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Butch eyes the NBA draft

Mar 9, 2014|

Boston fans should be paying attention to the top NCAA basketball players as the Celtics continue to tank. Callers want to talk about the ever-fluid shortstop position down as the Red Sox continue their Spring Training schedule.

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Been talking a lot of Red Sox and patriots here on sports Sunday at W yeah I don't talks -- Celtics coming up in just a little bit 617779. 7937. If you like text and text line is 37. 937. Tom I just read a text -- -- -- talks RT six or 777979. -- we do get to the Celtics thought it was a very touching article by Baxter. Homes in the Boston Globe today about Raj on Rondo a lot of good quotes -- get that Nelson who wanna talk the latest in the tank a loser. And draft situation I've been doing more more homework about. NBA draft history. Just off the top my head but also looking at some numbers -- one of the conclusions have come to. Depending on where the Celtics kick when you look at most of the mock drafts here's the order that most of them have -- -- beat as the number one pick the senator out of Kansas Andrew wigand's second out of Kansas because of his potential Jabari Parker out of duke third. They go back and forth on the draft and Wiggins Parker will be second or third on day -- from the point guard of Australia fourth. And then two big guys know -- -- out of Indiana and Julius Randall out of Kentucky. At six any -- Smart is so. That that this draft is top heavy people believe that those top seven -- could be and won't be good NBA players. One of the things I've gleaned from my history. Is that you have a better chance of getting a very good power forward. Maybe even a great one. A little further down in the draft. Here's what I mean by that. Here are guys. In the NBA they were drafted five and below that are pretty much power forwards. Kevin Garnett was drafted fifth Charles Barkley was drafted fifth the markets cousins was drafted fifth Kevin Love was drafted fifth. Dirk Nowitzki was drafted ninety could argue -- -- small forward but -- Karl Malone was drafted thirteenth. Kevin Mikhail and Tim Duncan were drafted third and first. There was also Kwame brown and Darko Milicic in there were drafted first and second and they didn't pan out but I'm just saying and it's one of the things I'm gleaming. From -- Research on NBA draft history. That. If the Celtics end up fifth through tenth. In Julius Randall or know of on late fall to them or they deemed. That you know Gary Harris -- Rodney who ordered -- the pockets are not who they wanna take it Angola the big guy. Mean that's again five through thirteen mayor Karl Malone was drafted thirteenth. Go to Matt and Boston is next hello Matt thanks for hanging on. Those -- what you you don't know you. Not bad. So I have to preface this by saying that in general you know you brought up Gerry -- Simmons before that he's always in. In favor players rather than hanging on having him hang on until they're in -- mid twenties and intra plate waiting for the opportunity. In general I do agree with him I think that what you've proven yourself on our triple -- level. We're a year or so that. Assuming the fact that you don't have a long term. Starter you know from the electoral it would long term contract and argued that. You do deserve to get a chance in recent spring. Let me stop you right there because -- the only thing I would disagree with you want is it's not the AAA level anymore it's double. I mean most guys -- AAA -- either on their way down or they're stopping their on their way to the majors have already proven themselves at double A so so another. I wouldn't I wouldn't disagree -- -- to -- AAA is not what used to be you don't have to have a full year and prove yourself a triple way to get to the majors double. Could turn up the only reason why you triple -- is an example because. Last year in particular there were gods are noted that position but -- Henry Owens. He's only just barely 1920 years old stepping -- to -- the double -- he had except what you're realistically you're put him up to the majors right now argued. Which features a different dogs that you must agree. I mean it is about innings. And weaning them and we look at Stephen Strasburg look at look at all the young aces and there are more more look at Derek Cole and Michael walker. Coming into the major leagues this year. As first time real star is Gary Cole started the playoffs for the pirates Derrick calls the first overall number one pick but they. In any given us a fast track to the major leagues but there's a question whether he can pitch 200 innings in the Major League right now. And so what Michael walker so I am pitchers are different keep going -- art. Are down -- prepare our I don't wanna get caught up on on my examples between double triple -- but I -- what they generally -- -- that young players should get a lot. What I would say is that. I think since the Adrian Gonzales trade in the Carl Crawford -- -- team has really put her philosophy on building gaps in the in the -- organization sort bank -- Delete from my perspective and I think others agree with this when he signed -- I assume that he'd be spending the first. You know April may even part of June down in Florida an expert. Extended spring training tried to. -- the endurance you know get his swing back you know workers earning and. And he still might -- absolutely he still might. Absolutely and you know I really I look at him as our long term flyer which is what he was -- You know not knowing -- keys. More healthy then I think what people are -- and -- the Sox thought he was so far in. And so far and he's progressing. I would say they're all things being equal peace it help the it makes. Organizational sense to. Have him be the starting center fielder because it's a lot easier to tell. A young player like Jackie Bradley who -- have any control over. To take a seat in ticket you picture back and triple it. Are. Now it would be a lot more typical. If you accounting department spring training that he was last season but. Toilets I've -- let me stop you you're getting are allowed we've -- he made it clear where you -- let's let's pretend you and I having this conversation three weeks from tonight. And all things have been equal meaning that Jackie Bradley Jews had a really good spring. This is a tough decision for the Red Sox to make. And but Grady Sizemore is healthy and they've deemed you know what he's he's leading off. He's starting in center field he's going to be one of the best. In maple -- Major League Baseball we think he's got the chance to do that. And he started in Baltimore tomorrow march 31 what do you do I think he's just into that what you -- Jackie Bradley junior. Honestly I don't even think it's that difficult of the decision if -- even look regardless of how little but it does bring Jackie Bradley out if if -- are more healthy and and he has heard the spring to the point that you -- and not only it is back in interest rates so far. I think that just from an organizational depth standpoint. You hang on to Grady first shall. He's able what do you do what do you do -- Bradley. What do you do what might be socially so Casey goes to. He goes to Pawtucket and the main reason is why why not keep him in the majors and you don't spell put him into the rotation in the outfield not good for development. Well absolutely not and record it. Her player who might not I would argue that white has got to play every single day I know the logic of that but why not see Major League pitching. Two or three times a week as opposed every single day. But I would say that currently right now I think -- at the very beginning to show you lists at all all the -- -- -- there were taking pictures that we're angling to take. -- to make the roster right now and it makes no sense when you have such. A quarter pitching you party are facing a roster crunch. -- six outfielders. And I think you could say that victory now with a definite lock. I think he could they not close a lot because he's a switch hitter in the fact that he's a potential candidate you'll -- oldest. I would think Gomes because he has herald appreciation because it has personality. I think are just because you know the willingness -- being a bench player and the fact that he's a left handed compliment to Napoli at first base it all those cars. Are currently content and you hang onto him I think it comes down to. Directly. You. Too hard -- gradient. Jackie Bradley just because you have -- control Bradley. You content AAA and not where -- lulled into a great inevitably gets hurt and. -- -- -- the comment I mean you've painted a picture that's probably. A possible realistic scenario it's -- -- now. That they're gonna have this decision to make and everything gonna go to Grady Sizemore and say look. You know are creating. We think you are better served playing every David doing an extended spring training stayed down here pitcher time to get to baseball legs back under you know we had a all spring training but let's let's just ease into this it's been a long time. Let's not derail this thing before it started -- we're gonna sit well with Grady Little and I agreed that -- to be easier to have that conversation Jackie Bradley. And it would be with greatness Archimedes once free the one. What's best for the team starting a season. And if -- Jackie Bradley junior starting in Baltimore march 31 as opposed to Grady Sizemore. -- Victor Reno should lead -- hitter doesn't. Or you -- -- Jackie Bradley unit to lead off because he's so patient with pitches he's thrown right into the -- it's a big kid. But the pressure on -- by the way we have the potential the guy has potential hall of fame credentials. Weytman minor leagues if you screw up. That's one way to look at or Scott PP hello Scott. Yeah thanks to the public -- -- a question. I don't understand why they haven't gone out guarding utility shortstop did war. -- -- -- -- -- Amber a page of Syria Rocco. That's who he has been he's better he can play short -- -- assault so here's who Jonathan rarity is. He's got a little bit of pop in his bat not home runs but extra base hits he's pretty fast he's a good base runner he's a good fundamental player and most importantly. It's in a ball -- went down right now he'd be your everyday shortstop now that's not a long term thing but he could play shortstop every day so they do have that guy. My biggest hill right now is like I am just you know like -- -- people games people say that's a bad break but every game's important. And the way that the -- are looking right now at a point guard people come up -- a couple of slow and we're both guys I think middle Brooks and oh god actually combined right now I think it's this -- seminaries in eking. To me that's -- that that's what do we know our bracket. And -- hitting. Did decent at it but I mean Bradley looks good in the outfield which is good. But I did I wanted to see what you thought about as far as like you know -- we eat that -- because. If somebody to -- my pitching you need to -- that we're gonna grow apology -- -- throw to first base. Indian and now. So Scott right. And here's what I think I'm a summit the biggest hypocrite in the world I don't mind and I'll tell you right now I agree with you. Defense is underrated. Troubling concerning whatever you wanna call it six or seven errors does not Condit. And people always underestimate what it is they will never give Stephen Drew credit. For his defense of what it meant specially in a series against the tigers. What they want a bond to one run game and some of the plays he made over the more flashy -- I mean and take a look at -- but here's the embassy. It's too early still three weeks left entry. I understand that until I understood that they need to work and indeed. You know figure out what went out. At the scene I'm not an -- when you watched the World Series and everything like I can I can literally say that go to the. -- -- -- -- I really seen some ridiculous plays by true which I I'm not a big -- Italy -- and. When I say ridiculous she mean ridiculously good. Ridiculously good -- and maybe it's a really good played pop up caught up in and -- can -- but if you watched it what breakdown did demeanor the pitcher out there. They get right back upon the balls that story knowing that someone going to be yet to make the plight. Look Scott your region. Scott your priest I gotta run and take a break YouTube preaching to the choir here. I go back to the Mario Guerrero days when -- -- part of what he meant having Guerrero as a pitcher how to -- shortstop like that behind you. I'm and we -- reach you know played for a short time with the Red Sox in the seventies. Defense for a shortstop is underrated. Now -- the thing about Stephen Drew will always be. Steady steady steady solid solid solid and top of that list rarely spectacular. Like Iglesias Alex Gonzales. So the average fan -- Communists to be insulting on the average fan to. We don't sit there and say oh they have to have image shortstop. But yet when they get in a series. Where one run games are deciding who goes to the World Series take a good look at all the plays that were made up the middle and find -- one that Stephen Drew did not make. Or find me a ball that skirted through to the right to the left of shortstop that he didn't get there. Hard pressed to do it quick break him back but more sports Sunday on W yeah.

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