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Ellen Meet Sam

Mar 7, 2014|

Our friend and Jimmy Fund Patient Sam Thomas discussing his desire to meet Ellen. #EllenMeetSam

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Welcome back my friends it's Dennis and Callahan on a Friday 8:33. In the morning. Are we talking about our friend Sam Thomas for about a week and a half or two. When it was brought to our attention the Sam is a big fan of out of the generous and we -- -- we can make this happen we can get Sam in touch with Alan and -- in touch with Sam. Say it was a patient fourteen years of age at the Jimmy Fund clinic at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Joins us on the hotline good morning -- how -- yeah. Out wondering out what it is about Ellen the generous that makes you wanna meet her how did you and L a how to do it on become numb. I was -- some of you became interest of him. Well over the past three years. Yes there in -- hospital. Area. A lot he at least serve like. Every day. Yup. So what do I do. -- -- -- -- And sell over the years. You that he does very generous for his -- and he. Beloved by everybody. What do you like about it you'd think she's funny giving she's what would you like about percent. She sorry she sheriff. Say there's an overall. And it did you watch the Oscars did you see you on the Oscars the other night. Too late yeah well what what would you like to do with -- you wanna do a little dance with -- values wanna shake hands we open do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You watch the you watch the show every day -- much you can. Yes. If someone asleep -- that is. The semi lasting image of view it is I believe it was last year. You went to the Red Sox spring training entities something is near and dear to all three of our hearts here with a tame the tiger raises -- to send -- -- spring training US last year correct. And the cool thing about that tells the weekends like I know what it's like. But for the people who were listening talk about the hotel which is stadium the water slide with the Red Sox do and all that sort of stuff tell me about your experience last year. It saves the Q is very without. Very nice place. And so. A lot of -- It grade. I. Look -- There's a picture in a book but the Jimmy Fund -- clinic kids published for me every year. And and it's a great shot of you'd just about the level I guess you've seen this picture -- December. -- picture you read at the end of the water sliding a big smile to face in your hands in the air and it's just before you -- down into the water. Industry deal Allen seen that picture that picture's been everywhere it's a great shots them hope and Allen takes a look at that picture and says I got to meet the skit. You wanna go out there are you want her to come here how we gonna do this. They're. Excellent -- she's in them Burbank California. Lovely this time a year get out of this weather will -- will figure out a way to get choked. He dual dancer she loves you know she watched part marks of the dance gotta get those dance. You dance you know you got to -- she loves the day strike at the dance whether. -- -- you know what what a week from today he has. -- One week from today is the fourteenth of march does that ring a bell. I think you're going back to spring training -- to. Make and repeat visit. It besides the water slide and all that the Red Sox are very nice to all you guys as well. When did you meet the did you get an autograph with the -- take pictures with last year. Share. Week. It's the fairy dust -- -- Mike Napoli. Well. And it. There are perks you up there. Jon Lester while. But all the stars IU IU bummed out that Ellsbury is on them. Was your favorite. They did down Napoli and Ross have their beards going last year at this time weren't released a clean shaven when you met them and took a picture with them. -- -- they did here. -- -- -- -- A week from today I should say for spring training. And -- -- season games down there as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Will we want you to know that we are going to work tirelessly to make sure that -- -- of your request because we more than anything else when -- get UN Ellen DeGeneres together. Very very soon okay -- -- All right so you take care of yourself and we'll talk to -- before hand once have a great time in spring training -- two words of advice for. Sun block. Okay sunblock and those sample talk Houston. It -- -- I'm down this sammon had a good time in Burbank when this all comes together.

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