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Dale and Buck Discuss What the Pats Should do with Vince Wilfork's Contract and ... Ryan Mallett to the Texans?

Mar 9, 2014|

There are some rumors floating around that Bill O'Brien and the Texans may be interested in trading for Ryan Mallett. While this is interesting, Dale warns fans not to get too excited as it wouldn't be a very high draft pick, certainly not the #1 overall pick and probably not JJ Watt either. It is something to keep an eye on however. The boys also talk about Vince Wilfork's status with the Pats and how Belichick will approach the situation.

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Our number two sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold Steve Buckley in here on a Sunday morning. As we mentioned both in trending now on before the break at the top of the hour. Chris price WEEI dot com has confirmed with a league source an initial reports Saturday. From mass live dot com at the Houston Texans have expressed an interest in Ryan mallet. I priced right it's not known what the patriots would be interested in return in if the two sides could reach an accord on a deal. But the patriots backup quarterback who's entering the final year of his rookie deal. Was selected in the third round 74 overall in the 2011 draft. It's long been maintained that New England would like a positive return on its investment which could mean a second rounder or something in the upper stages of the third round course he has. From virtually no passes inning in the National Football League. Over the course of his NFL career he is Tom Brady's back up which means you don't get to play a lot so the question is how would anybody know what Ryan mallet is capable of well bill O'Brien may be more aware than anybody. He was here is the offensive coordinator for the patriots worked with Malibu on a daily basis if there's a guy out there. Who would like to acquire mallet and what he can bring to the table it would be a guy like bill O'Brien. Now for all of those people who were then and we've got several text here buck. In a suggesting that well how about a -- if the if the patriots give up Ryan -- their first and second round picks. And get the first overall pick from Houston Texans and take two -- and clowning. It would appear to me anyway as an outside observer that if bill O'Brien is in fact interest that acquiring Ryan mallet and that means. He's taking -- Avian clown. With the first overall pick in the draft that's why he's going out acquiring the quarterback like mallet because he wants clowning with the first overall pick -- -- do you have a great. I think not -- pick some buckets incomplete at best moment at and and you've got to get a little realistic here -- another techsters said you know how to how to the patriots -- JJ watt from the Texas police don't. They don't. About that a trait you'd JJ watt they're not gonna -- you the first overall pick what they're gonna give you is it. A -- second a third maybe a combination of third and a four -- something like that. That's a reasonable return on your investment for Ryan mallet and I could see the patriots doing. You know and out. Are gonna say in. To be honest I just spent three weeks in Florida and I've got Red Sox coming up my -- And what I fall with the draft is just that they headlines. But my viewpoint on this is hugely simplistic. But here it is. -- -- the best weapon you can get for Brady as the window closes I know attacked need it's cliche. But and -- and I disagree with the highest fight and but tell you why don't I won't just make the blanket statement. If the Seattle Seahawks showed me anything it's that pedestrian offensive weapons. And -- not -- -- pedestrian defense can make QA championship caliber team. I I spent all season long. Saying exactly what you said. Until I watched the super ball and I went you know what maybe weapons for Brady isn't as big dealers. Getting some defense -- stoppers who can make this defense better than it's been. Maybe it's -- -- plays the entire ABC game it's news now pulled up the table that I don't lose that. I go back to 06 where. They didn't lose to Indianapolis because they didn't have receivers they but they had to go to Indianapolis because they have receivers and a a better team. Maybe they get a home game maybe it is a different outcome but I do know is it the aftermath that I think against Thomas was their first big signing. But they also not Doug moss Welker -- thought they -- worth animated someone else and there. And Kyle Brady I think the tight end. And they recognized then. That they need to get weapons to Brady in the heat may have a better defense that they did but. But Brady still is an elite quarterback is about a -- -- and wolf. And at at this moment who -- 345 years down the road but I just think it in again I admit that it's simplistic. I also understand the value and the importance of defense particularly in this year and particularly in the policies up having said that I just. Maybe it's just entertainment and it just wanna go back the old days and Brady raring back and are in the ball sixty yards to -- laws are looking right look and left that wow what it is. That is Wes Welker -- Duncan. I don't wanna see some of that again -- there that. I missed that and I. And that they didn't have to make some offensive moves here as well whether that means. Resigning Julian settlement and by the way they need more than Julian element letting Danny Amendola goal which is a a apparently a possibility. And let him go before the C title game here and that that to. At least Tom Brady did whether the of the patriots that are not. And I don't disagree with -- that they need some offensive weapon in his last real quick that -- on the Brady did to. Do you remember the interview didn't Dennis and Callahan and where they asked him above. Six different players and he'd like to got a scouting book on each one of these six players these teammates. And then when Massimo Danny Amendola he said what's up my job big FOK. I love that yeah he did Florida skip by that on pretty completely that let the patriots are and -- back my Bruins analogy here. The patriots -- today one of the best teams in the NFL. One of the handful of best teams in the -- in the NFL but how do you go from being one of the handful of best teams in the NFL Super Bowl. Championship team. In in my opinion the defense needs more shoring up in the in the offense. Not that you skip the offense you have to do that as well then the question becomes does -- does Vince Wilfork restructure his deal. And and reduce the large cap -- that he has for this coming year. Today and -- and even envisioned this the people talked about is that the possibility that they actually just flat out cut Vince Wilfork. And my aunts are -- -- there -- that there is the possible but yet possibility yes realistic possibility no. Com. And and I love this this is the other part that I've I've heard a lot here lately as well you know Bianca. -- -- And and yet she is a strong. Intelligent woman she's the clerk of the works in that relationship what do you honestly believe that it's beyond his decision. And not advances. To restructure to people actually think that did Vince goes home -- we normally do here as I don't believe that. I I think Vince Wilfork is is you know the the commodity with which they trade. He's the guy who ultimately has the NFL career she's probably and I don't know this I'm not their house. She probably has a very strong opinion on what they should and shouldn't do but the idea that she's telling Vince what to do. -- -- -- I always try not to assume a guy wants to stay in a certain city because he special to that city I I made a tragic blunder. 89 years ago when I was convinced that Billy Guerin would not leave the bronze. Strictly because of -- conversation I -- with his mother in the hallway Atlanta at at at. -- Billy's from -- hammy one -- stay here always by easy here and next thing you know always in Dallas. And so. Trying to extrapolate where a guy wants to be in you know and so forth. Another one was. It was together with the BC put the patriots annuity trait. Damien Woody -- woody. I -- David wait. It would used to tell me about how he he's good bodies of the strike Plano west our expert you gotta get rid of all that stuff is that doesn't work when it comes down the dollars and cents. I was surprised that that that Borges wrote a very spirited column on why the patriots. Need to keep Vince Wilfork and it was more. Focused on locker room and presence than it was sexism now. And I do think there's a lot to data night I don't disagree with -- that exacerbate -- is it tends not to be that we rise to be not quite what -- -- game feeling yeah. The x.s and o.s instead of the jimmies and -- I think his line. But I I do think this I I I do think that Vince has some invaluable. Things intangibles that he brings to the table. But they can't let him play under the present the so it's kind of a simple matter for me. You use that is very possibility that they cut Vince Wilfork. Only if he steadfastly refuses to renegotiate his deal. If BJ says flatten out not to. Cut I'm not I'm not doing well then that may ultimately happen. I don't think that's gonna happen here I think that they will come up within an amicable restructuring of the deal in the same way other players do on a regular basis Tom Brady does every year. And by the way get this raise out of your head. They don't take pay cuts. OK Tom Brady doesn't take a pay cut when he restructure his deal. What they do is restructure so that. The money is given up front it's a bonus. And NE at a couple of years on the other -- you know by the way never reach anyway especially given you know his size and well and is -- -- rise in different envelopes yeah exactly. He's -- gets his money. But then you add years to the other end you spread out the cap hit. Nobody suggesting that Vince Wilfork take a pay cut. In the same way Tom Brady doesn't take a pay cut is base salary may well be reduced. But the bonus money that it receives -- a lump sum at the beginning of the whole thing. Means he still gets his money he's already gotten more than his guaranteed money from this contract. So. When when we say this we're not suggest well Vince has got to take a recoveries gotta go I submit also that. The Miami Dolphins the buckle does not happen in New England because of guys like -- wolf. And Logan Mankins and -- at ending Taliban out of Roosevelt Colvin a young and it it's mcginnis that day in Bruschi -- they have had. These they've had these kind of in someone's gonna -- what -- -- -- -- that that's that's not a locker room issue has nothing football and that someone always needs to weave that in as a point counterpoint right. And what happened in Miami I suspect is happening a lot of other places but just hasn't gotten media attention as in the disseminated. But. I I believe that doesn't happen in that locker room because of these guys that we're talking about that shouldn't be discounted let's get the call 6177797937. AT&T -- minus 37937. Glance on the cell -- good morning glad. A inquiry. The -- Note on. But again. They went through that it -- so -- -- player. You know. -- and and on the spent. That year. He. That's it it's a valid point land that that the patriots probably played through more. Roster adversity this season than any year in recent memory it's a valid point. The only treatment were twelve or it Belichick are allowed that team -- a week. That's it. Like they would have been 500 he. You're right about Bill Belichick the coach now you can make arguments about Bill Belichick the general manager if -- one -- wouldn't even necessarily try to dissuade you from that. I don't think the patriots. -- in this offseason. Are still one of the handful of best teams in the NFL. And and and that by the way is is in my world meaning you're still like Tennessee Rob Gronkowski tell about the eighth week of the season next year. In forever. Arnold or wherever he -- if he's gonna be a week -- guy for the rest of his time anyway the right thing. Got -- now beat out you know I don't want to say was. I always like to tell people. Cleveland Indians. Prom. 1948 and when the World Series until 1995. Enemy to play out. Not only were they not in the play -- they were even close they were done by may Memorial Day where is the Red Sox during the same period. Had so -- so many occasions where they made the class lost the play -- -- eliminated Bucky Dan Mike Torres. Smokey Wilson in the -- but but that whole bit. Would you rather have this -- -- all those years. Or would you rather have been on the pinnacle of greatness and had a heart broken I always say wanna be the pinnacle greatest heavy hearts broken shore the games are relevant means there and you're there you're talking about it now that. Even taking that don't count things a little different here because so many championships have been won and lost over the last ten years. This is my meandering way of saying I would hate to look back on this and say. And see that the patriots went twelve and 48 years in a -- and did when anything. As the Brady -- comes to a club well. And the line that we hear all the time is Dallas prologue time says that won a super ball you know I'll get it and and I understand that it was a lot longer time before they got to the Super Bowl -- I I I don't think that the the patriots as we look at the beginning of free agency on Tuesday were in the by the way you know those oxymoron like races you know like. It did here all the time that that just don't make any sense. Legal tampering period is a is a regular doesn't make go a lot of centrist colonies in military intelligence yeah things like that I have both. And end you know the idea that you have a legal tampering period. But what it means is that teams are free right now to contact agents of aren't restricted free agents they can't complete deals wink wink nudge nudge. But they can talk and then Tuesday free agency begins. At the beginning of free agency you're gonna hear patriots fans and you print them every single year for the last ten. Now why don't they make a big splash except the at him and got Roosevelt Colvin and and new guys like that they have on occasion made big splashes in free agency. Maybe this'll be one of those years but all indications are this is not a great free agent class. By the way just real quick because you mentioned it not to take -- back to the Red Sox at this moment but when you say wink wink nudge nudge somebody wrote today and I apologize. Is like. Like you I'm guessing you power redoubled papers to reach me here somebody suggests. I have been nickel for a that does a weekly nudge nudge on David Ortiz is contract that it's done that is waiting for the time can zone out packet well they can't do it until opening Friday. Further the point per luxury tax -- that all of us and I and I happen to agree -- that idea and all the sudden -- -- teases -- show tunes like around the club about Islam like. Happy as a -- And that contract -- not coming up which which would suggest to the writer and so us. That that this is already done and it's as you point -- -- and I think that that may well be the -- yet. And I understand completely that for luxury tax reasons you can't do what you can announce it until the beginning of the regular season and that's fine maybe they'll do an opening day. Have some big opening them although I have my guess is the way to -- kids opening day that the second of the day we have maybe about one attracted -- 6177797937. As telephone number the AT&T text line -- 37937. It's Dale Arnold Steve Buckley sports on a Sports Radio WEEI.

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