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Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald joins Mustard and Johnon

Mar 8, 2014|

Vince Wilfork has a difficult contract situation approaching. Jared Allen has expressed his wishes to play for a contender. Jeff Howe calls the show to discuss possible Free Agency scenarios for the Patriots, including Julian Edelman's wishes to test the market.

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At 4 o'clock in here to talk about that what they the patriots get a deal with some of their free agents like Vince Wilfork and Julian element is the Boston herald's. Jeff good morning Jeff. -- don't get out can explain to me. There is this deadline or this beginning of the free agent period that begins on Tuesday but you can now. Beginning this afternoon you can talk to free -- sort of on an unofficial basis is that was going on here. Yet -- -- covering its rear -- because the substance. Notoriously -- in free agency or and I think they're just echo. That any complaints that Michael and tampering so they opened fire power windows in that it noon. I mean realistically though a lot of aren't talking agent -- players. As far back as the Columbine when and when players are the agents in the -- Conveniently. Eat in a hotel or restaurant owner partner right circle thing but. They can do everything except offer formal contract he signed it but they can negotiate talking -- market. A look at -- great. Jeff Ross -- -- racquet Vince Wilfork is not a free agent he's have has one more year left it is trying to renegotiate correct. Okay because I I know you -- being the about a lot of names and everything I hear his name mentioned but he's not a free agent yet. Have you have a chance to talk to him for. Any of these players in a similar situation we're. They are requested to renegotiate their contract in -- these guys anticipate that in get it or does it vary. Yeah I mean -- who have been around for a while -- -- the business aspect of the game Wilfork certainly been a part of that. For him with with a pretty serious contract negotiation a few years ago -- warmth they -- now nearing the end of so I mean he's Smart enough notebook like that. Coming new year -- at eleven point six million dollars. Especially coming up in theory securely surgery Wilfork at the notebook like this was coming -- quite quite so -- more often and -- Get a player who at least understands that as -- -- do it Wilfork and more difficult situation that final year deal. The patriots are essentially I would think trying to extend that deal at least a year too because if you go up well for an -- Stick straight pay cut -- -- you're on the very legitimate risk of having him don't you go kick rocks. And you that you start partly -- and Wilfork who played for another team next year so I don't have to imagine that if -- situation with Aubrey. Who is renegotiated his deal. And he's taken more money up front in because he's had years left but that's the kind of depends bearing on the contract by. More often not a player has multiple years -- -- he mapped them. To -- to restructure which essentially come in the form of the -- signing bonus and up the check of upward of million dollars the players usually pretty open to -- getting their money and it helps the team. Are you weird names like revisit Larry FitzGerald and on and people's wish list. If you were -- ballot check. What. Steps would you take two rebuild or our structure this team. -- at the FitzGerald aren't happening there I've found no reason to believe that -- -- that make -- more speculation. FitzGerald restructured contract. Cardinals earlier this off the right happens to also be staying around at least one more year but Belichick I mean I think there you guys that you really -- -- And that's our Jared Allen and -- free agency or oddly enough the first time in his career. And -- and a hundred -- back in the seventh straight seasons elite eleven sacks and got 11 playoff. And he recently came on the radio interview on said that. He walked play for team gonna win it and burst and ball in and money's probably not more support thanks so. Eight that situation where you can -- and report five million dollars a year that -- got you series with target tackle it. Your recruiting can help bring him in. With a chance of being one of those teams that the on the shortlist of soup bowl contenders every year the offense about it look at. The scheme nixed by the airport site and then you know wonder vote. Michael Finley and his health but there's there's a handful of allies you can be. Second or third string tight tight end the patriots used to reinforce that that this. Does have brought you that next didn't -- -- cuts -- -- shareholders a reason for that do you think. Yeah it's absolutely sure that means that he's straight he's -- now or he hasn't really maximized this. And -- make a lot of that in the giants were a complete Mets offensively last year Eli Manning had a terrible year. He can blame him laying up at the wide mix absolutely deserves its share of the blame so. That's why you put his name up there because he -- -- the value. Again I that you could really get to speed. Pull money the contract and -- somebody patriots look at as opposed to in Eric Decker. Who is the safest and probably most productive wide receiver. On free agent market this year which means he's gonna command probably about ten million dollars a year and that's way more than a treat to spend on a receiver. About Julian middlemen. The chances that he'll return to the patriots. -- it's -- to -- because he's he's the guy who owed it to themselves early at the free agent market. But he's and he's only made three million dollars and that's because you -- -- opportunities making minimum. Level deal every single -- of his career pretty much including last year when patriot. Children. Very little interest in resigning him they let him will go to the giants are acutely visit. Linger in free agency for about a month before that brought about a minimum deal so. If it's the situation where -- and again he deserves they'll get eight and he's gonna get signing bonus. At some point next week or two that's gonna exceed the value entire career so if he wants maximizes it. Bottom line then it's going to be unreal it's probably unlikely. Patriot can keep him for another contract it. He is. If it's not a 100% about the money in the patriots have out Lou expressed interest in -- sign him. Andelman Brady get along very well they'd be paying a lot in the -- he's known LA that state they grow together so well that's so. I know Brady's a -- recruiting chocolate you know operating was good recruiting tool Welker last year. Whether -- not so well so I wonder if settlement goes elsewhere. Who replaces and they go after Sanders again from Pittsburgh what happens. Yeah I mean another good question because I think that -- -- is just my opinion I don't know this is their actual thinking down there it daily battle. He never try to get a bigger outside receiver and he was he lined up outside more often than not last year -- of course. Because image dole beat the inside Iraq by Italy and still did the majority of image over the middle field. Eight new Yorker Emanuel standards you bought after another gotten five foot eleven and can't do that much of the can't produce as much so by the numbers that's why. I'd bring up -- nixed because he's he's 601 I believe a bigger body obviously guy it was produced outside the numbers. And the affordability back there and it is is key to but I mean that in terms of pretty solid legitimate outsiders he -- It's kind of a tough market for he thought the so let's say it's if it's a philosophical thing for the patriots you'd want to keep battle men. And -- -- and the name and -- for at least one more year what they love their auction late. Forty wanna kick that off being get a bigger -- Jeffrey as you know this is the copycat league in the likes of what the Amber's Seattle's performance against amber in the giants against. The patriots both of these games they were going up against the most prolific offensive machines. In the history and yet they both got you don't pretty much shut down Denver even worse so because of Seattle's defense. Do you see like their award jewel lean more in that direction to sure up the defense over the offense. Well celluloid and all the defensive free agent that the key to lead and Jared Allen and not -- the world. We're we're very happy they were smiling. You can bet that and portfolio. Yeah because if if the Broncos one on one and improved at the opera now offered the team couldn't what was ultimately get her to win out the biggest game. They're both free agency is huge hit this -- so. Yeah I mean it's -- patriots you don't keep tool works and keep -- has been a tremendous physical quarterback forward and I think being reissued or something -- after that. Within reason you want to go there get there crazy deal then there's there's only so much you can do. But that the patriots are quotes and they might only be a couple of feet away so. That's. They are there. If they have that help I -- all things considered I mean they were a legitimate saw what. 68 defense last year when they were second scoring. Or five weeks they work they were in the top five and scorn for bought out the season ending injuries circle so the team that. Can't just broke that a lot of the -- know what there's there's a good. A lot of dissent the priest and felt there and guys that would -- he treats me. Last question from me -- evoke is only a lot of work to do. How are the patriots situated in a salary cap right now import you see it being in the near future when they renegotiate some of these deals. Garrett now there at somewhere between thirteen and fifteen million dollars -- cap room which is that decent amount change note that backer in the ball five million dollars that they allocate -- drastic. And in. That the way to bonus money and stuff like app comes in the late in the deep. But in terms of restructuring. They're a lot of guys that they could extend that Wilfork at the big. The big one -- -- You could extend -- recording deal and they've got a million or two up this year's cap number you can released garlic so blog our Adrian Wilson if you want. There's a handful candidates like that Logan Mankins another structure candidate but I think he would be open -- doing because he got a few years well on the deal. So if they were really aggressive in terms of restructuring expense and and cutting -- other guys. They can really create another 1015 million dollars so they have the money and resources to do whatever they want to be able to use it -- these were. -- and at least we're not Pittsburgh or Dallas against their cap situations and nightmares. Oh yeah absolutely and and the -- now to mean Drew Brees and contract. It's cap number is it really start way in the wrong direction it's not seem friendly all the placing them struggle that is really fair to call girls -- more so. Yet some scenes are a lot worse spot. All right Jeff we're -- may have be -- checking in on New York for pro expert and we appreciate your time. Our thanks -- Jeff Jeff how the Boston Herald -- the lowdown on the patriots the free agency period begins on Tuesday but the on official I I guess tampering or non tampering period begins in a mere seventeen minutes from now we shall see if the patriots. -- the free agency route over the next few days he'll like the systems. We have like in basketball it's hard to make I am finding out of the baseball because does not happen on -- mind to cap but. I thought I do when I was like a kid growing up and having it was so exciting like to see that trades and get this woman that went. I find it's so difficult now working through this -- -- triggering got a whole year and yet we're losing players that were being traded by the owners are making about 101000 die you know what's so exciting for them 961777979. 37 back to your calls coming up right here on Sports Radio W media.

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