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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Rodman on North Korea

Mar 10, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. The guys discussed Dennis Rodman's bizarre comments to ESPN over the weekend.

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I headlines brought to you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment -- the pros do precision. Fitness equipment investigators suspect a -- he vanished Malaysian airline may have been blown out of the sky just disintegrated as saying maybe. That's voters like the Jumbo jet that raised in the wreckage outside. Scotland in 1988. As a bit like flotation seat cushions on the ocean surface it would blow up in the air is a lot of weird stated this is I this is -- -- -- -- -- to -- -- -- doesn't feel like -- yes. Those -- signal. -- -- -- know whether violent note the weather was absolutely fine they're saying there now for. Illegal stolen passport I had no idea how that works are those people who stole the passports the bad guys who got on the plane and kill themselves. It could be yeah maybe they just yet maybe suicide bomber may be. They. Authorities -- -- look at surveillance video of the two mystery passengers who boarded the plane he's stolen passports adding that local international. Intelligence agencies are working to identify them. -- they don't know where they are -- these people know nothing about this focusing on the oil stuff was not related to the plane question for you why do you need a stolen passport to get on a plane if you're gonna blow up and die anyway may be a passport and have as a red -- -- of economic asset. So let's say. A strange story was Friday night two to 39 people on the plane I think to Americans is that right and a one. Is from Texas use he works. Geez it's eighteen TDs -- he's out he's out there. Go back and forth so very strange story will keep an -- on here as a moves forward did you see Dennis Rodman with. It was a with from all the -- -- we can mark Schwartz are in the -- technology not. Jerry's you -- I did not read about it in this fraud and feels bad. He's he's he's he's he's seen the light is more like the door for us up world he had rust. -- -- talk to a North Korea just two months after being with her for the second time. The visit Kim Jong-un. He wishes people understood what -- was in North Korea the whole purpose of this mission but he understands now what it's -- negative feedback here's rob Schwartz. What do you think you've accomplished so far this so so intriguing to hear him talk about sports. So anything else. And that's to me getting real bright idea and an open mind about this. He's moved into the 21 century and I don't think you are hard at school or before everybody and that's from that's what hope. A formal west we're look at the long term. It does open the sex and if it does or from what which will know what did the score something's gonna happen. So to I don't truly impartial as well. If it happens. You don't know bullet hole any of these people comics and kiss my apps sync. Accountable come together thickest Aston. All the critics the people -- I just disaster pricing and happy birthday -- asked by doing this by saying I -- guy kisses ads from that. No I didn't did not you know the damage is done because they had the election over the weekend. In -- yeah Maria. And Kim Jong -- 1100%. Right of the vote now. What to do that yet and like Saddam Hussein in nineteen I mean when your guy but like that -- Castro never gets 100% as you vote against the middle for the other guy. Is there was no little from the well to me -- that which -- him yeah well he's Greg yeah. I guess the idea of Leonid blank and guest is not worth the lives that you're -- Josh Duncan demeaned by the dogs -- don't just -- cute people excused their entire families. There round of their cousins. And months and kill them all the paper shredder feet first. What's that ended. It'll make it painless no doubt that -- the dog well it debates. Yeah I think he won all the debate of dubious at least -- We want to debates -- also on the pro am with six holes one as true yeah issue seventy but it -- I hot and also wanted to yesterday if not. Massive promo push. For me -- domicile -- all week. She's been hailed as the female voice of her generation. She's by people for for the showgirls which average about -- 150000 viewers is that is that the easiest time you have turning up the TV one to detect humans. This coming up next girls like never seen it normally you know some good news coming up a beat -- believe all want to check out is there any chance because were not young girls early twenties going through she's going to be just don't understand. Yes his actions but she is hideously ugly. Slot -- not funny. That hurts and she got may condense and Nightline and -- almost went all the scoring column naked. Totally a bit blurred out there right whose sagging boobs that pays the million tattoos to. You don't hit a tad strange -- sales growth expected a big weakness of the ratings were down 15% from the week before it Jim Parsons as host. Overall. This is when you know was bad because I've never read a bad thing about her life and evidently she got some bad reviews. On the Internet which stunned me. Little -- Lena Dunham on Saturday. Not really intimidating to be up here on this stage. But there is an old saying if you're nervous about giving a speech just imagine the audience it. Or at least imagine they haven't seen you naked the other -- man on the street said he renege your brass look just like my sister's. I don't want to follow up question. Light why would you know that and. Just so. Well could not it was it was the single where it wasn't funny. Really it was on comfortably better and and that's -- -- on Nancy Kerrigan hosted she was better. She was funny year the Lena Dunham and a public power without a dock with public fall. Without smile. It was just painful she is and she's not going anywhere he's going to be in your life for the next as -- as -- she's going to be she's gonna be you know. New Yorker columnist and European panels imagine that people will be reviewed how creativity or -- excited related to a new series of how we how we stern Howie Hampton's a leak listener asked right -- energy industry genius. So are we want to the story -- year so this is going on as we speak historians is. The trials post report via the I think it's called the autopsy her. The perspectives on tops of our coroner the medical examiner is right in society after -- -- costs are piling up -- a -- yes. He's giving you details of what happened to a resources girlfriend -- And it's pretty gruesome turn that she was shot. She shot -- and yet despite Oscar. Well we don't know why does but -- looks like -- -- we Oscars already admit our individual and -- aggregates and officially Oscar -- -- -- that's true because of people are tweeting what's going on here at the metro -- Crawford from sky TV. -- shaking his head as he here's the description of speaking of head injuries. And -- another tweets. Stories appears to vomit. Mr. pathologist said he bullet -- girlfriend breaks mistresses vomiting screaming and crying holding his -- again I I -- a -- of reports tweets from. I can't tell where he's vomiting in like a block yes that's -- saw in he can't quite tell where his bombing in so they re arranged a bucket because he knew no I don't -- I wanted to because at least there's one around the basket gave it but what he's covering as he says this one person is covering museum is going to move. And -- -- like at the same time you know how he could have avoided this not -- not god that's that good or you know. Tissue and fat bone fragments all over the place and said he'd been. During his opening -- that he's now -- sobbing in court. Sobbing. And people can is since its last -- wrenching. Wrenching. While there testify this is part of the defense Jerry. Part of -- defense stress he's so good is so devastated by this that he never have done is that seem over the top he loved her too much different jury -- may be one dummy but yeah as judges look at them -- -- while he must -- And and don't they have to at some point say -- and keep it down over them if they're testifying. Autopsy yet. Careful of the big chunks and then he'd seen slide the -- part of her brain here and in this -- -- -- While Clinton I never heard that I've never seen that done in court like that gave way to if it works. Well -- it's gonna it's gonna set the at the standard light -- managed to do that that he had that he takes something like you know in the morning to McCann kind of upset to begin with an agnostic -- figured out a cigarette and he yet India. Cinnamon in it OC now than you may be -- detective expose testing currently it is I think they can play got under 400 -- -- Arguably a lot of etc. that's in the prologue we're trying to keep the thing going to -- and Lena Dunham in miniature detective girl sort of why can't they -- like John never mind I mean wasn't he one not a great Indiana wherever they are going to give a little tip of the cap out of Burma again. Who I'd like -- there was a half hour between checking on the time you can plot itself. Effect throughout like affected rush the wife -- -- that's could have misery together trees are facing charges though -- -- -- she did Belichick did thank goodness she's issues and she was his idea of so they have. Classes courses do you read it -- graduate degree from -- do you prison I'm glad at this prison. They get that -- not hit it Andy sheets that all the money you sheets -- -- knots and himself on what could tell at all like did he just like strangle himself. What do you actually have something up there on the ceiling many times at the top bunk and just exit speed out this goes for whatever is I don't want them to do anything to repair that little flaws and help us find they said doctors worked furiously. The sabres -- to -- news. Well which should have worked furiously to harvest the organs I mean while it -- as part payable on it. It's hard but he's cute he's got like your corneas yeah yeah so this season that he's sure been true I ask you this that and we're we're happy that he's dead and we happy that he -- himself yet but I'm wondering how this. Play use. With the relatives of the victims and relatives of victims does this take away there. Quest for justice. Would have been better for epic. For me. I would wanna hurt all the style trial and onto all the stuff and wrenching and holding my ears you know or like Oscar right -- -- -- relative especially -- the gruesome snipers and a guy shot his girlfriend is a guy who molested anybody I mean they babies babies babies. It's good he's dead and it how long was alive for future of the council. While Myanmar are again host Russian hospital a couple of hours I was three -- fairly had everybody in the life and I hope he suffered. Hell yeah so a half hour between chicken and he hangs on himself. He's dead that's a good things and that's headlines brought you by AT&T. -- -- 777979370. And see all lines open we'll talk with you again I'm a -- We have the answer. And of the definitive answer meant to correct me because disagree on. When we wondered who would be the the skunk at the picnic the Red Sox this season everything went swimmingly here I won't go along re elect bugs everybody was. Happy for everyone else where they play -- Daniel -- set of the World Series games and didn't complain. We're trying to what we were trying to figure out who on this team will be the squeaky wheel the -- if there's one. Okay just answer over the weekend just Johnny just one tweet when one when. You think John Henry now. When no one Boston Red Sox player veteran lovable guy likable guy we -- like come set that -- the -- In mechanic evidence that he might not be happy in a limited role in this contract year. Will have that when we come back.

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