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Holley, Minihane, Curran : Making wishes for a prosperous 2014 for the Patriots

Mar 7, 2014|

The three man booth breaks down all the rumors, possibilities, trade scenarios, signings and more, and takes your calls about it all.

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All right good afternoon now look at this. Look at this comic irony is here. And how this happened heard -- hand. There's also alongside -- and -- you can argue here that's assault booking. Call -- couple nights ago so I want to win here. Such a thought he would be here I'm still gonna come yeah -- -- that would ironed out some issues I am. I was the guy in the guy shakes hands is a guy and a sweater the -- from Jimmy Carter from a guy who the guy. The former president of the United States and the availability of our dietary Carter all he died about half hour ago not trending. -- not now threatening to start rumors like sure. You guys a little bit choked -- that was it was over. It was unfair on that subject -- to a clock over at the studio. I was ready to go now that you've eaten it but -- him for up to the did you guys talk about this on the Dennis and Callahan went ahead bank Youkilis and got about it. It yesterday and are you talked about talk about that time we talked to the rose one to ten minutes on our record and if that constantly. This is her immediately blamed you -- that wasn't a guy talked about that week at I did you hear it. I know difficulties that it called a doctorate. But yet and certainly tees yet he's excited and I am tunnel yet. A dozen or -- together before whenever we're radio that whole thing worked on television on television stage trials Comcast which -- doing and the united real TV that's real visual area that is real authentic yes. -- morning Brodeur for doing doing that's not a -- Not a not a number of wooden nickel so they wanna keep you quiet. Anyway if they wanna take the shots the -- that one had during the cross over. It can happen you know I can do Comcast now publicly what what it would take to get chewed up greatest would tell. That that's it. It's not it's it's now. The problem really the problem NASA but it gets a little infomercial -- From that's a bit but it was a big help station. All but the real reason I hate us is there because this is a window. That's really -- problem. Just out that stupid mornings ago liberation thing going on don't have morning show was on television that window we don't look outside itself of vitamin -- -- leave inspirational. As -- market. -- up fellas you know we're gonna play its. Plan. We should start off with football I doubt. I'm I'm I'm a little hesitant to say this that I heard about it and maybe give me some details later heard about this fight. Were you part of -- -- as well no it's not John John has just John and Jerry said the article. Fighting well -- but with all about right with all fights there's a lot more to him it's one of those who you know hate other marital long time in the they're fighting really about summing up that -- -- John Jerry to yet one. Yes yes then yeah I think they do. Hate each and some of the mentally that you never post but I think there are times where. -- -- -- right. Gambles -- radio talk I don't know when you -- with a -- And it's about leaving something in the cute it's stop the stupid grasp reality it's not all of us. No it's not it's it's no rights we enjoy it hits critical mass with my kids and they think I'm pissed off. About the fact. That they ruled their eyes. When asked in the put them before and not do that that has to do with the dishwasher the dog everything's before and not taken attracted to that is that a so. It -- open again. That's John and -- to. Pretty even -- guys usually but today it got a lot of control is the toddler -- well that's what to AI noble reds general sides to these mean is trying to figure out I was asked someone earlier and is now wasn't that simple wasn't quite. Well one guy said Vince Wilfork should stay in the other guy said Vince Wilfork needs to be thought John's point was that Bianca -- -- Are going to feel dis respected an angry when the moment comes where they're told you have to do this restructure. Yet in our point more Jerry's point sort of you know -- ones that this conversations -- take place or we've graduated past that point. In the you know -- athletically but again that they were fighting about that they're happy with each other there are around the should ever think promised -- peaks and now we don't wasn't there. What when Vince Wilfork. When Vince Wilfork signed the deal. In march of 2010 and the degree to five years what do million dollars -- eighteen million dollars guarantee I'm -- with a bookie in Bianco who. Is very involved in the business that things and in the -- economic wire except in March 2 -- -- guys that I know what's gonna happen in. March 2014 they're gonna wanna try to bring with eleven point six million dollar cap number doubt how are they gonna do it and my contention in this -- bloodiest days. He said that eleven point six between the patriots walking up to its name can we get a little bit of money back what will do is. Ricans reconstruction contract so that we takes me seven million dollar salary or pushed the salary into signing bonus weakens brighter note that really extend decline. So -- does that that's okay. And once they pay him a bear market rate. Going in two point fifteen points and that's where it comes into a the -- what you say that was to simply decide to release -- on we don't want you here go -- -- right but let's just say it will goes on the street. What's his contract and look like besides. Whoever Arizona what's the -- -- right now Girardi got hot -- already have -- -- -- -- prove it deals as -- people like this they would probably one in six tour. Two when nine and the -- so given him as that's what I think right that if the patriots say it's take less money this year. I ask you beat its restructure your contract to take a little lesson 2015 and 116 we can bring -- cap numbers down and they don't use the money. On somebody else -- Vince is in essence being penalized. Would be hurt when he thirteenth if they do use the money. And there was something different point the fact that they were actually we use that salary cap space right now -- And everybody out there you need to understand this the patriots have fifteen point six. Million dollars under the cap right now they get a flight audit -- six on yes my buddy Miguel -- on. Salary -- pat capped dot com he's been doing this. Since about 2011 he's right on all the time they have Isaac Sopoaga rule -- would that the eighteen million dollars under the cap that's before they really starts shot. So they can fit Vince Wilfork in the capital much stress it's a question of not a question of can't it's a question of we would rather not. -- an even if he gets a contract restructuring he's gonna get more guaranteed money isn't. That's part of the restructuring -- -- that commitment exactly but the commitment in 2015. For instance isn't going to be. Hey let's give -- twelve million dollar. Salary and will divvy up some of this they're gonna turn around say let's give you six million dollar salary. So with an extension comes we'll see you -- to restructure you need to extend you can you see any scenario in which they cut that's Wilfork are we on the patriots next year. Not on the page now now. I know they did you think he wants to stay here and -- I heard spikes this morning on definitely an -- and he said -- simplicity and of this there's there's no way he's and we haven't Wilfork doesn't -- leave here. He does mean is it easy to go somewhere else for some 150000 dollars -- That's the question witnesses in this is where -- its interest in with the patriots we've seen with -- Lloyd. Richard Seymour. Every single player. Has -- value no matter how much you're attached to in the context of the greater team so. As much as they might feel an allegiance to him because of his leadership because of news. Bill would be the conscience of the defense coach and team which is very important my my -- appoint Obama agree laughter they. Sent him to Kansas City 2009 at which was filed. -- -- And I think that a guy like -- could have not necessarily would have could have changed and I think the same situation could exist with it but. There's a lot more he brings to the table than the football and honestly. With a football like about a guy. He was -- -- -- and defensive players in the NFL 2012. Was an all pro which you know act and he had a three game craps stretch at the beginning the last -- the. What was that about what's that about. I think didn't they have to you have to just be honest about it wasn't gonna look like -- -- now the 2013 before he got hurt he didn't look like himself talk to them against the jets. -- another -- a game that the the sort of ugly thirteen to six dollar a night game Tom Brady screaming and all the receivers. They won that game but they kept pointing out -- broadcast. That there was no. Double teaming and -- it was one on one and he was having a hard time. With this man so. What's your explanation. Something had to be wrong because Edwards and unfortunately that I entered before I negligence and I think there was an eagle on. And it was what put on the injury list and as a result of they didn't think it was limiting him. Enough to even entertain the fact it was gonna miss the game a complete that will pool -- they would put on the injury list but I think that the way he was moved around. If 300 and seventy pounds. It was alarming and and I think it had to be something related to digital drop from being as disruptive as you weren't when he twelve. To be moved around like shopping cart 2013. Without something being met so it is at least fair to wonders of worth. Did aggregate entirely rampant. Because what I'm saying it's too small snapshot Kirk got three games of him playing at -- -- right and you have. 2012 the entire season postseason where he is the best offensive linemen defensive tackle. In football along with Geno Atkins so I think eight. I would bet on the guy being back closer to what he was -- if you wanna have a good defense if you wanna have a secondary plays well if you wanna have a defense can stop. Notional Marino from get that gain into 29 you might want to keep around. Only wanna bring in here that's the quartet so the next -- and now you're you're close personal friend and mine -- bowl and then wrote the other day that are you able to like all to real written I don't hate him now don't -- -- now why you like them -- Darrelle Revis you see is his masterpiece yet we Adam thanks again I know on the next which I know you -- know you can appreciate I'm back and it can appreciate some great writers and this is right up there. Alstott and -- are back in there. Yes this is our policy we take Archos QB back we want. Hezbollah and I think that is. The much. Other -- it's tied to move it to a new market tends to his best I'll stop stop we ought to add comments crazy stuff we don't what I have had conversations. And he knows where I stand and Andy's done a good job any stop. The only thing pissed me off last it was with Tim -- will be because. We can't quite get it personal thing don't we all lead so we all want to you'll. What happens is nothing happens it will be back into the got -- -- thing you think everything is even realistic. No I don't that's what we don't think it's realistic that is not a little bit I mean we're talking reasonable doubt. What -- -- to a ticket makes financial sense the way -- note that it could happen yet to edit the patriot to Alter thirteen years write anything in their history suggests that Belichick you know what. There must have a Tampa Bay who spent sixteen million dollars a year every single year on this guy on the cap. That NASA contract. Thought their history and a little that is so what's plausibility level could do it yet what they do what it will go against everything possible. You know what I'm tired of you know I'm tired of what the -- the patriots have done -- well. In a neighbor what it's like you -- written books -- they've done -- they've dominated today they've done this well this whole of the subtle move. The sunny -- nice subtle Smart. Value based moves. And I don't know it just so I'm going to be it's. I don't know musical whether that -- me. Just hard to bring out value. I'm tired of hearing about -- -- are some -- let me upgrade status -- and I -- -- followed obnoxious. Brash move. Like the real re okay that's that's -- war. Why because he's durable at -- I removed from the ought to get -- my last after his move to get to many see how many games he played games Angelina don't play last year he durable suddenly. You know really put Darrelle Revis and Julian -- undisputed people who have an Israeli history job -- exactly fly back out and -- -- -- If -- -- everything book if you're gonna try and frame it to make me -- -- Julian Edelman Darrelle Revis are of the same ilk in the NFL melt ice and on the day they executed and the Darrelle Revis is a durable player and a that's not -- for his durable player. Is a durable player got hurt. A couple of years ago. He played sixteen -- actually -- -- government must on the metal -- remember -- worked -- Christmas you know that's an older Webster the public or don't before where's the Genesis of the streams. Then I just that I can't help but but but but. I don't say any sources -- he just said chemical. Is if Revis went -- the -- -- -- -- out which Imus that we re read we get ours the comfort with it turns into. Yes except though it and I know Florio is different right. Except before Florio was Florio he's kind of been neutered now he's -- he's he's he's in mainstream. More mainstream -- when he was underground he had. Where it went pro football talk was really pro football track sure that he was getting. He was kidding direct information from scouts in general managers and coaches who were telling him things I still think of -- Mike Florio. He's still that. You just make it up so funny to. Told him you get two people in and against the wall you get somebody on the told Mike. Revis. Comes up. Forrest as opposed him in the -- and the other in the old says he's I don't know. You think about it if you're good team when you get kind of closing window. Maybe take a runner Revis who view the pats Broncos. Now what somebody like that yeah. That's you think that what happened when I read the story at -- likely to -- bats -- -- now is it completely beyond all plausibility of reasonable. No but if the patriots are gonna resist spending money on cue to leave. I mean. The contract the Revis as it's absurd it's almost double what any other quarterback in the NFL makes executive salaries that you Zagreb and you know I don't a think piece of the beneficiary. Of a tremendous public relations campaign. Think he's guarded by Rex right out of the Peterson. After an accident while -- -- -- -- any better and no not north and -- -- our five best course without doubt yeah oh yeah. Yes and as -- -- much generates much better than that potentially. He's got all he's -- -- -- I would say that. I would say much better but I would say his durability. Relative to keep to weed makes him better next Olympic releases durable. As a play more games after he to lead that's what I just nobody but he appears to. What makes him the fact that he got hurt this makes him really gonna do we can be played more games last year I thought I would just say that Welker scored a pull crap what a touchdown. Booker had a down year. Derailed Rihanna is not the party are narrowing it just based on the AC guy tears an ACL so he's no longer doing so well. Hamstring and the simple fact that. He doesn't get tested enough because of his reputation. So would he because of the skills. The biggest test whether -- rotation don't look apparently Peterson optic and anybody Campbell. Can Revis is obviously is it doesn't to a 41 when you insist they don't spend sixty million I want on its like electric straps. And sixteen million in the that earlier. In the brilliant piece yesterday. Off north. Involved. Toni Morrison and Babylon and that brilliant breakdown. He said don't have to spend the money spent sixteen million you can convert. Some salary cap language and prepare paper read -- boston.com. Fill up there. If you convert some of this. Convert. This into salary given the money up front. It's an eight million dollar cap hit not 169 aspect but then next year -- just not gonna be a lower -- and keep the label what's what's it going to be. Next year the year after. Not worried about. Just think that that's where an MAQ are you want to make -- window Brady -- well now I -- campaign now I do I didn't mean war. I did not the most natural. Sponsorship possible to do you eyeglasses. It Albert he's what 37 and August. Yeah. So feed your -- to -- without without talking about the I have but I also know NFL history as you do know better. All quarterbacks older quarterbacks don't win Super Bowls. It is very difficult quarterback -- principles what 38 -- Don well thank you Ernie. And -- who was that. Well does this fifty undergo or not I was 737. Year old played 36 a world championship what conference on epic -- that the the markets change. To think that 38 is not used to be. It's not what it used to be united always talk about the Brady went -- I had no reason to watch Brady -- -- -- 106 years ago. A three year earlier and it got a realistic right -- his contract and when he got the -- had Regis. They would beat the Broncos this year. Now for a -- you know was a problem with this defense this day. Now this year no with all I -- with all the injuries on assuming. I'm assuming that the patriots got to be healthier. And twenty and 2014 and they weren't when he thirteen I think it's in America it's probably got there they had some they had some epic -- -- -- -- -- keeping -- at and a packet pocket it was an epidemic so rash of injuries. That being the case -- them -- track your might that be in the case. They're going to have an improved defense. Without really adding and he called better dot -- -- good arms that. Most likely we have Tommy Kelly could have Vince -- around. So without to a grant -- to -- and they'll be back but -- will -- anything your defense better if you want them ago yet drunken sailor. Right off the boat into the Biron stopped them money lately here's the thing let's say they don't sign -- ten kilometers Bible as does Michael no way to treat for you know I don't know that so I don't know what he did. I'm not it's playing a guy who are over -- -- -- I see every day I. -- They don't side to leave Tom what a difference if you -- single. House artist -- absolutely need a break in the the nickel price free agents the draft picks we know nothing about you I think it's a different conversation. Tell me to -- come back ultimate goal and that's the problem that the great point because wrote this is a very busy. Reliability is the most important thing patriots have to thrive off season. An animal to keep to we'd necessarily provide that because we got to redo settlement we gotta -- -- to leave it. But those are two players and then on top of so many other players gronkowski team Vereen. Amendola all these players and the injury histories of -- they -- it more on the -- that's an issue if you ask me do what a load up the answers. You guys don't. What do you consider loading up aside from -- read some work on some right now be called which Miller FitzGerald on the I don't I did I'm Golden Tate. He called it on the wide receiver they should go pursue with couldn T Matsui in a moment ago. Political and they'd let album and go yes. 08 makes a nice catch and I've. Assault could still hear it. The auction -- this this obsession with Danny Amendola. -- game I think I know which you said let Julian a moment ago you want -- at least -- it but -- dole is going to be here. And your fire with that you still think Amendola is right guard committed to him and I think glad -- made it pretty good yes. Not gonna get back to Golden Tate for Golden -- Let's get a tactical team doing an element -- in this. How low rate we last month when. Villa street I was not -- outline on why no one because we didn't think he was that special. Why. Wasn't on the and today. Wasn't on the open what are the field this year will Lazarus will only be helped me he will be the art Edwards of slot receivers with the outside -- That pretty much jacket so everybody's you got to re signed the guy. Because he had a good sixty gate but I have Indian and the next sentence -- will be -- -- -- no -- that I know. The next sentence you'll like Hillary courting me I don't know Hillary deity of adult in the next that's true or a director of being injury room. What's -- don't you can't keep Julian settlement around who is also eligible weighing in the Internet room. Europe involved him while there's always mine you know I'm so humble -- -- glad you got your. It looked like. -- couldn't be real but again you know there's supposed to win there's an honesty there's just something we can't be -- with -- programs across all overall overall just. The stupid grasp reality. -- Execute a much up front and to be honest today. In a much. I would say probably -- Williams. You should be doing addition you should not be doing that's not good for. But honestly I mean honesty from you -- on the on a scale which is stopped doing banks and -- these are resulting. Argued that make reference that abruptly -- -- during a crossover. Wife about the Boston. I I it's not for me. Not in like that's not a Kirk cancer can occur and it's not there's -- That is this business is your brain trust on offense you don't know prominently -- a year ago he says guys you know are good Abbas nor did. You because I'm you know I'm thinking today and what a thicket that you guys here yeah. And you guys from time to hand out. I'm just don't get -- don't go to. The only thing that you don't have -- back and -- back promote we have booked right now to do it. Eddie Hart building number two but that you know I wanted to we got DJ being -- gods now let's -- I saw you guys are you totally dissed him earlier. Yet when it's pocket you know stupid musical chairs of tools -- music communities -- handled all of that is the biggest music -- in the world. When you talk about this during a break we also need to figure out what's going on with the patriots Tom curry has a wish list we need. Break that down 6177797937. -- you've got no number you can text and 37937. -- many hand. And Tommy current on -- -- -- Sports Radio W yeah. It I have spoke win but you know it definitely her realize you go down you know he's gotten big factor. An inside and run game you know he's doing well they're disruptive won't let myself both. In movie if you supervision of these shop I think you -- pages load in you know the organization of their Boston loves me being careful. I just I was back instantly it. Number my point I'm not suggesting -- -- -- and knowing the outcome going to be I just think I'm assessing what they -- with the new pinpoint what -- think right now development but that -- Europe they can that they can't grasp reality stop. What a stupid grasp reality that -- the new and I thought why don't you should do. You look at it differently -- did you when you stupid no I don't think there's a bit if they're Smart they understand reality. Got you took a sick think ten times and makes no sense. How do you stand -- it's beautiful. That's that's you guys -- about him 21 did you realize Debbie. Stepped -- -- on the tally. If you like you have -- -- with -- what do you do you pay attention to your side and I got more now on the what was that yeah suddenly it was a -- I was able to sit back in just laugh it's a boy. Abandonment of some of these guys sound so dumb you know each you know get an. Idea and -- directors and up. Seeing me do that you in the middle -- -- That was a rate that was yet if you look at the camera. In the air that was prices indicated he can't be any -- But it's spot. So have you guys if you settle things with. No to -- with him well and you -- great thing about -- never berries that never try not. It makes for better if somebody if Hagerty came when our anchor. Were groomed and -- sincerely. Come. It was that we are disagreement we agreed that degree in civil. A portrait civilized -- that. He takes that. Personally I'd say in Everett entered the more beatable in the -- -- each -- it's a big deal after for him to be a big deal -- -- -- -- would open more on an approach to buffalo and I think that's as parents of some. Well I mean yeah. That's the way it is it's. -- -- -- -- Right now don't you -- me bright fellow I go to Atlanta right word slip them. Orbiter it's there and like independent contractor units which he just went after the. -- -- are not it's not tell you just sit good to public just say that happening -- there's a certain drill bit. You know whatever -- Labatt is too sensitive people are too sensitive these people are sensitive in general it was pure gold -- that's been people. While our -- where people in the previous opens its eyes that was really ironic because only two we're just go -- -- people try -- go in I've got all the time and you go out there we can't take and obviously it can and I would be my -- on cable mom and obviously. But equities you make it and not much. It doesn't like but that's okay. Oh I was so Penske and we definitely I think part of it has to put would you put your writing. Where your opinion out there and someone challenges that you really have to build them. That layer of skin up that says people gonna tell a year you do a crap job people gonna tell you stupid it's always gonna be ready for. About all the parties all the pretty nobody gave us I don't -- all the praise. -- let me -- you won an Emmy winner your TV show would you like I'm sure they -- -- -- talking about people when general who don't can vote present so -- I don't get much. A lot of trees you've read I read about you all the -- international. -- -- all the time much. -- every time I pick up the Boston Globe's nick and Kirk and it and abuse is probably feel very well. To Nazi but show has been on for 43 years I came on. And did my thing in the -- I left tomorrow went to another show potential role. So what would that show that you went to a but that -- -- I don't know that it's not stupid reality. -- -- trying to make it happened so artists from the bullets are not amateurs you know I'm telling Kirk. In terms Miami art major guy I need you guys in this one here. Telegram comes in here and has -- -- -- and you guys there -- I've gotten our support Michael and Graham who. Through like an attitude and amber okay Kevin grammar but Graham was a person in my bad note you gotta get the army got -- back onto. I've taken -- -- and in -- -- gonna pass on distance and calls and the patriots well it's all about after Qatar now we noticed verbal masturbation touch on the current obsession with Julian settlement the pathetic excuse me -- Danny Amendola the -- callers. -- of -- get to them let's do it 61777979370. Let's start off with Mike Mike from -- was -- Mike. Saying look what I actually get that good -- -- you may not bad not too bad and I. Ali I it really never ever agree radio in -- they think pitcher pretty much. I I don't know why they're really don't have words to describe it by yah de -- ring with the yes I am saying -- you're absolutely right. And I really think that Bill Belichick got an album my -- -- block moments. Not that moment not doubled down I was about Brady's contract already knows about what he betrayed politically and that's about it. Greg where are not into it like every product or opt out the overall. Are the -- overall. You know fire me. We're seeing all. In the middle. Yet because those -- after he made that move they Tuesday they went skyrocketing forward -- -- the dynasty in New Orleans. Yeah well I I would say that you know Martina a little bit better and now -- new orleans' letters back and by. I would say that the goal standard is Larry FitzGerald if you really think about this to kick Hillary you are among all otherwise. I never act. -- real marquee quarterback. And he's done really really well he did consultant and you latch sticky situations. He doesn't get himself into trouble. He doesn't think so highly of himself that he -- and they have more -- -- the scene. Mike electoral -- so I'm glad that you had a plan because so many people call and say oral -- Acknowledge he's got to stop that he's got a goal in and don't have something in particular. In the context Larry FitzGerald it's a player that they have shown at least. Merely an interest in never got to appoint a conversations. But this is a player that's the Arizona Cardinals at the Super Bowl already reworked so he's not going anywhere this year they've already redone his contract. Next year though he's again up you're 22 and a half million dollars on the salary cap it might be better off than. So Larry FitzGerald probably open door got another guy you wanna throw -- splashing and I'm not be in a -- there I'm just saying. I happen. Whether -- I think the overall portola has -- right Mike that you just you want the patriots to do something big. You don't you don't want -- nickel and dime movie you want the -- what the Benjamin move. You know what I can and -- -- -- why are greedy lot ears to be great years. Sorry legacy we get to like the AFC championship or something I -- -- the gun buy back what I talked about it. Where are like that -- next -- and a and a lot of different way. You know like people and -- equally here there and maybe getting some sort. You know I like you know like -- The -- how we're gonna defense sit back or order a -- -- -- an at -- -- school. I got I got our our eye your eye orbit -- player there where you're at I think having Mike is. Mike represented pretty huge action. No question that perhaps about how big are they because -- that -- they're two -- what you know the Tommy term just what you just said and that's -- It's your faction but to this. You just articulated in Dubuque beautifully thanks art. They get an AFC championship game look at their record the last dozen years Bill Belichick is going to the hall of fame Tom Brady's going to the hall of fame. All the Super Bowl appearances three Super Bowl wins -- the winning percentage at home it's kind of like a big time. The college football team when you when you can pick the opponent -- have a winning percentage over 80% of the patriots actually have done that the toughest league. In the world that's one faction of records -- -- it's great. But they have won ten years. And I don't want a wanna hear about having 21 round picks trading one bad -- trading back getting picks for the next year or the year after. You have some of those picks go up hit a derail Revis did a Jared Allen get a -- time guy. With -- -- but it's the holiday operator chart -- be different it's -- how they -- talk about the singular million calls a million text can argue about Kenya about they're gonna do that they're not the trade for Regis. Or FitzGerald the -- and I think that's I think our prayers and hi I am not sure about that won't like they never do here especially if you don't do -- about a Dylan Thomas. I thought he he backed a profit for eight years and counting. Seven years 35 million dollars skip the crap out of them you'll never do it again action -- inseparable. Author of -- -- because -- -- best player in the field and you know what Patrick child was awesome in 2011 to global. So spikes look at it this way if you could. Larry FitzGerald is under some other teams control. You have to have to -- -- why -- the Arizona Cardinals say let's get him out of there up at ten win season it's baathist -- see that's not. And here's the thing I do agree with Mike you and Mike the caller from -- That Larry FitzGerald was a part of the patriots last year. I would bet that they were playing that AFC championship game at all. Throughout the course of the year he would have been good for another -- it may -- in Miami when they lost when he -- -- when he may -- -- Carolina jets strike -- one of those games but they didn't have. So we could spend all that time what difference welcome -- made what different team and dole would have made if you played better. That's stuff to me is -- -- guys like Larry FitzGerald but they're not available. You know find the guy who's available this year who make that seismic change. And it just just do it to me is not enough. Evidence for somebody to foist upon us save this is how it's done it's not a Joseph Joe's New Hampshire was a joke. Yeah -- -- -- patriot group bureaucrats are just just because Brady got what two to three. You know in years left some maybe. I'll. I don't know what they're gradual pork product delivery workers contract statement and the cutting them coming -- -- -- -- Wilfork phenomenon -- I mean this is a really high paid player and he's been a great leader -- that prolonged time. But you really want him -- they guarantee that that's -- order. God our brother Obama. You know believe that he can play a key play the last sixteen. The person -- last year. I should recession restate that joke I don't want him necessarily be the best paid player on defense but I want him part of that defense because. Just you know 1213 fourteen months ago would be in the 2012 his two best defensive tackles in football. And he had just because of a three game stretch where -- poorly and open controllable aboard and have that giant it will -- splash I think you need to keep them around. Normally only -- we come back. But rethink possible to gum up about back on -- many -- a sit on the record on the record you back I'm Rick is executive decision right out he got me. -- -- What Graham just like normal dislike. Sports Radio W yeah. On the back there -- many handed current RWE EI. Still got some football calls here a lot of football call 617 some of the 97937. But at some point on the current criminal and you. Come -- and on you can't assume it's some -- opinions. Okay -- really. We heard opinions and a talk about the whole Bill Russell thing and when you lottery pick possible via. Not gonna bring our content not to bring a Bill Russell. Let the liberal. Forty -- to look at what form if you got into the starting. Rotation seven guys that -- that because it is eight years old right. Like you -- -- it is just from a government water and I have to go to a long and went -- I don't appoint an enemy I'm not even getting worried that it did you already -- what her honesty current statement the Bill Russell could not play in today's and he said that I heard say that. And an all due respect to our -- time because if that is as well widely held belief. Then he should never make a public statement about. According to -- -- basketball. Only Bob Bryan but as you -- that's a statute by sticky statement that you don't honestly don't I know you're only you you don't. Down you're getting very specific. The game as it was way when Bill Russell played right and the skill set that he had is such an anachronism. That the Bill Russell the people Revere is the greatest player ever -- simply couldn't play that way in this. It'll be could be your defense of small four points in any -- you can't handle the ball. Today's basketball he beef that the country -- Gordon complained this week would knock them off at the. I'd -- that it -- well currently held belief. Then he should never make a public statement. It's a good thing when -- talk about Oscar -- -- privately privately you can go ahead make your privacy statements about basketball but -- dot. You have other outrageous opinions about basketball that go beyond Bill Russell talk about those. In a little on another day on today and today but Rebecca black armor and -- -- -- -- -- now to talk to -- car -- it was a. -- The low grade -- was gone -- -- While operates a great. -- -- -- our question I guess who directed at you where in the -- priority list it's spilling the tide in position. And being from Dartmouth and they kicking the tires on the -- out at Dartmouth I had a challenger Heidi lynch. I think they absolutely will -- and I think it's more of a draft priority because the good guys. Are pretty much taken make the best free agent tight end out there's Scott Chandler. From the bills -- have to relook at the list real quick but. So by Dennis -- has resize Jimmy Graham obviously he's been franchised. So you're in a position where you're trying to find that quote unquote moved -- and the guy complete slot. Being tight line up as a wide receiver the probably find that the draft which would include. The play -- from Dartmouth. -- from Washington and he samarra from Texas and a M these are some of the players who are being broached right now. Is the best of the best in that area I think you probably have to use a pick in the top fifty. To get that kind of player who can make that kind of impact. There and goods that would you said that top fifty Perry also have a top of give the two of the first topic for a reason right yeah well no that's another good point but -- so melted -- give it to first for Revis but he. Tempers to probably give an extension and raise what I like about convert for Jimmy Graham what's it what you are -- -- -- what -- missing easy use those two forests in news in -- restructure its contracts for the next you don't have a first. And you sit not a guy who probably blew out his hamstring complete in games. And you don't have a first for OPEC to get up to first for -- uncle Jim Ingraham yeah -- Okay Ingram yet -- -- accept I should have asked. A. It. Sober picture rained at that. Please. Purple. -- -- -- -- What. Should. The big. -- And it. -- Our are they are hand in about just trying to figure. Something that he is a line but he is not blackness deafness. -- -- -- -- It is -- my offseason that Michael. Davis. It. Off. Night for for a kid you -- but -- it back up to. 21 round picks or Jimmy Graham sure patriots. 29. Which one. This is the same conversation like what you -- number of people driving home about -- for Brady. Odd -- different like art. Because of that mentality the mentality. In this very simple I got on -- -- out there to talk radio debate. The mentality is -- New England Patriots. Picking in the twenties. In the draft and you're picking in the in -- 32. You have an opportunity to acquire great players with their first. Cut the price. -- It's hard to guess acquire with the first pick him eighty million dollars a year eighty million dollars overall. Probably a tenured which -- -- -- Rob Gronkowski has now. Knock them vote on our development in -- ammo and despite technical we use afternoon eastern hour as week one -- -- that. Was right. At the -- -- he's. Marks the war -- about it. But some might. I don't at all and I hollered great he really used. Right. Just I just again you know I love patriots still well up on offense you know I think everybody would but -- get. What happens when these elite quarterbacks like Brady and Manning everything that thrust upon their shoulders. -- in the playoffs -- it seems to be too much. And that's that's -- I -- I really like to see them load up bargains on defense rather than offense. Mike do you have any any place in mind as some think and they wanna -- wanna go for that safety that I think was so a weak spot last -- Steve -- -- -- used an upgrade and always -- you know a Mensa candidate backed fair and does everything so well and he knows -- to be but actually getting there was an issue. Do you look at that defense that and say look it's got to be safety or -- a pass rusher is that basically what you're talking about. Well I think. He definitely needs somebody to complement skeletal Ninkovich is good you know he's not an elite pass structure by any means it's yeah you definitely need to show the secondary. You know -- would you open the secondary you never know especially to actually -- you know and not happen. But around you look at the championship teams early patriots team it was it was. Really all about defense and Tom Brady was. -- you know the game manager and Eli Manning when they -- it was all about defense that the talks last year. The Steelers the. Every single year every single match up go in should be like stealing for the entire country -- on the better defense every year. In the Super Bowl it happens every -- time. So you're right you know if you have a disruptive. Scary defense which the patriots matched up against the Broncos this year we're not going to be. But what's Netscape started going downhill. Unless you have a watch a lot of football you pretty much if they've been on -- you know who's the best part of the speeches defense right now. Right now. Note to leave banged up Wilfork mr. Jones mail Mike Jones and mail how many guys you put from the 03014. I had that ended up as -- -- for able. 0304 adults say it -- and Harris 50. That's it right government are not able -- us on our got McGinest. Instead not a senate signaled that all want to write -- yeah. You intake McGinest over some night. -- secure thing to -- -- over chairman Gerald Olympics -- bipartisanship as five or six ago at least have a conversation. -- -- I like the depth was what the look of the secondary that's the best right as best point right now Kurt is you look at. Law law -- -- Wilson. Wilson was it was early it was Steve McGregor yeah -- good for a a couple of years respite to. I don't make a case from Mayo too if he's healthy he's might be the best player we -- could be -- rescue group risky had a little different respective distill it. And Bruschi made it and the use because it's very ambiguous who is a playmaker and I think the mail has to get a little bit faster I think he will. I think he starred in understanding yes we will have more of bilaterally mobile and I think he's gonna take a different approach due to his consisting but I know that you know his I think his best years are out of nicely faster and I thought that was one of his strengths. I think he's got excellent there's about straight rate credit -- -- straight organizing but I think he's getting -- fast laterally and a little bit more instinctive. Now he's had a plea in a little bit of a football blocks. Because he had to. Really wet nurse for spikes for the entire 2012 season in delinquencies. And significant part of the 2000 tendencies and then additionally. To -- business while we just let him go high towers ability to be on the field -- crap last year is gonna make it an exponential difference linebacker group. I was on the played Tuesday of the of the green dot on the back of the summit was a Mike -- in the cart. And the government Michael I would first -- -- you know almost you know I've been released today that -- with the most salary -- state. Out of thirty to get the that you get where do you think knowing what would be. Out of 32 teams. Yeah I would say little about. There are 22 right now in the National Football League would cap space. And if they release that the longer and Connolly in the guys you describe yesterday's. Go up to twelve. -- will now -- -- before you do that where you get them like. It was on grant went today bill Barnwell can't look down every team's cap space. You can go look at it I'm gonna to. Okay and the patriots have a but well million. The planet with it take a look at the Gupta 22 million as a as. Carpet pretty much done at the way it is he's not sugar coating it. And getting into follow it never demonstrate the patriots are not going that what they need to do it exactly what -- -- I would I'm -- Uncle Ernest is in the bank. Need to get. Don't let outside pass rusher in Jared Allen they need to get I'd pick up. He spent back who can confront them separately state -- but what -- quality -- good. Could be. A quarter it is necessary. This team need to upgrade on the defense you haven't been hitting -- -- -- -- -- and in my current question they went after Emanuel standard what the right right guy that could have been a very helpful looking at pretty -- year history. That except they pulled up short right but stopped short it was a they've been assigned to value to Emanuel Sanders. And that was it right like it's a good point. The -- copper -- Michael allele the one year offer sheet and they didn't put any pressure on Pittsburgh. Right right so okay thank you for saying that I wanna ask you. You interpret it to yourself darker and saying you know this is what the patriots aren't we all know what the pages are part aren't gonna do is how they do business. That's easy to say here's what's tougher I want more complicated question for both you guys. Are you OK with that. Okay -- it doesn't know what the patriots do and I'm OK with it right now. Ali Ali the patriots. Work any ignored this season they won one game away from hosting to HTTP ticking yeah well. They have you gonna get to you may have Indianapolis get better. And yeah Houston. But the rest of the conference duck Michael woods -- -- probably going to be up now the limit for the the next foreseeable future and many other pregnant Denver. What is the patriots are going to be contender you drop them to go crazy. When I went to the Atlanta win a championship but the right now the top fourteen at the yeah now. Who has the most successful franchise. Run but he French as the post salary cap there in the post salary in. -- the priests are posts it's just caller okay patriots what's going on right now we're still part of that aren't so going on you scrap. I want to scrap and scrap -- that think they've done a good job of Robert Kraft tournament the bottom third of the roster and value fine you know 33 to 5329. Gregory. An upgrade tax swing you have an opportunity to do it. You've got Kostis they are both -- and they're healthy should never get shots in the that was his eyes shot. Got Botox got. Where in the posted -- -- guys from. Botox treatment and understand what you have to be -- -- -- parents true yes I was going out of your trio with the legendary show as precarious isn't it would you ever get plastic surgery. My here's secure what are we talking here if you didn't feel good about yourself what I don't feel good about myself Sheehan knew he'd like here don't like I don't have which. Okay which you ever get rich and then if he's won a strong action -- you go in and it's certainly two out two guys I wouldn't perhaps an implant. -- TV I would you get the sort of happy thing going now it just goes bad it is good bad whatever goes well it's never worked you -- -- say anybody strategic. It never looks as Politico but they are holding which ended here. You're doing here. And you know that's that's helping I -- -- Erskine. -- very fair -- they've already up to appeal to few of those levels shots off the top my head's like goma covers many at the same situation here and think about. Kara I haven't I mean if it's five if somebody wants to do they feel like they need to them not just -- comfortable in my skin it's okay. That I had this airlines since like 94 yeah it's a call me Phil Collins and fourth grade. Here. Why would you. So we got a compliment -- gentlemen I couldn't go to low priced -- -- of the of the -- blocks to get the mail with Oprah thing going up in flames are still -- a -- coastal. So why -- Call typically fill columns of worker John McEnroe. Used to pay a bill Barnwell is has. -- that the twentieth. In cap space. -- into this with twelve point 699. They also -- -- soap wanted to throw. Matthew Slater I disagrees not gonna be released. Adrian Wilson could be Tommy Kelly I don't think should be Wednesday's proposed cuts. I have a closer to fifteen million -- -- -- -- you know -- on that remain. Oil to him but the point exists the point remains that they have when he cap space available and that's before doing anything with its will make it. What to do this point -- artists appropriately -- what was that what do you what is good for you. Who -- here aside from idealist -- aside from them yet you mean the guy that they paid up market. Bought high and get good returns out of from the free agent market -- vocal. We have to do that. Oh or three -- time ago. So -- you tell me they did it and they. A -- -- Thomas because they made the wrong decision -- -- -- Thomas can help they don't wanna do it an elder and another one no I can't help you with another. Can you tell -- the guy that he team has signed in free agency. At the top of the market was made a seismic different like Mike Wallace -- -- that's about one if you put me on the spot like that is very difficult for mr. Jackson I mean it's kind of are needed to me go one the -- what they did they check secular Brodeur. -- one much these play well it Ajax yeah Vincent Vincent Jackson's a couple of well. And a patrons made a good free agent pick up last year. -- -- So I just created out of Rodney Harrison -- Rodney Harrison once I had a dollar monopoly artists that plus there was a lot of money it was a classic patriots movie was cut that's that's the kind of right on and on another text to god bless mood we appreciated. The talkback it is only Martin has Otis Smith. Point five million dollar cost of Otis Smith he was not a top of the market that text. Well they've because they've made some mistakes I don't wanna hear that does that doesn't have to erratic and brilliant early this we have got older we get malvo made the observation earlier this week. That if you are a free agent. There's a reason your team has not -- -- you're -- actually enter the market to reduce to a degree Peyton Manning I think it's a good. Very good free to -- certainly not maybe top of the market maybe that. What. I'm all right -- -- -- -- -- -- you lost out when he had blemishes he had it. I stole that Julius architectures as Julian -- Julius Peppers. As a free. Have a free agent a lot of money -- all accurate number of that was a trade or not it was -- notice that the -- Braylon is great pickup. It still wouldn't mining wee -- -- -- needs. And now and -- -- like you I don't nobody want it to him you guys are so Smart at Miami Dolphins turn their nose up to Drew Brees it's it's not think Culpepper instead -- -- -- -- signing I don't know what I'm talking. About top of the market. Hey you don't think you're encouraging people all you'd sing an idiot and -- know how stupid organizations against the player. Please don't care should operate I can't wait. Stupid -- -- quietly ignored him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rivas that's how I want no real -- and forget what's throw them out you know to get grammys Brandon -- -- text that was actually trade guys do we have any it was a traded under direct you why we go back for the first reasonable time elected him. It doesn't. Happen often enough to warrant. Amateur you guys -- probably mentally hero Fredricka yeah. It almost without my reaction away but yet that's it you're gonna take a leave. But Torre knowing Derek Jeter arteries and get about maybe the horse and get -- rent for your Q and maybe approach and look concept and very unfriendly it's that you Darrelle Revis yet he's he's sixteen million every year like a team -- collection for the -- you'll get a -- Let's work something out Puget signing bonus -- election money in your pocket -- reached restructure the N that it works better for everyone. That's a football writer ray was that William Faulkner that's where -- as Ernest Hemingway ball. He was not with you guys use all of us what you write the story it was Georgia now we'll let -- and yet we it was on Wednesday at us. Yeah -- my desk guy a perfect world would have no guests on I don't get that ever what I like you know a lot of guest. -- I think people don't get the call somebody it. Like that's something that I have Jared Allen's email him an email and eminently we can get on come on the need a -- not sure that's that's definitely make that happen current c'mon. Today is email on this is. Below letter letter letter Casey's 69 so much Rupert would we used much of its price. Probably an old -- yet have idea about a -- -- epic organ can have a paper and -- out. Steve for -- for -- to figure. Out judge to keep that Casey's sixty yard earlier -- up earlier to get some kind of Missouri strip joint. There's a promise that guys cancer extremist. Extremist of the fact that I go out and say. Bring in Darrelle Revis you. It's. Not and that -- yeah. Trevor fielder callers I'm not yeah I know you're doing I'm not hard to appeal your play an active and -- not hey it happened. Play that game. I understand that -- that's not my job Michael and I you and I both know there's no editorial read this or Jimmy grammar in those guys. Coming here was just deal with the cubs Sox. Sexy guys -- OK -- ago. Yeah I let the next hour comedy. Everybody -- getting to a -- start -- and idiot thing a -- -- -- beautifully. Awhile ago that because the patriots have done such a good job. Of any of these. Julian element type -- -- element to our players are in the seventh round. Got a money I got a short money for a long time you've done your job Matthew Mulligan brother. All -- yes good pick up. You've done a good job of lower class to middle class -- You can afford. Because you've managed your money so well you can afford urged every now and sympathy go out and get it fantasy football team. If you're close like the patriots are. And pack a lot give -- time of the blue chip -- -- junkyard now that's -- what's second what's what's that in the I don't care what it is I don't. Matter what 910 million dollars for a million dollars a year a couple years I was guaranteed let's go 317. And sixty million dollar guarantee but I would do that. I would hope and I did that that makes sense that that's a make -- less likely that that sixty guarantees of sixty and a signing bonus. -- fifty signing bonus it's 5550. My salary would be. Read that right negative fifteen a twelve war. In a B nine million dollar your cap. I don't know public if you could screw around with -- here and there. Earlier put the cap going up to about 33 this year Iranian tejada journalist you -- maybe another ten million last next -- is my friend Mike where is reporting right -- thirteen stories today. You're gonna have room for people a lot of stories. -- they tell a lot on a song or one week it's you write once a week so exhilarated and that history -- exhibit you write that often. It's hard to find new ways you're not determining the best feeling in the world is not right. That's the greatest feeling in the world it's better than sex. Not writings there's sir yes if you gave the option of -- for the rest in my life at. You tell us about your sex like I had not sexist X three times in my life so I'm not a mockery it's worked spread it out the salary -- What's a decade. Was the capped -- -- for -- aren't that extreme. Extra chipped -- through to make fun of -- -- the best I can't fly out of some sort of radio bit. Imus in the morning I noticed you yet appreciate text you sometimes or should I know. I've heard you make fun of this slot many times. Of her to make fun of something called 99 I don't have no we don't have no idea -- united 93 -- I -- four fours yeah I'm sick around fort and so are gonna stay for -- I promised them I would. Yeah so you you're gonna participate in subtle that no no he's not under under then all of them talk I don't fort fort. Initial assault or in the summer remember that yet you were away and -- -- -- what are your trips no guys get along at that point not really. No no more now is now the guys very very well. I believed in us and listen these guys coming from you that's a couple of sounds like that's saying an Oval -- -- prickly -- the only pretty well do you think that's true yeah. I know that your prickly guy that's I'm not gonna try and really make me -- we have conversation Comcast to estimate the prickly guy. Not your your critical that's where I'm glad -- at slip. Sarcasm you say exactly. Exactly. Which it too. -- wasn't -- yet yet but you can you heard your little. Your little hesitant earlier in the shadow of the you have to think since January. -- certainly -- were conservative with. Pakistan that you're you're thinking about. You hurt -- You know I would I've ever seen inside the odd the last five minutes left that's been the case you've had -- been not been bowl and -- -- and had -- and say c'mon it anywhere you don't know anything is it. Are set -- -- for a guy who absolutely broadsided agony fear that we earlier. To be told now that he wasn't. Inflaming enough well well that's what happened -- told -- -- didn't -- and then after that shortly after that everybody went after had to I've gone I got. Or I've -- to DC up to put in the bid for -- -- I think it's only fair. I think that's he needs amid in his life well that's just on a temporary base right. I don't know messaging promises actor she's currently issue that got us a good god. That's that's that's -- people say about. She's nice. Having obviously as a -- with how are you with this scandal. Pivotal through it yet which. -- -- -- -- A couple of -- a look at somebody's -- Internet connect guys you know. You would be that I love you. I would you rate. At bright -- quick fix it I thought the idea that I love them imam united back -- -- recently -- -- -- We're human error using mainlanders -- at the end of ninety arm around. But -- -- under the pillow and -- says you know I love you bill -- says that -- back that is I don't. That's the first -- agree to O'Brien what's gone off and. -- -- -- I wanna get out talk -- eight that. In the wake of the UC championship game is quote -- stood out most mean and I -- that the time of possession. But on the number of Broncos lose about 36 minutes mean the -- at that all about 24. The twelve minute -- -- -- different -- difference in time of possession. That they a little -- been touting that game is pretty -- meaning or whoever is manic. Stick out free agency and now that one thing it's been kind of -- in my is it time to abandon that bend but don't break defense. We couldn't get -- You know what and that that Brian is what makes that quarterbacks so difficult because on third down if you remember how third down was so prevalent in that game. And there was a play where he called the draw. I think on like they're -- 1030 dollars and certainly not Augustus our series and that was a backbreaking play right because he is so in command Brian he's got such in an ability to it. To see weary team that is already reeling. Has tried to be white and tried to be heavy someplace else he -- too many weapons that day for the collection of talent the patriots had a field. I think it works against a lot of teams Bryant to say I'd keep ticket trying to get eight on third and six. And eventually you want to it but not against the Broncos on that day with their collection of talent that I guess that's. -- Seattle it will not meet its critical to its -- -- with their defense that -- Because they had guys in the secondary. Who could cover the rosters and the patriots cleanly did not. -- nobody in the secondary you can do it they didn't have guys at the linebacker level who could do. You know they didn't have guys but -- -- -- level give a linebacker on your wish list there earlier you know Jerusalem which I like D'Qwell Jackson but I think that spikes she's an epic that hightower -- -- Collins will be good. But I think if you look at you a compliment received a couple of the support and I didn't like the fact that the patriots. You know -- comfortable enough. They have -- set. And against those process looked like they were playing man and trying to go through picks I -- -- And they were passing guys off Michael so does understand him treated for it appears doesn't make any sense patriots have to trade free computers. Wouldn't be doing -- watt and me is where it could hit hit a lot that's why the apple better get better yet Kirk forget about JJ watt and write the pod player so well why not just trade. Then one overall and David cloud got a lot of calls bill O'Brien -- -- -- to make this it. You docket cents right arm out -- them is on the move I would do anything. About. Me too. You know I always feel sorry about the in the -- the doctor to know doesn't work I'm not you know quiet it was going to be. Mr. David growing going to be hit Reggie White -- pretty popular posted in the next Lawrence Taylor and easily about how about the markets where. I did pretty good to beat the market -- -- in the markets where in his prime. Over pretty good player and a -- better. We do is he gonna take a quarterback just because no no I don't think -- is not -- -- quarterback I think that he would realize that. I'm gonna sign my mortgage I'm gonna have this city paying my mortgage in the future on an oblique portals right in charge of my fortunes and my family's fortunes over the next four years. Are they go to work everyday say a lot of hope lake has a good day of practice. He can't he can't do that go to Matt Cassel. Remand bridge to -- -- -- -- knuckle. But that doesn't help out you know Josh Freeman's of Korea -- Josh account. -- just look around trees and a team to win ten games with us the Seattle quarterback. Easily it John are you probably know this data popular I think they had the threat from record last year the -- And most consecutive losses by every important announcement of seven straight losses -- title losses and rope. Seven of the capital. Where they were they were in the game and it just didn't have the ability to close it out they had some of injuries at running back entry for Erin Foster by the way because surprised he was hurt last on the church right back up. Baca -- was her. -- a team aren't due to. Pivotal now bill O'Brien coach of the year. -- in I'm sure he's a good coach but he's not deserve. And nine or ten win team without doing anything right now chiefs the chiefs all over it would take. I would take to -- been counting -- among the other side -- JJ watt and night's sleep well every night every night and yet. I was polluted that -- On way to do it -- the bell went. And so my music but. It is but there spoons -- I don't spool and somebody just. Don't bury hey if they ever break the -- -- -- talk about -- that would -- -- feet. He's -- you do foot -- brought about I mean I know it's legal to talk about it it's just awkward let's not do we do awkward the awkward and I needed I was mentally to do a lot of things I hate. Feeder -- eight feet. Current gonna get a foot room and break we'll be -- Are you have to put your feet and we are -- -- college show Kurt Mann and Tom eat current. Are here having some fun and -- hands actually safer sport for coming up in about ten minutes. Is there -- you talk about it. 9944. Six guys is this is a -- -- We imaginary have a topic lined up -- every year we always have topic but you do she'd like to be super -- -- -- -- I like to be surprised but if -- the future. You look at -- sheet here we ever we are professional operation is the one place where I -- won't do -- Pakistan and hates him just like my producers. But Bruce for music I am coming here after doing 4 hours this morning about the -- we appreciate what to do. Surely you're -- ten is what I did after the show -- that I -- I don't I don't -- or worse after a field toward Barack and if you could be more -- and -- struck a bit groggy after it taken out of the -- I can't do I -- to sleep apnea. -- -- So I went for -- -- again on training for the marathon in a -- a marathon Naples went to the corporate deals that ran up the hills. -- -- Are you ran for an -- at lunch in. That take place. The -- -- -- -- -- medical that bagel place a little -- always helps a little place like a fairly Obama pops up an open legal battles drove by I went there aren't what everywhere that I had a conference call the folks over Comcast. Moment penguins tonight early edition 630. We went over the conference both kids on the -- producers you know that there'll be up twelve great old broad areas of terrorism there as well commit this kind of rivalry here and saw you guys. They're tired. I'm -- host of the -- is good because it was a table we're digress we have -- -- I'm not I'm not hurt the -- and I've come I think four hours and conflicts I'm over on the east and the guys who hits certain things if I'm good. I. I'm not that optimistic runner -- happy runner when the ms. you know miserable runners are much longer going to be right and does it. Crap load marathon runners doing their lunch fronts and Alan harper killed and they're so happy with each -- -- -- -- the -- stuff to -- an amendment. Six weeks away a good day up by the I look at them -- do like they were born in American history X and went from -- Don't just run and is just this up for you to comment the whole time as you listened as attorneys don't know I don't listening music. Plus hours on the -- he gets beaten people wanna get the frame appoint appoint her -- -- look at things in my head. Someone -- a lot of instinct two is the X nails and the feet pounding thicket of thank. Think about stuff I -- my my show my head to. -- step it was a bad. I was -- even more prompted. So that little -- -- thing that literally -- -- -- is -- -- people say that gives him endorphins feel happy about it in the ground to the flowers blooming -- dog and you see people's square when in the backyard all that stuff I'd never seen stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This time of year it's talked about it sure -- and such. -- never -- this and you jumped on me earlier effort fantasy land of Adrian -- trying to get me and Larry I. It's okay for anybody by the INI and about -- man -- that they wanna come and maybe was -- -- I think about that and that -- idiotic fan in the college about what we say idiot. Are you talk about and a fan I like that I could cut the cut -- -- you do. We had an issue with something when I get up yet -- -- out there which fortunately. I don't. I don't fifth season Dartmouth and time. Not that he was. So it's about stock and wells says Atlanta fits quite a Segway we'll sort out this effort for it goes to Michael -- -- -- -- And I appreciate. With the guys in the -- to do when -- but I got -- back on when it's such a -- and real quick and then the patriots if I may first law Friday whatever. Well don't had to get shall. First -- -- -- -- point out contenders as many people have sent. I'm not disappointed it's saying it's it's not broke. In total exit I think it would be different shelling. Oh snotty and I'm not real real concerned about that people can make a run will be in the -- Also the patriots I really think -- and it's the -- that such an obsolete text about. In such -- on coach and quarterback. And so. -- are at that you threw me off that Republicans. It's that's a level playing. In France are well organized I -- -- shouldn't be out the end okay gotcha. Are -- about trying to cut. The emphasis on quarterback and coach and so overplayed it the emphasis on Cordoba and coach was so important they would have -- When make good Brady would better taller stronger receivers in the current. In the recent past and I know that what would've been different sort of game planning -- which -- and it is it is saying well. I really think they have to stop looking at the team because it's sitting pretty as the window we've talked about. And they've got to start building. A better team. Without saying -- we've -- the -- coach and quarterback in the league and you know what object will be got to know when people read -- -- -- these -- I just feel. That they have to put more focus on building. A fifty suffered a player what I wanted to do our. Well Kamal what to do that well you know it's silica and he was he was our time and I wanna hear what he had admired him because I think the column but say you got to do so up and make the team that I've got to go back to sports there -- What do you -- What do you think of 51 different from there you've heard of you you you knew exactly automobile in since there that's from some movie somewhere ultimately I think it's I think that's from my anchorman. Alia and maybe. But you know what's that generalities you know I have going for value I want them to go ahead in it you'll make a splash. If they are not gonna make a splash they will continue to tread water in spin their wheels during the final years of breeze would -- Okay would you wanted to do. Well Revis okay well that seems kind of implausible they don't do that wolf somebody will be. Amar thanks -- Those -- I mean that's that's -- that's exhibit a as to why. You are not up to date on things somebody starts to make sense like I -- over there you have a coffee that you don't hear anything at all but the point is you want people to. I want people be worried what the going to be you know what I want to do want to be Yahoo! and everybody what are patriots are. America you're in the situation in what people what went bankrupt in 2001 pay their mortgages and it was a big bank loan crisis of the -- you don't like. Because people are spend brits can't manage their own money they can't make suitable mature decisions and kept up on the football team. Do the prep that they do buying -- that they can't support and don't need. Well I would just say this Belichick. Nobody in the mortgage spent the entire pay for the entire flop house for Hernandez -- disagree bought it bought the whole thing. Oh I was just use that metaphor I'll never admiral Stanley bought the flop house Foreman you know. That that happens here. You're just. An extra -- extremes are are you're you're what you're talking about I guess it means that if you go out and get one a league player that you make a move it nearly bit -- but not all of America fall in all it's -- of America right. Because they can't afford it. Because you'll what's wrong with America the patriots can't afford. The patriots are hard you know and just the whole moderate 2008 who. Beyond his means in the -- soccer victory in the Red Sox afford Gonzales Crawford. They could it makes sense to do it. At the time yes well it could go -- is that -- ass -- doesn't -- you can afford it. As a XX -- who is this moron knowing that Kirk. Yahoo! -- it's -- at Wembley police told -- this article Kirk before you did it's an easy does that make. It really which one what he said it would target or maybe -- -- -- -- -- don't know you know right guys that Barbara got Kurt. And is. Her that's hurtful it's just that on you know does it cost of -- sometimes. -- -- named -- He's starting it's easier Kurt I don't think I should. Hang around talk about. -- Version of four for America.

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