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Talking Celtics, plus a Rondo fan gets a little emotional on us

Mar 7, 2014|

Tom E Curran and Michael Holley talked Celtics, Rondo and the return of Paul Pierce to the Garden, and we were joined by a fan who wears his emotions on his sleeve, and wasn't afraid to show them for the Celtics.

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-- my batter earlier while text her. Points out correctly it's why the show ending. At 430 children. -- kind of make it sound like ending. By saying goodbye to many yet that version and that many hand. Is out right in out gone into his fancy TV gig right in your story here a stand not donated a six yeah. Well Ben's gonna get me coffee now bands get me a copy not because I. Ordered him you know I don't know it. I Israel could have never enough time with a brick so screwed around regular -- that sort of thing and I can I get a coffee take a week can you sit down -- -- -- that witnesses concentration camp and he -- knowledge is no time port. And -- a pitcher coffee that's appreciated I would never. Make you do that he's that I offered and that's the real good point but that's a lot of talk -- there. Lot of talk and oh how do you like it. Uh oh not bad habits are a lot of football what you guys -- -- on something with a 97937. But also I wanted to upbringing and you know I mentioned in what's trending now the Celtics. Are playing the nets to Brooklyn nets again. While the Celtics had a great job at the tribute the last time that that pierce and -- orange county and the year pierce will be back. Of Ethiopia agree and video tribute this. -- Larger than that. Not the Celtics in the past the Celtics. Right now on the celtics' future. We're talking off the -- a couple of days ago about Rondo when you thought Rondo. Is really getting screwed here perception. While I'm a huge rush on Rondo. Fan of these games on the brings communities unique I think he is the best point guard in the NBA the only one way I would compare. In Reza main skill and the ability to make things around him that much better is really Tony Parker. And I know the Chris Paul has a great. Level of report but I think of -- on Rondo. It's the most unique is he's unique from every other point does it differently does it better makes people better competitive. To the nth degree. And that competitiveness. Doesn't make him as -- as other people. As a result. I people have been very hard and quick to judge him in dismiss his game he's the he was in many ways the reason they made it to the finals and won the finals and -- He was their best player in 2010. Yet whenever he makes a mistake whenever he doesn't total line media wise every doesn't ought to laws or make our jobs easier. Or acts like a recalcitrant. Appalled. He gets pilloried for a long period of time. By the fact is it incredible competitor tremendous -- counted will play her will put his body in and sacrifice. He's held to a different standard. And I made a point that after the birthday party fiasco. Which was he -- -- doing what needed to -- there was no question was it a transgression that demanded the level of scrutiny. And reproach -- gotten absolutely not. And I contend that if Larry Bird was playing in the NBA. In this media climate in these -- you need both in Boston in with Twitter and everything else. He would have been. At wit's end. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well Larry Byrd broke his finger points off ball after his rookie year. Never was the same shooter again admitted that where bird got a fight but he Chelsea bar. During the playoffs. Irrational Rondo. Missed a game that he wasn't scheduled to play Ian. To stay with this family for a birthday after not ask mr. it well now he did yes excuse me after not being given permission now to dazzle them. That's a -- -- oh no it's a problem but what I'm doing double weighing up the transgressions in sync which one victimize a team group most greatly. I'll not say what Rondo it was OK but you have a player. And I'm not -- in the Larry Bird wasn't a hero of my youth and a basketball icon and one that I will always. Be lucky to have witnessed but I'm just saying the caddie -- clutching fainting on the couch. Media and phantom around that past that three Rondo as a personal affront everytime he steps out allied pisses me off. And if people think that he is treated differently just look at how Larry Bird would be treated. Now. Texas they also -- play in this era but not rustle. -- And -- and I'm a huge Rondell preamble to say he's the best in the lately and it's definitely. Is best for the post season in the reason they want a championship is ridiculous. -- I think that 2008 yet that is. All the top but I think I have a group is still one of our favorite round of games is game six the clinching game in 2008. Doubt that he had been questioned during that series at times in the stats don't tell that the key was seven for 21 in that game. It was just the fact that he pushed it except the home for that game and he was he was aggressive. He missed a lot of easy shots but it was just the fact that he was on the move and he was playing at a at a pace. That the lakers could not that match would not match after a couple of quarters. And the rout was on. I think. He probably would get movies a force of where he would get the benefit of the doubt -- and Larry -- the benefit of the doubt if he. It's a bird like things. Of course Larry Bird bird bird would not like this media culture right now -- hate Twitter. He would hate all of the instant analysis and cameras everywhere and reporters everywhere. I think you'll be okay because. Of his games you people talk about Rondo -- library like a stubborn as to what the -- just like the game. It would just don't like -- you still haven't found a way to become a 70% free throw shooter. That the shot is still questionable. At times C he is he's inconsistent or some nights where you wonder I the other night against a little. Staple are more prone to -- they are not flaws and problems you have Raj on Rondo because of is attitude the way he. Comports himself on the court the way he acts with teammates. That he wasn't -- friendly smiling. Embracing -- fighting every other thing that makes people -- I love that guy he could be Isiah Thomas smile all the time. Kiss at the mid court. -- a jump ball going to be an absolute back stab her in private. Or it could be Rondo who he is what -- -- it's. You know if you look at it would again with bottom the point me to -- Rondo is he's held to an unfair standard and I don't think the people have an appreciation. Or how good he has. And he's being a little bit quirky. And I think that if bird was in this year having to put up with the same media scrutiny. But the things that he didn't wait a text to just popped in a city he never disrespect of his teammates -- he and I thought I remembered. The great moment in and I think it was 1984. When he said we'll play like a bunch of cities. Mean he just respected bill -- you wanna go -- gone what bill has gone -- I mean it's revisionist put himself back into a game. -- -- -- -- It is a but I -- -- called out to teammates up -- you might think he called out his teammates -- What was the purpose is not a lot different between -- on Rondo. -- personality folks Larry Bird. Personality there's not a lot different and other factors as -- recalcitrant and pilloried. Slowdown are still -- -- let's talk back yet there's an occurrence of Dan. -- -- You're running there. And I'm bribe and yet you're well that ain't right I'm paying more than 100 dollar check into that aren't that each. JE is not there tonight he entered into the end that. In any way you describe it. -- -- -- -- -- IIBER. Award. And Eric. He he. He didn't. Only on. And use the united. The end. -- want -- and get a product or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can't get what we're sure that -- make the playoffs if there was a pretty traded it away the -- upset about this. I'm really I'm really nobody. Actually not as you know and can't wait yeah pretty broad help. And he didn't -- any watch -- again at the end. We're we're and -- you're from. -- well I haven't at all when you're near term I'm driving in the White Mountain I get you know what that he can be and you. -- I love it I love how well your -- when you get that upset. Is it sounds it's not like you you brought you -- you were emotional final argument a crime is that did you that's okay predicted I think it's great. I think you're right I and I have been thinking about it at all and it was good stuff there but I just wanted to establish that I'm a reporter went ferret out the information. But go ahead go back to the level you're I don't know I'm god I didn't know -- out but I argue well financed problem consume goods that you and media I -- -- -- show the most intelligent comment Margaret and I really believe. Think we. I now because I'll Dhabi and you're in compared Angela Burt and -- -- I'd be written about the co EU global Errol it's. All that I remembered. I would art dealers and -- now and well art but not at my point accurate. -- I eating should be seeing that I -- -- -- -- or payment. The outcome of yet a Colombian keeper composure on the hacker. I don't -- that the notes that credential. -- app -- those guys but he played. It. Entered this rack that one place open back from place that is when you're that. -- -- anything. While. I have it and take take Bryant. You know we've circled that all men Brian I don't know which to me. Wow. At that temperature it hurts the art. Sure yeah. And I can't believe that would happen. -- -- -- -- -- In the -- you know in. The end I. Want you and and that -- important. Product and yeah. Here. -- your -- But you don't think their -- all pray that morning. -- herself but that they know that audit especially on a Friday. We've got a funny on Tuesday. At the weekend. By a man of crying about Derrick Rose and Rondo Dave. -- and I use -- to the end and launch. -- -- feels the -- to hell with them up. And what. And it. -- mean. You know in a new and it. It meant that what we know -- it. Second only -- awfully well at that point did. It's not what -- It's great. -- -- -- -- -- -- degrees in all their cries some more or counts more crime did not need you liked the way you handled him to current instead argue -- -- -- You're. Only five. And you don't -- -- east. Yeah and I. Want you and -- Product -- You. And thank you were an art and you can't get caught. And our. -- -- Come. People did not -- -- -- to be elaborate what would you laugh and we went out what you don't lie. And it you know where laughter. And here. Right. Anymore -- dollars to take the irony that yeah. Jake he would not be at night gotten injured guy Anderson in that. By and I think any game -- -- We be where I'm on now. Between you and I MB ERO. And he has been an -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you can't get any peace united. The end and me I want you and -- just didn't put an apple product or are you. Going to be anything. Thank -- -- -- -- -- Eight campaign pot of the you know make the play up. -- -- -- I was so protectors and I'll never forget where I was. That phone call -- do you see the emotion and I tapped today because they're well this a few but so there. Hiding. Our feelings. Hiding -- love and respect. And adoration for a player where teachers tournament nine. Raj on Rondo and I touch that guy in his work this out you feel the same way -- I'm I'm kinda I'm not exactly the same. Well it's. I just know -- real little feelings feelings. And Tommy told him it's OK to feel that way Tommy carried out from Pakistan that it's not -- -- -- it a little bit. -- -- -- -- -- You guys numbers and has not been late. I cheated created or I'm the mayor will lose in the game game six. And we -- win. Against the lakers circle Olympic Games so that I would -- rate cut out but we didn't and we stayed there and what and then Gerald Anderson. -- -- and a -- bodily bowl and I bought him a lot -- In my own people in launched. The last. Across. The right place that imports. And wondered trigger. I mean it was -- -- and and and -- older games. Because it -- six era that. We from an. Prominent either. -- Or or -- to -- floor. It and that still in -- one of the most incredible games and it. That was like. And that's why I think the last time anybody give up the floor. That they -- yeah. -- that went that went somewhere else and when ready for that. It's a -- -- is that may without Bryant scored on Friday -- Friday. Well I don't flooded it's -- out there at the ballot that I know that it trying to dig it up and and I'm I'm look bad you look at it from them yeah. The viewpoint it look like -- averaged an umbrella so Billick name I get a chance one little wild card great while it got to a game. And things like -- and I kind of open a guy you got the lap and that they get on Auburn all didn't look like wild boy and why are there are guys that. You know bill and why did it -- you wanted to do. And what it really meant to them and what do you guys realize that. That you're being cynical jerk or -- Yeah you've gotta you gotta sit back and think how lucky you are you gonna get the pocket emigrated pastor of the -- Just give -- just it has guys I think the entertainment is outstanding and don't -- to -- a level is outstanding but let's not get confused. Repeated just. Human beings playing game map and Havel a level of skills as Bryant while we made fun -- -- I don't know I read on a damp. A little bit and I asked them who's getting emotional I think that was the obvious question to ask him I didn't make. Fun of him to a degree that I disrespect them I actually let him put a voice to it and explain why we stuck in that way. So I don't think that I really abused him to agree agree. All right but it is tiger would you want regulate it at a bit at some point you guys kind of really do. -- I'll walk you walk well no I never let you know Brian -- knowing that a -- are not the way you are right. On of course were like it's a great job with the best job in the world got. But talent rail lines and taken high schools who is just a few years ago you don't have to tell me -- architecture brings up a great point. -- you're thinking of it is personal for you give the keys you thinking of your dad you're thinking of your uncle. -- says I'm sorry but the crying -- owns a second hole. -- New Hampshire and I think the total more than wondered to all day. -- -- so Bryant are now yeah right -- I didn't know you don't think we're elaborate at all that you think relent. We're laughing at somebody who is who has close you they have sacrificed to go to games but it is a sacrifice to go to and it and it's the tickets are. Outrageously expensive and an -- not getting any cheaper. In any sport. But I -- It was funny as funny and at the right and I've I've said it needs look I am fortunate right now to be sports writer in Boston. -- the period of time from 1990s. Well since avenue in 1992. The 2014. And god -- a little bit longer a misfortune is could be I've covered the best post salary cap franchise what could be the greatest quarterback. In coach in NFL history. I'm very fortunate lucky to have that helped my career. Oh my earning potential but it can't -- on the phone sounds like he's him and have to point that out. More your phone calls whether you are with -- angry. Senate call to good and again you know. Crying whatever it may get off on -- of the show coming -- Sports Radio W yeah.

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