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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, talks Bruin's trade moves

Mar 7, 2014|

Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, joins the Mut and Merloni show to share his thoughts on the recent trade moves the Bruin's made on deadline day.

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I develop Pierre McGuire joins us talk all things hockey here of course brought the buyer friends. It nor -- power equipment and by UMass on line fresh off the trade deadline show that they aren't yes and the Airbus a little Oreo. It broke a little bit appear. Let's start with the Bruins at the trading deadline PR I felt like they needed to -- more I feel like ms. Eros -- -- told us -- be good acquisition but they came up. A little bit short in my mind do you view them with their defensive depth as having done enough and is being a legitimate cup contender this season. Yes yes and yes. They didn't destroy the fabric of their team which is really important one of the great things about the Boston -- into the chemistry of that team. And how they rallied around one another and if you look at their depth on the middle and I talked to somebody in another market -- the manager about this. This is the thing about the boo to -- cup play against his strength on the core of their teams so -- Bird Euro telling. Campbell you're locked and loaded everybody knows their role. And you got -- shut down presents -- -- you have the shut down president of board check -- got the maneuverability. -- crew you've now got our agreements are ultimately take you back. To his rookie year -- finals six playing with Zdeno Chara. He was plus 34 results float trial was what seventeen. Both guys have played so much together and National Hockey League and so much together internationally. That you'll see that this is. This will be this is good spot and Peter surely knows -- those very well their days in Ottawa together. So I think quite frankly the -- and a good job but not -- with the integrity of their team. So he's healthy scratch last night and obviously it goes from a different type of scheme is not take them awhile. Do you see it eventually jumping into pairing up with maybe Chara or do you see it just sliding and maybe that second -- I think it started out small and then you build up and you see what he can handle. I can tell you -- doesn't really the other noted that the Philly Washington game trade deadline day. And I thought the coach of what they did not want to lose hundreds of they really didn't until it -- is a good team their their start to prove to people what they're good team. Now they got Andrew Mac Donald from the New York Islanders on the he's going to be good fit for their group -- well. Three -- -- but there is the problem they had with the result is gonna potentially be an unrestricted creations they studied law at the end of the year and it wanna pay the money that they thought it would. Would get on the market. Well can you explain then all the healthy scratches Pierre they -- if they're gonna miss them and I believe you when you say that it -- what it 24. Healthy scratches before they eventually traded among Wednesday. There was some injury situation to people -- I've heard that too and I can tell you one of the coaches -- please name Goodell would be let not a short but. He's a very very good coach -- respected guy initially -- he says recently all the tech guy he's an important player especially going into the playoffs. But there were injuries to trick people hit all the healthy scratches there are it's not albeit halted there -- -- injury situations that are driven deals with -- over time but it's a fair question. You know the concern that I don't have appears there in a week we talked about the pairings the Bruins had last year the kind of choked up the Pittsburgh Penguins and -- He'll Bergeron could put them at that second pairing that Crosby line if you had that. -- boy -- and under very generated through Ference right whom we keep count on. And Seidenberg Charl obviously now without those top two pairings. That looks a little thinner you know. Does it does but let's let's be fair to because most people really don't know Kevin -- is Kevin -- become a very stable player for that team. Arm and I think that's what they receive a player in the complaint calls supporting that to game. Any count on being a part player that -- I think the really important player for your group. So again that's something to watch as you go along but I've seen more positives with this team the negatives with this team and I still plagued with Doug he -- they have come up again am concerned I think he should start at. Find this little bit more parked helped you start to get a little bit more comfortable. So Smart person I'm bullish on a couple teams in the east forum as Boston and the other one is Pittsburgh. And then there's the next group of teens after those two builders Phil the two best teams in the eastern -- -- ask you about Montreal how close the -- of -- group Pierre Pierre McGuire joining us but let's. Follow up on this trade deadline the story today the Boston Globe. -- flu -- always on the Bruins beat yet -- writes about a trade that didn't happen and that was the Bruins sending Ace Young said our men and Matt -- cal ski to Vancouver. Alexander Adler and the reason and it's written today that didn't go through was because apparently. To trade ever they want it straight -- first they couldn't get the Kessel deal -- Pittsburg. To the other deal didn't happen to the Bruins did you hear any of that on Wednesday and you believe that was. Realistic the Bruins were close to getting Alexander and the from Vancouver. -- was in play. Because they talked to other -- -- maybe even three now -- river certainly correctly to retain the best we've got to learn his performance at the Olympics because. Remember he was delayed at -- he didn't start the Olympics for -- but he eventually played for Sweden. And played all four of them and he's basically the reason why all -- -- sat on the bench for tired games and a very good player for the Phoenix Coyotes. So why didn't hear Edwards they look and play. I I don't know who the young -- minutes but during the trade deadline and show but I do have grown dog she everybody knew the British defense helped. I thought one of the things they could potentially do an -- on the air is trade -- order. To Winnipeg Winnipeg because of an injury situation. Down the milk. -- -- They're still a little playoff which could use a player like Ryan Spooner. And attention you get Mark Stuart back. And mark -- be one of those hardcore in your face the fact that I know the balloon flight before they traded him to Atlanta. But. They've Winnipeg and actually kinda mark Stewart that day to a four year extension. So they were trading him put dispersed name was one of the union today and heard out there on the market. Get a speculated was -- or Coke which has appear plus our cal ski for a -- Right so they regard the united hurt when their name up there but that also. I had speculated just because of the injury situation which thankfully that potentially would -- would be this spot because marched through to somebody the Bruins know about she would have taken money you know Mark Stuart. You know Limbaugh to a pay some attention to Pittsburgh game and but then again the way the bros are played Montreal here recently I think about the post a concern with them and an eagle and get. Dumbest -- whose numbers against the brewers pitchers off the charts apps and it actually ridiculous and a team that I was. Concern with as well as Pittsburgh now I think got a little bit better what does that do to them. Well this the last they performed well much but let's give us a little bit more room to run -- very good last night that he wasn't very good last night it's a cup back to back completed -- -- minute before. Now they have to go up the -- channeled there to finish up the trip out west. I think promised and -- film but the big thing to me is I can't promise to the Olympics comic control with the Austrians at the Olympics he was nowhere to be found. In the overnight to Long Island this year raptors -- by -- -- elderly -- found either. Now he has been very effective against Brodeur was an -- particular but he knows that. We'll -- but for the -- is -- still think it's -- I know they play the -- -- And I like a lot of the think -- version rather general managers done. But in a playoff series I don't know if Montreal ready. To play at that level we'll find out potentially but I hope they're ready yet I think a year from now they might be more ready extra -- they're ready yet to make back. Appear if you're gonna put the Bruins and the penguins as that top tier and Eastern Conference is match in Montreal who. Who who would you put the next group -- include Toronto who's a team that the Bruins might see in the first round gave damage you know. A lot of trouble last year but for the final. Collapse by the Maple Leafs team. People only the start paying attention to Philadelphia because of the wake torture logic or checker playing they're playing really long -- on behalf of playing high -- hockey they're gonna be dangers. The New York Rangers will be interesting to see that playing Carolina tonight and they played Detroit. On Sunday afternoon and then be seeking a Beagle that he will check in Kenny Albert. And is the Rangers that they can get a snap out of this saying they've. They've been you know basically a team that's OK but not great but now pushed hard in the wake up a little bit and I think they leave it to stabilize Brad Richards can give a little bit more profit to push up. Watch for the Rangers in Philly and I think camp again and stand called back he's going to be that he's going to be dangerous. Trial lecture on the don't have a lot of the threat to -- they've had so lukewarm officer one line team right now. Would Boldak would van riemsdyk. And what has also played a playoff series against and shut that line down they can't be just. Volume -- be surprised is less frequently talked -- -- -- -- an hour to after you would mention Miller and possibly -- going to Saint Louis it did happen and they are they the big winners kind of is that we look at. So far they won the three games since they got those guys they've won three in a row they've won 42 port to a lot relate to one over natural also. Miller made it different not a lot of secondary opportunities when you played against -- couldn't rebound control Soviet. -- in the fitted perfectly there that they got that other guys that I know Bruce says look they didn't actually look carefully when he was in Vancouver and also -- when he was in Montreal. Shall watch for Saint Louis to become a very difficult team to play against they can be argued that. One through six they might be that the deepest team on defense I would -- Chicago. Potentially Boston might rival that a little bit in Pittsburgh when healthy Mike Gravel that a little bit. But they're still there in the top four for sure termed an overall sense of depth Saint Louis was very good team in the trade deadline didn't hurt at all. Here. Is there any remorse in the bruins' front office today app after watching Tyler -- having another five point game last night we got -- the first our other shows they look at say getting guys aren't -- insatiable. Rallies for some pretty good Sega has been really good. In Dallas is anyone's second guessing that the opening overall causeway street. I don't think so I mean that's one of those deals where -- Give lyrics of some kind too because you start animal in the form he had a very solid Olympics -- really -- it. Especially when -- we've had that action Daniel -- intently Eric analysis that's -- -- after the gold medal game that was a big reason why they got critical vote you know why it was so good. I Riley that has been fantastic this tonight I don't know how are they able to Gupta this level be an -- Sometimes young players and you know what Lucas because this sometimes young player needs to be scared straight. And one of the -- the spirit of street trader. It's it's. For whatever reason doesn't work out mentality trapped but you'd trade him at work so and I think that might have been the case with Tyler because it just wasn't working out it was not work it out. With enough consistency. -- ethic fresh start sometimes you know whatever distraction is maybe you just. Felt like you've been labeled made you feel like you don't fitness system maybe you feel like this that is like you that guys like you. And that fresh start kind of brings you back to the days when you feel like you great again. -- still be yourself. Guys that listen with all due respect to the people -- golf is not the same hockey market -- -- -- Boston I mean the scrutiny in boxing card reader for players and it is done and now. Just that's the way it is right now until dealt personally with some consistency that's how it's going to be. Maybe it'll change but. For quality opinion basketball right there they -- -- goals that -- sport that the hockey team's fourth -- they really are. But I I'd like what -- and he does do tonight. Boy -- -- yourself up to have a very good team for very long term in the Americas for the great job. Guys have been a lot of fun here we appreciate enjoy the games this weekend we'll talk connect product. I think we're going to be able to get together pretty soon colonel come and in the Boston -- in -- saw in the box in Montreal and all the in Montreal this coming what they do. -- and Canadian shot. In the and the only be getting together shall have. Policy be nice -- our producer told us this once in awhile appeared to find out from you this is -- I like oh that's. Just you know what are called rapid warming but at what this in advance scouting thanks Pierre Woods it -- -- -- -- -- wrote a letter to have a good weekend and I do that is the best go have fun out there Pierre McGuire joining us. On the AT the outline Pierre is brought to you by our friends and awful power equipment. And by UMass on line. You think is a great. And again it's been had now I think bar stool -- a today but say he picks up the hat.

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