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Minor Details Ep. 74: Xander Bogaerts and Garin Cecchini

Mar 9, 2014|

In 2013, Xander Bogaerts reached the big leagues in August and had a transformative impact on the Red Sox' pursuit of a World Series. Bogaerts discusses how that development, in turn, proved transformative for his life on and off the field. Looking ahead, Garin Cecchini might be the prospect most likely to have a Bogaerts-like impact on the Red Sox' fortunes in 2014. The third base prospect joins the podcast to discuss his player development and outlook for the coming season.

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Welcome back to another edition of minor details. Spring training isn't just about preparing to 25 guys we're going to open the year in the big leagues. It's also about creating a foundation for their for the players were going to be -- providing a jolt when they arrive in the big leagues later in the year. Last season the red text of the obvious example of Xavier Bogart doing just that. The 21 year old became a critical -- member in the team's championship run that raises the question. Which players might follow in his footsteps as late season college who could reshape the roster and when he fourteen. Look at that shortly. But first we'll look back on how the world has changed for Bogart's since he not only got a summons to the big leagues last August that became a star in the playoffs. Alexander Bogart's describe his first offseason as a celebrity in his native Aruba. Very unique when you know babies and you know it comes around the World Series you know slow. -- chains amusement from being called too big -- -- them only electing so. Even if you wanna Lucy's things got even more well more hectic you know a lot more busy -- But we have some we have to deal with -- I don't we don't like this stuff what I mean. What's the well let's go in the good into the content of it so he went back to a group and and you disclosed this was a moment for you to be. You know you're used to being just comfortable at home this was you having an off season which she became a real celebrity and a not only a public figure but I believe that night. The day actually got married 2011. Two in the world of him. That's what we're Coke in and Panama would Netherlands team. But. I'm Nina event hole and everyone known you know it's it's it's it's good you know I mean -- -- a lot of kids look up to you and I. And and try to be like you one day I mean when I was always in the open they're -- and and try to be like him so. Hopefully some days so -- kids back home you're gonna get home for the to -- you know. Is that kind of a responsibility that you take particularly seriously given it. There haven't been a ton of players coming out of Peru but there have been some very prominent ones coming out of Curacao and and in the nearby island split. You know you're. -- -- there have been in there have been some important that seems to be consonants it was a memorable one. But you're you're president you are I mean. You are that guy I'm sure. There they're going to be some 72 jerseys in announcer number tutors. And Aruba I mean this summer I really think very much problem here and obviously Omnia I really do love baseball I can. I can't imagine myself you know maybe play you know so. Some that I enjoyed doing the smallest muscle with people pressured me to do that's why I think. I have a lot of -- in a lot of talent you know Gaza. I really enjoy game -- game it's -- so. I love my family my family's always there -- so I'll be filming guy I don't really gone -- -- as as you guys who probably know my estimates that more at home. The more you all the more people -- affect you so is this is destitute to stay out of so you know that things don't happen at night so. It's the sale. It was interesting to talk to throughout the -- throughout the postseason because. There were some things that you are doing that we're very important for the success of the team. In to you know -- seems. I have no I am trying I'm not sure if you were able to at that time process everything that you were doing on the field and what man you know and also being a part of being a part of a championship run were you able to do that over the course of the offseason what stood out about 2013 when you got home. I mean how the year went I mean for me playing it -- -- BC called back it's been training -- I mean totally totally out of -- -- my came back and was just like me out in this. Life BP's it's -- peninsula was really really lost in who went up to the season started off you know bought a book something in. Let's turn things around a promoted to triple ending got a big -- and and dead and one was seriously you know this is this something that junior season you'll have time to two to take on deck -- it just goes by so quick so an offseason with a good talent. I got to reflect on the whole the whole season ahead in the season of the team is that so. The -- Austin who was a good time to reflect on them. So when plate appearance and you know for me there are two plate appearances that's about one was the fact that what you're calf was ramping. You had a ball about 450. Feet -- Yankee Stadium where the ball go by. Hand ball yet again they gave the ball backs have a home. But at the other end that was -- moments where they you know slope of the good if you've got to do the ball yeah I mean it those things that and we agree you know as I mean. Would imagine that would in September the seventh most -- -- -- -- got a PG spotless. Mean Elvis and in one and set them on debris of the -- -- -- -- amazing. Some things. That was so that was a kind of remarkable thing because it showed us something about the kind of power that are capable of generating. And then the other one but that you probably talked about or at least thought about more Max Scherzer would you. He had been he had you know. None of your teammates have been hitting him over the course of the post season and use it on one of most. Unfathomable to spit on -- to sliders. And if anyone could ever imagine. Very blessed men and -- God definitely wasn't viewed in the and that's and and all the time -- -- also. That was -- -- -- -- -- fears that a lot of that we keep talking about it seems that and then we'll wait and hope. I just just took off in the game as some elbow position but it when it -- when you're on your on them when you're off you're off so. I guess I was trying to get that -- and I just felt good. And they set two goals the first a bad teaching kids with a -- brokers while I just took Obama. On -- enormity of it took it won't Colombian government on what that would affect the back in late. -- I just thought snapping up it was like this is this not normal I should be a should be seen in the pits you know. So from then on in the sun -- was that some ultimate accident that that is how. Significant was that for you because you know this is something we talked about throughout the postseason run you worked so hard you identified him. Plate discipline. The ability to lay off of tough pitches that -- you know there were a little bit and I'm not chasing. As something you really want to improve on after you have that one walk in your month in Portland great production that first month in Portland in 2012 but it. You came in with a goal saying I'm going to be better this ends in that in that stage you were able to implement how significant was just for USA network paid up. Mean I mean these are thinking of -- -- will most loans with the game so. If I can only get them -- it's the lowest levels of homes that they can obviously walk and helping the team. In any reaction. While being on base that some very fusion it's a huge. Huge quality handy tool to have been and to a ball so let's have an excellent music Friday you swing at strikes there is a better chance that the good things happen. Yes so that's how it is now. I just think that if I could have improved that I would have be able to help the team win more by being on base more. So what he puts on the spring you know if you have a specific development -- goal in mind. Mean men I like the defense of these scientists. This event that a cute cute cute to refining them and I mean this he did there opinion Butterfield. What is probably one of the most intense this in two courses in the in the game right now when. Put into words revealed the -- this is that you can definitely I mean. From from all the way to keep from the Munich it's only to now almost Andy fought so -- and that's. I mean I could think -- in office I was. That I wasn't too bad and so to see where I am column beating tenth two tool to all of those guys who helped me you know. You said that -- -- 210 pounds this spring it's one level of physical real sensitive sides I tested physically yesterday and 61. All right we're gonna to correct the record on -- correct go 612 of them. So how did you feel it just in terms of your movement how you are able to move around while working with butter and and what that means for. Where are your career progress and it was a shortstop. I mean. And thoughts of what they in the big news of the facilities will be with the beach host he's like 64 in ten Tennessee and he created the existence -- -- Def signals. When he's talking -- so it's good to hear from those kind of guys guys appear on the game and we're talking about what you and said he wanted to best in the game and who is the second baseman vehicle -- all star MVP. Second -- so. It's good to get advice from well I'll definitely talk -- him a lot this this week NASA was in here a long time where it's going to be seeing came Benson wasn't on T-Mobile not so. A definite idea beyond these guys and and and and get to pick what -- -- flexible you know it's the click down on him you know. This is a really interest in spring two compared to last spring I mean you mentioned in the BBC that a year ago at this time you're sitting in -- corner locker you're only here for a week or two -- you have to. An officer Asia in order prevented the BBC didn't have a lot of time around and came -- got back late you've spent all your time with any. -- off you know -- it. And a McCain went to get to seven at bats he fights like 56 accounts autism now with -- -- At a time -- like well what's going on then I mean. You hear it never happened to -- never ever happens again. To -- him it's not -- all right. Jetlag and do some politics and I think it was that -- afterwards it was that close today -- The next political appointment. To condemn all the meeting that -- you know and I don't like to make excuses tells -- that. What's it like being back in camp this year though because I mean you think about it you're not you're not on the end you're kind of more towards the middle is sitting close to a number of an improvement in between. Guys were you know we're going to be your -- teammates and you know you have this this fall camp you're coming in you're not I forget what number you were in camp last year substitute because you were 72 so they kept that images for -- 72 -- your number two this year how different. And moreover you are recognized wherever you're going on our way and -- you have stuff for like. A dozen pictures because people know them. Just enter your first -- -- pat how is that it's been helpful one year to the next. Let into the -- -- last -- and basically no one knew -- was you know. In a mine is snubbing them without interference in the big leagues so big you guys -- know you -- and for now a lot of guys who seem to know you it's it's really different team tonight and I'm -- because these guys and follows them from Jonny -- they've been they've lawsuit -- to read all of those veteran guys. To teach him here helping me along the way through to do things that I weigh in and be an example for me I mean. This is this dividend that. You faced a transition when he made it to the -- successor because you're playing part time but even in that you performed well. I don't think that you you didn't really have a lengthy period of struggle. In the big -- and in -- you had. Success off the -- what what is the period you mentioned last year when you're hitting. When fifty in Portland to start the year. What what is appeared in which you. Dealt with their greatest struggle on the field. On the -- -- defense bill -- -- -- of the meaning of baseball on baseball player. Every year solve that there's some level could change this -- No excuses for the call I'm not used in -- It in and makes an effect benefited -- -- we -- -- and wants me started to its thoughts. I saw a swing and seen about a lot better when. I got to find a Wii to get to value -- effect in just 92 Eagles at bats and and have and be it would have team until that point until two and then I know people change so. But this -- well it where I feel the whole season to begin an oversight getting 150 won't always you can go back and look at my my stats and it's it's just that we it is. When you were at home during the offseason what was it like to think about getting ready for Tony fourteen season in which you know likelihood you're going to be a big -- you know last year you. Lesser you can have a goal of being in the big -- maybe by the end of the year but it. You know you're sitting at home 21 years old and with the expectation presumably it you know come opening day here you're gonna vote -- Yeah it's not better to go home -- the united family you know. It's been on the the toys -- happy times that the men with Cecil and experience is something that's the founding members -- -- -- -- you know -- baseline. Am I give I give probably the most thinks baseball wise you know -- he's alone talking on the basics you know and for me to to to tell him all the experiences -- the -- definitely meant for him to what you mean. As a as a as a 45 year old queen of backyards plain mean to you we'll see -- electricity and -- winning and his team. It's it's not better than that that mention those experiences with them. So how do you raise the bar you've already won a World Series you already got the key contributor and -- And -- to satisfy you know just -- -- blood. This itself and again and and going to win not -- you know the size Elvis -- don't don't don't of the success -- -- That's correct this tournament for the never be satisfied. Post article for more mean. If you if you attuned to their try to be acute treatment -- here at ten months -- fifteen also. Paul word pushes -- -- -- -- -- the other teammates how they work at Sabina also pushes -- gets in doing so. And you can go out there and the pig in Iraq we A -- also of the things happen to also be -- Great thanks so much for sitting down -- to -- thank you. The break you heard from Zander -- so now would like to ask which Red Sox prospect has the chance to make the kind of impact the call up down the stretch. The -- made in 2013. In early spring training one candidate in particular stands out. Parents keep me let all of Minor League Baseball with a 443 on base percentage in 2013. A -- split between -- Salem N double A Portland. At 22 years old to -- shows that this sort of advanced approach that makes them look nearly Major League ready as a hitter even though he hasn't even played yet a -- -- He likely will open here in Pawtucket. With a strong showing though he could become a candidate to be a difference maker for the Red Sox down the stretch. Kenya's in his first big league camp and he makes no secret of his excitement about his surroundings. And his proximity to the major leagues. Awesome and I mean this is this is way dreamed of a baseball being in this this. Not only. Being a packed house and you're playing a game but it's I mean let's talk patients here to -- -- -- practicing it's ridiculous units. It's pretty cool and and it's it's really cool -- -- taken BP and there's a thousand fans watching him take BP go through years you've repeated stuff like dad taking ground balls yet. The whole front office there watching you and thousands of fans and you. Victorious and -- and middle Brooks and take -- with him Bogart's right there guys have proven themselves at the -- novelists. And we -- do it dislike him you know you can. Where are you in the kind of spectrum of you know I did everyone always talks about when you're young and in camp. You don't wanna get in anyone's way you know you wanna make sure that all of the veterans are able to get their work at the same time this is the unique opportunity to really benefit from asking questions. How do you approach that. I think it's about it's all about timing asking questions at the right time you know. And you know try to get geared -- the -- people -- but time -- that plan. I get up at 530 I'll be here 5456. O'clock and an easy person here and Victorino usually there's some times. But I mean the first one here and try to get it done in the weight room. In that kind of sit down the -- all relax me play some cards or something that the guys in the -- it differs from -- -- Kind of stay away from but I mean when I'm on the same realism I'll ask questions you know. At the right time you know after -- been taken ground balls or ten taken BP about the routine stuff like that but. It's critical -- statement she knew a lot of respect you know and they don't have to do that you know I mean I am. We have age difference it's huge trade you'd sit so we think maybe a little bit different group different cultures -- It's also -- Do you feel like you are further -- you know -- -- you know either offensively or defensively and -- so you know what kinds of questions are you to find yourself more asking about. A moment I don't know from advancing anything and I'm holly played in double play so. I'm asking questions about it not even only about defense or -- it's always asking you know about the mentality approach the effort to dictate to the game their routines. What goes into a daily routine you know with a view. They turning. Signs and stuff like that. She CG IE is -- -- so much more to the game that hitting and fielding baseball there's so much more. I mean they're saying yesterday Butterfield -- base rate one of the main reasons why they. When a championship taken efforts that -- a lot of people don't mean also means right recognize that because they're huge baseball fans than normal thing and okay he -- person they're with -- views it's not like homer or or take part in dancing on on -- -- ball. What do you do yeah but it's huge you know it's it's huge. Yeah I mean one of the things that was striking out you know how -- you -- -- -- season last year by. To me there was kind of this pivotal stretch of the tigers series between the Red Sox where Matt Matt and Mike Napoli scored from third on wild that didn't get that forward catcher. And Miguel Cabrera got thrown out trying to advance. Kind of awkwardly on the islanders pitches. How much when you watch the game due process deaths of. Detail of the game it. You know they can make a difference I do now. I do know once I got a professional baseball. And played games in in in these situations like that I've noticed how big they are. And how much importance they have won the -- mental they turned inside and it's huge man not only based turning mentality. Bringing yourself every day. Consistency with everything it's tough he can be consistent with every single thing to be a big -- you. How how different is just kind of the extent the level of expectations that you're encountering on a daily basis where. You know in the minor leagues it's there's an expectation that you're on a learning curve and if there's stuff that. You're going to be discovered on the flight here there's kind of an expectation. Did you know you're going to be getting slightly you know don't don't leave me you know we're telling you about these you -- make the mistake be mindful of when you make of. Would -- it's about being aggressive like their talents and they -- and stuff like that just. If you don't take if you wanna if you -- single into a double I mean being realistic but don't for me and they're gonna say hey great hustle to get thrown out. We -- aggressive since you know anticipate staff and and they expect -- -- basis are they expect you to play hard expects you to you know. Play the game the right way and that's the only way it should be played that's what we should that's what we get back to FaceBook -- all I get back it's like give back to insist. Playing the game the right way respecting the game thus respecting the integrity of the game and that's what it's all about. Talking Red Sox third base prospect -- Kenya and his first Major League camp. In terms of where it what -- what what you accomplished last year you led all Minor League Baseball and on base percentage. What does that mean. Nothing anymore it's 2013. I know that's cliche in everyone's been saying it can't buy it. I was saying it after the season September cancer like in such a great seasons again you're right it's great season but. Moving on -- it's it's Arizona Fall League now and I got to concentrate on that I live in the present day you know that there on base percentage seeing is great. But if that I mean what if I had 202 on base percent then that means nothing you know this year so I just got to keep working -- I'm a prospect right now it's on another reporter right now prospect I've done nothing in baseball that. Until I get two big weeks and help the Red Sox win agenda. You know that's the way I've taken things and that's what that's the definition a prospect to me I don't care about the prospect maternal care about all that don't care about your -- -- prospect. Who cares for us that means nothing because I haven't been having help these guys went up. Until I do that then you've accomplished baseball line until people have that mindset. Can they stay humble and keep working that's what I wanna -- you -- wonder -- settled on anything that's what I need to keep working and the stuff I got stuff to be better and he'd be better stuff. To be a consistent that -- so what you do better to be a better hitter. You take the same capacity -- question -- you grind -- -- -- you make you make it featured. When they when they see Gingrich Kenya to bankruptcy this a -- current disguised we're in for a fight. You know where -- I'm of the sweat after this that if I'm not already. You know and that's what I want I don't want them Vizio someone from the ground up in the make. Three perfect pitches and rockets at camp -- great pitches. But that's not what it's not gonna roll over here -- -- on the make them work in -- make them -- years after that that. What's your height and weight 6220. Okay. I have an ongoing debate with with different people around it's because. You you hit I think nine homers last year. I've but I took note of a group of something that you didn't a couple of showcase games that's because you your approaches that right it's you're in for a fight. I saw you at the futures game you choose -- couple -- yes you drove once the wall really nice catch to it yet to have Robby would expect there's going. Actually. We ya know I mean are. I remember people saying right scout reports -- that had so much power in that tape that you know I'll tell my teammates this all the time. That in high school that's always try to do tickled to I mean I was straight up right here if you remember me I hit a home run in the metrodome. In the upper deck and you know I'm just doing this on trying to get in your movement downturn hit the ball 450 feet. And I did it and that's that's the reason why people -- I had some power coming out of high school because in that BP this all of Turkey's involvement. Like you start facing nine miles an hour every single time I don't I'm -- -- I can't go to sleep. I can't sleep at night. -- -- tee time today. Admit in getting a hit -- run -- definitely -- -- -- I can sleep at night. Going one for theory with two walks. To market -- Right up the middle. -- -- -- -- -- I can sleep but that's just me though I can't I can't go to bed every night. Going all out. Trying to hit home runs and hit twenty home runs but hit 160 -- I can't assist me I can't I don't think I help the team that way but that does not -- When scout described you as having a magic mirror what does that mean. And square robots would -- It's god given -- I think it really it's out of work at it it goes back to when I was younger the whales rates but the -- Texas done. I try to find a barrel on the ball if it doesn't have a lot higher percentage of hit a ball hard and when I hit the ball hard have a higher percentage of it hit can get on base Hilton team. Getting back to the first the to the up power question though was notable in the futures game cause you had the one that you thought was gone. They knew he ripped a double into the right field corner I think both first pitches for -- against -- moments right. Is that you do you kind of look for your opportunities early in the counts are kind of you know to kind of ambush and then you know and then get into that fight if you don't have time. I mean people -- selected with the first picks up on 61 is just that your if you throw it down the middle not taken it. I don't care what what part of the game it's the way down the middle and they'll cookie TV -- and take them but it did swing on. If you throw I mean it's hard to tell from the outside with stands you know -- these pitches are you know when am I remember watching -- Dodger Stadium watching my dad's between. Guys pitch remind me -- these guys hit these positive factor right down the middle they're not they're outside corner incitement to come in and out in out different pitches. And when you're up there mean you've got to be selected and picked -- -- we can that you think you can hit hard. Who else is injured Miller today. He threw a strike strike going ninety miles an hour right on the outside corner and that's when you know that he can Pattinson went up I pitches I don't have a good pitch to hit. But I worked the count the 32 you know I mean hopefully he on that drive I only got five pitches Reynolds and a three team does mean something that it. I'm not gonna swing at pitches that -- -- a guy lefty field. 98 a hundred miles an hour would every throws there a pitcher you know this at this thing that that. If it come -- and if I can't drive the ball left to rights in Pennsylvania. Where do you feel you are at this spring training at third base relative to where you're a year ago this time. Unbelievable magnitude strikes were -- fox there isn't following Brian Butterfield. Here. I feel. I feel ten times better than I did see and I felt pretty good last season but it wasn't consistent the way it should be on the tell the -- Had to work -- to work hard there's probably work hard every single day and you know we had great weather down Louisiana's record take your bulletin date. And I just worked its Texan named foxes have seen how watched him approach Boston Josh Ketchum where she catch him how much it square up so. And I take one thing I mean we're only tickets on -- right now but I've never felt more consistent and better the whole entire life. What's the key to that how do you do that how do you work on agility and do you work on moving fast moving my feet I'm trying to -- -- fetus that's -- explosiveness. To catch the ball to center to the inside part -- -- that's an eternity because I have more range in my book that way. In. Like -- -- -- just trying to be exclusively to first that. And get that ball in the room in this area. You know my midsection -- -- -- -- that put them he consistently catch almost near -- -- receivable. You know I had a conversation noting taking stock. A few months ago. The fact that this is an organization there's a lot of talent on the left side of the infield and at that point you said look you know. Everyone be good players be good athletes and you know and the organization figures out where to move the pieces and you move around that said. As drastic as your stripes of him as a third baseman you know how much do you feel. Do you feel you know kind of invested in propelling your report it. I feel like I'm I'm of the third baseman for a long time that's where wanna be. But at the same time if John Ferrell comes up to -- Brian Butterfield says hey listen I mean we think you can get. The -- weeks right now if you go wherever. I'm going you know because not all when it -- get there and help this team win that's all the -- -- and it's and it's cliche a lot of people say ever. And -- to -- second team USA they came up to him off that came out went to their offices and say listen you know. In a couple of shots I mean -- China's plan you know I think their basic Castellano some -- or -- him. A civil put meaning where you've -- complaint is on the hit and they put me in the field announced perfectly fine there and played right alongside parts are going Bryce Harper in this time my life and won a gold medal you know history history you know but. It's a Boston Red Sox they mean everything's gonna work out you know I'm a defined. You're a standout performer I think that you led that team in hitting. To what degree do you use that experience with that group of you know there's a lot of guys who artist who. Party had some interesting accomplishments in their early Major League careers. How much do you did you use that for myself I do belong this is you know regionally clubhouse is one that I can step into knowing bit. You know knowing that it it's a pure Republican. You know rapid something and -- -- He gives you a lot of confidence in me when you. When you when you sit like this it would succeed against guys that's succeeded already when you do with them. It gives you confidence to make you work harder some people make you. I'm a bit -- I guess and -- -- -- along fine I've made. That's not the right way to think it's got to keep. Got to keep plugging away keep working and keep working -- you -- because I know my dream business to win multiple World Series with the Red Sox. How mindful where you're a year ago what Jackie Bradley managed to accomplish big creek camp. Also meant I'm happy for him I mean Alice followed every step because we with the Dominican together. It's my second here's his first year. Toward Upton got to make it to the big leagues in you know got his chance. Did what he did in. The rest is history and and -- -- -- The reason I ask is of course because you're. Your season as a 22 year old in many ways paralleled his is 22 year old Red Sox system split between high and double way. Performing at a really outstanding level of both again those guys with over well defined approaches high on base percentages. And no expected to make big -- to minicamp but. He kind of took to camp by storm yet to that at all Alter how you view what the -- -- new years of being in prison camp. I think he is in -- your mind that same time I'm trying to get ready you know I'm trying to make first and trying to make a good impression coaching staff the team my teammates. Working hard. You know being professional that's all when you make a good first impression in this camp I don't care I have really -- -- -- I mean. -- spring trains I think I've got three hits and at each other you know doesn't mean anything to me but. Like I said just Obama is this the right way and in the back your mind it's it's the same time Jackie tears nothing makes typically -- is awesome but. Not a lot people do that you know that's always in the back -- my team so I'm just trying to. To speak your team in these tests it against you -- can be an excellent. Record so tell me that you always -- good job of defining goals entering year. Where that right now locals who have been from you. And help the -- it helped the Red Sox win the World Series. Models. So. The only collection -- It's good to have an America that could narrow the focus that puts you to funnel towards went in the end yeah because -- in -- personal lives. This team went. Gary in his effort again as the as the senior most knowing most experience -- of the show always a pleasure thanks so much for being at a lot.

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