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Mut and Lou talk Patriots and free agency

Mar 7, 2014|

Mut and Lou talk about which free agents they want to hear rumored to be going to the Pats.

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Much -- ID 37 W the I was looking back at the tampering period. Last year the NFL was the first year they did it. There wasn't a whole lot of bugs Welker stuff came after the tampering appeared after the epic -- couple trades. -- while holding got -- Right around that tampering period over it was phone call. At Thanksgiving and your New Year's party disgusted and they sort of figured out. Yeah. -- tampering there -- some other small trades are made but this this NFL this idea that. This is before play. For free agency of the NFL set up illegal tampering to hear what they want beginning tonight at midnight -- sites like pro football talk dot com. And ESPN insider and WEEI dot com all have these will lose in notes. Patriots meeting with. You know Michael Bennett. On -- -- to -- in Denver to work on conference will be FL wants they want. This week and promoted and and beginning of the eleventh which I believe is. Tuesday. Tuesday at 4 o'clock. We spent a lot of time on quarterback I think I'm Europe by now you are sick of me talking to believe it nor Cortland Finnegan. It really quarterback out of the conversation -- look at a list of free agents here we both -- It's the top of my priority is number one quarterback. For the patriots -- beat believe or. Whoever in the but there are other guys that we have a whole list of other needs this team has going to destroy the week you nailed it. Safety. Tight end wide receiver offensive line defensive line defense event. I mean there are legitimate five or six other needs this team past the half. So what that mind you got was to free agents their funny you. What what is your dream scenario that would -- -- as of Tuesday but more than names you wanna get the patriots rumored. To be talking. Over the week the get a separate where I want veterans. Free agents where I want them to address -- address -- So in the draft I would like them to address the tight end. Offensive line and I think they can't. You know I think that those areas that they've they've succeed in the past in other words -- -- -- do -- I'm sure that they will draft at some point you know at that and a young safety -- -- But I want a veteran corner I won a veteran defensive end. K and I want a veteran wide receiver. That's where I want veterans. Like a look at those areas. So it's it when you look at it -- -- event and these guys go crazy over yet the new idyllic -- I love Jared Allen question is what's gonna take to get them. You know it it was -- Dwight Freeney. I think he signed. Was almost two years. Eight and a half million dollars with San Diego last year 34 years old. The two years in half a little older 33 years always signed it turn out to to a 32 John Abraham. He signed with was the cardinals. Has -- two years and almost six million. It was Jared -- 32 years old is he isn't that range but you did two years eight years nine. Kept going up last year -- get maybe two years -- would you do that I picks up. We see it as a Taylor Jones Rob Ninkovich supercenters -- that they played. Think 98. Already C -- niceties like they -- they were up in the top three or for the entire team yet. I -- can't do that we get two guys the light no question about -- 98% of the snaps. If they -- the end of the year in you gonna have what you have what you need out of this player rather rotate them around in the gate keeping everybody fresh I want a veteran. You know defensive end. In -- Jared Allen. You know what Shaun Phillips another guy ranked the three out of -- the defense of a number one. Wellesley at three leading that's not where I'd go number one. My number one after quarterback of state defense man go with safety. I don't believe in -- -- yet let him prove me wrong. I don't know -- honestly pay about Wilson absolutely not. Number twelve my USA today list of top freeagent. TJ ward. I was of the controversy with TJ ward late to -- it's on some New York guys gronkowski. That changed the face of the season. But they have been missing toughness in their secondary for ever. Since Rodney Harrison since lawyer Malloy. Who knows -- leave is coming back they be a legitimate strong safety. And and the name above all else I wanna hear rumored this weekend. Is TJ ward and as they -- will be Donte Whitner yes they're gonna cost a little bit of money. But these are two guys at strong safety legit strong safety. That put the fear of god in opposing receivers I don't -- like that this and also put the fear of god in bill Belichick's wallet. But at at at. Right Y I 25 million dollars free just the way during the break -- fifteen right now -- blog out Connolly redone -- gone. I got 25 million to play with you said Joel said dream scenario is restructured out. He's a very -- re run that when he -- you know because another. And again defensive end right wider seat -- corner of the court -- 88 million dollar corner. Can name you know be difficult to do and we although that probably that probably won't happen so it will again. In a couple of corners that cost them a B two and a half million each when he eats at their. But it witty and over the wide receiver don't say that you don't -- this -- -- adamant thing and I know if they've they've they started talking about haven't contract discussions right. Let's just it was a chapter with their -- after broke -- Well it's okay it's not breaking news news at some point there gonna have discussions. -- -- I just don't think it's gonna be as easy as people think and and because people that for the wrong reason it's able he would she should come back here because of Tom Brady. Always critical prepaid. Mean does it really matters is next quarterback is it matters that he's looking for contract number two. You'll be sick and all right well if I say here I sign a three or four year deal for a with a knowing the patriots my second contract. Comment be able to get even more money because I know the kind of numbers -- to put a number -- Wes Welker. The three or four years that at this contract in three years from now. Or she got has made much money in my little over two million in his career rhetoric too many period nothing. It all total say this is what it's got a hundred balls man. I -- get as much money as -- possibly can. In news it would summit thinks like that it's not here in New England how well they. Now -- so ideal image join element fallback Emanuel Sanders they -- is the reason why they offered at that offer sheet last year they are selected guy. You know -- know Adam I was gonna be the -- thought maybe Emanuel -- could be that guy. And yet I've been a year makes a lot and I agree with because its value when he's in the underperformed last year so he's a big bodies say -- Kenexa up. That's why -- after TJ ward my number two is knicks head of you know you say settlement and I didn't want to back as big -- -- dole as the noble field. I don't know what Dobson is yet veteran receiver and only tell what -- six years all lights could point. I could go all the outside bigger body like you said is definitely the outside guy key index. Who they're speculating is gonna get paid behind other wide receivers Michigan nothing behind -- perfect. But perfect but now after you -- -- it was better. Who's better the guy used audio of the guys Tony right now all the bull Li noted on the ball the league quarter it just you know it it does really fit the mold and in. Because he had such a down year last year and he's a big big wide receiver and become here in intended. Beat the guy that he once was its heyday with that with the giants. With a different type of offense adoption now dealing with this foot in this hairline fracture. -- we await of a couple of weeks to find out what the deal is ram him maybe needs surgery. Though it's that's unfortunate. Mean you know you when you read a -- like that any party -- body when the season is all we need time to heal so you need you know for six weeks to find out it and it just -- way. Last resort is is surgery. So you pretty much at that at that point now right or four weeks five weeks in soup -- it's got a shot on downer AFC title game shut him down. And it's not healing. So I may need surgery. Adam not I mean -- obviously the you know the springtime is gonna -- -- young wide -- you wanna get -- in with Tom Brady and small conservative being -- camp the go get another big wide receivers to get you'll. Perfect. Or outlook that that be the question for me as patriot -- -- for free agency what your dream scenario I want names of people have talked position but I want -- 617. 7797937617779. 7937. AT&T decks -- 337. Nine 37 speak and names a big name watt receiver. Has been cut today. Pretty good receiver you know his name we'll talk about that would -- And some Red Sox issues as well next hour Sports Radio WE yeah.

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