reaction to -- that part of daily dime -- it. Spots like piece of this is not every quote he's quoted a lot in this stories merger to go -- He talks about his. Talks about his path to get to where -- Call before 2010. I played it 29 years old night in a hundred home runs -- that. Only one other guy in the big leagues had a hundred career home run to -- signed a multi year deal before the age of thirty. BJ Upton was the other guy. He was going year to year with arbitration. The other one. I was the only -- what eight years of service time position player who hadn't made eight million bucks reality domino brought the at the age of other guys and how much money he should have been making yeah. Here's the other quote I hoisted out of my reaction -- yet those is that. That that -- agent. It's easy to get a packet from the -- how that works of things ages that. He's telling him all about himself and I was this element is that the bottom and everything else. Not -- or agency look it up -- apple what but it gets more of an agent well he didn't always -- one as Rosenthal said it -- -- is well aware of that. How about this one then. There's no stat for winning player. It gets brushed under the rug they talk about a player's war. Hot money team war goals -- I've turned a team around twenty games four different times. Worst to first. I was on Tampa I was on -- Tampa team historically bad in 2007 I went to the World Series in 2008. The reds ended in the playoffs are many years when you're building a team. I'm last analysts because the lights go out you don't see the player grind out at bats -- run hard the first face every time. Or see a player respect the game and his teammates or through the way a player approaches the game. And the work ethic and a -- -- what I like is. Like this one I've gone from getting pinch hit for six times the first month and half. The becoming to pinch hitting guru guy at the end of the year a -- 78 and ninth last year abetting for. In the World Series. Here's the thing he has been in you know with budget everyday player maybe. No one's ours turned into a couple of times and in eleven years in the big leagues you know he's never made it to you to mind Nokia's best it was ever he's ever gotten -- to -- from the Boston Red Sox. The stick around the game as long as you have as far as at bats everything you have to be. Extremely confident in your ability and he has no question. At a -- -- we are belly backup catcher the -- his -- to Doug he's going deep knowledge that this is cocky Steiner team. In April it was twice a week or whatever laws once a week because you in order to survive you you have to believe you're that good -- Johnny does. You know and that's up in the playoffs. But he says that an intangible because -- a little full moderates such wanton soup because Johnny getting back in there again. Here you pack it obviously the World Series of three run homer but he is very confident. Armored guys and more talking about you could this be an issue. And if you don't win but he could. The year went last year there time to punish compliant but if you don't win it gives it its I don't wanna see here keep watch -- -- -- They've played in a World Series in America the most -- he played in a regular season but it could be you know I think he's very confident his ability. I think gold wanted to play more last year I read these concert nick for a today is a guy who sees the writing on the wall. That he's not gonna get a long term multi year deal the Boston Red Sox and his -- he's expressing. He's angst than that you Daniel lava. He's got to play. Final he's got to play via a lot tonight -- you probably won't you know it but the thing is these are realized it was that you what he can bring is. So that's pretty valuable not only -- you know pop off the bench it come off the bench bench quake hit some home runs but he knows you be good at bat on base. -- is a good clubhouse guy. So me at least I think of the I want -- state game -- long long time but. If he thinks those things those qualities. -- -- -- a three year deal with junior -- made no -- are very good deal for Johnny gold or. Last year was in this or -- it translate them finally be in the eight billion dollar player that he references right on right million dollar player. He's not getting the playing time this year to do that no and here's the other part of this he -- spring training the numbers are not most important but. Can make the argument price -- has been the most impressive hitter the Red Sox and spring training. Probably right in left field right they're getting mix -- don't trade him. He's now coming down the -- so for -- it's finally here is deal bioscience have brands waiting in the wings. I believe -- sees the writing on the wall that he's not gonna play a lot this year and is not gonna get eight million dollars -- from the right. And NB a because they can stick rise 32 years those can be 33 this year to -- the three or four years because he because of their presence he has on the team -- good power off the bench. He can survive in a play it's not just he wants to be air okay. But it might not be here -- somewhere else -- just stick around Camelot was very similar the last couple years -- what the Baltimore they want to bring amend it. For that presents a veteran -- to help some of these young kids to help them build something that he went to Toronto for the same reasons helped them build something. You know and and Jonny -- to be the same way. You know this year if you win it's not an issue for -- losing you guys are performing of the wanna be in that line. You know I don't think it'll be the make -- public. You know I don't think delivered becoming public -- up and it's really bothering this team he'll deal with -- internally privately. But he'll play in this game for a long -- is pushing to stay here. Hoping to be here. 61777979837. Your phone every get baseball every day at 1215 year as part of the daily dialogue back your patriot phone call you guys -- -- he calls a -- On Wilfork and the pats defense we get right through them and Ryan -- its name has come up again the patriots missed the window on trading Ryan malice part of their offseason talk about that with your calls next.

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