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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Fat Boy Edition 03/07/14

Mar 7, 2014|

We tackle four topics that surround the great BIG MAN athletes of sports. BIG as in chubby.

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-- And now our silicon -- swollen painful rate Fuller report or -- for. Fun game. -- -- Well we've solved it finally got on Sports Radio WDE. I do agree about. And that's what -- Hello everybody from Brodeur. Current. Now. Fernando don't know don't candidate. -- -- Is it. Art -- well political outlook that under and I knew that pretty -- he may have been the matter that -- -- that -- one draft board was. What do -- eighty. -- want war 84 -- Thirty years ago rare. -- So -- is that we're talking about the perhaps voice -- -- we talk about that people. Specifically what are we talking about young well. In honor of -- color yesterday calling in and talking about something. You don't think your weight is a problem cute Smart brief forty guys you cloak of 400 palm that exit you know. He thought that you hope you tell. So for today's -- -- -- honoring the Fed -- question number one. Back guys in sports and have the best nicknames. That -- nickname was the absolute funniest. -- up pretty -- Thanks in Africa when. It about the round mound of rebound. Mark when David Letterman for a few Terry oysters that that would do. Like I'm back that's a political firestorm. Blah bloggers week. But -- that means handsome. As fast now. It would just kind of you know expertise they think you click on it. Like a fact critical time right yet -- pocket. Was that. Replicated in nickname now hop around got that that's a very noble. Were Jerry rent -- to go the Pillsbury. And like. The students yet. Members -- tractor trailer guy. That it is recycler but truth. -- while apple. -- Good name and maybe the primaries -- one hot awfully big country countries. And a lot of and particularly happy and probably I just -- in the fridge or Irish efforts -- Big country primaries. Until it was in the company's management what's the name around San Francisco you're probably that's what -- -- -- We don't Pablo serve about. Right. You ought to. As we are -- baseball's generally a sport where people view the players as being the least athletic. Baseball has had a proud history employing that pitchers and -- sluggers in recent history who was the best fat baseball player. While we're already mentioned. Youkilis -- three since we aren't answered -- recently 25 years to about thirty years. You could say either fielder. -- newest router itself sort -- was a good athlete for a fact -- -- pictures you think you run was -- rush you a good hitter Ross so he was the only guy that you -- Politico as a closer to the Astros -- won the -- -- -- Charlie good good -- and you don't have another fact guy. It was who want to bid for the White Sox LaMarr Hoyt. I doubt anyone aside don't wanna side for the White Sox all throughout -- was that a bit that guys are rock hall of fame hitter Tony -- Tony -- -- -- Started started -- in seventy basis he may be didn't really yeah. The best -- guy. Other than you know he said recent history because she wanted to avoid favorite -- right. Let me be able to be too it is best that guy ever did and our Mikey CC fan -- -- -- David Wells that few people pointed out is that -- -- -- There's a Mohawk -- -- as Kirby Puckett on the techs are -- sure. Bob Stanley. Torture -- -- -- is not bad opportunities beaten out boldly go where Kevin Mitchell as a person -- ice -- and beautiful. -- -- He. I. Don't know if I'm -- directory group. Our Boston teams have had their fair share of fat guys rich -- into on walker at times vin baker Vince Wilfork Ted Washington and move on to name -- refusal was the best Boston's back. The best Boston factor Stuart -- will guide me late -- this is day. Chilean westerners and this is a lot different than a double eagle double with somebody with to a PC guy and rightly created. Those guys like. Like -- would probably be square to square with the pluses were what the BP. Any play for the self well actually I'm mad as. The little fellow belittle that point guards Jon Baddeley my favorite that point he -- -- -- -- think we could turn around America. We're pretty Smart players crafty player Roy it was definitely crafty we'll see guys like who couldn't rod Beck -- basically. It themselves. World. The premise of the story -- -- If not a non sequitur and they're probably here. Favorite ball back I would say he's quick to admit that these. Assets that texas' Phil Kessel. Yeah I was. You know we've forgotten as well I'm going to be ash from Boston now we forgot. -- -- came -- Thomas and never hear music it was awful. But he had a good and you did nicknamed. Her that terrible Celtics team him before he was undertow. That you just sat on the bench -- -- report that it had set the ball boys out to him giving a half dozen hot -- are right there we just -- -- -- today. But -- on the bench they want him in the game. On the Jumbotron what I'm start flashing hand is eligible for -- -- I do that the Leno thing. On the scoreboard with the jumble on the Specter fair that America particularly appreciated joke. They're flashing that big him Immelt was curious how dare you make fun of this -- May we not have that gimmick again. He was he was -- terrible -- -- Chicago was. Don't patients got. George scout -- -- it was -- aren't there yet to equipment market I think big -- Mike Sweetney -- when it is weird guy. Involved in their recorder and some most probably be there again sometimes tickled slump busters just because they'll ask yeah. The hottest -- She's she's not -- was really -- a couple of things here. What. Who's. A famous. That's looking back -- -- racist or. Among comfortable on the line of questions I mean other than Oprah. You know legal editor -- all of which -- peak. Right now and she's like. -- -- it girls need love and with the McCarthy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your way in Chicago won its history of a Florida court she's there. The bench your to meet the other one -- -- she's a few chip for report four -- five goes up. You know he walked in there. Make -- the moment you guys you get stuff I don't know how electric appearances here. I mean you can really answer it. -- what you've become banners. With pride. She's very talented funny. -- in. My answers. -- Life support. -- that's important. You know it's about one modules. -- Rewards points I don't know Indian. -- -- are going on -- note oh guys I have no idea. Sharon Mitchell model would be out. She's got a big not small -- she's back we. -- of -- -- mom Jennifer. Hudson. Hurt the black guys that were made that for a fact that there. -- -- -- about Britain pressure -- fresh produce we're sure. I went -- on the real -- Video editors are live earlier refusal. Folks have to go about what is can't even remember it. What does it. You've Melissa McCarthy got a -- precious. How precious is gone over the the size small she's made that -- you know there today across the green which you have Iowa you're -- yeah that's about religion is not attractive she's qualified Rachel -- Yet but she was -- fat reduction fat she's happy nobody's saying rebel Wilson -- -- The comedian she was and now the strategy using pitch perfect. Monica Lewinsky. And he how would she Markowitz is not a bad. If you go Monica Lewinsky the bar and you know she was. At a few Beers you would ask that you really did -- use all that stuff mr. August drop a hundred dollars -- -- -- girl looked exactly like. Now articulate support. They get dealt with a -- Melissa McCarthy's. Green -- winner. Beautiful and I should say this sports sports. It's sponsored by feeding on. By your technology ally you have a business to -- why not let's see beyond manager technology. And by integrity windows. And doors Paula -- now.

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