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Pierce talks of a Celtics return; Bruins handle Panthers

Mar 9, 2014|

After Friday nights loss to the Celtics, Paul Pierce left the door open when asked about a possible return to Boston in the future. Butch talks about Paul Pierce's relationship with Rajon Rondo and touches on the Bruins trade deadline moves to shore up and add depth to their defense.

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-- and there weren't. You know maybe platform workflow you know who knows what the future. Paul Pierce leaving the door open this past Friday night when asked after the game about his. Future and if he could see himself back here in Boston. With the Celtics have played for them work for them yet. We took the high road we left the door open. Is good love and traits. Talking now kinda stuff from Boston sports scene running called back. Ralph Sampson did not win a championship -- right. Here are the seven guys were drafted number one overall they want NBA championship with -- The drafted. Tim Duncan penalize you -- James -- Magic Johnson Lou Al sin nor would Milwaukee. Bill Walton. With. Portland course -- senator became cream Abdul Jabbar won LA one of them -- -- the law and one with the Celtics. And David Robinson. He said six on the air and apparently Ronnie wasn't given Robinson credit because he's giving Duncan credit for that Robinson. Was an answer that question so there are seven again. The seven number one overall picks in the NBA one NBA championship with the teams that drafted. David Robinson Tim Duncan Hakeem Olajuwon James Worthy Magic Johnson -- -- and Bill Walton bills and -- a Dario. Good -- it on good. I'm quickly on the can't comment you would just. I loved one the other night he made that joke about. Imminent Rondo or very close and this -- or not only with Rondo on his threat to. Did you get that one. Now what do you mean by that for Augusta National special about it you know so and I'm not here that has -- thrilling here's here's what with whom he can get back up well. Here's pierce talking about what you -- talking about with his relationship with -- -- -- -- -- special bond. -- -- in the will always be friends we always have something with a little chairmanship or -- -- to hang out together -- -- Forsberg they actually. Yeah yeah -- That wasn't lost on -- the funny part about bringing that up. I don't think that's funny and it can't learned along the way how to run. There he changed and hopefully Rondo you know what I learned choke in now. Did -- did you read the article in the globe today I did not I would encourage you to read it if there was pierce was quoted in that. Adding into the fact -- was at his birthday party you're absolutely right bill I think your overall point is that. Here's matured we all remember the playoff loss to Indiana and when he wore a shirt on his head and how immature reacted at that many became eight. Captain and a worthy captain of the Boston Celtics. Over the years and won a championship because of its so. -- in this article you'll hear appeals -- -- comments Danny Ainge Doc Rivers and Rondo comment but I thought it was a very well written article. I'm very well done by Baxter Holmes in the Boston Globe today. I definitely like to stay on that team because I think Danny Ainge has fought that in the -- -- -- -- that. Is gonna. Blink complaint is it. All who the guy that just came back from Golden State that lactic profit. He had not about great things to say about his experience here and how gaining in Stevens or allowing him to. Beat a player he is I'd -- because the couldn't buy him. I don't that think one of the things I took from the article today there was some -- a quote in the from Brad Stevens. About one of the things he likes about Rondo. And the quote was I'm paraphrasing because they don't have an in front of me something to the effect of he'll challenge you as a coach. 'cause he thinks something better could be done on the floor at times and Stephen said it in a way. That he likes aborted made me think about was if Rondo is the guy going forward and clearly Stevens has a five year commitment. That's gonna have to work Stevens is gonna have to deal with -- whatever -- dealt with and try to make the Celtics better but it can work in and -- sort of was saying all the right things but it it's gonna have to work. Yeah and I and I believe that that's being fought that from the top from the ownership sure it's different with Andy I mean I really do think that there is. But it being able to trade -- can be in this position now. I think -- I can't I can't say I'm disappointed. OK I what did you want it say about it says you want to talk about drew vs place. Always get how I can say is that Iglesias made the -- and play and like you -- to made all the big plays. Now. Now I would have to move and I think Boris both missed the opportunity. That you know take a different tack take the fourteen million play another year and then go up there again. You know I mean Boris if he keeps keeps playing in the same card played different so it's. So so let's play that game bill I wouldn't disagree with you although. If even if fiesta wait till June 1. Mean the Mets right now the team the need -- shortstop but they're they're debating the price but they'd have to pay by draft pick in money. But it's it's not gonna change they're gonna be a couple of the teams they're gonna need shortstop. By June 1 will be thinking about it he's got to play for somebody. This year but -- let's let's say. Let's not forget the Red Sox made the qualifying offer so by their actions. They said we're willing to bring you back and pay you fourteen million if they had Stephen Drew on his team for fourteen million right now. You'd think they'd have the guts to sit him on the bench and use him as utility player. I don't know but I mean I think that that's what. Spring training for you if you spend the money that you have and then -- injuries can happen -- you'll end up. -- I -- I stand him either a big thanks for the call to go when bill. I did for me that that your big market team and where you spend the money should be wise that wouldn't have been necessarily an unwise. Decision to -- the discussions we be having right now. Had Stephen Drew accepted the qualifying. The discussions would be about. Three guys on the left side of the infield the debates would be if all things being equal Stephen Drew -- simply get spring training. And there were six. Errors. In eight games on the left side of the infield and -- Guerrero looked great. We -- -- for Steve injures defense. Right now and be questioned whether they'd be -- will middle Brooks. For Jean Carlos -- although the Marlins may never talk to the Red Sox again after John Henry get find percent. Their regular season roster is an insult that they put out there on the field. -- that was uninteresting story by the way. Once afforded to right now -- about 434. Minutes left to go on the game Chad Johnson's been in net this game four goals ovary spam. 730 over less than five minutes in the third period -- crew. Assisted by marsh on and Bergeron to make it two to one bruins' Patrice Bergeron. Three minutes later on the power play his eighteenth assisted by Louis -- -- Carl Soderbergh calls or -- in the middle of August. -- with his thirteenth made -- three to one. Thirty seconds later Jimmy Hayes with -- seven. For Florida to make it three to two and then -- again while less than a minute later only 23 seconds later. So three goals in less than a minute to give was with his twentieth assisted by Lucic and -- to make it 42 and that's -- we stand right now. Florida has pulled their goalie with a minute seventeen to go. Bruins lead Bordick to again again with -- twentieth. Bergeron with -- -- eighteen sort of -- -- his twelfth. And -- crew with these thirteen let's go to Jason -- -- won't -- Ryan -- Jason thanks rang in on. That I go on good. There are good large you mentioned earlier about bill O'Brien got and tech Texas would Texans. -- let me interrupt you empty net goal by Chris Kelly in the Bruins are gonna wind five to two. -- good enough but. Now is what are you mentioned earlier about bill O'Brien possibly be and it did mention I am. And I thought about the pacers trade and threw them. If you -- underdog and I'm -- and I draft. So I mean -- you go on their Jason. I mean this is a fantasy. Why the Texans gonna give up -- Andre Johnson and to draft pick for an. Until the -- -- -- -- -- our skills and open your epic. And Ryan about it forehand. OK so I'm not gonna play that game would stay on what we know what I what I -- Andre Johnson in the patriots -- -- -- -- yacht. When I mean why is bill O'Brien gonna trade Andre Johnson. Why tell me why. I mean real. Let's go to Joseph and -- Joseph. Eight which I don't do good on him but he. Couple comment and which are related. That's what I would like to see and a cup finals this yet. In the brawn against the bulls and the reason I'm saying that it goes pistols similarly constructed. People play us a very similar type of game. And Ryan Miller. Played up to his potential against rats. I think that would be a tremendous series. Welcome raunchy and but I get the turmoil -- remember back in 71 won't play the bulls accomplished opposes America. And I I don't wanna be you know it on in the morning by. -- it would be good to see you know an organization when one or change and I think they have a good shot this year. So. From a Boston Saint Louis perspective. What's interesting is there's some championship history with -- all four teams there's the Celtics losing to the Saint Louis hawks. In Saint Louis hawks only NBA championship -- Bob -- right. -- actually yeah yeah I'm on the Celtics beat the hawks tuning. No Tommy hides and had a great game but then they lost hawks. The patriots beating the rams. The Red Sox beating the cardinals twice after losing to them in 67. In -- Bruins became the blues in 1970 to start the whole thing -- Bobby your so. Yeah -- -- hate. I think we're up what is it 1234. We're afforded to win championships against Saint Louis I'll take my chances against the blues at the. Right that thing go arm. The penguins obviously your power house but I still believe. That as they head into the playoffs. I don't believe flurry. Is -- money goal yet this time OK I know he's got a ring. I don't believe he's going to be able to hold up that money -- are more. Concerned about Montreal at the bronze at -- spacing them and again twice as an -- -- that for himself what in the NHL playoffs. Forget about the Olympics right now believe sort of quietly team. Well I mean each year concerns I think your concerns are correct Joseph retire but the bruins' chances of just getting back to the cup the and we can debate within the east or west or stronger but the problem is I think when you look at one through eight and the teams that make the playoffs. When you've got the potential. 67 and eight seeds being the Rangers. The flyers. You know the strength of who the Bruins might have to play in the first round might be their hardest playoff series it was last year. It was allegedly beat the Rangers 41 they beat the penguins -- not the medical seven games and have a miracle comeback to beat the Maple Leafs. Right I just work out work them a little bit you know against the campus so let's let's let's keep in perspective. You know the -- our government organization our cable uncles and their Brodeur and you know it just a miserable organization -- -- of the -- to winning tonight. I'm just one -- too. You know Tampa -- you know I think they'll you know they'll -- someone you know little run for the money but I just don't see them as getting parole are you're always in beating anyone to get into the -- Com. So all in all I think the -- you know it's Charlotte tonight Barack was stationed at the front Nike remembers -- pesetas Arnold's. Yeah I mean even involve what are your speech eating at the all right it's encrypted in our outlook. No all he he he was involved and I ET to use your word. He was involved in a lot of stuff tonight any any made an impact. And you know -- and I think we're on to gonna silence some of the negative commentary in the area. I think this guy is gonna show himself to be pretty strong are all good or not defenseman took them well armed and and -- what happened. -- Joseph good call thanks -- are two things about Joe's call one is I think you're right. You know one of the ways to bolster yourself with the trading deadline or even in the offseason. Is to build from the bottom up. Built strength and whatever hundred ms. ROC has put every was to the flyers he's a veteran defenseman. It gives them a veteran option just like Jake Peavy did for the Red Sox the built from the middle of the bottom up. Miniature strengthens you would you playoff chances so when they play the penguins again could a guy like Andre -- -- And any other point about. Right now here the bottom four teams in the east of the playoffs started today Tampa Bay Rangers Philadelphia. And either Columbus or Detroit to your first round series the Bruins could be Detroit Philly -- the Rangers. That's not an easy series some -- with any quick break we're back with a final segment on sports Sunday on WB yeah.

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