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Why Can't We Get Hosts Like That? Bob Lobel on Planet Mikey

Mar 7, 2014|

Mikey, Lenny and Bill Fairweather are joined by the legendary Bob Lobel, who talks about his career in Boston, his thoughts on some of the goings on, and some great sports talk.

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Revive -- we are so happy to be here we Hawaii this problem bells you have a -- -- Bob's on -- show we -- Reggie Miller and a fine program. I adequate parking place right outside their. Where we sit like what -- RB installer. Advocates of ridiculous it goes right and -- and that's a real shot in front of an app. Right off Fridays in the front row and not a perfect spot to be quote we could see him and the guys the guys -- okay with the camera. Maybe it's just I hear I don't hear me that that you are right here at practice up I hear. Him as you do is that was. It's. -- he had dirty water Friday's the planet Mikey show we do every Fridays and guess what. Yeah this is our fifth program down here and this would be great if we get. Now it bubble well it is considered to pick his brain. As he's like kind of like it got by the sports. And so I'll speak out of this market even the Boston sports media mount rush one yes it is and being without question I would come down. And -- With absolutely come down in. Besides that flash. It thinks that this who said the celtics' quick went. Men broke back he writes EI basketball I mean that's. That's heavy stuff Japanese group. It's true I mean I would like maybe my -- editors through that proves you know you don't adult at some point they decide to quit tonight right we haven't we -- to quit for twenty more game Phillies off by that I have a problem canyon. Bob in this -- just doesn't guarantee you anything you know. We've been there done that and lost. In the in the lot of averages up I mean it just disappeared at the end of. But in any we trust so let's get him the best I think we can get you know in the -- -- the only time most crestfallen face and history of Boston sports and several cars that night that the all that dropped right right. Let's it was like saddest moments they sent him down member it's -- about as the good luck charm offense. I get a -- Tommy down. That the that the ended up getting into level five thing that. Now is awful night when Jose they did then and now down for good luck -- you you know you talk about disappointing moments -- losses which -- being. And you always think about stuff on the field whether it's. You know seven heater -- -- so you know even a lot of all with those at the moment. They want from me was I was in that covered the preakness in Baltimore and stated that today because it was going to be MBA. Draft lottery is going to be announced and -- and I'm not coming home in order room service and I'm gonna watch his innings to win again and out. This is 97. And the -- -- could've done was reinstates and that's -- and you know that was the year that they. -- to get -- monitors any Duncan even last night still beat Miami and us know also it's a doctors in the room service was. As good as you expected to beat but that -- six I -- that they want to get. I Chauncey Phillips right up -- at and ray Mercer at T comes to one -- -- yes hold primaries and then he disappears shortly thereafter she -- -- -- -- that was -- but again. Media and this by the is that you know show Rick Pitino yeah yeah I mean Alan Miller and great producers. I imagine he would I would go to Wednesday games we take the deal fell on Thursday night and we were just absolutely. Pray that they won because. He would be a pain in the neck after -- and we everywhere but more often than not they didn't win so. We had to lean face him than -- -- the you know show and you wrote that book fielder's choice you know successes choice right there after -- worst episode of his life. Pretty much we heard in a moment in the mall where it was that -- the precious moments. Out of Miami when he left out the clock on the with left. You know and I. Stories about that do you mean I well that's why you have a doubt attack at a house again in Miami OK and and it's cool. We sit outside and pool was like. I don't know if they -- to act that I feel like until you drop -- -- -- -- to you that that's all over whether it is that noted so you know very you know what. Doesn't matter. But the -- start -- And guy calls from Lexington. And they're calling from Kentucky or call from Louisville thereupon for all over stated. You know we gotta talk we've got some alumni wanna hear that it was. You know -- it was two days after he and I believe me -- it all over him railway -- You wouldn't feel any pain in fact he was really really as a matter of fact. He got together about four or five people. And we had dinner at the the name of that restaurant. -- -- Don stakeouts it was in the the -- via. That mom not there -- that there anyway they'd backed group and he went around early pulled everybody. If you what do you think it's us. He was taken a lot of heat this was it when it was bad. Everybody says you know it's what they thought he should do I mean it's not like. He wanted to consensus is -- Jersey Greg was there and Johnny jaw Idaho was there. -- losers -- entourage before hunter Allen Allen Miller was there. And I just came with -- Allen. I told me I picked itself that's why they made -- -- -- until he could get out and get out of town now and the end we decided you know. And instead. Five days later he was god throughout I Tyson earned his son Richard that you know our coach at Minnesota via network -- says Richard not drastic team. Exactly did he went he went to talk about that just a few minutes I don't think it is not what the saint Sebastian with a nickname. Tony barrels would choose that name is Matthew and Smith nailed three -- members dale Graham appears. Both -- -- a team over there OK things here that's the comical right talk that that. You know hit the last night at nice view that what's it like you know -- -- -- topic at that time things are -- really that far right. His wife stopped going to the games because. If she snapped by the entity that everything -- that -- -- right take it. I -- and it Yemeni if you like tidbits it's only 78 -- billions it. You -- did it bother any advice what to tell. You've heard all the stuff you by the I go to god anymore instead. -- -- -- -- Right two weeks -- -- -- the -- don't yet who they want to have that to you he left a lot of money on it obviously I had twenty million dollars he. What he would borrow money. They'll house -- Right now about -- at -- like street you know athletes are five road late in Korea right and that I would not say it beautiful house. Government it it was evident that not then and his wife went to the shipment and I picked up dinner I don't think there was ever did that. Bigger disappointment in town because when he came it was like a coronation and it was while he better not ever forget almost literally the title and everything that is that the value and you know he'd love that he accepted the embrace that -- layoffs follow -- -- out. I about -- coronation -- dad who did introduce him right it's at this pace vehicle at that -- -- -- like he won them in south right. And what I remember about that Jeff west. Was very nervous youth the only one on -- -- is that it that way they set the I'd gotten up throughout his coronation right there was but you know. -- to -- -- announces that gas then right definitely right. And read out back comes out right I saw me and he should assume that he'd be invited out there he was always part of that when they signed to play or paranoid right. And a couple of you know henchmen that. -- -- -- -- -- sitting down here on all -- -- physician. You know he could not have made more mistakes you right. Well when he got and that night -- -- -- club for Chinese food signal -- Google for Italian and that was Ian read it yet out -- -- ran after them as a shameful episode is in -- it -- -- storied franchise and we quit that everybody kind of just wants to put them away and I and I. Got to sit here and say it was not that bad -- guy he was not a guy that was prone to make stupid mistakes like that that's for you guys. And what he's doing extremely successful as a coach Antonio he. Was very generous money didn't matter to him you know it was not that bad guy but he was not Smart when he came here -- about everything. Possibly. Wrong that he could any credit checked out when he didn't get Duncan. Thought of him from that point on golf you know I what's the what's the consolation prize yeah. And that was the year to even Ron Mercer and open and number two it yeah it was. With a Q into the blown years he's tall like he. Keep the and one. Q yeah that's nationalism that the good Mallory Duncan gave them regularly going on -- been -- -- available players don't right now. But in an inmate in the taking ability nobody really -- with that it and it if you remember when they traded them. Written with the president just mentally person was most upset with pitino's son gets -- don't street John and I felt they had to play every -- pick in the draft. Everybody gonna be Larry -- next they've heard that nobody's ever think that kind of 5% and -- -- and after that I'll let him rentals -- a lot of them that how confident irony -- -- Tim Hardaway and yeah that -- yeah well read you know made few mistakes too I'll throw in on -- and never get to hear it -- to gain. That he was sitting up there -- Bart Bryant was back and Greg grabbed hands like a baseball bat and kind of hit toward Ryan now that tipoff what he's going for the baseball player and a that he was -- -- -- of the 200 yeah yeah pick in the baseball player and to gain campaign in. Body right is that it in here applause. -- -- -- it was it was noted. Here we are not when he fourteen and Celtics are around kind of back in that seemed little -- almost except maybe worse and here's tanker Robert going. We're all watching it. We're watching every single team that is that out of the sake righty about Philadelphia how could they help nursing -- that's a joke it's -- it's bigger than -- we did they need to hire some actors on. That's true but how can you with the commissioner what's -- silver. Yeah yeah it's not high hopes so -- A way get on out of our threat and it'll. How can you let that happen. Mean what what's he gonna do though I don't know -- that -- -- -- the franchise get the money back to the fans now how can you let that happen good talking to sell that product. But he can't prove what does that tell you because you'll see this every year in the NBA. We've seen from several -- -- here several -- Because it's the -- like this is one of those wanting so that there's a good weather today in bill is not one guy did it Hurt Locker room right now. -- OK there's a lot of talented kids but there's not. I don't containers were not. But there's an alien changes. Particularly if it's exciting -- that make me I like it quite -- people lining up -- this stuff but -- 176 the worst of all because they're not just losing it was he went out there when he. 25 shot about I think it's idiot out of that you know like take their draft pick a weight problem now that you've got a panel opinion not these that you can't prove we're. But what he did you can't really it's it's like it's like. You know flopping all the wells besides 76ers then a lot of the local entry -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ignorant arrogant and didn't take long did it -- me it to me. There a debate. Yeah and net and then the lakers again I think it will come back and they'll have pulled up next -- who has just like you know the year and he is one of the the real sore spots of that -- years is that. San Antonio ended up with -- but only ended up -- them because David Robinson was there all year. And so they get dumped into the draft and Robinson that was -- -- and the two of them played together throughout their lives and yeah yeah yeah I remember the first game. David Robinson played it you'll likely see an -- great press row. Back in the day and he came in and was like -- main job and could still remember the look on. Alan mills -- -- first time he came flying through the lane and dunk the ball. He knew that he was going to be something really special but that's how San Antonio. Robinson got hurt early in the year they believe that the resurrected and then they keep backing. And word dynasty look at it follows the instant connection. You know -- the argument -- and are playing in the south -- -- that division okay bottom third in what -- team is gonna build what he was gonna gathers up the fastest. I think I felt I think the Celtics through -- if they get the quantity. Up the next lined up for the next three years -- -- -- -- -- that then then Paris. You know it's seven strikeouts and three make it your head that you're gonna. Well what about any possible for me what you think they're gonna go to Italy I'll -- -- anyway it would reinstate the lakers are gonna get out of that. Supplements and monstrosity called it so so they can get LeBron. They wouldn't that be something in that that horses but I just am so sick of -- Ron -- -- Blake of I don't really. Well you know at the -- as well as anybody in and you don't when they ended up with the number five pick last year after the after the draft lottery. If the company went big trouble now and they and they went vehicle ray Allen's you will roll and only getting older close yet to master plan. That's really apple could get another one of those -- you don't let -- -- What else you gonna do you got to assume that. You know individuals I think he knows what he's doing I I go to you know I think this kind of one thing is. -- with really great general managers to go a long way around them you know they know what you're doing. Got to assume that's. That's been a very cool warehouse union who doesn't have real popular album -- that is -- OK -- -- make. It's not about your fifteen. We're gonna take a break here -- I mean come on -- right that was not a that it -- like definite front of it. We're we're live at the greatest Mars -- planet Mikey show Bible -- here Billy fair weather when he Magglio. Zach is your run of the well I don't does that. How's that Mercury pretty up believable if you're anywhere at the -- here you're gonna go to the game were to succeed to -- you know the greatest part is stopped by -- sailboat. We'll be here at 10 o'clock well look we won't -- 10 -- he's got the best market spots and get out here Mary Lou. What I noticed a sense it's unbelievable. What has happened to him like twelve degrees and then you get some some melted today right now -- -- -- -- at all. I have you know that little. Smooth groove thing yet you know how it opens a little bit and it. Minds open yourself have happened driving around that stupid little thought. Yes he's -- of since September and in fact the candidate is -- an open but if if if if so then that. What an idiot know the last time that you know I don't know I never saw open but it looked you know looked up. What I guess we don't have a habit that we know I had it. Because -- up -- close appointed beauty you know we call and -- -- -- -- somebody -- learn about the son of the Qaeda gets stolen I'd already read about the -- -- 61777. -- 793 said that it could we're like what they're brain. If it's not gonna ring no it's not that's going to be -- -- you get back out of the -- you'll have the wind whipped through your hair on the way home I quarter with that we'll. I think we'll be right back arrived at the greatest part. Which point you run I don't war on. I like to get -- -- -- what you -- just not gonna like to do you all of it seemed like that this accident was going on there -- the break I like to do -- and -- your body Regina and I think that Felix could float just. I don't know hold my -- away listed as the with apnea. We are the -- north. We're back here at the at the greatest bar. And yes it is a stream of consciousness. When he makes over there he's conscious conscious Bailey Sara we just walked in yeah. She's our our little resident adorable blonde actress I think yeah well I got Beckett of the gone up for a lot longer -- but. Of course Bob Orr penalty the the great ones I did this at let's look at Jackie Jackie Gleason reference -- the great and Bible Belt but I think it's at -- fair weather now what do you want. Like for -- blob was master of ceremonies for a very special yeah how was that ceremony included -- about time. You know it was all the minutes you had it to win it two channel five you have to have with little weird with its it's very strange on its face and I tell everybody how great your excellent. Organized this hour with the -- see some ideas and introduce. I didn't really have a speaking part that. Yeah technical details about what Larry you know like about wildlife you said that the and in this Cleveland and it's you know a cameo. It worked out fine you know they live where it was half and really give you a little behind the scenes like -- -- -- -- -- -- mind. My demise of an addiction that -- It. 1983. -- and -- -- reminded -- it you have to compare right now I've been reminded. I have made who have been with the -- that what -- thought about it the next -- that 1983. Yet it's now -- how is -- anything from the congressman and nine. -- -- and I know that. You -- used when you we've started a general for what you're. Make 78 when -- weekend so the question of the big announcement via the pride of an apple creek Ohio -- happen. Was attacked us. You know this weekends and moved up they we this does not look on the radio side without the -- yet. And then opening Jimmy Myers just members quit locked up and walked off finally hear him he must just about it you know I'm not going to freak -- about it. That -- -- is that the -- maybe a million Fidelity's. Anyway. They had the opening and they audition. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My focus scooter yeah. Unit owners to have to -- -- there on the -- three story don't. It right where they lose -- how well a lawyer you Randall married myself. As you know and they hired because I was very in the building work for the companies that's the national it was easy for them could do that. Then that's. And they -- Liz Walker to Monday through Friday. Because you know I got along so well on weekends. I think can move me with her so it makers comfortable with she was. I wrote -- critical details. Now you wrote -- -- -- and out of our writer coattails into the ministry that I you know what she's she's a powerful ministers he -- supply at home well. And then you made you the most brilliant move -- entire -- can -- you brought in. Your body. And agree with producer element to it and I think gallantly you know down there before -- -- Langer who wanted to name me just seen this -- just kind of inherited him. I don't know when he showed up with. I just know when he left but that's -- the match -- -- management that was that was the worst time so you kind of cave and at the same time Larry Burton really. Roughly he was an 881. As an expert here right. You run Lindsay yeah they -- -- -- there yet Whitney Houston. Yeah right you're like a college educated me right and as 2000 patriots and talking about last year threats actually. The Celtics have 81. And the 2001 patriots -- All like college teams in many ways you know there was something -- that it was great it was really that. Tony was -- that group went to Bob and yet -- -- -- -- he was marketed I remembered mortgage channel three doing weekends that I Hartford. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we're just talking and I know we're -- for leaking -- -- -- -- -- that went back to news director. It affords that you know an Enron can backed it in the no what's -- thing. Maybe it was in those who did eucharist -- -- -- Mickelson stands there is any problem loans if I had to throw. I gonna do historically was the guy Tim -- again. Nobody was done in Hartford and you know it gigantic huge hockey guys don't have Cuellar stuff down there I know that and he -- there was some playoff game you want to watch but this back before the proliferation of cable. Up my brother Chris who lived in Manchester Connecticut had table he's one of the few communities one of the few people he would do that actually had people were Leon. So I got a call from Adobe say I hear your brother has cable the icing yet because like got to watch this hockey game tonight your brother mind if I come over to his house to watch this hockey game. I call my brother I -- yeah Gabriel rearranged it the problem was my brother had a black and white TV which is about a fifteen inch screen and that's only really had. So here's bill -- of his best friends -- on the floor my brother's house watching a tiny black and white TV season mistaken hockey game. And to this day acutely people that forums where you see if he's big and hockey and a bigger the whalers and down a dead -- we were written to all of you to that of all. People -- -- what made you guys such a great team acted floppies you know the 6 o'clock news used to get well fourteen minutes. You come on and big story that day whether it be the Red Sox -- is our lead story we have Bob -- tell it. Two and a half three minute package about the Marvin Hagler fight for the next big game a whole different world and you know again like -- that -- at the time is right. -- at the time to do stuff that -- No such thing as a package -- ways to go to and a half minutes right right now hold newscast sportscasters to them. That's really made and by the way having something that most people noticed it -- speculator watch Beckett and Aaron is that. I for me it's hard to know even the name of the guy telling me this story. I watch I can watch five different networks and knock on -- zeroed names registering in my mind. As to who they are an anesthetic you really condemning them for lack of style and delivery but. It's just that there's so many oval and they -- so interchangeable. That time now that becomes difficult to. Now again I voted now but back then you only had three guys -- 457 -- and -- three guys in the weekend and -- -- During the week now and I was that was it you know they came -- -- at one of these it was cool about that Tuesday. It was such a competitive marketplace was well without all the social media back at that time if you had a story in connection -- Stewart thanks and -- -- deal with. And at that right now. And so Bob what -- the 6 o'clock. And come back enough to set the first thing would be with what it would. 57. They -- -- to begin at the cowardly that we did -- and everybody was really everybody was one of god and does. Yeah well I totally know what it was big money this is that when and if you've got a story about a trade what they need as the next great great about it. Open and Jim Baker -- Monica -- these people were all like hawks watching every second right -- if you screw ups and get rights that yeah we met more people evaluating. Right let me answer people that was the difference yeah accountability. Yeah I don't and everybody read of course really Jim Craig wrote everybody read it -- the globe and -- -- as well. I've been more like Kansas town he he wrote I appeared to be at immediate working its sports. I would think that -- consultant. All right Jack are great yeah that -- -- he was you know you -- that -- to. Howard Howard Cosell spilled a drink going to be Howard -- saw -- hated him because you wrote something bad about them until it was over here. At -- guard -- -- -- this -- the drink and Jack are you kidding me on that argenbright management about that make them out. And those -- guys like Jack and and acres from the Harold. Where as much a part of what was going on in -- was right it was into the teens. But it was also the media I mean that they are they were harder -- you that you're in the people you work with freedom work we're never seen anything it. They could care less if they and other issues to view it. They're making money -- put that. People we institute Monica Collins and Jim you know -- Jack Reagan. While blah blah nominated in harmony and that this was brutal and it was a building. And really were under an accurate -- it was really uncomfortable. You know in many ways to beat you don't count viewers what is keeping us area company way to. And on a night like this week -- and it's not playing tonight for your feedback. -- off beastly beat down there he would -- the newscast will be live shots all night right my shots on the 11 o'clock afterward that he. You know that was -- with a lot more intense just to return to what we're talking about moments ago this -- -- feel that he's been on hold for ninety minutes on my. Wants to tell us -- teams are Anke I had my do you run. With older gentleman and a pretty good are you. It Canada obviously you know who picked. -- players and the lottery. Like you segregated no it actually prove that this is happening. I think this is reflected in the NFL with Edward and improve -- gonna happen. -- I think also a big part of it is the amount of money that he had you know like when you get a big game player for -- market like Milwaukee Eric you know have off every night. They're really counted they're they all need somebody to organizational benefits. Well -- -- waiting -- his investigated over -- more attendance but. You don't Milwaukee's so. For a but right now. That's gonna take them a long long time to Celtics are set up. And in the best scenario here because they've been blinded up picks now for awhile so it's really what he had to last year David and having that they had some sort of planet look. But to be following and now all these little bit of luck which of big pong balls and and that could really. Accelerate the process and so the. So you know there's been some discussion like that some of these guys whether the a league -- -- market. They may not want to go to Milwaukee. And so they could -- they could make themselves eligible for the draft but at the end of getting picked by the Milwaukee they don't have an agent and they can just a remind them into the back to my team play in the year kansas' only can do that yet and how they could do that restaurant and get stuck on -- Milwaukee for six years that you know. I believe when they see the dollar signs -- contains reminded just trying to get in the NBA can wait till they become free agent meanwhile are making money not spending a sophomore -- in our troops laid -- These dollar signs -- you know you can look like this are that he would everybody -- being pushed her out but I also asked people -- question. -- -- at gulf war. -- I'm sure you met a lot of athletes -- your career not night on the I just want to know where some of the indictment guys you met who on the flip side of some of the biggest jerk -- -- -- -- you a couple of each category. I think it. Guys they're really into it being around people like ML Carr now. And Maxwell and those guys that really and it -- great personality. I'd have to see also hockey players by and large. You know hides -- -- some of those -- -- MacKenzie. On and on for the entire populace. Or certainly you know and it's. Don cherry I'd have to say being around that Jerry was to. -- the greatest not so -- to -- to say that because there's still around and attack and I think he could pretty much figured out baseball players. We'll probably. We -- list. Thought they run that this supplementary form like -- Evans. Used to only be a real tough click OK now let's do what happened. After you retired and everything else you've become pretty good friend Joseph Allen very good friends and I think he's really -- A terrific guy and a whole different story it was a different culturally. You know he was -- your. Kind of fraternity. It was that that culture gap -- You had to be -- it immediately after you got out you kind of like appear real person so that was that the outside of the accident along answered. But you know it is that is some of -- probably learned behavior you come up with a young -- you see -- the -- streets of breasts -- how they treat people. He's sale on its -- -- to do it. And after awhile like it might have -- case he definitely changed as a player -- -- disagree with me that there was absolutely. -- he was tough you know and I was talking a lot of nice people now -- Do anything anyway you know the thing -- light -- getting to meet you have to let me get Jim Rice I'm -- right on the West Hollywood they weren't that far behind absolutely right actually. Yeah and now they might go inside you number one right and I don't I do with -- you think there is enough to think back right I mean you're writing to you guy Billy -- the fact it is I've always on July few. And and I got it back and recognize that more often. -- it right walked away and right right size that you couldn't get a guy you're talking through in the old days I fight tonight by -- full black so you can do these units and you've posted the guys you know. You mentioned ML -- never liked them out right. How -- likely be the guy by him. I was the that was me what I five I get -- by. -- you -- -- on the plight of the story we can't wait till after the break. Ultimately like -- down you've got these these hot commodities up and wanna advertise their goods services. Cut to commercial break when he -- and its updated for office prospering you know we -- -- -- it through to break okay you were down fifty greatest products were dirty water Friday I wanna hear his story cars there's dirty water brush demanded. No way to guard can visit our. At this thing. And it musica. The greatest -- that topic -- -- -- Bob LaBelle -- fair weather I don't want only that he makes at -- beat John viewers coming and joining us we're gonna give him a hard time we'll be right back. Where. Oh yes. Winners so back. This is what you Corey Perry for a dirty water Friday said. Because you don't know we we start doing so last month and it's been great. Folks down here to see you reached. Lovely ladies and people on the way to the on the way to the Celtics game at the garden tonight as it's about the return of -- -- Former Soviet heroes because KG snot out of the knicks got a bad back. But Bible -- -- here. He's got fresh chicken fingers. As only degrees markets served you know like you don't need some money so they're great. You know let's narrow like some sort through and from what Bobby had about 70 yeah I don't know it you know excellent -- believe there weather's here and done pretty well that -- I complementing the music that he picked. Didn't think here's what sent -- reluctant to supposedly because he's had an analytical look at it now these figures bigger -- Dick Raddatz bankers remember Dick Raddatz right. You know the monster we're human at least in the -- but -- Probably -- like a couple of them so that's it. A -- here and let you were starting the story if you went to break about how. You. You ready begs one of the nicest people of all of the media. Got ML Carr fired. Products that's good that's -- -- right now dynamic that guard by the government but. -- itself -- get there related I want to some notes. And I saw him out just walking down. As we sat down they'll exactly and these. We started talking about Tina. Okay because that you know push him aside with him you know and now with this you know -- million dollars and didn't want to do anything differently. -- So I started talking about him John -- and and he is Ream -- I couldn't stop by and said. And elements or human bones and again the chance that we can't you run the fact that they just know. I call up my desk that I got them here in Munich games or it's something I and implement smoke right I wrote it. We ran it next stated how would blow that it. Got a call the next month. The problem wasn't even high enough press yet. And it's my sports that are 730 in the money I don't get calls from the death of them there in the mind I think they've worked out. Did and the just get -- Gas and with the New York. -- -- -- -- And the story okay. What what he said what he says he said he's he's no good and he just. He hated it he make president bluntly you rip them up and down -- And you know. You've -- its job -- didn't get along. You know that was that it would you like -- in the exit right so we know you'll Islam meanwhile he's supposed to be the president that you write well it was going to be anymore he took that I -- right. I wrote it and he gets my right and I felt terrible football guesstimate -- some -- -- -- And I called in the midwest and then now right and this and that growth get along with an ambulance -- and now I feel so bad. I I can't believe this happened -- -- my sports that -- hit me right. He said let -- they'll feel that I've been one in the say that through long. That maybe feel better and would be in good friends -- the sense that you know as we seek -- you know we talked about it. He's always upbeat -- When that column that. I mean I when I'm writing I don't think it's gonna land land him gaskins lap the next morning in New York but yeah. It was an explosive I can't I did you know that that's why I wanted given -- that you say that party to me. As opposed I get it -- -- not getting pay out. So you know -- -- that. -- -- around who knew exactly what he was well yeah you know made in play for someone asked him about that you know I have a good guys up. And all your news channel four but what we're supposed are comfortable story that you ever had a break and he was there. That was it went wil Cordero whacking his wife's telephone Aviv what was it what was the one you recruitment service. I have the NAFTA thing I have to think it was -- -- off that we perished in the FedEx. Delivery to them at the western. At least begin a -- They all they got edited I still do. But you know it. And it was the third. Tighten that -- that Chelsea acquiring broke this thing like this young lady yeah. I don't know W it tough for you Thomas who broke it was tough to accomplish. Yet they're -- either way it there have to report something sometimes it's real -- over and Ricky -- Lewis off collapsing. Yeah that was -- guys. Who was over I've got a phone call -- office. Had the -- of course knowledge that I was done that this was playing basketball it recognizes about board in afternoon. And he said it's at Celtic now. When a basketball as it is the Celtics. I think it's ridiculous but I'm not sure. So you know we get calls like yet -- -- we don't know. Not gonna go on your -- that -- can verify that I can't say there was a forewarning that don't need -- collapsed during a practice a little bit playoff game vs. Right right here right now Downey show. You know we'll -- Went over there. And purposes that that was. It was hot who's not reporting -- was enough importing Norman Levy day I would yet -- -- -- every now. -- you know like the worst was that way I'd have to say the worst. Covering the girls -- waved his rehab and all that stuff. And going to Chicago and doing him in his apartment on it. It's time now assists -- -- -- you must -- time to lunacy. Yeah that OK there's another witness the right down the list I was. He was. The last one I talked about was really. -- you know. You know according it was a the other real may have won had wanted to go in America -- pictures -- you know that they're putting like now. Right that. And identity -- it was it was when he buys him there you go you had a ball attitude on this she's got -- -- that. Well you know I met them -- does not. You know all the good little over the next couple it was a my question might think it will -- like no we it's not I don't follow that was it in the pre show -- this and nobody. I don't would you put -- television restless Grady Little happened before he left that Paco Martinez and that accounts. That was the worst piece of news -- -- when you -- a lot of these tough moments. The truth of the matter is that Aaron. And in the eighties was so great in the time that you and -- Allen and change when he was here for the -- -- -- -- my -- was that say it was a lot of fills up. Ask the question is more popular he walked off that. When was that well. I have noticed that it balances that -- sense that that was such a great. Entity that ended up doing that documentary on the whole the media. -- -- point you know the one that it shows that if you block for -- -- -- that we had -- time it quickly that was done in this area. With a ten championship being played at a morning. I think it is I had one ripped a -- In 2000. What was your right. Was asked to not come back to work with that I had it just ahead and all we -- we. Who knows that if you're gonna work. We're yeah -- a decade of -- but at that -- the book unwritten. It was yeah it was if it's the whole song was gonna do the same song about. The next generation. Who was going on since the Super -- 2001. Blob blob blob yeah and doing it's trying. I had him -- background. This guy girl interrupted -- -- the girls are v.s and it gives a text message we come back problem belt built there -- many bags at Mike yet -- here we'll get your balls. I know you've been on hold votes I promise and get -- right after this break your planet Mikey I didn't that the greatest bar. We're back. But back to the greatest market ready -- Celtics -- Brooklyn tonight -- course that he's gonna be starting at any moment here. And all the folks and -- gathered before the game. Have a good time -- greatest part 262 Bradstreet to -- fair weather is here the great bottle bill and that let him make the old aunt Sarah be Sarah. What do techsters saying right now. We only get off of tax one box on the show I know. -- highly disciplined here I usually taxing criticize you guys a lot but tonight I have to say this is -- radio and love listening to this story. But we do have a question for. When did you point -- how come we can't have players like that after showing highlights of past players. What year was that evening -- whoever the whoever traded Jeff Bagwell. We're Larry Andersen and bat well enough but the Houston Astros rookie year and it was obvious just -- a wide stance that he was the worst back -- the rest tonight so -- than lukewarm and we were good friends that I think he kind of knew that. You didn't like it yet yet aware that got Russell Brian does not like that though with the capital we can't get by just being an. That you're at it -- the players have known that category actually thought you guys have been a caption that well listen to grow up tonight this. I didn't and a big win doesn't matter now they're all over the place yeah I mean that's you know. Joseph Thornton. There variety and -- name it it doesn't matter what ultimately did use the most which -- it. With -- it baseball don't forget that I. -- certainly don't like him if they think this stuff. You know the stuff that really stick that -- thing an analyst with much more fired. When he yawkey trust was running the show is right and you know you really want to stick and I think those that. Meant he. I'm Elizabeth good it felt bad for the -- like. Yeah it was a nice runs. We're class sweetheart apartments. It you know he had that when they had the yet but Dawson acquisition which wasn't particularly pretty but Lewis who is what these guys that we love to. As a person -- great guy. You know we had great. You know that he had Iraqi demonstrators. In Houston that was tequila. The Houston owner -- that it was an eight player I'm player deal that he was sending Clemens member of the Red Sox now from Houston. It was not about victory since an eight player deal on blockbuster it was done. Except that he's -- donors said. No you do have a government a couple of players -- was one of Bagwell I don't know I had a question -- you know -- I think it made me lose but but I. No I think they were guys that we're fairly. -- back then Clemens of course was the big news. Yeah well what are we talking about what would you lie. Even Paul Hackett -- thank -- for 98 reflected. I don't know. Late eighties when -- -- -- -- the night running it like going left at ninety after the 96 season that I -- you know they really don't you know anything about it says. Hook he's out there and look at you know right. Probably the thing that the -- good or -- you have been sending repeated I was Jonny Moseley and AMP. Her you know I've loved seeing blue head -- and nobody -- I have BP wanted to they. Not being able to hear what was going on here are much better shot on television on the VIP that you really feel lost when you know where you're -- what's next -- -- what you're right the worst part of. But that's what that might VIP. What happened two or 32 delay -- they act be without the other real time in the video was beyond satellite. Right now it's so badly that he felt so. You hear yourself. He talked and make it yourself that you talk -- -- -- -- and again and it had been inactive like. If you could have had tremendous concentration your focus now. Which had neither side because they've got it really happy out which -- a signal of the people in the group that's not true. Really well -- viewers are great TV station where he would have big problems I worked for eighties he had a frequent where they go to alive double box at the finish line of the marathon. It's Libya would be -- remarks of a criminal you salvaged is but -- and he would get ready they you know they take it it would. -- that way. You know -- a -- puts on that on the use of yeah maybe got written yet Hyde Park how privileges. I just press -- button right here. We gets his high tech thing is on a computer. -- Ricky and Hyde Park for a hundred. I. Oh Larry -- what's up my guard Gilbert highest form of a man. Yeah night vision I can't you you know and I a lot of play on the I think I've been good you know -- Yeah I just about black mark wouldn't get in the door. That's what happened. If you're -- no way Abraham -- play and you'll you'll a couple of topical -- right straight -- you know like you're -- you're -- really unique way. And you were talking about how do we work -- well I I don't know what the I can't say I've -- -- -- -- or opposite opt out verbally. That money could distribute out we. I'm sorry I mean you'd you'd get people that it's low salaries -- he would appear on -- I like called me and can't on this Brantley. But how proud that -- my grandparents who want to do what was right. On board the coaches that you LA man -- He sure that they put the -- -- that money turned -- sleep and to act as. You know -- who's to say you're wrong because they all got a one handed man. There as a nickname. Go back to 67 committee said I'm -- -- give Laporte who was like. The biggest iPods that had at that moment he was the nicest guys that you could ever miraculous does still -- but he no he wasn't making big money. Like I told him an -- -- -- forty years groundskeeper apparently thought great it's like -- met almost and he did you know. McClintock yeah. Don't foreign. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They'll learn -- and I know they were they would like regular. Guys that are at stake you know what it just it all exploded I don't. Wesson holding the money with -- treatment that went along with it but I suppose it was the money that demanded that. That respect or whatever it was way over that time. The money happened so quickly to a beverages in in late seventies we head of the government being on the radio station appearance in the fifth Cunningham came up. To via the radio witness and he showed up at -- beat up old Buick. I mean this thing was little old you know. He's a junk car and I my thought was well he's an NFL players in the twilight yet but let's not forget with the salaries were backed it. But these guys I mean to him PlayStation loses what about the yes nor have I started -- visit me for God's sake we had a my listeners ability to -- in the break now. Most of them and he said he visited the canyons you were the thirteenth stage dad yeah arson -- that tower that -- would travel further than that signal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't even know what it looked like a -- -- you know I could -- arms. So like winners and -- the radio stations assigns -- a bit of a cow -- station. The statistics that the prisoners everything in the middle of a cup -- and -- sciences. If the house get loose called Chester and had his number up there I'm big on history. Without Florida there in the middle of the field and they all got you all religiously. You know I had the middle of the field that -- down this guy reports. Never get him in the -- these great it's great is that -- yeah that's probably overnight rate and you don't think it. Instead I just had bubble -- my cat he was that he was just yet we didn't go over a five it was a very entertaining night. Ahead so we get a little state of the Celtics now I I've I've been saying -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- scored their second the Boston Bruins I'd been saying. That I don't have -- is Michael wouldn't get -- -- maybe get the guy we wanted the of the day. I. -- had -- by the way after they they'll talk about how we have a problem with the good defense. They shut about last night too often. No problem whatsoever I say they get the good goaltender and a good back of goaltending at the best coach in the NFL and they don't hope it's a real good forwards. I predicting right now with -- all you guys here it's going to be to Bruins against the ducks in the finals you're confident. It -- you can is NHL leader in shout -- this season business execs -- -- them. It that he's not doing all by himself so. Well received an Oakland game. The east -- than a week to get Pittsburgh Montreal in the Brooks you know pick -- -- -- -- hit by Montreal I don't know what I think Whitney who knows whether they. You know holding some real -- insiders deep cover guys know whether they got. The players are not the players what the differences between the defense that they didn't get elder who wherever that was. From Vancouver. But I think he directly from ball effectively won three years ago two years ago. Takes a little edge off if you don't get is desperate no Guinness -- don't know deny it of course they would like you know a clever of them to what. I think the Bruins now actually play a lot like any keys the that they used to boost from all the time -- -- -- -- -- Played with X wagon like the end of the day we know we're gonna be one way or the other right -- that the Bruins have that a little bit and I think it's something else. Nobody talks about when Brady's gonna leave worry you know people like Garnett appeared to Islam when -- you run going to be out. Tinkering with the -- how many more years. I'm really not looking forward to this to the brewers franchise without -- And I never thought I'd say that when he came here means. That was surely speaks signing and look how dominant -- -- become for this for intensity he created a whole system that the recently around him defensively. We had LP on the show here last week yeah he said look. Don't be surprised if that was. What Claude Julien did with Canadian Olympic team win at that round Robin. The games how he knew how they became more defensive team shut everybody down all the political -- to clutch -- didn't have a big -- to do that and I think. As long as the Bruins and Ciara and now have rats and have those other guys. From the defenseman -- who were who were solid guys -- think which shut him -- A crew and is a practicality but they've also got great defensive forwards increased. Bergeron. Chris Kelly in the camera guys who you keep -- -- so tough to beat right but in Canada in a seven game series -- They don't you know here's the -- but the fact do what they want it. Yet rabbit out there at him Thomas. The last time I thought it was in this bar and it was upstairs. Get dirty water from the interview with him gone too -- before the the greatest run that many players now which I really. I have to say that nobody ever played greater respect to drive any sport in town who had promised it. Look at it we couldn't do that this time now that's not to be yet do it he's not going to do that nobody was then. Baghdad is next -- night the Milan Italy it was a -- -- I'd run. That Thomas as a closer in this doppler -- yeah and I had announced aggregate. -- but it really didn't Kara I mean he's he's. He's lost deceptive announces that I think it's time about 837 we talked about -- window we don't need gyros window Dartmoor about the patriot. But he's not on its -- and you know it is still you know had to buy a big one out but he has had nights. Off a bad night but it this way maybe didn't have been through a few years yet but is just not having to get him fired if he did -- Oh yeah that. Again I mean right and Lanny -- in that. Yes but doctors download anybody want to fire -- That poisoned poisoned -- over here and I don't know. -- -- -- see I -- apologize for Barack were white rule for quote because what he restated sound of you know I mean every candidate oak Moody's looks like you know. Early in The Three Stooges analysts up. He's a tremendous coach who has somehow got this team the point where you want to talk about balanced attack they they don't have anybody with a high point totally don't have that one or two guys that are. Run up -- a point now they shared share alike but they win they win they win it is up to their professionalism. About the -- it all starts with defense and works its way forward and use it. They're the guys could play it both ways that you know we talk about having a lack of defense the -- the front like you played by effectively. Guided -- give enough credit to this team let's not forget them when things really turned around. It in -- -- in that front office meant something yes I agree that -- -- you who haven't I -- you millions. Stepped into an area and I think a lot of people that they keep with that you can do you know. Well has his way they're on the pressured -- tonight -- -- -- it a couple of years ago great the way they want it long wait now that. In the last year so close so close. There's nothing left but women now. So I don't I don't think the fans that content it's like I you've got a good musically I think last year. They lost to Chicago. And I think it wasn't that. That are built the -- are hiding your lives I think most of you know I mean I don't think -- was -- I agree with Bob -- now what am -- bitter -- yeah I don't know what happened in the run and I also think if there's just not that. -- -- The patriots first when there's that global pressure -- you know. They were desperate Red Sox desperate. Yeah Celtics desperate well village. Desperate I don't think -- I don't think any of these teams are desperate now but I'll let let let that they know it's kind of Obama put the path to Red Sox that -- -- -- Hit it pretty soon so -- You really content with them the Red Sox who whenever why it now on the seat and the question. It and not much of what the answer -- yes it. Quote it. Coaches get a gold medal. I have been told me the coaches did not hit anyone I've heard news about that brought -- did not vehicle miles. That frequently I know that you know the -- they get a ring they -- rate. You don't get -- open dialogue with the I was listen guys probably do what they're talking about there you go that would have to finance the players. Evidently with the the the women's -- Need I got to start the conference I don't get a they'll get a man caught up with that. That was talk about losses at the polls yeah I don't know if they bought an open net -- I losses -- and that was. -- been a prime time. So live prime time that would want to men's team you know -- high profile that they Yugoslavia and then Stevens. And a conspiracy to act just used the word -- you know I'm beginning these teams are desperate but I can have a from the standpoint it. For a lot of years the Red Sox -- and now for a lot of years -- this desperate wasn't always good definitely keep tight you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look at the Sox wanted one more once a lot of people -- -- -- my old very anything anything's possible now you know. What are you married you have appeared in you'll get a lot of -- has groomed and you know all the time. I'm right -- you're telling me they come in here. And anything less than the proper windy here they gonna say OK I'll let this one go through at the last two games that well lately it's good to you from my standpoint and it's coming quick immediate but somebody also want. What -- and somebody the rooms in. By the back and lasting years what do -- memorable. All right I remember that being 71 note that he -- -- -- You wind up and down over the Montreal that -- all the time being -- that theory. Moment I remember the most in in to this point in my life and my favorites what's moment ever. -- -- game seven against Toronto last year now you know wanting me to go down. Boy to with a minute ago big in this season's over and a lot of seats type of business and all that it is that but that was really a magical moment. But by the that the ten year stretch -- they won a cup they went to another company ultimately down or up to be not that he is the flyers lose in the series. Up against the captain didn't overtime in the first round. Losing in the first round -- in overtime to block it wouldn't go. So even though they've had some success in last in the defeat in the first round -- an area but in Baghdad read your enemy and so. In -- and more of the first round knockout in the -- down -- the Montreal. When they -- and gulf war so could easily have happened that year I mean in 2011. So I'm kinda sitting here going sure it's like this -- club. I should he wants and get past that first round. -- you know you're Philly then it. Maybe desperate is the right word and act like I think it is and I am leaning toward the front office starved they're less. Likely. To pull the trigger. I'm gonna gamble. And then they are. That the kind of sit with what they have. -- what I did they pull the trigger in the offseason. That. It immediacy. Mean that's not a desperate by the way down a couple of 62 point -- mean. -- -- -- it yet and out of the playoffs boy no more than at any moment yeah as one model that runs through my. Have -- not gonna move out of desperation and it that it moved it to -- listen. It's not your kind of player that it was just -- one -- player yeah. But well he's having a good idea -- Well yes you know these players this -- -- thinking of that -- closing on the city wasn't to be thirty when it was still if you're going to be. He's been very hard and I -- trying to make it -- yeah that would nothing good. Now -- I don't know if you were there this is our -- on what desperation and that long drought I think it is in 1986 World Series there were -- -- walking around. You know. After game six with scientists at 98 it was a fluke you know stuff like that painful stuff. After game six -- -- you you'll probably the same group of media because of the TV station -- behind home plate waiting to run out on the field. As the Red Sox are winning games six and were all gathered there to be different the most historic Red Sox moment ever captured on videotape. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's over and -- like games over everybody's just like he'd been shot. And here comes Christie Brinkley holding her baby coming out that we -- Mets fan or whatever. We want we want -- here's the Boston media and I hear from the back of the media somebody to back the -- -- -- -- It's been Christie Brinkley like you know she's just the girl right I she's a bottle she's like -- and put that in the back would help -- Because here we got a lot of field -- interview Gary Carter who he Wilson instead of the that the finally triumph the -- side that was maybe the most all. Because the story and story OK after that game. After. You know wouldn't live shots now I. -- was on NBC and we were in BC affiliate. So. -- I don't stand out there and you say well they're not coming out and on -- morning. That was if you're good enough at at exactly what I said that it today. And after that this. That was when you brought acres down in the news anchors down that events yes if that proves he shared yourself and camera guys that. We wouldn't the hard rock cafe downtown New York. Well around there. And get thrown out the hard rock why well because. It was really my problem. Well as well as well it can't you know -- who would dare I heard a big chance. To -- You know what dude I didn't I didn't start can't look back in the bartenders -- don't you that. You know -- to keep you went through the united okay -- sorry. -- -- -- members later. I couldn't buy the election there was nowhere to be seen. Except you was down. They never -- -- down below the bar area. So I start again down and he said that's yet he popped up you're out of here. -- -- Look at doing okay. It's noted that if I thought well that's -- Jack to get it -- deactivated and went abroad. And then. They we got out we -- yeah that type we -- any kind of before the count on expectation you know if they win the when a man -- sentence but outside of which there was that knowledge could -- I was just like that's us here on heartfelt emotion united mature now we boot. When when the Mets won at all remember going and -- -- locker room records reflect the funeral right now I'm looking at her from looking at that -- -- it sounds vacancy right. Anymore. Bobby Ojeda with with the Mets. And right and notes -- -- like three amigos youth group which is for you to reflect back and he walked in. And he's not cry yes no way to say and he's just like the way of iPhone and talk to guys Leo he was -- Grind it helps a bet that those personal -- and Bosnia you know thoroughly tested. -- is not good under control and you know she's that poor guy had a brilliant crime after his buddies died -- quote. Yeah. Yeah it was part of wanna listening is that Indians -- you know. Analysts -- that Alfred. If you -- thank you guys in the past violent -- you immediately get and is it you know what he's got Bryant and we have yet all the video we remember Bobby Jones Bryant make them yeah you know there's. -- just when you he. Meetings it we have Bible Belt down here at the greatest bar along with Billy farewell herself on the night. But sent by the I was quite frankly I Dexia actually. Allies of -- Carter you want to cry about that -- -- Beazer when he makes -- -- John furiously appeared but it will be right back after this quick break. Live dirty water Friday at the greatest bar you know we're back you know that's a great -- -- don't show -- -- as far as you know -- back. And it which to me feels like extra -- vacation time. -- -- theories that are in the house he's going to be awhile and oregano -- -- -- -- typecasting parts negate -- -- acting career. You know it's but every single time John viewers -- passed. And it people the or you know the brotherhood of law and order it's always an Italian guy I've worked at -- -- like you know our goal it it. Run guys kind of feel bad formula -- -- in The Sopranos it's a classic way to. Guys on it yeah yeah. Rosalind John Travolta and today companies that electric -- and I equipment before they grow up and I said -- John you know you're one of the three famous people that died on the toilet you know it is pulp fiction. He gets shot -- that we haven't done it John. John fury courses and The Sopranos and toilet and Elvis. -- -- -- -- So -- certainly big company. But then throughout say that you exactly. Leaving the toilet when they were all sitting down nation a little he stumbled out yet always humble guy on this -- And he almost got shot on the Elvis fell forward to walk onto the open area one of saint. This this moves who bought this has got nothings who I delegate -- -- guys right. That's the Mets Atlanta -- lavender. Really this conversation right well we don't interviews it's the norm for -- I think. Bottle bill here in the house and it grocery store reached TV career now here at the bit -- -- -- results -- The masters yeah things that you write -- energy Joey. And woke up what -- they collect. Larry flick and I surely Scott we're all in the second -- that happens to bad weather and I didn't and there was no announcement without. They have editor editor of that yet so -- it. And very collected. That was quite Larry illiquid and honor he was from them and that's unbelievable. New if you know about Larry black -- Likely to have the best that many great in so many legendary guys. Radio guys I know from that -- that. You know you need Maynard Maynard. But no major radio can't get a candidate that idea argues that song you know. Apparently just upscaling up and the value as the greatest of the -- Eddie -- them any. We wouldn't even be doing what we -- -- like that he was the first guy that. They're made this possible if you have any great lustrous an -- he asks -- what exactly. The most I want every you know what I yeah actually yeah -- like you I did now I did I really thought that he was. It was great and -- in many ways and I am fortunately in a -- Just like the stuff never happened to -- happen to somebody else I just happen to be there and watched it I felt like an out of body experience I ever played golf with your dad's. That's less property that's the name dropper but it wasn't really -- he was somebody else that look like -- but they haven't played with my clubs. But you know we would have been. Her -- while ruining our great effort didn't you play tennis with congress that the garden yet okay I have. Those things only they only night legal against -- -- it yeah. Yeah well I don't relative you know I was amazed I was an era participatory. You don't want to sports sacred -- -- -- -- bag anything and it ably as. With actors that if you implement those kinds at a time -- you know what. We've resolved fairly that would that would. We talked about it we have recently said he -- -- -- he did I hated them I know. Use it for good reason tonight that could never beat him and I mean I mean everything's before. But Denny you know sort of I think personally I don't know are always -- you know him that the Akbar was still I couldn't get you fact he had it. He was compared to him and he couldn't -- asked what the first series it. I just gave up trying to beat him it's no sign -- that the myself. Yeah that's the old you know Leo cliche you know of possible shoes to fill -- yes -- he has wasn't mr. speaker. Personality either wasn't blind guy you know the greatest yes well those covered home plate with -- right every I love that death because he never showed that kind of the most yeah -- -- -- -- -- when he walked up. When he left the -- it. I mean if Viacom you know poignant moment when he went around yeah the field now. We really has been -- -- this is a great part of that I mean it's and I talked to my kids about this now with. You yet retired in 83. I was born in 62. So my whole life. -- look at it 67. You know you'll know much and you five. But I remember at least the sense of everybody talking about is one guy in the books that came out if we could enable it something that was -- -- Who you know is that it was like to -- five. These larger than life you know then I'm like junior college. And he's retirees like my whole life yet they never knew the Red Sox without. Without yes -- I don't know what put you on it wasn't a thirteen year stretch. -- -- you know and to this -- you're asked gas 67 and say something like this. Well of course it's going to watch this. -- the ball club -- republic so -- don't agree you know quote mr. -- article career I was healthy most -- once. -- wobble snippets of -- you know because yes. It is always a kind of let's bring -- it would certainly hear that. Lewis' the community better and better but it sounded like supplies donated ten billion even though you from mile Long Island potato farmers -- no matter what so special big as -- -- next day ticket supports -- You know editorial -- -- off -- -- better and better. Yeah it has -- grandson now. -- aren't trying to make you Aurilia give them Diaz on the -- you know anti I really do people in front of them they finally can -- leader Jimmy Fund at duke -- Leone in front of anonymity he left his ass off it was great. I get embarrassed to would be imitation of somebody when they're there to -- -- make little hole yeah major career around it. Like little and is resonating people going on a team that gave me a dirty look when there is imitate him -- -- that -- it was a roast for somebody who is always rose. You know what's going on that there beforehand you certain you'll hit on -- -- bank of what happens next game and priesthood -- -- -- reasonable that sort of rehab I have a group and physical barriers and we've got. There's before you. Is that Mikey gets committed against the -- about legal guys maybe got chip in north -- chipper are you there. A little bit about chips they're. Well we want to bother with immediately and thank you very much. And drive had been acting talent that story about being in the -- -- you pick and and I would get I would -- I would -- right across you -- jacket that oh my god. Who worry that I'll never forget no -- I didn't get it happened late in the -- and did not factory line. The problem Jack though even that stereo. But ultimately -- and he wouldn't it -- that we went with the president rightly ought to turn to a if you're here in let's go back to make it you know he's -- class is being and he stood up. Pot and are in the whole place won't. Many burned it was somewhat an awful lot when I come from behind the bar and saying you know with them in then. He's got a -- and oils and and and you know like. Five and that this has ordered a drink in -- worn down and he got another chance and needed you don't. Thought it. Yeah it was it was like great great moment. Who went left at a feel like you're the first person that I've never talked to -- there and admitted it. I would never admit it you know. We probably all what we get out alive we are we were I have is that we think guys are hard to dictate how we almost got into a fight outside yes thank god help me back. Applause and New York in New York joys of the through -- so bad gonna happen but I'll stand down if that World Series at 3 o'clock in the morning I don't before game six the night before whenever. I hear the shooting. Not shooting outside my hotel window -- -- out. But there's two guys Jason public I would go to the parking lot did not live there -- -- untouchables. Shooting over the clarity to. -- down it was like. I -- New York. But it was a -- and it had to put up and it has bought by the F that it it it as a play -- really glad you called a miracle that coincidental I brought that up that's unbelievable it was an amazing site. I'd never tell that story you know what it's amazing. You have a good night but -- -- I think 6177797937. Or at the greatest bar for the greatest radio broadcasts are we don't agree anyway so what's another -- and I wanna work. We are you John Fiore in here you sopranos fame. To join us for the last segment with Bible Belt it really fair weather and Lenny megs and syrupy and -- -- -- we'll be right back with the greatest part come -- it. Yes tonight that's right we're tied down here where they were tonight. Rocket -- It's planet Mikey show degrees are. But it what is known now and it's a award winning year -- -- they -- award winning what awards to be one well. I want them -- award eight years ago that's the -- my money to do about the perfect radio show. -- -- up and hold -- -- -- realizes how many Manchester Connecticut sports all the things. I mean that nobody else does it says that was old dog fights cancer and they'll buy it if John fury as far as this public -- And -- and it really fair weather and John Fiore for those who don't know it most -- do. Played -- -- guy -- Estonia. The capital. He crap while it is capita crap -- to Egypt -- applicable to duty be fruity apples routes that the company like that did it. In this sopranos which was a pretty good series is really good -- -- some people watched it. I don't know watched it remember until about an episode guide him through it but now here's the thing and this is why this is a killer because. -- against type casting. In any way shape -- -- you know people have me you know I cast a clown an element journalist as a mobile. About you and here I got this. Is that you know you can about it as a notice yeah I agree now. -- -- -- Jesus don't -- it in law and order you -- Tony Arafat's. Yes the Guiding Light you're PV -- -- -- -- -- brotherhood -- Alfonse those -- not Fred met the king guys out Atlanta's the Italian. And it and those are your big series rolls big recurring things. But just to show that you were completely typecast in your other movie a rewrite of here. -- you you played that statement -- to lead the brother of new development pollute your might Thomas or CD Joey Rizzo. -- -- Jack bought land though a guy named mr. Owens or you'll be. -- bust a rally I don't know what that is just something and you played some other dude named Lorenzo. Are you feeling kind of like -- pigeons are. Little bit maybe -- -- we -- one time that -- again I mean that's where it got bill Sullivan. I don't think that there are great spiritual marriage where you got that epic battle in public wrong. I swear if you have any lines out -- Sullivan. -- parable. Yeah well you know of course my equipment back so like do which show is that it was called on them are that would reach Suu Kyi and it would help you -- one line and -- -- -- line that they let a lot of drinking bill Sullivan you don't look like yeah. So it's not done you know he's worked with some big names you know like Julia Roberts but you had the you've had your moment -- that you thought was going to be the big moment for you. Where you've got that. That actual dialogue heavy dialog exceed what Robert -- meet the parents right yeah it's this man. Really it was ecstatic at the wrong that's. You got screwed up that body you know I remember I went to the -- -- them all by myself only -- -- I got my open. But I thought -- I Cote sat back -- I've -- that it did the seats come on up and it was quick and you know was in there but it was truly abbreviated. It's all of them back. Now people and edited parent you picked the wrong -- you spoke out just talked about back to the theater -- Fire up with your popcorn out deficit is that as long as an awful play is actually earlier today it's in the event of on the fourth floor fundraising and we talked about it yet. England got the from the document view the World Cup in Brazil now. If -- in the yet the movie Tom Hanks movie the chip that you know it's she is a quality captain -- tested Phillips wretched when he lines of the home. What kind that are -- it's -- the -- it was a woman that movie will you know haven't had a whole thing with the bold and the caption it became. You know the magnitude of the movie. That they had to get rid of all you know the stuff at the beginning of getting to know captain phillips' family politics she was captain Phillips daughter. Every twenty lines of dialogue you know I didn't have time again and it should -- large rallies and I Love -- -- every -- at -- -- Internet director Tony you know you come on -- radio -- with live music that -- negative yet what are did you actually believer yet -- that's well that's -- you -- really say that all the time the united explanatory -- captain bill. And importantly it you know I don't they have the Somalian took it over -- another Somalia gathers give all the -- companies broke. I'm setting up the east side I had wanted to lines on surveillance tape and equipment -- up. A long time ago. Probably Els -- Bob and you're going to be had not recent but you know I wanna ask you as media we've recovered to -- -- so far. And patriots season is is well over but let's just briefly while we're also here on sports vote. Talk about the -- we attackers -- last ninety's it was emphasizing the fact. That this pitching staff is very very deep but he's concerned about them scoring enough runs to get them what's your assessment of congress won't come -- Every and I think they probably did you know. Building your bullpen is really the key -- everything in the states and I think if they. They get that so I think that they've put themselves again and contending position. -- duplicate the comebacks. That they had last year I don't think so against possible you know it was wonderful kind. Does that mean that there's not that. When it's not no I don't think it does but I'm descended and have to figure out some other way to do it tries -- can't do with a simulated. Doesn't even the greatest recite -- we remember had a longer road losing streaks of three games they didn't lose more than three games like yours which is remarkable I've talked radically it was it. Even a 78 sucks and it's awful period because after the Yankee massacre and so on so forth where they. They had a win eleven of their last twelve to climate that playoff game so you don't the streak you just so you wanna stay well. Don't know what to I don't know what you can do for an encore after that. Last year I -- what's possibly you know. We were just down their loved him in what you get I think what I can get I -- your bullpen is solid and I think it's even stronger than it was the you know things have room happening guys like knob and car -- Gomes in. Victor -- I don't CIA can come back and clearly can take care Ellsbury in center field defensively. You know gonna replace the 52 stolen bases no no way no house they got to figure out something else you know. -- -- I think they'll figure something out I I'm on the drew guy I'm sorry I think you are I am definitely Uga and I. I really I every day I looked at him by phone -- see -- thing. You know so Red Sox like to see if they sign -- because I think. I think he's a key guy. You know I defensively of course you know Pedroia loves working with a but he had an awful votes nationally yet but I want to name and I event. Did you know the rose -- -- in terms of defense and the double plays. They were the reasons homework. Left was because he couldn't turn a double play that basically it with this guy. He's a great player. Bad mostly a case of he comes back by some miracle you know now that some of the waters on the -- -- and it's gonna changes -- as he dose of whatever he does get. Respect don't you kind of retard the growth of of Bogart's potentially -- -- yeah I can understand that no. Assistant you know this isn't a training camp from the start playing regular season you're playing a regular season training camps over it does not a tryout. So -- -- you know there's a better shortstop which is to play it over to the better third baseman Richie is that he should be playing. The other guy mr. -- I don't know what you're good -- it with him mr. Dell and it's got a lot of options he's -- a lot of options yeah. -- back thing in this specimen I know victims you know it's terrific player blah blah but that's. And the UC. Here again and I have proper credit is one of those caught warrants all the planes in saying you know we're -- weeded out in the he would come begging -- right yeah so -- You know they you have the option and make overs but I. I don't believe that put them out here to learn the position. I think if -- go out you better know that this well I mean he's supposed to already kind of know it coming up through the minor league ranks just like it's harder today. -- -- -- It was really sketchy on the whole left side of the infield. Offensively both -- well you know yeah. That's what it's all about that we've seen over and over you know middle Brooks a lot of pressure on him right. Sorry for us -- I mean he is man went out of position if you haven't taken back -- be you know. Odd man out. The of the Dave -- that it's a home run. Who -- accidentally there was goes wolf with three to -- field one. Looted error in one place you have right. Same date Bo got and he's been hearing spoke that's what steps since the playoffs and I don't bring the present limited through. But the thing that all of a sudden because he's a player and -- gals that work. I think that by the same token I think the conscientious kid -- like the kids. I'd like to see -- was pulled from. While with -- went back through my reflection why he's got a personal thing now not that a romantic split happened it will mostly Shiite cities now they're trying to and -- job invoke that with all the talk. And all the -- well like judge Joseph Biden is right Jackie Bradley was -- -- regional that they would do its wares via I think we saw some good stick work through here. So before getting hurt some pretty unity him. Outward about his defense I think I going to his left. Karl Rove goes to his left better than I -- -- this guy it's like the balls -- him before even kind of except for smoke. I am more concerned that defensively and offensively. Bill. And we talked about this at least if it well that is not what you needed to be definitively. Now I get two guys who week on the left side and you keep it at some points and -- -- they enforce it million figure I think there's that ship has sailed right through it. Maybe not so let's go to the Bob Hope they'll call on the American League east standings at the end of the year I and I just think that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why not when -- 8293 games. What's what's wrong bat and just that you don't know everybody's that's the the top division it is ran out of my -- NFL east. It's -- you know via the Orioles be better to shoot tutorials going to be a lot of had undergone for -- -- -- here's the deal. How come performance enhancing drugs are -- football but not in baseball. In the it's like in football. And we've read this. Argument nobody cares in football right baseball. Eventually they'll stop caring someday but it bounces stop caring it's going to be that -- Miller -- Lawrence. It would nobody nobody has worked their finances okay he can't wait for the whoever gets -- I say let them do what they want GAAP. I've been nobody in the mine has memorized like football stat of I don't company to act of solo tackles again but I think -- you know -- -- that Nelson Cruz is now that. They've -- they've made some. They're certainly getting a bit risky signings in the image out there with very if they got some great young players so you know. They have their assets that are forward down the pitching staff has meant stronger because I think the Yankees -- surprise a lot of people. In what way out. By may be finishing first. Senator Bob hey you know with -- it would have been already considered you know if they say help me help himself catching in. Not -- whatever but their pitching is sent in my. Well I think it's better if this they -- -- -- they -- from Seattle stays healthy. It's got them -- sabathia. You know he's got to be on a mission because they'll -- them lies yeah. Miguel what are probably only three it's a road near rigid New Hampshire wants to to talk to going to reach. I heard Bob script New -- radio them very much thanks for -- appreciated well. But argues there was transcript and no one to bring up and have won a moment where -- idiot nobody mentioned a few minutes ago. As you know one of the first guys doing this likened her but wasn't a problem Bobby -- I don't know what got -- Allah I don't know cardinals aren't up. Actually moved to New Hampshire. Oh yeah oh that's so yeah that's it that's in New Hampshire. And other thing quickly as. So -- -- you're talking about he has taken over a whole world. But Ted Williams well I can remember a certain in my bedroom listening to the radio the first day that you had announced here. Playing left field and they learn what you know what a big thing was to say somebody would -- you know cadet William. That that that that was cemented how are you ground that are resistant to revision like there and I thought. No I wouldn't know how old -- -- was about twelve response that there. Been a long road -- the property anywhere they think you're monetary ratio. -- -- -- -- -- it's great to see you you know up at night it is key to me I want to notice that anytime you borders use an up -- do on a show. And it it'll make mine at about six days a week. In the early on five and the quarterback go to duke for the extra day jobs -- at a given Saturday gave you yet. The great problem no doubt that it humanity. You probably broadcasting hall of fame organizers nobody really the best things like slowly pop my little. Great to see about that arsenal that is influenced. My first mission is supposed group of people go to web. -- -- -- here it but he is gonna vigorous errors here we get Alfonse solely. Pat pat pat. Fiore resisted and we'll continue with the the greatest partner you're Friday's program all the lights Michael foul and got the lights out their spot lights have come quite to where we go we'll be right back.

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