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Wilfork, Edelman, Talib - Free Agency Looms For The Pats

Mar 8, 2014|

Mustard and Johnson begin the show delving into the Patriots needs and wants with Free Agency approaching. Wilfork may need to restructure or get cut. Edelman could price himself off the roster. And Talib is perhaps the most polarizing issue at hand.

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David Saturday must be mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI. Red Sox. Down in spring training Celtics playing last night Bruins in FLA along with a Red Sox -- -- talk about that. In of course the patriots. Little lock controversy down in Foxboro. As well that it was all night and yes nice job on the -- Well thank you much Larry Johnson used to I don't like him the business development yes I did leave -- -- -- -- diaries they can food metaphors and a lot of affected and it's there which it was in Russia -- nargis born Larry and I just picking and choosing everything I'm disappointed in his that you did mention a couple of nights before against Oklahoma. The Phoenix Suns led by a 41. Point performance by -- money you know I didn't even know where Gerald green was playing but I had a tank wait until that apparently -- I don't funny feeling ready says president. I -- marine I don't I don't think generally getting -- -- -- calls -- 41 points out take those this year or. Very subtle way of saying that as well as I did them my first WEEI trending now I should have included. Money now because nobody else skiers let me that you know you're Margaret job the president of the Gerald I am I like a lot of good kid Larry Johnson so while what is on your mind sir on this -- -- -- -- -- I'm excited because where. Pushing the -- Ahead this weekend were you excited about that because I'm hoping it's the beginning of the end of winter. The present but certainly I don't know -- bringing in all I'm hoping winter will get a you know. Load again ID eight kids is a reminder don't forget to. Set your clocks one hour -- -- spring or did you lose and now I know that but it's worth it like a light. We can't -- in the line by that's yet again argument signal yes attempt -- Manning and commitment. If you dig up a little respite but as you -- 017. Short actually I thought the last two. Spoken -- -- outstanding I thought that the yesterday was very entertaining recurrent in many pain in my -- But even a day before -- -- and holly they just talk a lot of football in and rather than being all over the place it was it was a riveting it was excellent and I think Craig different hasn't been before I think like baseball I think football is gonna become a year round sport. When they're not playing they're going to be cart and free agency and a day be as you know. Today it for Clark I guess they can tot start talking to play is without being accused of tampering and then Tuesday as you -- free agency -- That's a big on the table and then in May they have the NFL draft so it was like these -- -- right is an -- and getting time off it's just year round. Football coverage. I want as your question could ever was a great debate yesterday were -- and in Callahan and in many. If you're an NFL player in -- veteran NFL player let's take for example Vince Wilfork. Okay. You signed the deal a new deal. Yeah like some ridiculous signing bonus let's say 2530. Million in the bank that your ways they can't take that back that you always. Then you get a five year contract and you get like let's say 56 million a year for the next five years and but it but it escalates and accounts against the cap. Well inferences last year as you know are coming up and he's 32 and he had the injury last year. They're gonna knock on his during the gonna say in our elected it would Romo and stuff for him after renegotiate. This it's killing. Our cap number it's counting a lot against a cap number. Do you think most of these guys are cognizant of that or did they take it personally. Course they take it personally. You really believe and this is the discussion you heard last several days. We know Vince Wilfork is a bright gentleman he's married to a lawyer. He is savvy. He's been with the patriots for a decade he's a great team leader he's been a tremendous performer on the defensive line. One of the autopilot -- one of the all time great patriots he gets it on. And off the field but ultimately don't you realize it all becomes. Personal if Vince Wilfork didn't think he was worth the money he wouldn't be a professional. Paul player comes down of that it's not that should not worth the money though it's it's how it's not like baseball where you sign a contract and come heck I want you're gonna get you five years. They can't come in and cut you -- we're starting to see the comments around the league with some of these play is who. We're getting cut left and right there were planning on him playing again this year for six remaining in and if they don't want to renegotiate it getting cut. And I'm asking and you said his wife as a lawyer -- like. Don't they know the -- like -- they look at the cap hit they'll take. If you know what they know the math for everybody else but when it becomes. Your contract right then you get -- a literate very quickly. -- out because I don't care what anybody says you can be cold and calculated in totally objective but then when you are. -- the kind of salary cut the Vince wolf we'll work is facing right now a lot of these other players I know it's a it's a regular day in the National Football League that's what they do. Everybody understands that. On an intellectual basis. That when it becomes your time it becomes very personal and very emotional I think Vince Wilfork and Bianca that's her name right -- -- Bianca will work here -- understands that is just totally unnecessary gratuitous but that's the way you wanna go in the show that's fantastic. After after listening to many hands for 24/7 poor. They have to our -- -- brother you are right yeah. No filter Larry Johnson Dottie is that is I work from an academic. Or another I can't see you taking that approach but anyway I wouldn't you know how works Larry. We understand he's a he's a great team player he's playing the ultimate teams sport. He has been such a great patriot in every single way you'd love to believe. That would all said and done you know I'm gonna I'm going to be optimistic about this when all is said and done. He won't come to his senses and he will remain with the paperwork at. Wait a minute when you -- come to his senses -- where you are saying is even though you went to Spain and him taking it personally. It's something you can't if you're a patriot you can't you can't take that kind of cap it. And the other thing is that as the how Long Will it take however for bids to realize how you'll find out window when he goes on on the open right let's say he does and acquiesced to it to be request to renegotiate goes on on the open market. In there are offering him. You know three to six mil a year. Compared to what the principle of it and go to another team and say that -- there is precedent here in New England that -- -- -- -- now Wes Welker ya. -- I mean so it does have what it is is that where upright thing it is and you evening absolutely. And you know we sought in the MBA -- Ray Allen. Going to Miami taking a lot less money there instead of saying with the Celtics. I wonder I wonder if Wilfork would do that in here I am once again speaking on both sides in my mouth on the one hand you do take it personally. And ultimately their professional players they are all individual. Contractors. They're always looking out for themselves. As much as you wanna say either team players. I still believe that. When the dust does settle. The Vince Wilfork will find. A way the patriots will find a way to come to some sort of compromise. They'll keep. Wash system. With the advent of -- nick. And a Russell Wilson's. IG three to a lesser degree can -- as her stuff but the advent of the quicker. Mobile's quarterbacks now entering into Italy is it's like the new trained and everything. Out 350 pound nose tackles becoming more obsolete it's really love -- that. Y 359. I -- -- I can remember when his wife had him on a guy here around 325 and they got upset about they want him every man is so and he is. Very athletic he is -- that's the thing with him I am I every. I hope they keep from birth tomorrow. Why aren't sure what -- -- -- -- you and why we're not just that I play you know is better than what you don't know -- all these free agency and we know with a look at what's going armored. Chris Johnson got a Tennessee and the like these guys signed these new contracts and an eight -- they die on images don't give -- the same. Ethic in in prince's case I think you can. Re -- him sort of speak -- a little bit lighter is very quick on his feet and stop maybe they'll go back to a 43. I don't know what they got to do with that. This much I will type you're thinking about it -- week -- have been listening to all the shelves this much we do we know for a fact. Into -- was seven the patriots had probably one of the greatest offensive teams. In the history of football and they put up numbers and stuffed appropriate. Then it got to the Super Bowl and they got it Brady got knocked down 2.5 times whenever it was and they lost that. This past Super Bowl. Peyton Manning put up the greatest offensive display of touchdowns and stats and whatever you wanna call it in the history. Of the game and he broke of course Tom Brady's record set in 2007. Right into practice went to the right and we predicted that and Dan Marino -- broke the record in 1984 he got routed by the 49ers in the Super -- a year's show here's my theory -- theory is -- -- here I'm just gives it back on -- washing or you're overwhelmed Oregon and I -- -- out of work the next what -- -- have a shot out for a while there. -- -- -- AFC west Denver has got to compete with Kansas city's -- -- -- -- very very good teams. Even in the AFC north consistency Pittsburgh Baltimore. Cleveland getting two picks they're going to be back there. What has not changed that much is the AFC east patriots jets Miami and buffalo and we thank -- for yes. Here's my point so you almost and pencil and that they're going to be in the playoffs right again right. Now the re we both agree I think. It's a rail games -- in the playoffs the intensity of a hitting the defense is that stepping up more. -- in the playoffs. Some might think wearing you when they're talking about bringing in and jobs are at play is and stop that wide receivers from Arizona -- this one and one in cement from Carolina. I look at it differently. I am hoping we'll get -- power -- I hope they go more defense defense in defense that's it if you already know you're gonna limp into the playoffs because of the weak division your -- And really shouldn't if the patriots for -- be rooting for the team to go defense -- I understand that I -- about Larry FitzGerald and I like grievous. But that's a lot of money for one yeah and but you wonder. Mom when you think defense now and we're all reacting to the carnage that was the Super Bowl. And what Seattle did they had a narcotic but the giants did to the patriots to raise it but they did it differently though. -- these -- the two greatest -- -- -- with different to -- the giant had a would have brought within -- -- there with their secondary could make a case for the linebackers Robert really was the secondary. So -- here's my question. Right now and again we're responding in the moment the last game we saw are not fair I'm just -- web looking Seattle. Crushed. A Denver team that have their way with the patriots is Vince Wilfork. Coming back. Would that enables the patriots to be suddenly. A much more punishing defense that we saw. Certainly against Denver in that AFC champ if they say. Allow the -- or fourth three. And I think he can be more relevant. I think he could be quicker if they let him compete and be quicker in the like it's incredibly more or -- gap guy after I I really don't. I'm -- -- I think Chandler Jones definitely need help on the other side. He really does disappear Jerry that's how it makes me salary -- that cheeseburger that got tired or -- right I take that back I'm sorry I thought -- -- -- -- Jared Allen as I forget who who at this that may be Tom Karen -- like in his last ten seasons as something he's been the most of them would double digit. Sacks in you can. You can use it to see you know it is a I know I'm going to another sucker for a second but he is it's relevant. Like it WEEI dot com like their lead to our question is you know brokered poppy -- played for the Celtics it. And these there was never one -- -- whether they don't wanna go home or nagging wife or whatever but they want to stop play they wanna stay on the road for as long as an earlier. And by Jared Allen would be that tight he's got a motor and you don't need him all the time but man when you can let the dogs. In Chandler Jones on one side I think it's gonna get better. The other thing -- Belichick did just -- the economy with him and I'm not saying is supposed to sit there and a press conferences and tell you secrets. Which eat -- -- you never changes have a discussion with him about anything. Why would you like to ask him about Chandler Jones like is he working out there in the offseason -- Is he strengthening as opera -- I mean he's got the tools -- I can't give him a lot of credit he played sixteen games in any kept his motor running. The whole time you gotta admit he really -- might not have gotten all the time. I all of all I would say in the game that mattered most the game they were excused from the playoffs. I would say he was pretty much a no show we're the only reason why don't we began his hand on now on me in my native but you know the only reason why -- remember him being in the game is -- watched the NFL films version of the game. Two or three days later. He was Mike deputies on the sideline a lot commenting on the game I don't think you made much of -- comment but his play well and unfortunately. We -- Would you sign -- See these the question why wouldn't you see here or not these are the questions we're throwing well I don't know why it got to that point where you we will you put him in the position he's as he's got to elaborate. I think it can meet. You know why is it this is what kills labor basketball stuff -- -- talking about argues a point god he's at 20 he's at three I think Michael Jordan can't write bad aside interns as they listened. It's a guy can play you part of on the floor I don't care whether reason to war three or one. I think at the antibodies slot receivers rally but it. The adamant that I saw this last year. Gets Oprah anyway he doesn't have the speed. To necessarily go as deep as quickly buy Helio from not. Say this is why a look at how many times did we say how many times have we talked about this Andelman is one of those guys and their whole handful let's face if you really wanna what and -- negative. In Tom Brady's career on the negative side is that not every. Receiver. Has found a way to get in sync with Tom Brady over the course of his career Julian Edelman is one of those guys. Why would you let him go the other question of course was you can't -- Welker golf for the same reason you know a year ago we were having the same conversation about Welker. As everybody felt and it turned out to not be correct at all. That Julian element was not Wes Welker well you don't want to entitlement some eight and a much better year than -- well. I'd I'd take it I think he's better than it was well I think he has not take a lot of ways -- why because of this punt returner. I think you don't think Wes Welker is adept at -- certainly was -- -- -- -- -- not just laughter because -- write about -- in Foxboro there's -- I like -- -- -- right about now. Now he's good. But element is one thing to be -- it's another thing to be one of the personally. In I think he gave you bowl ovals dimensions speaking of element. I just think the patriots are perplexed a lot -- because they wait wait and now. I gotta talk about to -- What -- I read the other day where he wants a bit I like and I say our party wants big payday. What does that mean. Say it to me and I know we grew a lot since coming to the patriots to me it's more likely if your. Optimistic about retain these players that Wilfork in element will return their lifelong patriots they've only played for one professional team won in New England. To leave obviously play with -- another club. He still in outsider away and I think I have a problem with when healthy. We know that keep deleted SS top five quarterback. At least in the conference maybe the entire league but of course -- -- throw that big disclaimer. And when you when you remember what you get the big gain hires him when he's on like I -- against Graham to me grams -- dropped a tight end but the saints. He -- beat him up so bad he quit. And he ended up on the side problem as we know this because we've seen it what route to -- AFC championship games. Too early to leave exits and that's got to change is that just freakish. Is that just battle -- is it just random chance that he that he gets hurt in AFC whatever that what. I would ask is is at the same injury. Is it is that -- -- is something -- I like him I think he's been a good soldier I don't think he's caused him any problems on the field. You know that the problem is to and is supposed to be upping the cap remember but the fact remains. The you have you have to and I can't do it believe me math was nowhere near my strong so virtually need to sit down with the high -- Stutz slicing pieces you already know are we getting into your -- -- -- -- Like I always say that about the north I think -- doth protest now but you know I don't -- but you know Brady's gonna get it we are you know that's a fact Brady's gonna get -- But after that. How -- you now what they've done in the past and Kraft has said this is he rather spread the money out. So that the team has proper depth so now but rather an employee am paying five play is ridiculous money and everybody else's. Just. Mediocre. He's saying he'd rather have a team with great depth. Because of the injury factory during the year in if you used that philosophy. Then now you don't go while inside day Darren Sproles has some really nice contract which just got released from the saints. Because you wanted to spread the money out equal M plus. I'm never enamored of running backs patriots have a fine complement of running backs that you still win. We saw a couple games they fooled us in the believing that somehow or another they had. Completely done 180 in their offensive philosophy. And then when he came to Denver what happened no running whatsoever they were completely stopped it attracts so this is -- -- summing up my opinion and listen we welcome your calls or cholesterol number is Randy Starks TJ ward seventy -- I'm going more they Tyrone maybe a get this kid and in the draft a couple of tight -- this topic -- I'm. Heartbroken that they have to use a draft pick and on a tight end again by. I say defense defense defense I thought Seattle shutting down. Denver turned me is that way -- goal is to get -- It's a punishing safety. In the air in an if you get great pass coverage. Or -- you could strengthen your front. I know the offense could be better but that's that's the direction are we going to but I like -- -- but not for that money. And Revis -- of a -- something like over twenty million dollars -- world works eleven got anything that's accountable do that anymore to me other than quarterback. Because if a guy gets hurt then yours then you're then you're done for the year as far as your cap policy can't -- really sign of of people come and replace them. Yeah nobody really fascinating in the trade deadline or not the trade deadline but the -- free agency period begins on Tuesday at 4 o'clock there's been a lot of posturing a lot of seeds planted in the media -- Borges is piece earlier in the week in The Herald. Obviously getting a lot of information. From the will forks about their future will there be a new englanders somewhere else and they talk about this yesterday may be I got in that halfway through the conversation. They were throwing -- maybe that is totally hypothetical there was some rumor that Tennessee might be interest that it will work but they were only. Maybe wanting to pony up about three and a half four million that what was that is the hypothetical maybe that was just -- -- it again. I love the -- practice. -- for. You can stop talking to players without getting charged for tampering and up to that point. Nobody's talked to anybody if you believe that I got -- umbrage awareness Sally. Yeah in the other question and I always look at sort of the big picture overarching question is how close are the patriots. To winning another Super Bowl is hey. Re sign with the Wilfork and re sign with settlement does that get them back to the place they've been looking to get -- -- now fourteen years. At the ground right great point and the question is what they get what they didn't have real for clash here in the -- -- -- decimated with injuries last year by. You know -- look at the -- -- situation of late they have the trade deadline coming up and they made a small deal nothing major. And they kept the team intact in the chemistry secured great goaltending strong up the middle I understand all of that. But I do think even a -- -- rally -- to stop thinking in terms of charity he's getting up there as well so you have to start saying -- the window is. I'm not saying it's closed yet but somebody's playing around but the shade. Liquid Brady hit and Sharon that you know who -- drill after -- or stop or we go back to right -- and throw at you you do have to -- When you think a Brady. That's the question I have when you think Brady do you have to stop thinking look you got two or three years with this guy to make another run. He can't keep getting close but knows a guy that's the way -- -- That's why I'm looking at 2 I am I needed I don't think it. By the way pitchers track record were free agency has not been a great -- ridiculous Thomas and you want of that stiff from the Washington Redskins games worth yeah that was Mayo isn't just promoting the heck out of that one Novak about the terror free agent signings -- it again. What I like about Ballard checked as these things happen and he just rise after the -- playing golf somewhere in California. And nobody says anything out we lost were out of it. And that's the end of it in and you dismal into the vaccine that we're gonna talk about what you -- 6177797937. The tax line I'd like to say is up and running but as a look over at my text line up all we need a little lob. Little troubleshooting you'll get that -- up and running what he's trying to copy of that -- of that of the right here at play here again. I don't care practice practice practice but I sent a breakage -- -- -- -- practice that many times over I am going to perfected at the at 10 o'clock -- right Gary and I we come back from the break I also want picnic and this is Saturday in on Saturday we ever -- to throw everything on the table because -- -- once a week and we talk about events that happened down. By the Red Sox wanna talk about the left side of the infield because their parents are moving pots in Atlanta quite fitting right. So Larry Johnson has set the table for you better get to the table before all the goodies are gone excellence it's a concept and I'd seven ID thirty -- budget. In Johnson and Sports Radio WEEI.

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