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Butch Sterns: Red Sox should Re-Sign Jon Lester

Mar 8, 2014|

Butch disagrees withKirk Minihane's article on WEEI.com, which argues that Jon Lester is not worth the money.

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6177797937. Sam acrid. Is taking your calls texts on the AT&T text line at 37937. Start about Jon Lester. Are still welcome your phone calls about Vince Wilfork patriots free agency NFL free agency it starts on Tuesday. But let's talk about Jon Lester Jon Lester is thirty years old I'm 33. He's thirty what I mean by that is on you look at it five years minimum at a hundred million dollars that's when you look at. And from -- many hands article is a couple of points that I wanna address. Kurt brings up what is the hometown discount. And is Lester sincere about it. And he starts his article by a commented Jon Lester made I don't know if you have any comment from Jon Lester Sam good to hear his voice but here's the comment that Kirk. Starts. From Jon Lester. This past month quote we're all businessman when it comes down to things you don't wanna set the market. You don't -- have guys like Felix too -- and have him say quote. This is the president did Johnson and it's not very good. So that's what I'm going to have to argue against you don't want it to go back on the same time you don't wanna be greedy. And Kirk starts his article by saying I can't figure this Jon Lester stuff out is he -- wants a hometown discount or not. I think what he's saying. He has said publicly that he does. Is willing to take less money to stay here now what does that mean what it means just by the numbers that are out there. As curt brings up his articles -- cranking numbers for example Zack Greinke signed. A six year 147. Million dollar contract a little over a year ago. And again as Kirk points out in his article on WEEI dot com is almost identical to Jon Lester in numbers. ERA career winds. -- Lester is much better in the post season and that's a factory huge back. What is Jon Lester worth six years a 147 million is that what he wants. If that is the numbers he's going by what is a hometown discount in number of years and money. Again I'm putting my line at five years in twenty million dollars a year. You would love to sign Jon Lester for 1516. Million dollars a year that's not a hometown discount that it's undervalued. Him and I'm sorry he's thirty years old he's not 3305. More years you gotta ask what are you willing to. Swallow hard and say them paying Jon Lester at the age of 356177797937. And then the question I -- years which is the ultimate question beyond the money. What is Jon Lester is worth to the Red Sox in other words where do you rank him. Hard to argue against what he did in the post season last year we tried to argue against try to say that that was the exception not the rule. And what you look at is your ace pitchers in baseball. Do a couple of things. They do it by the numbers they pitched 200 innings they threaten to strike out 200 guys. On Yu Darvish struck a 277. Crashed. We have struck out 200 so 180 plus strikeouts. -- minimal walks 34 -- 521 strikeout to walk ratio. Take a look at Cliff Lee. Why he's been so valuable all these years what Jon Lester. Has pitched 200 plus innings 12345. Times. In the last six years. The one time that he didn't pitched a 191 innings. In 2011. How many times -- Clay Buchholz pitched 200 innings and zero. Strikeouts. Jon Lester. Has struck out more than 200 guys twice. Only nine in 10225. The last three years going backwards 177 last year. 16682. To go along with for walks 676875. He's been remarkably consistent while he is only finished in the top. And for Cy Young voting one's. That was in 2000 and and when he went nineteen and nine had a career year led the league in strikeouts per nine innings at nine point seven. With these 225 strikeouts he finished fourth in the Cy Young voting he was an all star he was an all star of the year after. To me that doesn't begin to talk about what his impact is to the Red Sox. And that's the -- part of while weakened debate. That Justin Verlander is more of an ace and even Max -- was last year during the season and Jon Lester has been from most of his career. While we can debate that there are others like CC sabathia. And even Yu Darvish was last year that are more ace worthy. Jon Lester was -- from most of last season and definitely was an ace in the post season so the question becomes. When you go against -- point. That you wouldn't pay Jon Lester the money are you willing then. To let him played out this year. Ideally pitch with a purpose and pitchers and ace this year trying to improve it and then let him go to free agency were all bets are off. And see if somebody else develops to threaten his -- maybe this is the year for example. They -- it and there's a good argument for this don't pay him the money. -- bought off this year in the last year freeagent. I usually works for guys. And you know why. Maybe Henry owns develops may be Alan Webster figures it out maybe Anthony Renato. Makes the leap -- -- -- with Pedro shown signs that the kid knows how to pitch. Maybe clay buckled states helping gives you the 200 innings in 32 starts at 29 starts that you thought he could give. Maybe John -- We haven't controlled for two years as a career year all of a sudden BJ peavy pitches well maybe Felix you brought emerges. Like a lot of people including Tony from Bridgewater. Think he will is there race. All. Those things could happen but here's my argument why you have to pay. It's a known commodity it's a bird in the hand we know all about the two in the bush. If you don't pay last year you gotta go find an ace. You've got to develop there's a domino affect you take cholesterol off this staff. For the next not this year but the year after. Now all of a sudden you got another year for this called develop one more year he's not signed but there's a domino effect. Buchholz has to pitch better. Prospects have to develop. And if you go to compete with the tigers. And if you -- to compete with the Texas Rangers. And the Oakland ace and the other contenders in the American League. Never mind when you get to the World Series. You go to -- to have guys that can pitch well to get to the World Series and win the World Series and you really indeed. That guy at the top. 6177797937. And I am comfortable. Easy for me to say because it's not my money. Giving that money to Jon Lester for one simple reason. I'll -- the other factors underneath. He has been as consistent. -- top of the rotation pitcher for 56 or seven years now as there is in the American. He's had a nine and fourteen season just two years ago with a four point 82 ERA. But take a good look at his numbers and they're not the wins. Because his wins were fifteen last year and nine the year before 151915. And sixteen you like to argue wins great. They are a factor. What is innings 213. Last year 20519120. Wait to a three to ten that's money. That's money that's pitching into the 678. Inning and you starts. Now you add in the strikeouts to walks -- whip and -- you it in the Signet significant signature wins in the post season that's hard. Go to the phones scored Richard Providence hey rich how -- you. I put this. Thank you very -- That. Before I get the Lester what's the latest on. I'm -- business Stephen Drew is that anyone signed him or what to know that if. Now as far as -- -- it'll come up right now but no -- still out there and to be clear I don't think I had this clearer screwed it up. For June 1 is the data obviously if Steve the Red Sox get a draft pick from Webber signed him until June 1 so if he doesn't -- anybody until June 1. Which could be a possibility now because teams don't wanna give up that traffic moved and then after June 1 you can sign him and you know to give up that -- We're -- that. No it then I had pain in his articles that. He -- sucked into it should just let Lester -- -- real point I believe is whether Jon Lester is worth the money and here's what he says but is Lester were. Talk about 2823 million dollar player let's forget about all the other stuff and simply take a look at Jon Lester the pitcher he goes in argues against mine numbers. Any talks about how Lester has finished in the top ten in whip in the American League just once in his career. In 2009 he's been in the top ten in ERA three times but since 2010 he's finished twice in the top ten in hits allowed paints a picture. That he is not Felix Hernandez he's not David Price he's not Justin Verlander and he's not Clayton Kershaw obviously -- CC sabathia so that's his argument that. You know Lester is not worth twenty plus million dollars a year and there's a good argument for that my argument against that is. -- you're gonna pay a price for not paying for overpaying you while you might be overpaying him there's gonna be another price to pay for losing. Well that the 64 million dollar question is what does he consider a home town that. Well that's it that's the ultimate thing and that's how Kirk sets up this whole article and I agree what is. A hometown discount you know I mean if again if if I'm Jon Lester and this is just logic camps and they were my agents. My question to my agent would be if I go to free agency how much money can I get. Any answers going to be wilders would exact rank. All things being equal John if you throw 200 innings this year if you win fifteen games and if you don't get hurt if if you win a couple of big games and all things being equal. You're gonna get a 150 million dollars at 31 years all. Are at least a hundred million dollars and twenty plus million a year or so then so dear to your question Richard I'm Jon Lester what's the hometown discount well. It's not fifteen million dollars a year is. I willing to take 25. Million well I don't know maybe. Maybe Dustin Pedroia did did but don't forget they bought out free -- years for Dustin Pedroia they gave him guaranteed. From eight figured numbers two years in -- three years before. Sinking it it would Nomar same thing they didn't balk calls. A cup a couple of the things one is buckled. You know -- pitched 200 innings this year. You know in that he hasn't done yet I seriously doubt it and concerning -- is bill. I mean I would like to see him on our team at least till the age of 35 because of that that the -- ability he has right I I could see him late because see he's he's. He has such a solid build towards self -- up. A lefty work course. That I think they'll. You know. Do you have well in terms of being able to preserve his to be around -- longer than some might buckle. I couldn't agree with you more now Pedro. Was built like Buchholz and was remarkably durable. But but let's be honest there's Pedro and as everybody else when we have these discussions right. Yeah -- when you look at Buchholz. He when it comes to if if you agree with me rich and and a lot of other baseball people that. What really matters is production matters mcsame wins don't matter but the real numbers are innings pitched. Strikeout to walk ratio and all the numbers -- -- around and how you do in the big games mean you've got to be there you know you can't make the club from the tub. So to speak and so in that regard. Beat the best years to Clay Buchholz has had was 2010. When he was 25 he made 28 starts. He pitched a 173. Innings. And then in 2012. He made 29 starts pitched a hundred and 89 innings he's never broken 200 innings he's never gone more than 29 starts last year for as great as he was twelve and one ERA remarkable. Well armed the pitched 208 innings -- we made. Made. Sixteen starts. Well I mean again you know if -- found him. And I would have been doing this before and not the states that he hasn't been trying to is to really try to. Develop my body and and the stronger more solid way along the lines of a -- easier said than done. Yeah and maybe just maybe thanks for the call -- appreciate it may be just may be. You know Clay Buchholz is -- built that way and he's never going to be terrible his -- last. Our other pitchers six or 7779793. Separate break Mike in Rhode Island Europe first. Report from UMass Boston for any -- bridge you want fans. Braintree has been trailing by double digits all game daughter -- is in the stands and texting me. In the third quarter with a minute left they were down 45 to 31 it is now you're not give me atomic got a text -- back 4945. Braintree. The lady wants to come back. Much to the chagrin of many view -- -- morning EI after this.

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