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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 3/7/14

Mar 7, 2014|

Holley, Tom E Curran and Mikey Adams answer it all!

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So can -- now. -- 793. Set it on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I dot com. Then it's time for answers the question -- answer the question which saw -- how is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. We are Mike Adams and you guys gave me back. Yeah. It and I integrators by car or where the biggest party overnight on down you guys to show it. It's the the it's a matter what you look it up there. I'd bring your lettuce for your doctor Robert Leonard you know is equivalent -- experiences and it might it. It's a bullet -- his reach that's it. Michael came out of -- world famous journalist right over so it's a concert for honored -- privileged to have -- I'm honored to be with you -- once again answer the question is sponsored by JRS restoration specialists -- your property -- facility manager don't have a cold weather disaster plan in place. We've prepared in contact terrorists 8774611111. Or parents or dot com which they call Mikey I'll not so. Don't want it only -- coach. One only rich so she's about to take care up. Our first question that if -- Steve Smith gives more. Questions whoever and a few. Days but I guess the answer -- -- you this first question was made -- now. Texas as a rank these -- Boston Van Halen Guns 'N Roses. I go to him first well yes you know why -- an upset what what would you pick up on the road. And yeah to frustrate him -- -- being tourists don't come back and yet everytime I hear wanted to songs on attached to my face. I wanted to go to your -- and hear you and it. I've got an idea to me because you know those second Boston. Yeah event you got Guns 'N Roses -- I don't feel authority we offer a couple of guys have been bought Chirac. So so we don't get so you just always say nice things about your friends even if it's not necessarily reality that they -- good friends. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- North. Through you -- a little bit -- -- us. Is it ever okay that's what it up your friendly -- should always -- You wanna put it down and you put it. Or whether it's a mile exclusive activity. You'll be treated as equals you can with the -- up to that. And that market knows. That the outlook does look good when it stands at about -- and either it's not the -- that while. There. What's been. One or worked on my game. You know beat him. And so the question to us. What should I get for dinner tonight. Chicken parmesan palm restaurant. You know educated degrees boy that what I -- cheddar bay -- -- emperor had five years yourselves you call. Hard to collect your stuff up there and I'd just stated it was so good. Problems of French onion soup does not compete for instance of difference they're going to have the crew tons. I want to read and write your reference to you don't have a lot of the big difference -- -- -- -- well -- community Bryant have a you have a efforts on -- -- -- on families Tuesday with the French -- -- -- our rights and put an -- efforts -- while it is well there's a difference between is that basically. There are certainly that you're suggesting that -- yeah it's called your department -- house -- Said the event Dexter says you regarding the toilet -- situation. That's why you guys did no place to ask your mama to play. Well. What a joke right above Joker flock here before but what system that's what. I like -- is old. Involvement. Is that the word -- here. That -- from birth control pills fifteen year old daughter's room how concerned should. Shouldn't be concerned at all -- she's got birth control. And stuff. Well what you should do -- my -- -- with the students. But don't let that. -- -- -- -- tortured bodies no response of that but the funny and it's time for conversation. -- conversation. Well I don't order it sounds like she's already pretty well apprised of its needs and I think he knows -- you try to get some information. But -- who is this guy. -- You know why why you know why it's necessary we're doing what we're going to -- who are these guys. You know -- Obama goes she's if she's got the birth control was clearly some some activity. She's got one guy he's a lot of right. He's. You know it. May -- shape has spent. Yes next question what are you guys write in the occupation fielding your tax return writer water -- -- plug pits and old. All people. Exotic welder radio news. And they got it -- laugh at me and puts which freighter. Translator. -- -- gigolo and your journalists irony here at least levels very serious -- -- very question below failure to address you were crazy and people really great journalists that reported in the journal of the ones who secured notes. Oh yeah that's great you -- now an essay that. Look at the recent thing isn't it. And no people are used to criticize their usually you know the -- in Italy called on us. This is got to be a Mikey -- question. Whereas the weirdest place you ever woke up after another party. -- -- -- -- -- -- Rid of her -- the it's true. Story and it was just. Fine. -- Realize. That. The hard. Work hard. -- all. The Florida Union Station in New York. Roads -- Union Station. -- -- -- he -- you get up your dorm he did you gets bigger bump get out of here. And it's unscripted -- -- the home businesses welcomes -- And Q the question. Do you guys watch what shameless on showtime. I don't know. Never heard of us know what you got if there is -- theaters. But I have heard good things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who was the most interesting prospect in the draft the -- could possibly -- -- 000. Interstate. Deals like this came from -- go to the defense of lime in there Rasheed. Regimen. That one because he presents an interesting. Problem for them and that he -- a couple of very tiny scrapes with the law yeah it's an anger issues but. Is -- going to be an overall situation where he -- ago. Off the borders they -- because of close to -- his issues but Rasheed head of possibly that the head of the big defensive tackle that's correct art art like you've got coming up man. Well bubble goes here the great Bob and have -- -- -- way station will be it will be joining us six. Of course -- fairway leaving Leo John Fiore sopranos or the -- the best damn time reverend it. You wanted to try some good eight exiting the game yes -- -- here have the chatter. Bacon burger I promise you you'll be happy or by your. Next guests -- now. Yes simple he answered no but it's good great bubble bill like here we give broadcasters like -- -- now has the merit. Are in my -- is already great -- to be listening to you Tom curry great job out on -- guys. A terrific we can without him and -- Think yeah yankees this story. Are you treating we're well on golf. Pretty nice and everybody on the war on the end and campaign. He's. -- -- your. Own and. And you. Didn't he's yelling at the end it. Oh yeah you. And just putting an apple product or.

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